Friday, May 18, 2007

Great shows

Great cliff hangers!! CSI Vegas is still the BEST of the CSI shows. I was so happy to see Gil show his emotion about Sara. Can't wait til next season.

Greys. ?? !!!! Is George leaving? Are Mer & Derick breaking up? The girl that Derick met in the bar is Mers HALF SISTER?? What about the Chief & his wife? Will Alex go after "Ava"? Will Burke & Christina be able to work together after the NON-wedding? OMGoodness!!

I didn't see ER's finale yet so ...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Criminal Minds SF was great but sad. Medium ended well. Now we just have the MONDAY shows...Hero's, 24...then the IDOL final two show down.

Looking forward to a croppin Saturday night.

I may clean out my garage tomorrow. The "Boy" needs something to do since he won't be playing on the computer for awhile. Yes, again. I really do not have the strength to go over it. Let's just say that he is consistent in his behavior that gets him in trouble. You would think by now he'd learn how to lie better or quit the behavior completely. Sigh........

So, what did you do yesterday to make you feel proud?

Til later....................

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Jules said...

Too many upsets on the shows for me to keep up! How come these never have 'happily ever afters'?