Friday, May 4, 2007

Greys spins a good one

This is usually the kiss of death for a new Studio 60..but I will say it anyway,

We enjoyed the Greys "spin off" they gave us a sneak peek at last night. The cast is a good one and I liked seeing Addison with more personality than she has been allowed on Greys. I actually almost enjoyed the times they showed her last night more than I did the "regulars". Speaking of the "regular show" I was not happy with them killing off Mer's step mom. I told DH that if I ever get the hic-ups and can't stop, DO NOT take me to the hospital.

Since Greys was two hours, we didn't see CSI or ER. DON'T tell me anything. Hopefully we can catch up on those tonight or tomorrow.

National Scrapbooking weekend is here. Like we need an excuse. I should clean out the garage but I may blow that off & scrap. I need to get packed for Sunday. I haven't gotten my pictures or my Carry it all. I sure hope UPS &/or USPS is good to me today or tomorrow. Better have a plan B just in case. If all else fails, I can go get a new ink cartridge and see if that helps my B & W problem. After all- that's what the tech told me. !!!!

If you are celebrating the Mexican "holiday" this weekend, please be careful. If you are looking for a restaurant in the USF area..check out TIA's. It has reopened and my DD is working there. She could use the Tips!

Looks like I will be moving into my new cubbie on Monday and going to HR early next week. YEAH!!! My current team mates have already drawn straws over my current space and have been making their decorating plans all week. It is a prime spot as it is right next to the nicest person on the planet. I'm going to miss my Penny but at least we won't be far away from each other. I'm only moving to the next row.

My sister should be far out in the water by now as she left on her cruise yesterday. I hope they have nice weather and she has a good time. She finally got the job situation straightened out so she could relax and have fun.

I'm going to go pay my mortgage before I get in trouble and then get to work. Have a great weekend. CARI & CAMI...see ya Sunday. Someone needs to tell me where we are going???

Til later................

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Cami said...

LOL...I was going to ask YOU where we're going! I haven't a clue! CARI?????

GA was so good last night - but I, too, was very upset about Meredith's step mom. I think I could get into the spin off show. Love Tim Daly (I used to be a Wings addict) and loved the elevator scenes and had to laugh at Addison referring to 'fart' logic. Is it me or does Addison look funny when she kisses someone? I was yelling at George to stop kissing Izzy in the elevator..knowing Callie was going to appear when the doors opened. poor george. also funny when Callie found out she was going to be a bridesmaid..ROFL!

See you Sunday my dear. I need to get myself ready too!!! (Like it takes much to get ready for eating and talking)