Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Report card day-Making friends & AI

The day my DS has been dreading. This will be the first report card since changing schools. He's gotten a "progress report" but this is the first officially report card. He knows that it could mean the end of his video playing days for awhile if the outcome is poor. Don't think that we punish him because of less then stellar grades (I used that phrase with my son this morning and he said, "Stellar?? No one uses that word). He has the ability to earn great grades. When he gets less than "stellar" it's because he didn't turn in an assignment or project. He does that when he is to busy playing his video games and doesn't want to take the time for his school work. It's hard to make him do something when he lies about having things due. We've had that problem. Matter of fact, he just got off restriction for just such an event.
We had a discussion at dinner last night (yes, we actually eat dinner together-at the table-and talk. It's a new routine we established when we moved into the house & have an actual kitchen table) about DS's lack of interest in making new friends. He comes home & goes on the computer to play games with his virtual friends. He NEVER wants to play outside. Since we are hoping to mold a semi-well adjusted adult, we feel he needs to develop social skills and they can't be formed with out contact with other actual humans. I won't go into details of the discussion because it was tough but we've "suggested" that he go outside, ride his bike and try & meet some kids in the neighborhood. I'm torn. I can't protect my baby if he is outside meeting boys that could "harm" him. I know he needs to learn to get along with people but can't I be the people?? Motherhood is not for the faint of heart.
OK, show of hands.. who watched American Idol last night? I brought out some stamping supplies to make stuff during hour two because I didn't want to leave the TV. It was the usual awful with an occasional good sound mixed in. What still amazes me is the people who stink and are shocked when they are rejected. According to the commercials, tonight will be the best of the worst with a lot of really bad singers. From the looks of the people in the commercial I may never visit Seattle, Washington. Hopefully the people they showed came to town to audition and don't really all live there. My goodness that sounded shallow. Since when do I care about a persons appearance?? I don't but, if you've seen the commercials, some of those people are just scary looking!!!
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Michele L from Tampa said...

Wow, report card day! Oh joy! Can not wait to read tomorrows blog