Saturday, June 30, 2007


out the door. GROAN. Bad pun. I know. I'm getting ready to run out the door to spend the day with my DS before he leaves tomorrow for his month at his dads. Even though he'll still be close by I usually don't see him once he leaves. This time I hope to see him occasionally, maybe dinner or a movie once in awhile.

Anyway.........wanted to post a picture of my mom & DD from mom's birthday lunch last week.

Yep, DD went back to Blond..thank goodness!! I'm sure my mom will have a fit when she sees this but I can't stay out of trouble long so...what the heck!!!

Have a great weekend and I'll check back in with you soon.

Til later.........

Friday, June 29, 2007

Scrapyard Gals Rock

Quick post to show you the great group of gals that I hang out with. This was taken at the crop last weekend. Scrapyard gals in their matching T's!!

Love these gals!(BTW, I'm the next to last one on the right-back row)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mom's Birthday card

As promised, here is the birthday card I made for my mom. I used my Scor-pal to make the card base. The green textured paper is from a pack of "handmade" papers by Joanns. I stamped the image on white cardstock. Stamp is from Sugarloaf Products. I stamped with Cats Eye-Color Box-chalk ink pad-Charcoal then black Detail Embossing powder..using my heat gun to set. I colored the design with water color pencils. Ribbons are grossgrain from my stash.
I thought it looked really good in person, hope you can tell from the picture!
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Taking a moment

to say hello. I was going to see how long it would take to get emails about my absence but I got tired of holding my breath! Seriously, things have been hectic and I left my memory card OUT of my camera so the pictures of the FABULOUS b-day card I made my mom are on the Enternal memory which requires me to find and use the cable...blaa....blaaaaa...blaaaa....blaaaa.

So, where was I? Oh yeah, catching you up on my wonderful-exciting life.

Great Crop on Saturday. (THANKS Cari!!!) I didn't win anything until the LAST minute so all the really great prizes were gone....wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. No matter, I had a great time with my buddies and got to spend the day with Nicole, D & D and the rest of the Scrapyard gang. Most of us had our matching t-shirts on. Haven't seen the group picture yet so can't post it here. Went to Joanns after and only spent $5. Sad when you can't find anything to buy. Oh....have you SEEN my scrap room. I do not NEED anything. I bought the Versamark pad because I had buggered up my other one with black ink-must wash off stamps better between use!!!

Took MOM to lunch for her birthday on Sunday. Had a nice lunch. DD waited on us. Left her a nice tip (at least I thought so).

FIL gets the results of all his medical tests today and we find out when his surgery will be. Prayers please that it is minor and they caught it in time. Thanks!

While you are sending up prayers..include one for my niece in Georgia. She is suffering from awful Kidney Stones and they need to figure out why. LOVE you Jenna!!!!!

Dunedin crop was postponed. DARN IT!!!! I think everyone that didn't sign up in time should send me a dollar. Just because I said so! Beryl will be re-rescheduling and I do not want to hear any excuses again.

I will try and get the pictures loaded of MOMs card & her with DD at the restaurant. That will piss off my mom as she HATES to have her picture taken and then to have it posted on the internet..big pisser..LOL!!! (actually-that is the real reason I didn't blog sooner. It kept her picture at the top of my posts for almost a week!!! LOVE YOU MOM!)

Til later..............

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear MOM...Happy Birthday to you!

I know you will have a quiet day today but hopefully you can do some scrapping or playing on the computer. Tell "CL" that he should let YOU play today!!

I'll talk to you later. I have plans for us!


your "oldest"

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The latest version of my scraproom.

((Click on each picture if you want to count the amount of crap that I have stuffed into this little room. ))

This is the view from the hallway. Really not a lot different than the last time I showed you. The black thing attached to the back of my table is an office desk organizer my friend Carol gave me. You'll get a better view in a minute.

Next is the shelf I had put just inside the door. It is holding my paints and some larger liquid/spray adhesives

The picture to the left is a closer view of the organizer that has shelves & other things I could hang items off of. Note the things on the can see my Scor-pal and several paper trimmers. Note the quilts in the background. They are hanging in front of the closet now that we've removed the doors. Looks better and I can get to the stuff inside much easier.

This is a picture of the shelf unit closest to my work table. You can see the glass jars on the second shelf. They hold ribbon. The third shelf is all chipboard. My Flowers are on the third shelf (on the left)and the white drawers hold all my card making supplies..

I did a little re-arranging on my pegboard and Posted by Picasa neatened up the table below it. See the CRICUT tote?

The shelf next to the window didn't change much but I did clear off the white table and straighten up the supplies above it. The plastic containers are full of paper.

Coming around the room you will find the shelf unit with the majority of my paper, scrap magazines and my finished albums. The "garage" organizers are attached to the door of my computer desk . They hold some of my small embellishments.

Finishing the room is the huge cabinet that holds part of my Christmas collection. If you've never seen it in person, it's worth a trip.

So that's the latest arrangement of my scrap room. I'm pretty pleased with it and think it will function well. I've put things close to my work space and like having the most used items right at my finger tips. I put stamping/embossing things on the black organizer over the main table. I'm hoping it will promote my using the items more often.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll try to impart my organizing wisdom. LOL!!

Till later..................................................................................................................

OH yeah...........Here is the card I made my MIL..her belated Mother's Day card. She liked it..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Did anyone see Dorothy last night?****EDITED to add picture

I was going to take pictures of my scrap room last night. I know you are all on pins & needles to see the re-do. Yep, that's what I was gonna do after I got back from taking the DS to Karate.

Approximately 6:15pm the skies opened and the wind blew and the power went out for over an hour. It rained HARD and the wind blew like a mini hurricane for quite awhile. At one point the rain was blowing sideways and came all the way through the screen porch and washed down the sliding glass doors for several minutes. Everything on the porch got soaked and one of the chairs blew over. We also had a tree branch blow into the screen and now we have a small hole. As we were watching the storm (we had the blinds open for light since the power was out) we watched one of the pine trees blow over. Luckily it was on the side of the house so it didn't hit the house. After that, we kept a close eye on the ones directly behind our house. They swayed alot but none of them fell. The small "builders tree" in the front yard did blow over and had to be put back in the ground after the storm passed.

By the time the storm passed, the power came back on and the Direct TV came back was time for the CLOSER season premier so no computer for me. If you aren't a CLOSER watcher, it is worth a look. LOVE it! It's on TNT. Right after the Closer was a new show with Treat Williams called HEARTLAND. He is a transplant doctor and his ex-wife is the the person that talkes the family into donating the organs. His wife is played by the blond woman that has a HECK of an agent as she has been on EVERY TV show on every station lately, most recently as the gal bopping the vice president on 24. I have to say, not really impressed with the show. The commercials show a character played by an actor that was/is on Prison Break. He wasn't on last night so not sure how regular he will be or if he is gone from PB. Gotta say, not a show that I will really care to follow but might if DH liked it. Because of the new show I missed Hell's Kitchen so don't tell me anything.

Tomorrow is the doctors appointment we've been waiting for, to hear the next step with my FIL. Keep those prayers headed in the direction of N. Georgia if you could. Thanks! Hopefully my cards will arrive there today and will bring them a smile.

BIG crop this weekend. I think I will work on some altered projects instead of LO's. I have a couple things I want to make for a friend and my DH. Maybe I can actually accomplish something if I do that. LOL! Hopefully my Scrapyard T shirt arrives so I can get an extra raffle ticket. I promised to wear my receipt attached to a white t shirt if it doesn't arrive. According to UPS it was in Kentucky this morning. Think it will arrive by Friday?

BTW, reminder number 10000000....your deadline to register for the crop on the 30th in Dunedin is this Saturday. Come on...what else do you have to do? Wouldn't you rather be scrapping?? I didn't think so.

My mothers birthday is Thursday. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY wishes!!!!!

Til later..............

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Darn Batteries

How was your weekend? Mine went by much to fast but then don't they all? Saturday was Storage Move Out day. My buddies, Carol & Denise helped out along with their daughters and my DS. Another friend was going to help but her daughter woke up sick (Hope everyone is feeling better Miss D). We knocked out the move in 4 hours which included taking the truck back. The DH's truck can still fit in the garage as we squeezed everything into the space I set aside. Feels good to have that mess over with!

THANKS AGAIN to my best buddies...!!

Today was Father's Day. Yep, in case you forgot you have a little over an hour to make your call. My DH spoke to his dad first thing this morning and then both his sons called. My DD came over to pick up her brother and spent some time visiting with her step dad. She gave him a very sweet card. My DS wrote a nice note in his card and we gave DH some gifts that he seemed to like.

After the kids left it was time for DH to watch NASCAR and I came into my scrap room and did some more re-arranging. I spent all afternoon and now that it is darn camera batteries are dead. DARN IT!! I really wanted to show you my awesome room and impress you with my organizational skills.

Guess you will have to wait for another day. In the mean time, check out my enabling post and go spend some money. Why should I be the only one?

Til later...............

Friday, June 15, 2007

Enabling -Product reviews

I am going to create this wonderful post over a couple days. Here is the first part and I'll add personal pictures throughout the weekend.

First on my MUST have list is the Scor-pal. It was invented by the sweetest lady named Diana Crick. I had the pleasure of speaking with her when I placed my order. She was so nice and we had such a nice chat that we both forgot to give/get payment information. LOL. Since there are already great examples of how to use the tool I won't bother you with my description. Check out this site. (you will need to scroll down to the second page) She has several great tutorials and also will show you one other thing I wanted to share..the cool folding technique I just learned. She has an example on that second page or you can go directly here and scroll until you see the Origami Dollar Bill Shirt folding instructions. Very cool!

The Scor-pal arrived and I'm very impressed. Diana has invented a wonderful tool that is light weight but very effective. I debated about buying it for almost a month but I'm so glad I finally did. It costs much less than the Scor-it and is a 1000000 times easier to use and you can make all/most of your scors without having to move your paper. I've seen and used the Scor-it and I was not impressed. For one it is very heavy and only has one scor line. The wooden scor-tool is attached to the board so you don't loose it. You can remove it (which I would have preferred) so you can scor all the way down your paper. I found that the scor line made had a habit of tearing or cutting your scor line. It may be user error but I couldn't seem to get a good line without tearing. The Scor-pal has grooves at different measurements across the board. It has a plastic tool that snaps in & out of a spot on the board. Diana has replacement tools if you loose it but if you get in the habit of putting it back after each use, you won't have that problem.

I made a Tri-fold card for my MIL (don't tell her) and it was a snap with the Scor-pal. No need for measuring and folding & creasing ..etc. I used the included instructions, made my scors and it folded up perfectly. I'll post a picture soon of the card so you can see my handiwork. EDITED: I decided to give you only a sneak peek at the card so you don't see it before my MIL does(Loretta-shhhhhh...please do not tell mom about the card) Here are the products used:

Cardstock: SU
Patterned Paper: DCWV glitter stack
Stamp: Michaels-$1 spot
Flowers: QVC
Ink: Ranger Distress Ink-Dusty Concord
Scallop scissors to trim around sentiment
Cricuit: Mini Monograms -Scallop shape
Velcro used on one side -under sentiment to attach & allow to open

So if you haven't already, go order your own Scor-pal and please tell Diana that I sent you. You may get to speak to her on the phone and if you do it will be a treat.

Next product is the "Canvas on Demand". Though one of the million websites I read, I saw an offer to join the NSA. (National Scrapbooking Association). When I joined, they had an offer for $59 off a Canvas by Demand product. LONG story short, I finally ordered a Canvas and ended up only paying shipping. They have tons of sizes and finishes to choose from but I was a cheap skate and ordered the one that cost $59 so I would get it for "Free". Basically, you email or snail mail them a photograph and they change it into a "Canvas" like a painting. You should be sure the image you send them is crisp but I can tell you the customer service staff will contact you if it isn't and work with you until they are satisfied the image will be crisp when "blown up". I ended up having to use a different photo than I wanted to because the image I had was artistically blurred. It looked cool as a small photo but they were sure it would look bad if they enlarged it. I'm very happy with the finished product. The only thing I didn't consider is how to hang it. They ended up making it 8 1/2" by 12 instead of 8 1/2 by 11 because of the subject matter. I will probably end up having to get a frame made. Anyone know a good

UHU-Fabric glue....I haven't had a chance to use this product yet. I will do so soon and report back to you all. Right now it is only available in Europe so you won't be able to run to the store and get it. Sorry. They are testing it here to see if it is a product they should include in their American market. I got a sample of their new Roller Glue awhile ago and it was a good product. It is refillable, unlike the last roll of adhesive I tried by UHU so I like that feature.

I'll try and get some updated pictures of the re-do of my scrap room for you soon. My DH hung the shelf I wanted and it is full of paint and bottles of adhesives. He just hung the shelf/rod over the closet door. I plan to hang quilts on it to cover the closet opening and then put my camera collection on the shelf. I think they are in my storage unit which I'm cleaning out tomorrow so I should be able to find them and get that all done this weekend. Craft Critique just had a segment on organization. Missed my chance to add my room but I can share all my tips here, for you, my friends.

If you purchase any of the products mentioned here, please put in your comments that I sent you. I don't get a kick back but I would like them to know I'm doing my part to send customers their way. Let me know if you get any of them and what you think. I'm sure you will love them. If not...I never said a word!

Til later.............

It's confirmed

My DD is pissed at me! Good thing it's not MOTHER's Day this weekend. DD....I LOVE you with all my heart. You are a great kid. You just piss me off sometimes. I vent. I feel better. Moving on.

I have a lot to share with you all -craft wise but it will probably be late tomorrow or Sunday afternoon before I can post. I made a fabulous card last night that I want to show you. I still need to tell you all about the great new products. Papertreyink had their latest release last night/this mroning. I love their stuff but so far had only gotten the first release. I went ahead and ordered the newest one and one of the older ones I had debated about, Faux ribbon. Check out my link and tell Nicole I sent you in the comment section if you order anything.

Work should be quiet today as most of the staff is in court or off on Fridays. I started a massive project yesterday so maybe I can get it done today. Can you say "Rolodex re-do"??

Storage clean out tomorrow so if anyone is bored and has nothing to do from about 10-12....let me know. Should I ask my DD? NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Yoga today at noon. Yep. Just what I need when I have a busy day planned for tomorrow. The head Yoga fan is here today so guess I can't get out of it. I brought an extra shirt but forgot my shorts. Oh boy. Yoga in jeans.

Thanks for your good vibes and prayers yesterday. Keep them coming. We aren't out of the woods yet. Speaking of, I need to go check DANTE blog to see if they got the results of his latest tests. It was a BIG one in the road to total recovery.

BERYL's CROP...........Beryl's Crop..............Beryl's Crop.

Til later..............

Thursday, June 14, 2007

OK, so I lied

I promised product reviews. Well I guess technically...I said tomorrow which means I still have until midnight tonight sooooooooooooo. Seriously, after taking the DS to Karate and then eating a little something I wanted to spend a few minutes watching TV with my DH. Then "Last comic standing" came on and then at 10pm it was the return of "Rescue Me" so I didn't make it to the scrap room. Worse than not getting stuff posted for you, my oh so loyal readers, I didn't get the two cards made I should be mailing today. I'm "in trouble" with my MIL because I never sent a Moms Day card (LOVE YOU MOM H) and now Fathers Day is this Sunday. ARG!!

I woke up at 6:10 this morning and thought I'd go on line for 30 minutes before my usual shower time. Nope. Computer decided it couldn't connect to the internet. Of course. Why would it when I have a spare few minutes? I could keep a promise. Nope. My life doens't work that way. Say hello to Mr. Murphy. He lives at my house full time.

So, I raced to work, hair still dripping, so I could post from here. I can't give you all the links to the stuff I want to share with you but I can at least say good morning. And I'm sorry. I'll leave you with a tease.....Scor-Pal, Canvas on Demand & Uhu Fabric glue.

My FIL's doctors appointment is today so if you could send good vibes, prayers, etc in the direction of Georgia I'd appreciate it . THANKS!!!!!

Til later............

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


for the comments and support. I'll say one more thing about the money situation and then tomorrow we will have a post with PRODUCT reviews.....yeah!!!

My name is the co-signer on my DD's apartment. That is the ONLY reason I have given/lent any money to this cause. Effective July 21st her lease ends and my name comes off the responsibility. From July 22nd on, she is on her own.

Remind me of that on July 23rd.

Til later.............

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Balancing guilt

Not about missing a day or two of blogging, apparently I'm one of the few that try & blog everyday. (if you do-please don't comment & correct me. My comment is directed at those that DO know (JESSIE) who you are)

My guilt is trying to balance wanting my DD to have the childhood and wonderful life I never had and thinking she should pay her own way like I had to. Now before my mom take offense at that statement..I'm refering to having the money & ability to go to college. College was never discussed as an option when I was growing up. I probably could have applied for scholarships and gone but I made STUPID mistakes and missed that boat. That regret is why I'm so thrilled my DD is a smart girl and is going to college-with scholarships. I hate the fact that I can't support her so she doesn't have to work. We will not discuss the "mistakes" that caused her to not have a FULLY free ride during college. The point is, she must work, especially since she chooses to not live with a parent. I don't blame her but living in an apartment has it's price.

She is behind in her rent & needed some help (AGAIN) to get caught up. I really do not want to help because her (money-work) choices are the reason she doesn't have the $$. Her father & I agreed to help for one of the two months.

She came by my office this morning to get my part of the amount and had the nerve to cop an attitude with me because I was making the check out to the apartment complex and not to her. She wanted to deposit it into her account and then write them a check. COP an attitude with me? I'm helping to bail you out..again..and you cop an attitude because I choose to make it out DIRECTLY to the apartment complex-for my records? ARG!! And she was on her way to spend the afternoon at the LAKE.


OK, I feel better now. She will be pissed when she reads this but -oh well. I love her and am really proud of her and want her to have that wonderful life I mentioned but **ck a NOT dare give me lip about how I choose to lend you money. Yes, I said lend. She said she would pay me back when she starts her second job.

This is me holding my breath.

Aren't you glad I decided to post today? LOL!!

BTW, did you sign up for Beryl's Crop yet?? If you don't sign up and it gets postponed again you will have no one to blame but yourself. Not to mention I'll be disappointed in you. And you don't want that to happen do you?

Til later...................

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sneak Peek


Did everyone have a good weekend? Saturday was the EXPO. I picked up my friend Cari at 7:30 am and headed for down town. We saw our friend, Denise,at will call when we picked up our crop tickets. Deirdra met up with us a few minutes later & we chatted until time to go into the crop. We got in, set up shop on a couple tables and then headed for the sales floor. I've seen other peoples reports on the Expo this year and I have to say, the shopping options were lacking. I heard that the BIG vendors were at another show so we were left with the "local "shops and scrapbook site vendors.

All in all we had a good day. I got about 6 pages done but mostly we hung out, visited with friends, ate (who knew you could call & have pizza delivered to the convention center??), laughed and went back for a little more shopping.

Today I've been reading some craft blogs and working on my MAKE & TAKE for Beryls crop. The picture above is a sneak peek of what I'll be offering for my Make & Take. I'm going to have my TLC stuff for sale and today I signed up with a site that will allow me to accept credit cards w/o a machine. Hope that will increase my business that day. Speaking of Beryl's crop.........GO SIGN UP NOW!!!!!! Click on my link on the left and get ready to have a day of fun. My friend Cari's crop is (should be) officially sold out so you need to get on the ball if you plan to join me in Dunedin for Beryl's crop on the 30th.

Dinner is almost ready, I'm making a "ready made" pork dinner from Publix, so I better get moving. MY DS is not coming home till tomorrow and so I'm ready to spend some more alone time with my DH.

Speaking of family, Friday 11 of us from work went out to lunch at the resturant where my DD works. We made her wait on us and really worked her for her tips. I haven't heard how much she made off us but I know I dropped $11 on my $6 dollar lunch. Hopefully she had a good weekend as she is still 2 months behind in her rent.

OH.....DH put up my shelf and tomorrow (hopefully) he put up the shelf w/curtain rod I want over the closet door. I decided to use that instead of a regular curtain rod so I can put stuff on the shelf. I'm planning on putting some of my vintage cameras on it. They have been boxed up for over 2 years and I miss them.

Til later.............
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Thursday, June 7, 2007


of doing exactly what I've gotten on to yall about. Not blogging on a daily basis. Sorry. I would say I was just doing it to see if anyone noticed or to show you how it feels but the truth is...NO time & not much to blog about.

I'm having some Child Support issues but nothing I can talk about. Ex is working on it so I'm not ready to hurt him. The STATE on the other hand is on my list. I guess I should be grateful that this is the first problem I've had in almost 10 years. Not helping my bank account right now but, this too shall pass.

Spent a long time on line last night reading the craft blogs I enjoy. Learned a cool paper folding that I will share with you soon. Really must perfect it before trying to teach it. Right now it looks like a 3 year old trying to fold paper. Sad.

Looking forward to the EXPO this weekend but not sure which project to bring to work on. I'm going to go with the flow and not stress.

DH is supposed to hang a shelf for me today and then I can complete, for now, my scraproom re-do. Well, that's not entirely true as I need to get a drape rod for the closet. Darn. I forgot. Add that to the -"TO DO" list.

Work is going well, still busy but no one hates me yet. Today is my 1 month anniversary on the new job. I've started taking advantage of my health benefits and have 4 different doctor appointments already scheduled. My boss said it's ok to take the time since she knows I've been uninsured for so long & need the check ups. I'm trying to make the appointments as late in the day as possible. I just have to make up my time and so I work through lunch. Like now. "Working" through my lunch.

Having said that, I better get moving and do some real work. Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday. What are your plans for this weekend? Don't forget Fathers Day is coming up. Any single get credit for that holiday too as far as I'm concerned.

Til later..................

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What a cutie

Quick post to show you my "grand-nephew" wearing the swim goggles we sent him for his birthday. How Stinken cute is he!!!

Til later............

Monday, June 4, 2007

Scraproom redo part....

I've lost count. I wanted to let you see the latest attempt at organizing my scraproom. It is still in finalization. Check this out.

How was your monday? Mine was quiet. Most of the people I work with were out or on home visits today so it was kinda quiet. Good thing since I'm so sore. I helped my friend finish moving yesterday and all I can say is...WOW. She is an amazing woman. My son has a new Nic Name for her..."Hulk". He means it in the best way. She moved stuff that we couldn't believe she'd lift and carry by her self. I had a real issue with the stairs. I am terrified to go down stairs without being able to grab the rail if needed. She would carry things down stairs without looking.

I'm gonna go check out some of the blogs I miss now that I actually have to work during work. I'll try and share some interesting stuff this week and I have a couple product reviews I need to post. I just ordered a new product that should revolutionize scoring. I debated about ordering it but finally did and should get it by the weekend or next Monday. I had the pleasure of speaking with the inventor and she is such a sweet lady. I'm really excited for her and hope she does well.

I'm going to try and actually create some things now that the room is "organized". I also have a crop this Saturday so need to decide what I want to work on. A bunch of us are going to the Scrapbook Expo and it should be a blast. I may even do alittle shopping although after cleaning this room, I have enough stuff for the rest of my scrapbooking life!

Til later....................

Saturday, June 2, 2007


It has been raining off and on since mid afternoon yesterday. WAHOO. Not great for my friends moving plans but a much needed sight. Hopefully it is raining on the fires burning around the state and in south Georgia. My niece sent pictures of their front yard and you couldn't see the house next door. Not good when you have little ones with Asthma.

Speaking of my niece and her little ones, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. G. He's a big 3 today and set to have a big birthday party. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Quick post as I'm hoping to clean out my scrap room today. It is a MESS. I want to get it straightened out so I can start creating again. Now that all the TV shows are "reruns" I have no excuse. Maybe I should take before and after shots to inspire others. LOL!!

I wanted to show you a couple things I picked up yesterday at the church sale. These are the "cards" that I found. They are 6 to a pack and I got 4 packs @.50 each. They have Gerber Daisy's on the front and even have envelopes. I will probably take the flowers off and use them on other projects. I'll save the envelopes to use with other cards I make.

This is the cool Traveler Phonograph. Unfortunately it has been ravaged by termites and had a ton of "shavings" that came out when I tried to show it to DH. I've shook it as much as I can and took the dust buster to it. It still has some stuff falling out. It's really interesting so I hope I can get it "cleaned out" enough to either display or sell. DH said he thinks his sister had something like it when they were kids. L????
OK, if I'm going to inspire you all with my cleaned scraproom and then projects created in said room, I must get moving.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Happy almost Summer!
Til later...........................

Friday, June 1, 2007

Why are holiday weeks

even longer than regular work weeks? Most of the people I know are lucky (crazy) enough to be stay at home moms. Personally I think they work much harder than I do. I'm not sure how they look at 7 days without it being divided into "work" & "weekends". I know I'm glad it's Friday.

Weather is still nasty, calling for rain, finally! Figures since it is the weekend my friend is moving and when I'd like to do something about the storage unit. We, the state-not me personally, need the rain. Actually if it could just rain on all the wild fires and sprinkle alittle on the rest of the state that would be great.

My DH's dad is having some tests run. Hopefully it is nothing but if you are a believer in prayer and could offer some up, that would be super. Feel free to start now and then really ramp it up around the 14th when he has some more test/procedures scheduled. Thanks!!!

Not alot going on now that all the shows are over. We DVR'd the Studio 60 last night. It's really sad to watch the show knowing that they have already canceled it. They are just torturing those of us that LOVE the show. Guess it's better than nothing. We've been watching the new show "Traveler". It's OK but not sure it would be good enough to knock another one of my favorites out of our viewing schedule. We also still have some "Ghost Whisperers", "Close to Home" (also canceled) and "Numbers" left from the end of the season to catch up on. After that...I may have to get a hobby. Oh yeah, I already have one. Maybe I can actually get somethings done.

Speaking of NEW CRICUIT arrived. I'm sorry to say between my pissy mood and Karate I haven't even looked at it. My DH told me last night that he took it out of the box and it "Looks just like the old one". LOL. It does have the two new cartridges and Markers and should have NUMBERS on the dial so it's not exactly like the old one. I'll let you know when I play with it.

I have a donut sitting on my desk and the coffee is finally done so that means it's time to go to work. LOL. I have it so rough.

Thanks to everyone that sent words of encouragement to help me get through my poopy mood this week. I appreciate that I have so many people that would help if I needed it. I hope they know I would do the same for them.

Til later.................

PS...I forgot to tell you about a yard sale I stopped at on the way to work this morning. It was at a church near my old apartment complex. They usually have good stuff. I didn't get alot this morning since I no longer buy for resale unless I find something really cool. I did find a vintage "travel" 45 record player for $5 which I may or may not put on Ebay. It is very cool. I also got four packages of "cards" that have large flowers on the fronts. They look like Heidi S's stuff and they were only .50 per package. I bought another Santa Claus Candle holder set even though I already have at least two or three of the same set already. It was only $1 so I couldn't resist. I know, it's an illness. I can't completely stop! I'll try & take pictures & post them later.

Looks like I'm only helping my friend move on Sunday & she has offered to help with the storage unit NEXT Sunday. If anyone is bored next Sunday and has a spare hour..let me know.

Maybe I can clean up my scrap room tomorrow & play with my new BUG.