Wednesday, May 30, 2007

House & moods

Quick post so I won't be one of those people that do not post to their blogs for days. It always ticks me off to see the same post day after day ya go. I'm in a pissy mood so you may wish I hadn't bothered.

HOUSE season finale last night. WOW. So do we get all new people next year? DH & I just watched a movie from about 5-6 years ago starring Omar Epps as an undercover cop. It had at least 6-8 people that are in shows we watch now. It was very violent and had alot of cussing..surprise..a cop UNDERCOVER cop will be hard to look at Mr. Epps for awhile without thinking about that movie. Maybe I need him to go away for awhile.

Yes, it is all about me today.

DS is due back tonight. The cat and I have really missed him. The cat hasn't had anyone to sleep with and I've missed screwing with his head. LOL. Just kidding. Well, maybe a little.

This funky weather is really giving me a head ache and my coffee is to hot to take any medicine. If I wasn't a lazy bum I'd get up and go get a drink so I can take the pills. Man, I am a pisser today. Warned you. scraproom still looks like a bomb went off, Baby scrapbook finished and delivered-my friend loved it-me..not perfect but ok, Storage unit still not resolved, sun burn from Saturday is killing me, NONE of my jeans fit, my nephews birthday is Saturday and I wish I could be there, promised to help a friend move this weekend...they are calling for rain..of course.

Man, waaaaaaaah. I would erase this and start over but sometimes you need to see I'm not always the cheery person I portray on TV. No, it's not "that time" but thanks for asking.

On a brighter note, for those people that are still watching this train wreck...Beryl has rescheduled her crop. It is now JUNE 30 in Dunedin. Check out her link for more details and to sign up. Cari's crop is filling fast so head to her link to sign up for the crop on the 23rd. EXPO is the 8-9th. The scrapyard gals are croppin on Saturday. That reminds me, I need to order my Scrapyard shirt.

I'll try to post a brighter musing tomorrow. I can't guarentee so I beg forgiveness in advance.

Til later...............


Cami said...

hey talkin' ta me? lol
I haven't been the best on my blog lately...but I'm fixin' to upload a layout tonight or tomorrow. Will that work for ya? Hope you have a better day tomorrow my friend! hugs!

Jenn said...


I have been so crazy trying to get things done for Gavin's party that I have neglected my blog, again. I'm sorry. BUT I don't think many people realized I blogged a LOOOONG blog under the collage of pictures; I posted twice that day. No one commented on that blog so I assummed no one saw it.

I hope your sunburn heals soon. The Blue Aloe Vera Gel is great it is especially for sunburns.


Lisa D:) said...

Oh no Cheryl, sorry you were having a bad day. It must be difficult to watch your ds sparing. I think I'd have to nap every class so as not to have any chance of seeing him get hurt. You'd think being the mom of 3 boys I'd be used to it but I'm not! Hope tomorrow's a better day for you!