Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a safe and pleasant New Years Eve. We stayed in and watched a pretty cool fireworks display one of our neighbors put on. They must have spent over $1000 cause these were "City of" caliber fireworks. It was very nice on our Lanai, there was a slight breeze, several other neighbors were shooting off the typical stuff and then right behind us....MACK DADDY stuff. We applauded when they were done it was so good. I was amazed that when I went out early this morning the neighborhood didn't look like a war zone with spent firework parts. They all did a really great job of cleaning up after themselves.
After two days of sleeping in ( till almost 10:30-11 am) I decided to get up and go off this morning. I had a 50% coupon from Michaels and a $5 off from Office Depot calling my name. They were only good for today so what was I supposed to do??? I decided to drive over to Lakeland, for a change, since I knew there was a Joanns & Michaels next to each other on Hwy 98. It ended up being about 25 miles, which is a normal road trip since we moved to the sticks. Both stores were on the small size..not superstores like I'm used to but I still managed to find a couple things. OH....did I forget to mention that I stopped at several gas stations along the way to locate more coupons?? LOL I ended up with 5 Michaels & 2 Office Depot. I asked where the local Office Depot was and it ended up taking me past a "Crafts & Stuff (Crafts & Such..I can't remember). Anyway.....I knew they took competitor ads so I stopped in. That store made the others look sad. It wasn't any bigger but their scrapbooking supplies were top notch. They had every brand and alot of current stuff. I had a hard time deciding what to use my coupon on but finally got a set of "Perfect Pearls-Embossing pigment" that I've had my eye on. I'm really trying to get more into Stamping & card making so these will be great for that.
I went by "Violets", a card making/rubber stamping/scrapbooking place mentioned in scrapbooking mags but alas..they were closed. At least I know where they are and the next time I head over to hit Crafts & S..I'll run over & check them out.
My DS & DD didn't make it home yesterday due to bad weather between here & SC. They are on the road now...should be in Florida soon but I won't get my DS back until tomorrow. DD is sick and feeling bad. Seems she has a "flu/cold" thing that comes with a rash. I heard some people at work talking about the same thing but didn't really pay attention. Guess it is going around. Hope she leaves it at her dads.
Sorry for long post but since I "laid out" for the last few days, I had alot to talk about. I probably should do the typical "Resolutions for 2007" post the other bloggers are doing today but.....lets face it....not many people live up to their resolutions so why start off a new year all stressed out? I have a few things I want to try & accomplish but for now I'll just wish you all a good evening. Maybe I'll share them with you tomorrow. Till then............

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Michele L from Tampa said...

Love that Crafts n Stuff over there. Usually stop there on trips back from Orlando since it is close to the interstate. The one in St Pete near Whims is closing if not already closed. Like Violettes - they have lots of stamps - but rubber ones - I am mainly into Acrylic ones now