Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Enabling-Photo processing

Didn't I say I was going to start a product review & an enabling day?

I forgot.

I was debating about posting today because it's Wednesday, I'm sleepy & no one on AI was really awful last night. Well, come to think about it, there were a few "low-lights" but I'm to sleepy to remember details.

House was back!!! My DH was curious as to why they aired a "Christmas" episode if they already had it in the can? Why not air it in December? He also said he is loosing his sympathy for the "Writers" since they are directly impacting HIM now..Get back to work please.

What was I going to talk about?

Oh yeah.

Product reviews/Enabling.


Did I mention I'm sleepy?

So, anyway...I found the following on one of my scrap sites and wanted to share. If you do alot (or any) of photo processing you are probably always looking for the best deal. There is a website called PrintRates that lets you compare different photo printing site prices and shipping costs, and it has a section with recent coupon codes for the printing sites. I haven't gone through the site yet so "Buyer beware". THANKS to my SY pal for sharing.

I have another important announcement but I may wait until tomorrow to share.

It will depend on whether I have something more exciting to write about or not. My DS is learning to sew today in school. That should be good for a post. Trying to pull together the items he needed, with 12 hours notice, was fun. Good thing the boy has a crafty mother & one that NEVER throws anything away & that can FIND the stuff when needed.

Go me!

Til later...................

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bonus Blog post

See the "George Washington" on the left? I saw this on GinaK's blog and decided to play along......

I don't know whether I should be insulted or laugh. I guess since that is what it is costing me a month to entertain myself and my peeps in's all good.

If you want to try it, click on the link.
Til later.......................

If a Primary is held in Florida, will anyone listen?

From what I understand, our votes today won't really count because we aren't supposed to hold a primary in January????? I really am not sure what all the mess is about so I voted anyway. It was a pain as I went to the place I voted last time and they said I was supposed to be at another location. ??? So I went to the other location (just outside my subdivision instead of the Mile+ away I'd gone before) and voted. Two choices and I'm sure I messed them both up. I won't share with you what I selected. I hope the best out come, comes out.

The Oprah watching yesterday turned into the biggest MESS. Apparently, just because your office has a $10,000 audio/visual unit with a HUGE TV that doesn't mean it can get local reception. We ended up in a tiny room with a small TV that had rabbit ears and we couldn't get much more than snow. We finally gave up. I watched it as soon as I got home and never saw my friend. I've overheard her talking and it sounds like she saw herself so I'll have to get the exact details and check again. Luckily I didn't erase the show as I suspected that would happen.

My entire team was supposed to be in a meeting for half the day. I was looking forward to "looking busy" but when I arrived, one of the team members had stayed behind. Since she's the one that gives me the most work, I guess I may actually have to do things today. Darn!

AI on tonight so will enjoy some more auditions. I don't think alot else is on so maybe I can get some more cards made. Someone asked for a sympathy card so I have to at least get that done.

I realized on the way to work this morning that the Super Bowl is this weekend. We will be watching from the luxury suite of our living room. GO PATRIOTS!!!!

Til later................................

Monday, January 28, 2008

The big "O"

It's OPRAH day!!

What were you thinking?

A friend of mine at work got tickets to the Oprah show and it airs today. She didn't win anything, it's about the new Martin Lawrence movie, but she had a blast! We are hoping to get to watch it on the BIG TV in our conference room. I have it set to tape at home too so I can replay it if we see her. Another friend was so excited/jealous about the Oprah show, she called and was SHOCKED when they had a few tickets for next week. She will be there on Tuesday. No idea yet what her show is about. Another friend emailed and is trying to get tickets for next week too. Apparently if they have openings and you can fly up at the last minute, your chances of getting "in" are better than normal.

How was your weekend? I had fun with my SY peeps on Saturday. First we had a Southern Living party (BTW...I'm having a BOOK party so if you are interested go here and let me know what you want) then we scrapped the night away. I only got 5 cards and one Valentines gift done but it was a ton of fun. We always have a great time together. We had a newbie with us and hopefully she will be back again...HI Stacy !!!!!

I found the greatest bargain on Saturday. I didn't remember to take a picture so I'll borrow one from the website...well, maybe not. I've been looking for over 5 minutes and can't find a picture. ?? ANYWAY, I found the white Cropper Hopper Storage unit-CUBE. It's the one that holds the plastic paper holders, etc. You can pair it with the other Cropper Hopper Storage units for your scraproom. There is a place near me that is kind of like where things go after Big Lots can't sell them. Really kind of a rough place but they have some stuff at crazy cheap prices. I stopped in Saturday morning and they had a pallet of those for less than $5 each. CRAZY-$25+ value. I called and got some orders from some local gals and took them to them at the crop Saturday. I'm thinking about getting some more to sell at the Scrapbook yard sales I'm getting ready to do. Anyone interested?

Speaking of the yard sales, my buddy Denise was teasing me because I said I hadn't started pulling & pricing stuff. The first one is still several weeks away. I decided maybe she had a point and started last night. I pulled down my STICKER Stash (remember stickers??) and pulled out all the ones that I know I'll NEVER use. I made up "Grab bags". I wrote on the outside what's inside so they aren't true Grab Bags. They will be marked cheap and at least the people can't be to disappointed since they are labeled.

Did you vote already? Guess I better get up and out early tomorrow.

FROST & ICE on my windshield this morning. Since we were running late and I couldn't find my "Ice scrapping credit card" I ended up driving to the bus stop with my head hanging out of the car window. I'm sure any neighbors that saw that were amused. By the time we got to the end of the road the defroster was working and the windsheild cleared alittle. When DS got out of the car I found my "card" on the floor and scraped off the rest of the ice. There was frost on the ground most of the way to work. BRRRRRRRRRRR.

Hoping to start reading " The Pillars of the Earth" soon. Oprah book selection that I bought for my friend for "Secret Santa". 971 pages. She finished it and gave it to me to read. Said it was really good. Anyone else read it yet?

Now that we have come full circle back to Oprah it must be time to sign off. Have a great Monday.

Til later......................

Friday, January 25, 2008

Borrowed blog post

I'm totally "borrowing" the following from Mel. Take the list and ask your kids for the "end" of the phrases/ Proverbs. She asked her 7 year old and got some interesting answers. (you can see it on her blog here) The list and answers would make a cute scrapbook page.

A bird in the hand ...
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a...
A miss is as good as a...
A penny saved is...
A rolling stone...
An idle mind is...
As you shall make your bed, so shall you...
Better late than...
Better to be safe than..
Children should be seen and not...
Don't bite the hand that...
Don't change the horses...
Don't count your chickens...
Don't put off till tomorrow what you...
Early to bed, early to rise...
Happy the bride who...
I think, therefore I...
If at first you don't succeed...
If you can't stand the heat...
If you lie down with dogs, you'll...
It's always darkest before...
It's better to light one candle than to...
Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and...
Love all, trust...
No news is...
Never underestimate the power of...
Strike while the..
The grass is always greener...
The pen is mightier than the...
The squeaking wheel gets...
There are none so blind as...
There is nothing new under the...
To err is human...
Two's company, three's...
When the blind lead the blind...
Where there's smoke, there's...
You can lead a horse to water, but...
You can't teach a dog new...
You get out of something only what you...
You have nothing to fear but...

If you do this, I'd love to see the results. If you make a LO using the list, send me a link. I think I'll try it with my DS. Should be interesting.

Til later................

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I can see the weekend

I'm so excited. I get to spend time with some of my favorite women on Friday night and again for most of Saturday. Some of the gals I haven't seen in MONTHS!!!!! I need to pull some stuff together to work on. I think I'll do Valentines cards and maybe a LO or two. Goodness knows I'm far enough behind since becoming obsessed with card making!

Speaking of card making..I can't say enough about the customer service at PaperTreyInk. I got my 5 stamp sets over the weekend and one of them had defective stamps. I emailed them about it and they are sending me a new set! LOVE their products and the people are the best.

Had a chance to spend a little time with my DD last night. She wasn't feeling well and I was afraid she'd cancel but she held firm. I'll probably get sick now but it was worth it. I love her so much and don't get to spend enough time with her. Between school, work and her "sisters" she hardly has a spare second. Her dad lives much closer to her than I do so he usually gets her extra time. It's a treat to get to visit.

I love you J!!!!!

Speaking of daughters, I read a yahoo news story about a girl who found her father after 40 years. She ended up WORKING for him, in his home for 8 months, and they never knew they were related until after she left and discovered she left behind some personal effects from her mother. The "Dad" found them and recognized the items. He'd never known about the daughter as the mother had never told him she was pregnant. Amazing story.

Speaking of amazing, have you read the latest from Nate at CFhusband? God is Good!

Hope you are having a wonderful week. Stay dry and drop back by soon. To my readers in India...what's up???

Til later...............

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wet Wednesday

Wow, what a thunderstorm we had last night. I didn't see any damage but there was LOTS of water to drive through. I know it kept my DS awake for several hours in the middle of the night with all the booming going on. Hope everyone is safe and dry this morning.

More sad news this morning as another life is cut short. Lots of sadness this week. Really makes you think about what is important. We watched CLICK last night (yes..we've already established that we are WAY behind in our movie watching). It was typical Adam Sandler and a few scenes weren't appropriate for my DS (shadow "humping" and the dog with the to be to much)..anyway..having said that, there was a message to it. DO not let your life pass you by while you are chasing the corporate/work goals. How sad that he missed "17 years" of his children's lives. Luckily he got a second chance. We don't. Make this one count.

My niece relayed a story that I wanted to share. Her son, who's classmate died this past weekend, wanted to do something special for her. (Sidebar-thankfully-if there can be a bright side to this tragedy..the children died of smoke inhalation-not the fire) He took a teddy bear and wrote a note to her and pinned it on the bear. They drove to the girls house and left the bear by the mailbox. She said he also has been "consoling" the teachers telling them that the little girl is with God now. What a special, sweet little soul he is. What a great mom (and Dad) he has to teach him what is important. She is a mirror I try and hold myself up to. Most of the time I fail. I try to tell her how proud of her I am since her own mother does everything in her power to try and drag her down. We should all be the kind of mother my niece, Jenn is.

I'll try and have some cards and perhaps, dare I say it, LAYOUTS to show you this weekend. I've got the opportunity, now if I can get things done.

Til later.........

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ONE More Year

til my little girl is LEGAL. Today is my DD's 20th birthday. WOW! I sent her a text message this morning to wish her a Happy Birthday. I knew if I called her at 7:07am she'd have a fit, especially since she was going out last night. We are supposed to have dinner tomorrow night. She has granted me a couple hours of her time. LOL. Really looking forward to that.

Thanks for your prayers for the family of the little girl in Georgia. Her 3 year old brother also died. Do not have any more details but it is just awful. My niece's son went to school with her and although he understands she is with God now, I'm sure he is sad. He's such a sweetheart and I know how much he cares about people even at his young age.

It's so unfair but reinforces what I've been talking about for a week. You never know what will happen or when your time is up. Do not delay in making a decision about Organ Donation. Do not let a day go by without telling the people you care about that you love them.

Speaking about people I care about, it looks like I will get to be with some of my favorite women on Friday and Saturday this week. Scrapping-pa-looza!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY J!!!!! See you tomorrow.

Til later...............

Monday, January 21, 2008

Tragedy in Georgia

I wasn't going to post today cause I've been busy and didn't really have alot to say. I just looked at some of my fellow blogs and saw that a friend of my nephew in Ga. died in a house fire over the weekend. 6 yrs old. I can't image.

I'm going to sign off now and go hold my DH very tightly. I'd do the same to my DS but he's already gone to bed. I'll give him extra hugs in the morning.

Til later...........

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crunch time for the PATS

Been enjoying another lazy morning with my DH. I even made breakfast...sausage, eggs (over easy) and toast. WOW. Watched Sunday Morning and now I've read all my emails and blogs. More interesting hits on the MAP. Time to get moving.

Looking forward to the football games today. GO PATRIOTS!!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Til later........

EDITED.....YAH for the PATS!! We were hoping Green Bay would be the other team but it really won't matter.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Very Lazy Day

I awoke to more dreary weather, I stayed in bed and caught up on a little TV and then went out for a bit of yard saleing. Not many people were set up due to the weather but I found a couple things. I went to my favorite church thrift store and they were selling everything 50% off. Picked up a couple things to re purpose for storage.

Hit the bread store and picked up more of the cookies my DH flipped over last week. They don't carry them all the time so I told him he will have to make them last.

Came back and have been catching up on more of my taped shows; Jon & Kate, Carol Duval Christmas craft shows (yet..alittle behind)And now I'm working on my Oprahs.

I hope you've all taken a moment to pray for Tricia & Gwen and all the other families in need today. I got a nice email from one of the fellow crafters I contacted. She asked a great question and after some research I got the answer: APRIL is Organ Donation Awareness month. We can't wait till then to make a difference but I was glad to see things we can do to bring extra awareness that month.

Good thing I have an extra day off so I may get something done. I did get my PTI stamps and my photo's so I have plenty I can work on. Maybe later.

Till later..................

Friday, January 18, 2008

Soap Boxes

I don't want you to think I'm giving up my efforts to support Organ Donation. Nope! Still feel strongly. Glad to see some chatter and to know that alot of you feel the same way I do. Greatest gift you can give FOR FREE. Click on my link to the left for more information. MAKE SURE your family knows your wishes and/or that you have it in writing, ie: will-legal directive. Just having a donor card will not automatically allow the hospital to harvest what they need. Carrying the donor card in your wallet is still a good idea, just make sure you back it up with a legal statement. If you haven't already, scroll down and read my last few blog posts. Just DO IT!! Thanks.

Now for some "Fluff" to share.

If you are a friend or regular blog reader, you know the issues we've had with my DS and his schooling. He is very smart but was consistently trying to prove otherwise with his grades. Most of the problems were caused by not turning in homework he had done, getting an attitude towards an assignment and choosing NOT to do it...bla..bla..yada..yadda....

So this year before school started my DH had "THE TALK" with the DS. Apparently, so far, holding our breath is working. He got his second report card of the year and he got:
3 A's & 3 B's. Excellent conduct. He brought the lone "C" from last time up to a "B" and a "B" up to an "A". WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I offered him a special dinner last night and he decided on PORK CHOPS. We already had PORK CHOPS thawing out for dinner before I made the offer that he could choose. I told him he could have ANYTHING and we'd save the PC's for another night. NOPE. Pork Chops. OK, so was there anything else he'd like? Yep, Cookie Dough.

He has been wanting to make cookies again since the original cookie making tragedy and since I bought him a "real" cookie dough scooper. So, I stopped at the store on the way home and "splurged" on a tub of "chocolate chip cookie dough".

After his meal of PC's and a little time for kitchen clean up, he made his cookies. They were perfect! He was so pleased.

DH and I finally watched "Premonition". Yep, we are that behind. Pretty good.

MISC STUFF: We have a bunch of shows to catch up on this weekend. Football Playoffs are down to the wire (GO PATS!!!!). I have Monday off. I must get the tree taken down. DS is with his dad this weekend. I need to start working on Valentine Cards. My DD's birthday is Tuesday. I may get my PTI sets this weekend. I have pictures coming that need scrapping. I added a MAP to my blog and was SHOCKED to see a hit from Europe. WOW. Someone must have been lost. LOL.

Please read Tricia's story if you haven't already. She woke up and was finally able to be told about her daughter. Very touching pictures have been added today. Don't forget to say a prayer tomorrow for people waiting for a transplant, their families and the families of the people that loose their loved ones so another person has a chance at life. If you have any questions about donation please check out this site.

I think that is all I need to blab about right now. Have a wonderful weekend. If you are going to careful. Don't drink & drive. I'll stay home and watch it on TV.

Till later..........................

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The weather matches my mood

While I appreciate that we need rain, my sinuses wish this weather would go away. I have a headache most days but when the weather is in flux, it is MUCH worse. My DS says it is cool having a mom that can "predict" the weather. Not so much!

While I was feeling sorry for myself I got word that a friend is feeling bad. She has just started her Chemo schedule and isn't feeling as well as she thought she would. She expected to spring right up after the treatment and be her usual self. She is feeling bad that she feels bad and is stubborn to let people help her.

Why do we do that? Resist help when offered?

While dealing with that I stopped by Tricia's blog. (See yesterdays post) Her husband is planning a day of Prayer, January 19th, for everyone waiting for a transplant. Please read their story and do what your heart leads you to do.

I've been praying for the family but I need to do more. I'm linking to a blog post I wrote in December to remind you how important and easy it is to be a donor. I've requested that my office have a speaker come and explain Organ Donation to the staff. I've emailed many of the top Crafter/Bloggers that we all read daily asking them to mention it on their sites.

It is not morbid to talk about it or take a moment to become an Organ donor. I hope that you live to be a very old person and your organs are so shriveled up they are no longer viable. (**EDITED**I actually have checked the site and confirmed that ANY AGE can donate if they meet the criteria).

Please don't "Take them with you".

I do not believe that it is mutilation or a sin to go to your grave "with things removed". Trust me, you won't need them. You are giving the gift that will live on and will mean the world to others. If you have any questions on what your church/faith believes, please check out this website. From what I read, unless you are a "GYPSY or SHINTO" you can donate.

Go NOW, to this website. I don't think I have many readers outside of Florida but if I do, I know your state will have a similar site. Contact your local DMV offices. They will direct you.

Make a difference.

Til later..................

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What is really important

After writing my "witty" American Idol post below, I started reading my usual fellow bloggers. I have a new one that I found this week through another crafters site and it has touched my heart in a way "Dear Spike, Love Dad" or Dante did last year. This is a blog written by the husband of a woman with CF who, as I write this, is fighting for her life while their "25 week" premie baby is "fighting" for hers in the NICU.

Take a look at the following blog. Tricia. Bring tissues.

If you are a believer, please add this family to your prayer list. Ask everyone you know to add them.

If you don't, that is a whole other post and concern. In the mean time, read about this family and if nothing else, it will put your world into perspective.

Til later.....................

Caterpillars & Wednesday

Lisa D will understand my title. For the rest of you, I got my hair done last night (WAY overdue!) and my gal always tames the caterpillars that are my eyebrows at the same time. Last night they were threatening to turn into Butterfly's they were so big. Anyway, I'm back to my beautiful, blond w/highlights, shaped eyebrow & hairless upper lip self. It only took 3 hours. God Bless my Wendy. She is a gem.

So, lets dish.......

AI started last night and we are a-twitter with joy. We asked the DS to join us for the fun that is the "Auditions". Sadly, we discovered the boy can't tell if someone is good or bad. Oh my. He'd say what he thought after they sang the first few notes and he was ALWAYS wrong. After the first few he gave up & started asking me if they were good or bad. Eventually he decided his time was better served killing aliens and left DH and I alone to savor the experience.

There were a few good ones and the usual "Can you really believe you can sing?" and the ones that weren't to bad but their personalities got in the way. I laughed my butt off at the "Willem DeFoe" reference for Glitter face girl. NAILED IT! She wasn't bad vocally if you like that style but her personality was "off". While I, of anyone, can't throw stones for having a weird personality, she took it to far. I actually thought Simon was "Kind" to her and her antics afterwards were purely psychotic or because she wanted her 15 minutes.

Looking forward to tonight and a fresh batch of "talent".

How you doing??

Til later.................

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

PaperTreyInk Releases

Maybe we will call this "Enabling Tuesday". Last night at midnight, Nicole from Papertreyink released her new stamp sets. I didn't stay up but did get on line as soon as I could this morning. I've had a GC burning a hole in my computer since before Christmas thanks to my MOM, nephew & Sister (HI!!!!!!!).

Well thanks to them, and an additional donation by my own checking account, I have 5 new sets on their way to me. (She only released 2 new ones but I didn't buy any last month so had to go back & catch up).

As always they are fabulous. I purchased both of the new sets and the others are mostly "Phrase" sets. I just got my new "Word punch" from Stampin UP and Nicole's phrases fit it perfectly. I can't wait to get my hands on all of them. My card stash is seriously depleted.

Take a look at Papertreyink and if you go crazy over there...tell Nicole I sent you.

Til later...............

Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Product review

Maybe I will make this a regular feature. It would mean a blog post with out much brainstorming on a Monday. Let me think about this. In the mean while, here is a review of a product I used the heck out of in December...

I received a sample from the great people at UHU. I've received several products and have been pleased with each of them. This product is like a typical glue stick but it is made especially for envelopes. Since I make many of the envelopes that go along with my handmade cards, they do not have adheasive. Most of the time I end up just taping the envelope closed. With this product I was able to run the glue along the edges and seal like a "Real" envelope. It goes on smoother than a regular glue stick. It retails for about $2.50 I would say it is worth a look.

These are a couple other UHU adheasives I've tried. I like the Twist & Glue because it gives you a choice of a bead of glue, a slightly wider swipe or a wide swipe depending on your need. The Glue roller works like a champ too. My only complaint about the roller is that it is not refillable. Both are Acid free and non Toxic.

Til later.............

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Added BONUS post

I was going to wait and post this tomorrow but I've decided to go ahead and show you my treasures now. I read on a fellow blog that a scrapbooking store near me was going out of business. While that didn't surprise me, I found it amusing that someone from 20+ miles away knew a store that is two miles away from me was closing before I did.

In fairness, the store pretty much sucked and I had been there about a month ago and there was no indication that it was closing. The fact that I drive by their little handmade sign mostly at night, on a PITCH BLACK road, didn't help me get the 411 on the closing.

After the Karate event (see post below for shameless bragging) I took the boy to lunch and then had him wait in the car while I checked out the sale.

(Before you call CPT on me, he's almost 13..he was in his Karate gear and stayed to eat his lunch. The fact that he claims I took 45 minutes has nothing to do with anything. He didn't want to come in anyway and besides, I took him after I was finished shopping to the Bread store and let him buy a day old cupcake. What do you want from me.??)

So, as I was saying....I went and checked things out and at 50% off managed to find a couple things. She had a ton of paper left but I was after the tools baby...

A few stamps, a few containers of embossing powders, a couple stamp pads, some odd color "Cats eyes" & tools for them, a couple journaling pens and the "Newest" item in the store in the Q&C felt pieces.

This marks the 2nd and last of the Local Craft stores in my areato close in recent weeks. The closest craft store now is 20 miles away. Guess I really should use this as an excuse to USE THE STUFF I HAVE and stop buying more.

I will, right after I spend my GC at Papertreyink on the 15th for their new releases. Oh, and my $10 GC to Cornishheritagefarms for the December referral winnings.

If I don't post tomorrow you can't fault me.

I'm spent.

No pun intended.

til later................

King of Kata's

As promised, here is the 3rd of three posts for today.

Yesterday my DS took part in his first Karate Tournament. He has "Tested" several times but this was different. There were metals at stake. He was alittle freaked out before hand and the fact that I kept telling him I would come out on the mat and kick his butt in front of everyone if he "acted" the fool didn't help.

Seriously, I told him what I always tell him, "If you try your hardest then I will never be disappointed in you. If you do not try as hard as I know you are capable of doing, then I will come out on the mat and kick your butt myself".


His teacher is always saying he has a strong "Kata" if he will concentrate and not act up. Well, he didn't let us or himself

Presenting: The KING of the 10-12 year old boys in KATA

As for his Sparing results......lets just say he got beat by a fellow "Orange belt" who went on to soundly beat a Brown belt (higher rank) so I think placing 3rd out of 4 isn't to bad. The other kid got in a lucky punch that knocked the fight out of DS and he didn't recover. At least he didn't completely fall apart on the mat like the brown belt did when the same thing happened to him. He was crying "Like a little girl".

Til later.......................

Happy Birthday DAD

Today is my FIL's birthday. He is not a man of many words so I will make this brief(plus he doesn't own or use a computer so he won't see this).....Hope you enjoyed your day and your card.

Card was made using one of the cute MFT sets.

Til later...........

Happy Blog anniversary to ME & other news

OK so I'm a month late with my Anniversary post. I didn't notice any of YOU wishing me a Happy Anniversary on December 14th.

No gifts.

No cards.


No worries. I give because I care.

Before I get the "SPEECH" from Kip (Hi!! Love ya!!) let me say that I post to hear myself talk. Not so people will love me or nominate me to "Best Blogger" or some such. I blog because I am a frustrated great novelist and because sometimes you get really cool prizes if you have one.

Truthfully, I can't believe it has been a year. Insert cliche here.

Wonder where we'll be at the end if 2008?

Here, I hope.

Now, how about some real news?

Yesterday we had a big day with DS taking part in his first Karate Tournement. I'll post pictures and details on that on the next post.

Last night I got to spend time with several of my favorite people. Denise, Deirdre, Nicole & Dawn were at the YMCA crop and they let me join them. I brought a ton of stuff and spent the night cutting up old Christmas cards.It was great to spend time with the SY gals and I am very glad being pregnant isn't contagious. LOL.

Today is another day of celebration in the family and the last one for awhile. I'll post the card I made on another post.

What's that?

Three posts in one day?

You spoil us.

Yes, yes I do.

Til later.....................

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mush Mind

I was trying to think of a clever title for today's post. Everyone else has some kind of weekend theme, finally Friday..what-ever. I didn't want to do the same ole thing.

Apparently I should have cause..I got nothing.

Not a witty thought in my head.

Not even a not-witty thought in my head.

I tried to do math a short time ago and it took me almost 5 minutes to add "An hour-hour and a half" to 7:59 AM and figure out what time that would be.

This is why I do not home school.

That and the fact that I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader.

Oh, and the fact I have no patience for teaching.

Just ask my DH as he tried to learn how to make Brownies last night. (EDIT..I meant my DS..LOL..I rest my case)

At least I know these things about myself.

I'm going to go drink more coffee now. At least I finally figured out that if you put Lucky Charms into a plastic cup, you can pour them straight into your mouth and you don't get sticky fingers trying to pick them up one piece at a time.

The things I do for you.

Til later....................

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Links updated

I took some time today and rearranged my links over on the left. I moved things and put things into new/different categories. Some sites got cut and others are on the edge unless they start posting more often (Jessie..Cari)

Take a peak and see what you think. I'm still wading through 1000000's of links from other sites and will be adding to these lists as I find ones that look appealing.

That's the least I can do for my friends and fans.

Bring you inspiration.

Or help you spend your money.

I also figured out how to alphabetize.

You're welcome.

Til later.....................

No Bite

No, I did not stay up till Midnight waiting to see what the C-A-D II..BIG BITE..was all about. (KATIE)

No, I did not order it this morning when I immediately logged onto the HSN website to check it out.

I will wait until my local JoAnns or Michaels gets it and then wait until they offer it at 50% off.

I am strong!

Till later..........

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another celebration

Today is another big day in the family. It is my "In-Laws" Anniversary.
(I'm not sure which one it is but am sure it is over 50 since TWO of their children are 50+-YIKES!! Actually I still think of us all as MUCH younger so I don't want to know the actual number. It will make me accept the fact we aren't kids any more.)

I sent them this card. Hopefully it arrived in time. As usual I didn't get it mailed out until Saturday.

It is an Acrylic card. Since my MIL liked the one I made for her friend so much, I figured I'd make one for her (and Dad). I used my Cricuit cartridge-Mini Monogram-to cut the large red scallops that I glued to the front & back. The "Happy Anniversary" is cut from another Cricuit cartridge (Beyond Birthdays-I think). The roses are left over from when I made her friends card so I thought it would be appropriate to use it on this one. I added little rhinestones around the edge of the scallop.

There is a white "card" glued to the inside so my My DH could write a very sweet note inside. I stamped the envelope with some Anniversary sayings to add to the festiveness (???).

I just finished a card for my FIL's birthday that is this Sunday. I'll save that to show you over the weekend.

I'll leave you with a find from this past weekend. I'm constantly looking for ways to organize and as my Acrylic stamp stash grows, so does my issue of how/where to store them. I had been using several CD case holders and then I found this at my local Thrift store.

It will hold 80 cases. I finally broke out my Label maker and organized the

cases on Saturday night. It took until 2am and then I realized that the cases fit better if they are stuck in the other way (meaning the end that I had labeled). I went to the store and bought more "tape" but I haven't had the time to re-label all of the cases. Since I can get rid of several other CD storage units, I'll have room on my craft table for this baby. Once it is all arranged I think it will be perfect. Not bad for $6.

(thought I'd add, in case you can't tell..that this spins. SO excited by this, can you tell?)

Til later..............................

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Better news than ELVIS**Updated

I just got the following email:

Hello Cheryl!

We are happy to tell you you have been chosen for the ten dollar Gift Certificate!You can go shopping online at


The Cornish Heritage Farms Team

WAHOO!!! Last month I showed you some cards I made using their TK stamps. They have a drawing each month from the entries that use the stamps and link the posts to their website. Apparently they drew my name from the December entries. I'm so excited especially since they are getting ready to release some new TK stamps.

Make sure you check out their website and let them know I sent you.


to make my NO SHOPPING resolution even harder..look what I just found in my email:

Well poop. I'm at work and it will not let me load the picture. I'll try and do it later. Let's just say that I may have to be on the phone/online at Midnight on the 10th so I can order the NEW CROP-A-Dile II. CRAP!!!

Til later...............

*UPDATED TO ADD PICTURE have been warned....

here is the NEW C-A-D II

Another Birthday


Til later.........

Monday, January 7, 2008

Birthday Greetings

I know I promised a few projects to share. I got them done but one of them can't be shared til Wed. and the other one, I didn't take a picture of yet. Sorry.

The really big news for today is:


Your card is on it's way. I hope you have a great day and that your family spoiled you all weekend.

Til later...................

Friday, January 4, 2008

Starry, Starry night

First off, yes-I'm insane. Anyone that has ever spent more than 5 minutes with me will confirm that. Actually that is what makes my DH & I such a perfect couple. Mutual insanity.

Having said that, I will share what I did last night. No, not that silly. I never kiss & tell.

Now that you have to poke out your minds eye, let me continue.

I read on the computer yeasterday that there was supposed to be another HUGE meteor shower last night/this morning starting at about 1:40AM. I am a freak for meteor showers and since I missed the last one, I really wanted to see this one. I confirmed, as best I could, that it was the night of the 3rd-morning of the 4th and set my alarm to wake up and be amazed.

If you live here or have been watching the weather channel, you know Florida (at least Central Florida) is having our first real cold snap. I am a serious wimp when it come to cold. I DON'T like it at all. I am feeling really sorry for my mom/sister/nephew who are without a heater as I complain about freezing while in my warm house-covered from head to toe. So, that should tell you how much of a nut I am that I would go outside (not to mention being a really BIG CHICKEN about being outside late at night) the look for meteors.

By now you will have probably figured out that despite being outside for about an hour, from 1:45-2:30 or something, I did not see a single meteor. We had a clear night. I could count almost every star in the sky but NONE of them were falling. Yes, I know it wasn't the stars that were supposed to be falling but you get the idea.

I'm so bummed!! Now I'm tired because I could never really get warm or fall back to sleep and I didn't get to see what I was up to see anyway.

My DH even came outside after I'd been outside for over 30 minutes and then went inside and checked the NASA channel & the weather channel. All he saw were three people floating around in their space station and the weather on the West Coast.

I'm going to try and check the Internet again for details and I maybe outside again tonight. At least it is supposed to be a little warmer and I won't have to get up early in the morning.

So now you have another reason to have me committed and my mother can stop bugging me about updating my blog.

I'm going to have some projects to share with you by the end of the weekend so stay tuned.

Til later...................

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year-Fresh Start

Happy New Years 2008.


Where did 2007 go? It seriously flew by. I can't believe in a couple short months we will be celebrating our FIRST Anniversary.

How did you spend your New Years Eve? Have you gotten out of bed yet? How many aspirin did you need to take to function? How many BOWL games did you watch so far? Speaking of Bowl games, I'm really glad I didn't pay to fly to Texas to support the Bulls. OUCH!!!!! Between them and the BUCS all I can say is thank goodness for the Patriots!!
Let me bring you up to speed on my exciting weekend. It's kinda long so you may want to get a snack or take a potty break before you scroll any further.

Yesterday the DS and I went Bowling. We almost DIDN'T go bowling . The DS started giving me a hard time as soon as we left the house because I didn't want to drive 20+ miles to bowl at the Alley he and his dad use. Sorry, our little neighborhood one is just as good and I'm not driving ALL the way across town to a certain location.
Once we got the location settled, and he saw that the local Bowling Alley had finished their outside renovations, he calmed down a little. That is until he discovered that we would not be using Bumpers. Seems his dad still lets him use Bumpers when they bowl together(and apparently lets him win sometimes..but that's another story). I informed him that at 12 years of age he was WAY to old to be using Bumpers and that I was not going to TRY and beat him but I also was not going to throw the game.

After game one of three, there was a "discussion" about whether we would continue bowling or would I get a refund and we'd leave.
Sidebar.......I HATE bowling next to people and especially when they have little kids that they help walk up to the foul line and roll the ball and then STAND there while it takes the 10 minutes to roll down to the pins or land in the gutter and make it to the end of the lane. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that you are spending precious time with your little one and they are to little to throw the ball. I'm just asking you to be aware of people trying to bowl next to you and MOVE YOUR DARN KID so we can go next.

Thank you.

Because of the irritation with the DS and the added "cuteness factor" of the lane next to us, I went to the front counter and requested we be allowed to move down a few empty lanes. Wish was granted. DS and I had a "Come to Jesus" talk and he agreed to quit acting like a 2 year old and we proceeded to have a good time for the last two games.
Yes, he beat me one of those games but not by much.

After leaving the alley, we stopped by Sonic and had some refreshments. (BTW-did you know that even if it is their mistake when you asked for an Empty cup and they give you ice in it-they charge you? Did you also know that even if you ask if your DS can have half M&Ms and Half Reese's cups in his Sonic Smoothee and they say YES, they will charge you 50 cents each for the candies even though they didn't mention that and their sign doesn't tell you of the charge? Can you tell I was alittle irritated at the Sonic people? Not my fault you are working there on New Years Eve. Customer Service. None)
We expected to have a huge firework display last night from our backyard neighbor since they had built a big concrete bunker in front of their house. They usually do a TON of fireworks for the 4th of July. We waited until 11:45pm, gathered our sparklers, Grape "Bubbly cider" , New Years bottles of bubbles and headed to the porch to be amazed. Didn't happen. They were either too drunk by then or we missed something. Apparently they did make quite alot of noise about 3am but somehow I slept through it.

DS did have fun with the sparklers. Take a look:

I got up this morning and made a real breakfast and the rest of the day has been spent looking up stuff on the computer, watching more football, realizing that my printer doesn't feel like printing, organizing the computer desk, locating lots of discs-cables-paper-etc, that I didn't know we had. I even found a memory card that I think may be the one we gave to DD to take to Italy a couple years ago.

Since I am trying to be a better poster of "Projects" and since I was mentioned again on ScrapScene.....cough..hmmmmm...
I will leave you with a couple projects I completed this weekend. I'd have another one to share but as you read above, my printer isn't cooperating and I can't finish without it. The first is for my co-worker that is about to start her cancer treatments. I bought the stamp from Kim at MFT and made a Journal for her to record her thoughts, feelings, treatment notes-etc. I made a matching note card. The images were stamped and then stamped again on various pieces of paper, cut out and glued to original image to make the clothes. I added some Glossy Accents to the flowers and ribbons. I decided to have the ribbon on the outside of the book instead of gluing it under the inside cover. I tied it to the binding and wove it under the image on the front cover so it shouldn't fall completely off when she has it open to write inside. The paper is the Glitter Stack from DCWV.
What do you think?

The other project I have to share is just a composition book that I have been gluing card sketches, pictures of cards I've made and other card ideas into. I finally covered it and used my Cricuit cartridge "Printing Press" to make the title. I glued the ribbon inside the front cover to use to tie it closed. The paper is one of my favorites from the Anna Griffin cardmaking kit I got last year from QVC.
So, there you have it. A LONG, exciting , catch up post to start your new year. Hope you have a Healthy, Happy New Year and that 2008 is filled with friendship, laughter and crafts..or what ever else makes you happy.
My sister tagged me with a "2007 recap" sort of thing. I don't feel like thinking that hard right now. Alot of other sites are giving you their resolutions for 2008. Don't feel like doing that either. I will bore you all (more) with that in a few days. Besides, the longer before I tell them to you the longer before I break them....LOL.
Til later.....................