Thursday, January 17, 2008

The weather matches my mood

While I appreciate that we need rain, my sinuses wish this weather would go away. I have a headache most days but when the weather is in flux, it is MUCH worse. My DS says it is cool having a mom that can "predict" the weather. Not so much!

While I was feeling sorry for myself I got word that a friend is feeling bad. She has just started her Chemo schedule and isn't feeling as well as she thought she would. She expected to spring right up after the treatment and be her usual self. She is feeling bad that she feels bad and is stubborn to let people help her.

Why do we do that? Resist help when offered?

While dealing with that I stopped by Tricia's blog. (See yesterdays post) Her husband is planning a day of Prayer, January 19th, for everyone waiting for a transplant. Please read their story and do what your heart leads you to do.

I've been praying for the family but I need to do more. I'm linking to a blog post I wrote in December to remind you how important and easy it is to be a donor. I've requested that my office have a speaker come and explain Organ Donation to the staff. I've emailed many of the top Crafter/Bloggers that we all read daily asking them to mention it on their sites.

It is not morbid to talk about it or take a moment to become an Organ donor. I hope that you live to be a very old person and your organs are so shriveled up they are no longer viable. (**EDITED**I actually have checked the site and confirmed that ANY AGE can donate if they meet the criteria).

Please don't "Take them with you".

I do not believe that it is mutilation or a sin to go to your grave "with things removed". Trust me, you won't need them. You are giving the gift that will live on and will mean the world to others. If you have any questions on what your church/faith believes, please check out this website. From what I read, unless you are a "GYPSY or SHINTO" you can donate.

Go NOW, to this website. I don't think I have many readers outside of Florida but if I do, I know your state will have a similar site. Contact your local DMV offices. They will direct you.

Make a difference.

Til later..................


Denise said...

I agree hun, I am not taking my goodies with me. I have my license designated organ donor, I have a US Dept Health Donor Card in my purse and going to print out the one you mentioned also and put it in there. My family has always known my wishes and will respect them.

Sorry the weather is causing ya such discomfort. Feel better!


Jenn said...

I have made the decision way back when I got my learner's license to be an organ donor. I have always felt it was an important thing to do, as well. :)

I hope your friends feels better. I think we resist help because its a pride thing. Just let her know you're there, and you're helping a lot.

Dawn said...

i am also an organ donor and posted about it not long ago on my blog as well. i hope that your message encourages more to donate their organs! take care and blessings, dawn g

Melissa said...

It's so funny you posted this! My parents were visiting last week and my Mom and I had a talk about organ donation.. she wanted to make sure I was an organ donor. OF COURSE I AM! (and so is DH)
Like you said "you can't take it with you" and it feels good to know I "might" help someone someday!