Monday, May 21, 2007

Cars in the Garage?

Who knew that cars were supposed to go INSIDE your garage? I've owned several homes with garages but the garages have always been a storage place. I've never actually had the space to drive in and get out of your car. Yesterday I changed that.

Since the boy is "in trouble again" I sent him outside early yesterday morning to start emptying the garage. Several hours later he wasn't done (actually didn't even look like he had made a dent) so I gave up and started helping him. We got everything out and then put together several shelf units and started loading the stuff back in, but neatly. We filled several boxes with trash and consolidated stuff until it all fit on the shelves.

I'd be really excited if I could tell you that DH's truck fit too, but alas, that would be lying. Before we put the stuff back in to the garage I asked him if he wanted to be able to and he decided that if he couldn't park in the garage, he'd be OK with that. A true sign that he has totally adjusted to life at the "middle class level".

It was very cool to get into the car, in the garage, this morning and not have to wipe off the dew. I still can't back out of the driveway with out it being a math exercise but at least it was a start. This afternoon I'll try to back into the garage and see if I can pull out tomorrow in one fluid motion. EDIT***I just reread that and realized that if you haven't seen my driveway you might think I'm an idiot if I can't back out straight. Well, just to save my rep as a totally cool house is at the end of our street and faces the side of the house next door..our driveway starts as the end of the road and then takes a 90 degree turn towards the house. I have a hard time backing & turning on the severe angle without hitting DH's truck or going on to the grass. Laugh. You come over and see if you can back out without running onto the lawn.******

I had a great time at my friend Cami's house on Saturday night. I got the baby album almost completely done. If I'd had newborn pictures of my friends grandson, it would have been all done except for some journaling.

I'm sad to say that the CROP by Beryl, scheduled for this weekend, had to be postponed due to poor sign ups. Guess we were victims of the holiday weekend. She is going to reschedule so keep an eye out for the new date.

24 and HERO's season finales tonight. OH MY!!!! Tomorrow starts the finale for IDOL. Exciting stuff.

How was your weekend?

Til later..................

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Cami said...

what?! Cars go IN the garage? what on earth ARE you talking about?

(You've seen my garage haven't you?)