Saturday, May 19, 2007

Crop tonight

YEAH!! I love getting together with my friends and cropping. Tonight the gang is meeting at my friends, Cami's. She is always a great hostess and we end up laughing until someone almost wets their pants, usually me!

I'm very excited that I was able to print the pictures I need to make my buddy's Baby Brag album. Her grandson is so adorable. I'm looking forward to working on that tonight.

I've spent the morning getting my TLC stuff ready for next weeks crop. HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET? Tomorrow is the deadline. Click on this link and get registered.

Finale update...........finally saw the ER show and OMG!!!! I actually screamed out loud when they "reveled" Ray. Goodness, that show never lets you down. The ending was typical "ER". Another good cliff hanger.

Better go get my crop stuff together. Shouldn't be to hard since I'm working on the one project but still need to gather the supplies. I may have to break out the STICKERS. LOL.

In case I don't get back on tomorrow, have a great rest of the weekend.
Special HUGS to my niece in GA as she is suffering from Kidney Stones. She called this morning to say their boxes had arrived and that she'd spent Friday at the hospital with an KS attack. Hope you feel better soon sweetie! Remember what I said about always having a shoulder to vent on. HUGS to the boys (small & big).

Shout out to my friend Jessie who is re-cooping from her surgery. We really miss you around work. It's to quiet with you gone and me on another team. UPDATE your blog darn it. What else do you have to do?

Til later..............

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Beryl said...

Hey Cheryl! Hope the crop was fun!