Friday, June 1, 2007

Why are holiday weeks

even longer than regular work weeks? Most of the people I know are lucky (crazy) enough to be stay at home moms. Personally I think they work much harder than I do. I'm not sure how they look at 7 days without it being divided into "work" & "weekends". I know I'm glad it's Friday.

Weather is still nasty, calling for rain, finally! Figures since it is the weekend my friend is moving and when I'd like to do something about the storage unit. We, the state-not me personally, need the rain. Actually if it could just rain on all the wild fires and sprinkle alittle on the rest of the state that would be great.

My DH's dad is having some tests run. Hopefully it is nothing but if you are a believer in prayer and could offer some up, that would be super. Feel free to start now and then really ramp it up around the 14th when he has some more test/procedures scheduled. Thanks!!!

Not alot going on now that all the shows are over. We DVR'd the Studio 60 last night. It's really sad to watch the show knowing that they have already canceled it. They are just torturing those of us that LOVE the show. Guess it's better than nothing. We've been watching the new show "Traveler". It's OK but not sure it would be good enough to knock another one of my favorites out of our viewing schedule. We also still have some "Ghost Whisperers", "Close to Home" (also canceled) and "Numbers" left from the end of the season to catch up on. After that...I may have to get a hobby. Oh yeah, I already have one. Maybe I can actually get somethings done.

Speaking of NEW CRICUIT arrived. I'm sorry to say between my pissy mood and Karate I haven't even looked at it. My DH told me last night that he took it out of the box and it "Looks just like the old one". LOL. It does have the two new cartridges and Markers and should have NUMBERS on the dial so it's not exactly like the old one. I'll let you know when I play with it.

I have a donut sitting on my desk and the coffee is finally done so that means it's time to go to work. LOL. I have it so rough.

Thanks to everyone that sent words of encouragement to help me get through my poopy mood this week. I appreciate that I have so many people that would help if I needed it. I hope they know I would do the same for them.

Til later.................

PS...I forgot to tell you about a yard sale I stopped at on the way to work this morning. It was at a church near my old apartment complex. They usually have good stuff. I didn't get alot this morning since I no longer buy for resale unless I find something really cool. I did find a vintage "travel" 45 record player for $5 which I may or may not put on Ebay. It is very cool. I also got four packages of "cards" that have large flowers on the fronts. They look like Heidi S's stuff and they were only .50 per package. I bought another Santa Claus Candle holder set even though I already have at least two or three of the same set already. It was only $1 so I couldn't resist. I know, it's an illness. I can't completely stop! I'll try & take pictures & post them later.

Looks like I'm only helping my friend move on Sunday & she has offered to help with the storage unit NEXT Sunday. If anyone is bored next Sunday and has a spare hour..let me know.

Maybe I can clean up my scrap room tomorrow & play with my new BUG.


Cami said...

Friday is half over! :) I hope you have a great weekend (even if it is rainy!). Will pray for DH's dad.

Bust out that bug and start putting it to good use!

deirdre said...

i am glad that you found a few good deals and hope you have a great weekend