Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wet Wednesday

Wow, what a thunderstorm we had last night. I didn't see any damage but there was LOTS of water to drive through. I know it kept my DS awake for several hours in the middle of the night with all the booming going on. Hope everyone is safe and dry this morning.

More sad news this morning as another life is cut short. Lots of sadness this week. Really makes you think about what is important. We watched CLICK last night (yes..we've already established that we are WAY behind in our movie watching). It was typical Adam Sandler and a few scenes weren't appropriate for my DS (shadow "humping" and the dog with the to be to much)..anyway..having said that, there was a message to it. DO not let your life pass you by while you are chasing the corporate/work goals. How sad that he missed "17 years" of his children's lives. Luckily he got a second chance. We don't. Make this one count.

My niece relayed a story that I wanted to share. Her son, who's classmate died this past weekend, wanted to do something special for her. (Sidebar-thankfully-if there can be a bright side to this tragedy..the children died of smoke inhalation-not the fire) He took a teddy bear and wrote a note to her and pinned it on the bear. They drove to the girls house and left the bear by the mailbox. She said he also has been "consoling" the teachers telling them that the little girl is with God now. What a special, sweet little soul he is. What a great mom (and Dad) he has to teach him what is important. She is a mirror I try and hold myself up to. Most of the time I fail. I try to tell her how proud of her I am since her own mother does everything in her power to try and drag her down. We should all be the kind of mother my niece, Jenn is.

I'll try and have some cards and perhaps, dare I say it, LAYOUTS to show you this weekend. I've got the opportunity, now if I can get things done.

Til later.........

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Jenn said...

Click made me CRY like a little baby! Yes, those scenese were uncomfortable for me as well, and no the children did NOT see that movie, lol.

Thanks for such kind words. I love you!