Thursday, May 31, 2007

Light at the end

of my bad mood tunnel. I'm not really in much better of a mood but I promise not to take it out on you today. The weather is still over cast, I woke up at the time I normally leave the house but I'll try not to let that effect my musings. LOL. Sounds like it already did.....

DS came home last night. YEAH!!! He didn't get a haircut while he was gone. YEAH!!! I owe him 10 bucks for that. I went by his dads and picked him up after work and we went straight to Karate. He doesn't know it but I went back out to the car after class started and took a 40 minute nap. I woke up and went back inside just in time to see him sparing. During his last match his opponent kicked him right in the chest. He stood there for a few seconds and then the doubled over. The teacher went over to him and talked him through the pain. He stood back up and continued sparing. The teacher told me after class that he was proud of the way he handled the kick. He said he tried to hold on and then finally couldn't stand the pain & doubled over. He recovered quickly and continued on. That is what they are taught to do. It's hard for a mother to watch that but I know it is something they need to learn for a life lesson. Take the blows but recover quickly and move on. On the way home we talked about the kick and what he needed to do the next time to avoid getting kicked. He knew he didn't block the kid because he kicked him right after DS had done one of his moves. He admitted it was one of his weak spots in sparing and he needed to recover from his own move quicker and get ready for the opponents next move.

I got several emails & comments telling me they had updated their blogs because I made my "those people" reference yesterday. I better go check them out. Short post today but at least it's not to pissy.

Til later........................

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

House & moods

Quick post so I won't be one of those people that do not post to their blogs for days. It always ticks me off to see the same post day after day ya go. I'm in a pissy mood so you may wish I hadn't bothered.

HOUSE season finale last night. WOW. So do we get all new people next year? DH & I just watched a movie from about 5-6 years ago starring Omar Epps as an undercover cop. It had at least 6-8 people that are in shows we watch now. It was very violent and had alot of cussing..surprise..a cop UNDERCOVER cop will be hard to look at Mr. Epps for awhile without thinking about that movie. Maybe I need him to go away for awhile.

Yes, it is all about me today.

DS is due back tonight. The cat and I have really missed him. The cat hasn't had anyone to sleep with and I've missed screwing with his head. LOL. Just kidding. Well, maybe a little.

This funky weather is really giving me a head ache and my coffee is to hot to take any medicine. If I wasn't a lazy bum I'd get up and go get a drink so I can take the pills. Man, I am a pisser today. Warned you. scraproom still looks like a bomb went off, Baby scrapbook finished and delivered-my friend loved it-me..not perfect but ok, Storage unit still not resolved, sun burn from Saturday is killing me, NONE of my jeans fit, my nephews birthday is Saturday and I wish I could be there, promised to help a friend move this weekend...they are calling for rain..of course.

Man, waaaaaaaah. I would erase this and start over but sometimes you need to see I'm not always the cheery person I portray on TV. No, it's not "that time" but thanks for asking.

On a brighter note, for those people that are still watching this train wreck...Beryl has rescheduled her crop. It is now JUNE 30 in Dunedin. Check out her link for more details and to sign up. Cari's crop is filling fast so head to her link to sign up for the crop on the 23rd. EXPO is the 8-9th. The scrapyard gals are croppin on Saturday. That reminds me, I need to order my Scrapyard shirt.

I'll try to post a brighter musing tomorrow. I can't guarentee so I beg forgiveness in advance.

Til later...............

Monday, May 28, 2007

The boy

How is your holiday shaping up? I spent 6 hours going through the stuff in my storage unit and only made a slight dent. I threw away papers and memories dating back to 1978. Wow, I AM a pack rat. I left the rest of the stuff in the unit since by then I was SUN BURNT and tired and some how had lost or not brought lids for the storage containers. I woke up this morning before 7am and lay in bed for an hour trying to convince myself to go back and finish the job. The thought of being in the sun again and all the work it would be to to do it all by myself convinced me otherwise. I'll either pay another months rent or get someone/bodies to help me. It wouldn't take long with several people and a rental truck but forever with me, myself & I.

We got a chance to see DH's youngest boy Saturday night. Met him for dinner at Outback and then drove him to his hotel in downtown Tampa. He should be well on his way to sea since the boat was leaving sometime yesterday. He wasn't sure what time but we figure he's gone as we didn't hear from him again. The picture was taken outside his hotel, in the pitch darkness. Not the best lighting but it's a shot of father & son. Can you tell DH's back was DONE for the night by the time it was taken? I have another picture that shows it better but it would have frightened small children & this is a "family blog".

I guess I will go balance my check book for the first time since the wedding and file away the stack of paper/receipts I have been setting aside for months. Then maybe I'll clean up my scrap room. It's gotten totally out of hand. I need to finish the baby book I've made so I can take it to work tomorrow.

So much to little energy.

Til later........................

PS. I know you will never see this but..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my stepson-JH!!!!!

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

One of three

days off!! Wahoo. I'm so excited to have three days off and the fact that the holiday is PAID. It is my first Paid holiday in 4 years. WAHOO two!!!

I wasn't going to post today but just catch up on my fellow bloggers. I (may have) been tagged by a fellow blogger & friend..Kip. You won't find her on my links because she asked us all a while ago to remove her since she was being harassed by a reader. I did what she asked but always read her daily postings. Today she had a little "game" so I thought I'd share with my reader(s).

The game is's harder than it looks! Here are the rules: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They MUST be real places, names, things...NOTHING made up! If you can't think of anything, skip it. Try to use different answers if the person before you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Your Name: Cheryl

1. Famous Singer/Band: Chicago

2. 4 letter word: Crab

3. Street: Canal

4. Color: Cream

5. Gifts/Presents: Crystal

6. Vehicle: Corvette

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Candles

8. Boy Name: Craig

9. Girl Name: Cathy

10. movie title: Coma

11.Drink: Cosmopolitan

12. Occupation: Chef

13. Flower: Carnation

14. Celebrity: Cher

15. Magazine: Creative Keepsakes

16. U.S. City: Cincinnati

17. Pro Sports Teams: Chicago Bears

18. Fruit: Cantaloupe

19. Reason for Being Late for Work: Caught in traffic

20. Something You Throw Away: (milk) cartons

21. Things You Shout: Come here!

22. Cartoon Character: Casper the friendly ghost

OK...tag time....CAMI & Cari (mostly so Cari will post something!)

DH's son is due in town in a couple hours. We are going to meet him for dinner and a visit before taking him to his hotel. I'm looking forward to seeing the boy again. His birthday is Monday but he'll be on the high sea. Glad we will be able to hook up for a little while.

Have a great rest of the weekend. Today was a lazy day so tomorrow I should try & do something....maybe.

AMY...Hang in there. You are RIGHT!!!

Til later.............

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sparks fly and I'm "LOST"

So, who thought last nights show could have been 15 minutes long instead of two hours? Every year they make us sit through crap until the announcement of the IDOL. Last nights announcement didn't even come in the allotted time. Thankfully we were recording the news show following Idol-just in case. Sure enough, we had to go to the next show to see the end. At least they gave her a few minutes and didn't cut it short like they have done.

My run down of the show....

Kelly her but wonder if she was forced to perform. ? DH said her first song was scary. Angry woman!! LOL.

Sanjya...good grief...PLEASE cut off his 15 minutes. It is about 14 1/2 minutes past due. OMG!!!

Carrie Underwood...nice

Taylor...everyone knows we "love" Taylor. He is not the best singer on the planet, he sound OK last night, but he always makes us smile. LOVE the "mouth harp".

Bette Midler......a moment of silence for the thing that was once her career. They have hired her to replace Celene Dion? OMG. Maybe Sanjya can open for her.

LOVED the Blake "beat boxing" with the DZ person. Great hat.

Really glad Jordin won as she is the best singer. I'm worried for her as a 17 year old child. Hopefully her parents will not turn into Stage moms/dads and that someone with sense will be guiding her career. Which musical path do you think they will go with her? She can do all kinds except maybe hard rock. She's to young/fresh to pull off the "Joan Jett" look. (sorry for the really old's morning..cut me some slack!)

OK, now for LOST. Holy CRAP!!!! Did anyone think they ANSWERED anything? NOT me. I'm more confused than ever. Ok, so it looks like they get off the island and Jack turns into a Drunk-pill popping has been...and his father is ALIVE?? Is Kate with Sawyer? Who died? Ben? Locke? Who would die that NO ONE would attend the service? It has to be someone associated with the flight or it wouldn't effect Jack like it did. Jacks ex is preggers. Did they get back together and then he drove her away with his drinking or did she marry the guy she left Jack for? ARG!!!!!!!! Why didn't Charlie swim out of the window after it blew? He's skinny enough. WHY doesn't the ONE EYED guy ever die? How did Walt get so big? They have only been on the Island for 3-4 months! Crime-in-knee what the heck? What did you think?

Big party at work today. The monthly excuse to eat and goof off. Wahoo!! Before then I better get my insurance stuff filled out and sent so I can start going to the Dr.

DS is leaving for his dads tonight. His sister got her hair done Tuesday night. SO CUTE. I'll have to get a picture. The relatives will love it.

Speaking of hair, got mine done last night. It doesn't look nearly as cute as DD's but then I'm not 19, thin and BEAUTIFUL. It's cut & colored and my eyebrows are separated again so I'm happy. My hair dryer didn't want to work this morning so I had to use the "open car window" method of hair styling. Looks ok but not the effect I wanted.

My friend Jessie G is scheduled to return to work today for the first time since her surgery. Of course she is coming back on FOOD DAY!! LOL. Just kidding Jessie. Can't wait to see you & your new tummy.

Til later.................

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Why didn't anyone tell me that HOUSE season finale wasn't until NEXT WEEK?? Arg. I was all set for Dr. House and then....let down.

So, what did you think about the IDOLs? It is just like last year. Guy vs Girl. Girl is MUCH better singer but guy is a better performer. Who do you choose? Like Paula said, it doesn't really matter since they will BOTH do alright after the show ends. Is a 17 year old ready for the crazy things that will happen if she wins tonight? I believe Blake is ready and is the better entertainer but I'm not sure that's enough. We'll know in a few hours. If you read something, don't tell me. I didn't come this far to find out before Ryan announces it tonight.

BTW, Chris D.....................smoken hot last night. Great way to end the show. Thank goodness we had set the next show to tape or we'd have missed it. DARN shows that run over!!

Well I may have pissed my DS off to no end today. It is the last day of school. His last chance to talk to the kid at the bus stop. The last chance to get his phone number so they can get together during the summer. Since I knew he'd never do it, I took the lead and got out of the car this morning and gave the kid a TLC catalog with my phone number on it. I asked him if his mom liked to scrapbook and he said she used to. I told him we get together at the clubhouse once a month and to have her call me if she was interested.

DS about crapped his britches when I got out of the car. He was very upset with me when he found out what I'd done. He was afraid I had invited them over to our house. I told him just because he doesn't want to make a friend that-that doesn't mean the kids mom should suffer if SHE wants to meet people. We'll see. They could be dope sellers or mob killers in witness protection. You can say I told you so if this ends badly.

GUESS WHAT?????? When I got home last night, DH had put his truck in the the spot where I'd had the car. It fit. WOW!!! I took the trash MOUND out to the road this morning and it looks like there may be room for my car in the garage too. !!!!!! We'll see. I still want to empty the storage unit so not sure how that's all going to fit. Guess there is alot of purging in my future. How long should you keep records & papers from 1988???

Looks like we may get to see DH's son this weekend as he passes through on his way to a cruise. He is leaving out of Tampa and called to see if we could meet for dinner Saturday night. That would be great. I really adore the boy and wish he lived closer. I love to see him and his dad together. They have such a beautiful relationship. I'm glad things turned out the way they did so they could have a bond that will never be broken. I would have loved to get back together with my sweetheart YEARS before we did but it would have sacrificed the boys happiness and that would have been a mistake. Now, if we had gotten together in 1980 like we should have, maybe that boy would be OURS sense in going down that mental path.

OK, I'm digressing and starting to get way to serious. Time to close and get to work.

OH...I forgot about HERO's. Watched the finale. Kinda a let down. Syler is apparently still alive. The Pitrelli boys are now "stars"??? Will the cop live? Does the little girl go off and live with Mohindar? Hiro is now in the 1640's?? Goodness.

Til later......................

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MUST stay awake

tonight!!! House season finale. AI. Can't wait to see what the kids do. So exciting!! Paula and her broken nose. OH my. We also need to watch HERO's as we missed it last night. "Action Jack with life like hair" was on and to exciting to miss so we saved the world for later.

So Cami, what did you think about the ending? We wanted to see Jack find out Josh is his son. Or have Audrey's dad hit Jack over the head and cause him to drop to the cliffs below. Kinda ended....wimpy. Cloie pregers? Arg. That's a child that they should sign up for Therapy RIGHT NOW.

Between going to sleep after midnight, hubby waking me up when he went to the potty sometime later (made me realize I had to go too and then had to wait until he came out...TMI..sorry) and then the stupid cat knocked a basket off the top of the refridge-breaking a cake cutter and waking me up 15 minutes before the alarm was scheduled to go off, ( I HATE when that happens) I'm a walking zombie. MUST not fall asleep and miss anything tonight.

What are every ones plans for the Memorial Day weekend? Travel? Picnic. SLEEP? My DD & DS are going to S.C. with their dad so the DH & I are alone. Now that my Vendor event has been postponed I may sleep all day Saturday. Yeah-right. Never happen unless I'm severely medicated. Hmmmmmm. I need to clear out the storage unit and bring it home to the newly cleaned out garage. And try not to fill it up so the car doesn't fit again.

Speaking of the car, I backed into the garage last night. It drove right out this morning. Amazing.

((EDIT**I just reread that and cracked myself up. I did not HIT the garage, I backed the car into the garage space. IT didn't drive it's self out this morning. I actually did the driving. Wouldn't have to put it into the garage if the stupid car could drive its self. It would probably be able to manuver the driveway better than I can. ))

OH......I almost forgot....HOUSE & Nip Tuck you know which two actors appeared in the " Jeff Daniels" movie version of 101 Dalmations? I watched half of it last night at Karate and was surprised to see two of my new favs as characters in the children's movie from years ago. Guess Who???

Til later...............

Monday, May 21, 2007

Cars in the Garage?

Who knew that cars were supposed to go INSIDE your garage? I've owned several homes with garages but the garages have always been a storage place. I've never actually had the space to drive in and get out of your car. Yesterday I changed that.

Since the boy is "in trouble again" I sent him outside early yesterday morning to start emptying the garage. Several hours later he wasn't done (actually didn't even look like he had made a dent) so I gave up and started helping him. We got everything out and then put together several shelf units and started loading the stuff back in, but neatly. We filled several boxes with trash and consolidated stuff until it all fit on the shelves.

I'd be really excited if I could tell you that DH's truck fit too, but alas, that would be lying. Before we put the stuff back in to the garage I asked him if he wanted to be able to and he decided that if he couldn't park in the garage, he'd be OK with that. A true sign that he has totally adjusted to life at the "middle class level".

It was very cool to get into the car, in the garage, this morning and not have to wipe off the dew. I still can't back out of the driveway with out it being a math exercise but at least it was a start. This afternoon I'll try to back into the garage and see if I can pull out tomorrow in one fluid motion. EDIT***I just reread that and realized that if you haven't seen my driveway you might think I'm an idiot if I can't back out straight. Well, just to save my rep as a totally cool house is at the end of our street and faces the side of the house next door..our driveway starts as the end of the road and then takes a 90 degree turn towards the house. I have a hard time backing & turning on the severe angle without hitting DH's truck or going on to the grass. Laugh. You come over and see if you can back out without running onto the lawn.******

I had a great time at my friend Cami's house on Saturday night. I got the baby album almost completely done. If I'd had newborn pictures of my friends grandson, it would have been all done except for some journaling.

I'm sad to say that the CROP by Beryl, scheduled for this weekend, had to be postponed due to poor sign ups. Guess we were victims of the holiday weekend. She is going to reschedule so keep an eye out for the new date.

24 and HERO's season finales tonight. OH MY!!!! Tomorrow starts the finale for IDOL. Exciting stuff.

How was your weekend?

Til later..................

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Crop tonight

YEAH!! I love getting together with my friends and cropping. Tonight the gang is meeting at my friends, Cami's. She is always a great hostess and we end up laughing until someone almost wets their pants, usually me!

I'm very excited that I was able to print the pictures I need to make my buddy's Baby Brag album. Her grandson is so adorable. I'm looking forward to working on that tonight.

I've spent the morning getting my TLC stuff ready for next weeks crop. HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET? Tomorrow is the deadline. Click on this link and get registered.

Finale update...........finally saw the ER show and OMG!!!! I actually screamed out loud when they "reveled" Ray. Goodness, that show never lets you down. The ending was typical "ER". Another good cliff hanger.

Better go get my crop stuff together. Shouldn't be to hard since I'm working on the one project but still need to gather the supplies. I may have to break out the STICKERS. LOL.

In case I don't get back on tomorrow, have a great rest of the weekend.
Special HUGS to my niece in GA as she is suffering from Kidney Stones. She called this morning to say their boxes had arrived and that she'd spent Friday at the hospital with an KS attack. Hope you feel better soon sweetie! Remember what I said about always having a shoulder to vent on. HUGS to the boys (small & big).

Shout out to my friend Jessie who is re-cooping from her surgery. We really miss you around work. It's to quiet with you gone and me on another team. UPDATE your blog darn it. What else do you have to do?

Til later..............

Friday, May 18, 2007

Great shows

Great cliff hangers!! CSI Vegas is still the BEST of the CSI shows. I was so happy to see Gil show his emotion about Sara. Can't wait til next season.

Greys. ?? !!!! Is George leaving? Are Mer & Derick breaking up? The girl that Derick met in the bar is Mers HALF SISTER?? What about the Chief & his wife? Will Alex go after "Ava"? Will Burke & Christina be able to work together after the NON-wedding? OMGoodness!!

I didn't see ER's finale yet so ...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Criminal Minds SF was great but sad. Medium ended well. Now we just have the MONDAY shows...Hero's, 24...then the IDOL final two show down.

Looking forward to a croppin Saturday night.

I may clean out my garage tomorrow. The "Boy" needs something to do since he won't be playing on the computer for awhile. Yes, again. I really do not have the strength to go over it. Let's just say that he is consistent in his behavior that gets him in trouble. You would think by now he'd learn how to lie better or quit the behavior completely. Sigh........

So, what did you do yesterday to make you feel proud?

Til later....................

Thursday, May 17, 2007


last night on the results show. First, let me repeat my prior support of ALL three kids. (I'm old enough to be 2 or 3 of their mothers, I can call them kids) I have made no secret of my "love" for Blake. I was still shocked at the outcome of the votes. I am VERY pleased that they didn't torture Jordin again and make her stand there with Blake at the end. Did you see the shocked look on Blake's face? He was more surprised than Melinda. I thought she handled it with the same maturity and grace she has shown all season. We all know she has a incredible future ahead of her and now she can get to it. My DH & I discussed the results and feel that either American figured she had it in the bag and didn't need their votes or they thought she was going to be famous any way and voted for the the "under dogs". It should be interesting next week to see who is "Crowned" They both have such different styles and talents. I'm pushing for CO-Idols!!

LOST....our DVR decided to fritz and we "lost" the first 12 minutes. Luckily it wasn't the finale so we didn't miss to much. If the "underwater station" had a platform, why did Charlie & Desmond think the "swimmer" would drown? The entire thing couldn't be filled with water or did they get some "intel" that it had?? Do you think the girls with guns were women that escaped "Ben" ?? Good grief! Tonight after Greys they said there is a "reveal all show"??

Speaking of tonight, GREYS!!!! CSI Vegas!!!! OH MY!!!!

I'm glad some of you checked out the Canvas site. I have another site for you to check out. craftcritique is a blog that states they are " a collective of experienced crafters (some professional, most not) with strong opinions to share on the craft supplies you want to learn more about." They review products, offer craft tips-etc. Check it out. They are looking for reporters. I emailed them. I don't get enough of my projects posted on my blog so I'm not sure they will pick me. I'm hoping my sparkling wit and personality will win them over!

Have you signed up for Beryls crop yet? She set a deadline for this Sunday. The crop is on the 26th and should be fun. I got the supplies for my "Make & Take" so I'm almost set to go. I've printed out some price tags and will be marking my TLC stuff this weekend. I got some of the new products and they ROCK!!! I have lots of catalogs with the new lines so you can check them out and place an order for anything I don't have. I've also ordered more "Sanding pads".
(((CARI....did you want to order some for your crop????))))

Speaking of Cari..while you are signing up for Beryls crop, run over and sign up (contact Cari Kerrick at 813-929-3029 or for her June 23rd day-o-fun!

Looking forward to cropping this Saturday at my buddy CAMI's. It's always a fun time and I've missed chatting since I've gotten my "real job". Who's bringing the Creamers??? I finally got my "Carry it all" and I'm going to test it out on Saturday night. It's alittle smaller than I expected (being math challenged and all) so I'm not sure what will fit. I also need to put together one of my "Make & Takes" to be sure I can teach it..LOL.

Happy Thursday. Hug your kids/spouse/friends/family/yourself and make it a great day! At the end of today, ask yourself....."WHAT have I done lately, to make me feel proud?"

Til later................ Birthday isn't until AUGUST so you all have plenty of time to plan. :-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Down to the wire

tonight on IDOL. ARG!!! I'm afraid my boy BLAKE may be out. I enjoyed him last night, as always, but the girls are soooooooo good. I think he'll be the "Chris Daughtrey" of this season..out but will make it big. Should be an interesting night with the results. DO NOT tell me what the"boards" say...I want to find out tonight.

House was so good but my goodness, what a BRAT. House can pull off his attitude. That kid needed a good time out!! Can't wait till next week. What about Forman?? Will he stay? I think so. I can't believe he turned down his own "team".

TONIGHT.....AI results, BONES!!!! and Medium season finale plus we'll be taping the CSI NY finale.

*****ENABLER...if you want to get a beautiful "canvas picture" of your family check this out. Tell HIllary I sent you*****

Darn, it's 8am so that means I need to get off and do my work. DARN receptionist called out AGAIN so I have to work the phones for an hour. ARG!!!!! And she wonders why I am so mean to her all the time...I HATE phone duty and when she is out we all have to cover.

Sorry, pity party almost over.

Happy MID Week DAY.

Jenna...the boxes are packed and in my car!!!! Now to get to a PO. Cami...are you going to give me Priority boxes for my birthday?? Don't tease me about that. LOL. I used to get them automatically delivered when I was doing Ebay alot. Got to the point where I had a storage unit full of them so I canceled the deliveries. Maybe I should get a small delivery of that I know the Secretary here has um..I'll just "borrow" hers.

Til Later........

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Season finalies are here!

This is a big week for shows having their season finalies. I was trying to watch HERO's last night and kept fighting to stay awake. DARN new job!! This 6:15 am wake up and full out work day are HARD on my TV watching. Since HERO's has one more week I didn't miss to much. Hopefully DH didn't erase it and I can re-watch it to be on top of things when it ends next week.

I didn't see 24 so CAMI..don't give it away. One more week on that show too.

Tonight is AI and this is the tough week. How to decide between the three that are left? ARG!!

HOUSE...BONES...all going to be really good this week. Medium..another one to watch. Then THURSDAY night is a full plate of MUST see TV. Good grief.

I refuse to get involved with any "summer replacement" shows. I need some time off. Yeah right...we'll see how long that lasts. Rescue Me and Nip Tuck should be back the CLOSER...SAVED??? Oh my. I really wish I wasn't addicted to shows. My DH watches alot of TV and I hate to be in another room after being at work all day. He says he doesn't mind but I enjoy watching the shows with him.

Speaking of work, it's 8:05am and I've used up my 30 minutes before the "bell rings". Must get going on the pile in my IN basket. I LOVE my new job but I sure miss my internet surfing! LOL.

BTW...check out the latest stamp set on "Papertrey INc". If you love lady bugs you will love this set. If you order, tell Nicole I sent you.

Another bad thing about this jobs hours is that I can't come in late after running errands. I NEED BOXES to mail the gifts I keep promising. I went to the PO last night thinking I could get some out of the lobby. NOPE. They mocked me from right inside the locked part of the lobby. DARN IT. I was going to go at lunch but now they are talking about talking my buddy to lunch for her birthday so that's out! ARG!!

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Til later.....................

EDITED: WAHOO. I found priority boxes at one of the other secretaries desk. I grabbed some and so I'll be able to pack them tonight. I can use the self postage kiosk in the lobby so I don't have to worry about if the PO is open or not. YEAH!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day.
Mine was very good. My DD brought her brother back from his weekend with his dad so we could have lunch together. I had some spareribs that needed to be cooked so I put them in the oven about two hours before they arrived. I figured we could eat them & save her some money or we'd go out and I've have supper for tomorrow already fixed. We decided to stay home and eat the ribs. I had DD finish the rest of the fixings as her contribution to the lunch.
After we ate I got to open my gifts. DD had brought me a basket full of my favorite things. I got a box of DOVE dark chocolates, a bottle of PRIMA flowers (!!! good job DD), a book of velum quotes for scrapbook pages, Fried Green Tomatos & Ferris Buelers Day off DVDs (two of my all time favorites!), a nice smelling candle and........the latest JOSH GROBIN CD. WAHOO!!! ((CAMI...I can't wait to have you listen..maybe at your crop??)) We had just watched JG on "Sunday Morning" on CBS and now, here he was, in basket of love from DD.
My DH gave me a envelope with a print out of my "to be delivered gift". It is the NEW Cricuit that they debuted on QVC recently that DRAWS as well as cuts. It also comes with two cartridges, one of which is exclusive to QVC. I went crazy when I saw it on QVC but never considered ordering it as I got the one last year when they first came out (also from QVC). DH didn't seem the least bit excited when I tried to get him to look at it while being demonstrated. I dragged DS in to watch with me. As always, my DH was paying attention and called Micheals & Joanns looking for it only to be told they did not have it. He called QVC and ordered it for me and it should arrive at the end of the month. Another great feature is that this machine will have numbers on the dials. The original ones didn't come with numbers so you have to kind of guess what size/thickness you were setting. I also do not have the other cartridge that is included so I'm excited to get it and see what it can do.
We didn't take to many pictures and the ones we did take came out shaky and dark. The one above is the only one of the three of us. I changed it to sepia tone and it doesn't look quite as blurry.
I'm gonna go watch D. Housewives and then head to bed. Back to work & school. I'm planning on taking advantage of my hour tomorrow and take my mom some lunch. MOM..if you are reading this, don't forget to call and tell me which kind of soup/sandwich you want.
If you get a minute..share your Mother's day stories with me. I'd love to hear them.
BTW, I spilled Sweet tea into my keyboard last night. Anyone know how to get the stickiness out?? My "W" is sticking bad!! Note to self, no more drinks around the computer.
Til later................

Saturday, May 12, 2007


There are a lot of birthdays this month so I'm going to take this opportunity to say HELLO to my B-day peeps.

Today is my Grand Nephew TC's 8th birthday. Apparently his mother called her grandmother this morning moaning about having an eight year old son. She questioned how that can be possible? I told her grandmother, my mother, that when her boy gets to be 19 then we'll talk. I can't understand how I have a 19 year old daughter when I'm only 17 my self.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TC. I hope you enjoyed the movie. I Promise I will have your b-day gift mailed on Monday.

I called a friend of mine on Friday afternoon to wish her a happy birthday. She said "thanks, but it isn't until MONDAY". LOL Good grief!

Today I got a chance to catch up on my emails and discovered I'd missed my friend CAMI's birthday. I feel so bad. I just spent last Sunday with her and you'd think I'd be a good enough friend to remember her special day. only excuse is that my new job is a real job. No more reading or posting emails from the office. I have to actually work! YIKES. Please forgive me.

If I've missed anyone elses Big Day, I have no excuse except for poor time management skills.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. My DD & DS are supposed to be coming over and taking me to lunch. It will be nice to see the girl for more than 5 minutes. She is always so busy and now she's working double shifts at her new job. I really enjoy spending time with her. maybe I can convince her to turn off her cell phone so we can talk without the usual 50 interruptions.

I'm hoping to see my own mom tomorrow but may have to wait until Monday. I was thinking I'd take her to lunch or bring some over to the house. Now that I get a real lunch hour & park at the office building I can do things like that.

For everyone that is a mother or does a mothers job, I hope you have a wonderful day. Make some memories.

Til later.................

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother's Day is coming

Have you thought about what you are going to do for your mom or anyone that you consider dear to you? I had good intentions of mailing my MIL something to arrive before this weekend. I haven't mailed it yet. I feel bad but hopefully she'll understand with the new job and how crazy this week has been. Of course I also haven't mailed my nieces B-day gift or my grandnephews B-day gift for this Saturday.

PLEASE forgive me!!!

Quick post about the shows from last night and then I must get to work.

AI..sorry to see Lakesha go but she was my pick as "I'd hate to see the others leave more". Next week is going to be a killer as I can't decide which should go. I really enjoy them all. I have no doubt that they will all do fine after the show but I wish there could be THREE winners this year.

LOST....keeps getting stranger & stranger. With that little back ground story last night we can understand why BEN is so detached and bizarre. Who else saw Jacob? I saw him and DH had to back it up and watch it in slow motion. We got a really good look that way. WHO IS HE???

I am going to visit a friend in the hospital this afternoon straight after work (HI JESSIE!!!!) and then I've been invited to a "purse party". Those that know me, know I refuse to pay more than $10 for a purse, and then I use it until it wears out so not sure why I'm going. I'm going because I like the hostess and she lives out near me.

I'll have to hurry home for CSI & ER. I will probably tape GREYS and watch it this weekend. I still have the second part of MEDIUM to watch plus a ton of other stuff. Guess that's my goal for the weekend.

If you are in the Tampa Bay area and want to attend any crops this month, check out Crops by Beryl and my friend CARI. Both have links on the sidebar. Email them for details.

Better run. Have a great day and if you get a chance, leave a comment about your pick for IDOL or anything else that is on your mind.

Til later...................

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Time Flys

I can't believe it is Mid Week already. I can tell this new job is going to keep me busy. I don't even have time to check my mail or post to my blog. I am required to take an hour for lunch now and since that is foreign to me, I'm using some of it to say hello.

Orientation went well yesterday. I found out I do get health benefits, no pre-exhisting or waiting period. I just have to wade through my choices and fill out the paperwork. I have several other forms that need filling out. I turned in my first time sheet which was weird because they do two weeks in advance & I'm used to two weeks behind. I also get up to an hour for lunch so trying to remember to put that down was tricky. I've always eaten at my desk and not put anything down. Yikes!! I also was able to get a parking permit for the lot directly in front of the office. WAHOO. It wasn't cheap but now I don't have to stress about getting to the parking lot earlier enough to catch the shuttle bus to get to work on time. Being able to drive right to the building was so nice. This afternoon when I leave, I can get right into my car and not sit for 20 minutes waiting to catch the shuttle and then take the 8 minute bus ride to the lot.

I'm still behind on my TV watching so I'll be trying to catch up soon. Still haven't seen 24 from this week. I did watch AI last night. How cruel to make those poor kids sing those BeeGee songs. I "liked" the BeeGees back in the day but they do not translate well today and especially for a girl to sing why themselves. I really hope Lakisha is the one to go as I'm not ready to see Blake, Jordin or Melinda kicked off. My DH said he felt like it was a waste of talent and his time as they all did badly due to the material. Should be interesting tonight for the results show.
House was good but I was so tired I fought sleep the entire hour. Dang I hate when I do that.

Tonight, AI results, Bones and another LOST. Man, I better not fall asleep during LOST. Must know what is going on???? Really freaky stuff. I'm looking forward to CSI tomorrow, ER should be good and Greys will be back to normal....seriously.

THANKS for the suggestions about the boy and his "friends" issue. Bribing him may be an idea. I hate to resort to that but at this point, what ever works. Plus we're running out of time before school ends. I felt sad when I drove into the neighborhood last night and saw four boys that looked to be DS's age on the street next to ours, playing football. I wanted to go tell DS to ride his bike over & see if he could join in but I knew he never would.

Better get back to work as my desk is PILED high!

Til later...........

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

HR day

Thanks for the comments on yesterdays post. I appreciate the support as we muddle through this time. DH didn't get a chance to try and talk to DS yesterday. Hopefully DH will be feeling better this afternoon and get to "grill" him. I'm still taking suggestions if anyone has a magic wand or trick I can try. I did make him walk to the bus stop this morning. That's the only reason I have time to post before I leave for work.

Today is the orientation for my new job. I'll finally find out all the benefit information. WAHOO!!!

Today is mine & DH's 2 month anniversary. AWWWWWWWWW. I found a sweet note taped to the bathroom mirror this morning when I woke up. My DH loves me!!

I'm going to go wake him before I leave so he has time to get ready for a doctors appointment. He'll be within two blocks of my work but I know he won't feel up to stopping by. Maybe one day he can come see my office. I know all the ladies would love to meet him. They feel like they already know him since I have at least 5 pictures on my desk not to mention my wedding party screen saver.

Hope you all had a great Monday. Cami, I didn't see 24 yet. HERO's was another good one. The previews for the final two shows of the season look fabulous. Tuesday means AI, HOUSE and some other stuff. WAHOO!!

Til later....................

Monday, May 7, 2007

How to make a boy make a friend

I am seriously, yes-seriously, at the end of my rope. Those that know me will say-it's a short rope. Be that as it may, I'm dangling off the tip of my rope and I need some advise.

I'm sure I've mentioned before, my DS's lack of social skills. His dad left when he was two years old and we've had a "rocky" agreement of how the boy is be raised since then. I also feel partly responsible since I placed him in a situation at an early age where we lived with psychopaths. I have tried very hard to over come that and help him become a "whole" person.

He has a very hard time making friends. He gets in trouble at school for talking when he shouldn't and has a very bad habit of correcting people instead of letting the teacher do their job. We've talked about this a zillion times, to no avail. He's better for awhile and then he gets in trouble again. He also is very hard on himself and expects nothing less than perfection in his school work. To that end, he will refuse to do assignments or not finish because he would rather get a failing grade than do less than what he feels he should do.

I've probably also told you about the new kid at the bus stop. Sweet looking kid. New to the neighborhood and to the school. I figure it must be hard on the kid coming into a school this late in the school year. He turned out to be in several of DS's classes. PERFECT says I. Perfect chance for DS to make a new friend. They have the "New kid" label in common. He stands at the bus stop with the same lost puppy look my son has. He plays an instrument. Figured that will give him additional geek points with the middle schoolers. He is prime target for a friend.

DS will not talk to him at the bus stop. He says he talks to him in their classes but how much "talking" can they do without getting in trouble? They can't sit together and talk on the bus because they apparently have assigned seats. We get to the bus stop at least 10-15 minutes early. Plenty of time to talk to someone. Get to know them. MAKE A BLASTED FRIEND!!!

This morning, for at least the millionth time, I asked DS why he will not get out of the car and talk to the boy. I asked him to give the kid a business card for the kid to give to his mom, for my business. He saw that it had our phone number on it and FREAKED out. He refused to give it to him, because THE KID might call our house. I tried to get DS to explain to me what he was so afraid of. He said, He's only one person. I asked him what that means. He can't tell me. He "Doesn't know". I not so calmly explained to him that he needed to stop using phrases that he "Didn't know what they meant". He still couldn't tell me what he thinks will happen if he talks to this kid. I know he is afraid but I can't get him to admit it and try and work through it. From looking at the other kid, I'm fairly sure he is just as scared as DS is. !!!!!!!!!

I'm going to ask DH to give it a try this afternoon. He seems to be able to get him to open up when I can't. Maybe he can get him to see there is no fear in saying hello and asking a few "friendly" questions. When ever I suggest an "ice breaker" my DS says that is prying. I can't get him to understand it is a normal way of starting a conversation. It could lead to a new friend.

I've already decided that starting tomorrow, I'm not going to take him to the bus stop any more.
Maybe if I make him walk there and I'm not hanging out with him, he'll talk to the kid. If not, at least I won't have to sit there watching the kid look so sad and DS looking so scared. Now that the sun comes up earlier, he won't be in the dark. He doesn't need me to watch out for dangers in the darkness.

Yes, I'm going to throw the little bird out of the nest.

Fly or fall.

I don't know what else to do.


Til later........................

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Crop Day

I have been awake for about 30 minutes and it's right now 7am. ARG. Da** sinus headaches. Guess we are in for some bad weather today if my head is any indication. I've taken some medicine and decided to check email waiting for it to work. I'm going to hop in the shower (sorry for visual) and get ready to go to the crop. I packed the car last night so all I have to do is get dressed and out the door.

I scrapped all day yesterday between watching QVC. I was good. Fairly good. I only bought three things. None of which I HAD to have. One is on back order. Another one was supposed to have "Autoship" which meant I'd get two more shipments with the different seasons colors. Couldn't find the autoship on line. Contacted on line Chat. Spent 30 minutes trying to get info on how to order it via Auto ship instead of the individual. Can't get the special pricing unless I do the auto ship. Rep finally finds the autoship item number. It won't work. Not available. I tell her and she says, "Oh, then I guess it isn't available to order." UM...why then, I ask, was there a HUGE demo showing the THREE categories of the items and a long discussion about the auto ship & special pricing? HMMMM??!!!! I sent an email to QVC to inquire about their false advertising. We'll see what happens. I am still waiting for Martha Stewart to email me back about her products.

How rude.

Guess I'll get moving. I'm looking forward to spending the day with two of my favorite people. Can't wait to see who else is there & sneak a peek at what they are doing. I'm hoping to get a good part of our wedding album done today. Still didn't get my CARRY IT ALL but at least I have my pictures. And four Totes. Yikes. Wonder how crowded we'll be today? Hope it's a smaller crowd than usual and we have more room to spread out. I'll give you all a full report tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I got my letter of job offer in the mail yesterday. It advised me to bring proof of citizenship and legal ability to work "as shown on the attached paper". NO second piece of paper. I'm going to assume they want a copy of my SS card. I don't have my birth certificate as it's with my passport application. Still haven't gotten my passport. Since DH hasn't even applied for his, I guess we aren't leaving the country any time soon. Tuesday I have orientation for the new job and I'll find out all the IMPORTANT stuff. Can't wait.

Sister is due back tomorrow from her cruise. Should be some interesting stories considering the history of the group she went with.

Till later...................

Saturday, May 5, 2007

National Scrapbooking Day

What does that mean to you? An excuse to shop (like we need an excuse). Crop? Scrapping at home? Just another day?

I'm still trying to decide what I'll do today. I need to clean out the garage. Still. I need to get ready for tomorrow. Still. I want to catch up on all the TV I've missed this week. I have over 50 episodes of the DIY scrapbook show on my DVR. YIKES.

I'll try & post some things that I get done today. If I get anything done today. I should get something done tomorrow unless my co-scrappers distract me with their talking & laughing.

While cruising the CK website/message board this morning I ran across a Ebay item that I had to share. Check this out. Any takers?? WOW.

Finally saw the CSI & ER episodes. WOW & WOW/Awwwwwww. CSI is so good. I'm glad to see the relationship with Grissom & Sarah being shown more but what was up with the "miniature" Gill was working on? I'm hoping it was just so he could get into the mind of the killer. Surely HE isn't the killer. The show will end if he is. I refuse to watch any longer. I mean it CBS. Don't you even think about screwing with my show! Er wedding was so sweet. I started getting a bad feeling about half way through the show. I was SCREAMING at Ray when he left the bar to get out of the street. POOP!

Time to check out the other bloggers. Special shout out to my SIL. HI "L"!!!!! She emailed me to wish me a Happy NSD from my MIL. My MIL doesn't own a computer so she had my SIL send me the best wishes. So sweet.

QVC is coming on so gotta run!

OH..almost forgot. I got my pictures yesterday. YEAH. Now if the Carry it all would come I'd be happy. Guess I'll pack like it's not coming.

Til later......................

Friday, May 4, 2007

Greys spins a good one

This is usually the kiss of death for a new Studio 60..but I will say it anyway,

We enjoyed the Greys "spin off" they gave us a sneak peek at last night. The cast is a good one and I liked seeing Addison with more personality than she has been allowed on Greys. I actually almost enjoyed the times they showed her last night more than I did the "regulars". Speaking of the "regular show" I was not happy with them killing off Mer's step mom. I told DH that if I ever get the hic-ups and can't stop, DO NOT take me to the hospital.

Since Greys was two hours, we didn't see CSI or ER. DON'T tell me anything. Hopefully we can catch up on those tonight or tomorrow.

National Scrapbooking weekend is here. Like we need an excuse. I should clean out the garage but I may blow that off & scrap. I need to get packed for Sunday. I haven't gotten my pictures or my Carry it all. I sure hope UPS &/or USPS is good to me today or tomorrow. Better have a plan B just in case. If all else fails, I can go get a new ink cartridge and see if that helps my B & W problem. After all- that's what the tech told me. !!!!

If you are celebrating the Mexican "holiday" this weekend, please be careful. If you are looking for a restaurant in the USF area..check out TIA's. It has reopened and my DD is working there. She could use the Tips!

Looks like I will be moving into my new cubbie on Monday and going to HR early next week. YEAH!!! My current team mates have already drawn straws over my current space and have been making their decorating plans all week. It is a prime spot as it is right next to the nicest person on the planet. I'm going to miss my Penny but at least we won't be far away from each other. I'm only moving to the next row.

My sister should be far out in the water by now as she left on her cruise yesterday. I hope they have nice weather and she has a good time. She finally got the job situation straightened out so she could relax and have fun.

I'm going to go pay my mortgage before I get in trouble and then get to work. Have a great weekend. CARI & CAMI...see ya Sunday. Someone needs to tell me where we are going???

Til later................

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Beat goes on

I had that title all set for today and then I read my buddy Cami's comment from yesterday. Sorry Cami, I have to disagree on this one but I still LOVE YA!

I thought it was a little cruel to leave Chris hanging for almost 15 minutes. As soon as they let Jordin sit down and left Blake & Chris standing..did anyone doubt the out come?

Now that it is down to the final four it is going to get tough. Lakisha is the only one, in my opinion, that is still expendible. Should be an interesting next few shows.

LOST....WTF??? Are they dead or not?? How did Lockes dad get there? What are they going to show him next week? If they are already dead, how have people been killed since they arrived? OMG!!!! Wild show.

So tonight we have, Greys-(Secret spin off show), CSI-Vegas, and the WEDDING on ER. Good stuff!

Til later.............

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Straight to the Heart

In case you aren't watching American Idol..that was a direct AI reference via a "New Christine" reference. She was singing a song in the car and didn't know very many of the words..kinda like the commercial with the two guys who butcher a song. (Man, that made sense didn't it?? LOL! I tried posting earlier in the day and thats what you mind mush)

Say what you will. I am going on the record. I LOVE BLAKE! My DH and I really enjoyed his performance last night. As Simon said, you either would love it or hate it. We LOVED it. He is so adorable.

I was very impressed with Lakisha and Melinda. I wasn't sure how they would do Rock but they both were fabulous. It may have helped that I had never heard either song. I had no comparison to make and really liked both. Melinda looked like she couldn't believe what had just come out of her mouth. She seems to go to another place when she sings. Takes on a character and then the timid Melinda comes out when she is done.

Two people gone tonight. Who will it be? Tough. I think it will be Chris and maybe Phil. I know Simon didn't like Jordins performance but last weeks totals will help her on the off chance people didn't vote as strongly for her this time.

House...good show again unless you thought about the ending. Considering things they had told us, the transplant shouldn't have worked to save the older brother. I'm assuming a lot more time had passed than they let us believe. There would have to be alot of meds and treatments to save the brother. Still, love me Greg House!!

Finally saw the 24 from Monday. Good grief! Poor Jack, poor Audrey. I had forgotten William Devane was her dad on the show. He scares me!

Tonight is the AI results, Bones & LOST. Oh my!!

I didn't mention it the other day- but my DS called me at work MONDAY to say he had a project due TUESDAY. After questioning him he confessed he'd known about it for several weeks. Yes, he'd been lying every day when asked about homework/projects/etc. And yes, his restriction was extended...did I forget to tell you about the phone call from his teacher last Wed? Good grief. And for those keeping score, he still refuses to talk to the new kid at the bus stop. Does anyone know a good shrink in my area? Someone needs to learn some social skills soon or we will not have a great adult. ARG!!!

Did you check out those cool "retro" stamps or the Carry it all? I'm looking forward to getting my CIA. Speaking of new products, have you checked out my TLC website lately? They have a new catalog and TONS of great new stuff. Lots of BLING, Chipboard shapes, new papers. Cool stuff.

What's happening with you? Lots of quiet people on the sites lately. What is everyone doing for National Scrapbook Day this Saturday? TONS of stuff going on-on line if you can't make it to a crop. Cari, Cami & I are heading to the Scrapbook Shoppe Crop on Sunday. Sure hope the goodie bag is good...LOL. It's all about the products & Prizes!

Til later.......................