Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Clean car

it's a beautiful thing. Actually it's not clean by most peoples standards but if you've ever been in my car, it's spotless compared to usually. Well, it's not spotless but you can sit on the seats without having to shove newspapers or coupons out of the way. The very back doesn't have 100 lbs of bundled newspapers stacked up to the roof. It has some wooden boxes I picked up yesterday for my friend J. I have some Fall Southern Living at home catalogs that I'm going to give out or leave in office lobby's to advertise back there but they are neatly contained instead of spread every where.

I was going to have the boy help me and even wash the outside but he isn't feeling well and is also running a bit of a fever. He complained of not feeling well yesterday while we were shopping but I thought it was just his way of trying to get out of it. Guess not as he started feeling bad after we got home. We've been giving him medicine (seriously-do you have any idea how many bottles of medicine I have from all my shopping/deals?) and he even slept for a couple hours earlier this afternoon.

While I was cleaning out the car I took pictures of things I want list on Ebay. My auctions from last week are ending and since I haven't received any emails I'm assuming they did not sell. Hopefully the next group will do better. I also need to check my Paypal account to be sure it's working correctly and to see if I got my $$ from the Secret Shopper thing I did last month. I didn't tell you about that? Hey, it was a secret. LOL.

til later.........

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Savings update

How is your saving plan going?

You didn't make a savings plan?

Why not?

I'm trying to be better and have opened several savings accounts and have set up direct deposits to them. I'm using ING. Have you heard of it? I'd seen the commercials awhile back but didn't know to much about it. It's strictly on line but is supposed to be as secure as Brick and Mortar banks. My thinking was an on line account would be out of sight-out of mind and I won't touch the money. That's my plan.

I've gotten a few rebates lately.

$18.50 from CAREGIVER. Last years rebate was $73 but we didn't use as much stuff on their list this year.

$6 refund for buying a Cookie mix on clearance at CVS after Christmas. You were supposed to get a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens but you could request a $ refund instead. I requested the refund since I get most of my magazines FREE these days. Considering I only paid $2 for the cookie mix it was a great deal to get $6 back.

Free Bottle of Sauve coupon. Used that this week at CVS and doubled it with the Sale/ECB deal to make it even sweeter.

You can see my shopping trip savings in the post below. I wish I could do like another blogger I just found that takes all the money she "Saves" with coupons, refunds, rebates, store discount cards-etc and adds it to her savings. She's saved over $3000 with little effort but my savings just mean I can buy more stuff without going over draft in my checking account.

My yard sale money for today came mostly from the change that I've been dropping into the bottom of my purse every day. I took out $35 to use with the change and came home with almost half of it. Since I'll get $10 back from a friend I was shopping for and I bought a purse I hope to sell on Ebay, I feel my spending wasn't to bad. Now if I'd just SELL the stuff I have for ebay I'd be all set.

If you have any questions about some of the stuff I've mentioned, email me or leave a comment. I was "saving time".

Til later.....

Saturday again

Man I HATE not being able to update while at work. How rude that they won't let me waste state time. LOL. My mother suggested I get up earlier and post in the morning like most bloggers do. Sorry, I barely can get out of bed early enough to take a shower, get dressed and get in the car by the time I need to, to get to work on time. Seems like my nights are really busy now too and I'm not getting done nearly as much as I need to already. Thanks for hanging in there with me, I'll try harder.

My mind is mush right now so I won't try and fill in the missing about I just share my shopping trip with DS today. Bealls was having a sale where when you buy a clearance item, you would get the second clearance item (of similar value) for only $1. Since DS and I both needed jeans we headed out after I went junking this morning. Approximately 4 hours later we finally left the store with 2 huge bags plus another one that held a pair of new tennis shoes for the boy. The shoes weren't on clearance but since he hung in there for four hours at the same store he got rewarded with a pair of non-clearance shoes. They were on sale at least. We ended up SAVING $464. We got:

The boy got:
2 pair of jeans
5 cool shirts
4 sweatshirt style "jackets"
His tennis shoes

DH got:
Bucs Golf/Polo shirt
Bulls Golf/Polo shirt
Rays-t shirt
Nike T-shirt

3 pairs Jeans
2 Tumblers w/lids

I had also bribed the boy with an A & W root beer float after the shopping trip since I have coupons. We drove across the parking lot to the restaurant and the cashier told us NO ICE CREAM today. What??? Thankfully there is a Sonic right next door so we hit the $1 menu for a mini sundae and a half price Slushie. Yum!

Now we've had a good dinner of Spaghetti with meatballs and are settled in to watch Nascar.

How was your week?

Til later............

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is this thing on??

To quote my friend Nicole when she had been away from her blog for awhile. It really stinks that I can't post to my blog while at work. How Rude! Let me try & bring you up to speed...

My DD is feeling better and seems to have survived her wisdom teeth experience.

My DS got his progress report on Thursday and has a reprieve for awhile on his video game restriction. All A's & B's!!!! Speaking of the boy, he is getting so tall we needed to buy him a new pair of pants. Monday we went to dinner together and then to Bealls to exchange his sisters sneakers from Christmas and to get him some pants. I ended up getting a sweet deal on the shoe exchange and it all but paid for the DS's pants. I LOVE getting Nike t-shoes on sale and getting a $30 pair of pants for $3.

I was offered an opportunity almost a month ago that sounds really fun but I'm not sure I have the extra time it would require. Let me ask you, would you pay to go to a workshop to learn how to save money using coupons, etc? Most of the people I know already use coupons and shop the CVS deals.

Speaking of deals, do you know anyone that doesn't have a subscription to ALL YOU yet? I'm still taking orders to support Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri.

No coupons in tomorrows paper. Good & bad. Good that I can get caught up with the ones I have to file but Bad that there are no new deals. What great deals have you done lately? I got three bags of items at CVS last night for .33 cents. That was fun.

Did you go to Dennys and get your free breakfast two weeks ago? If not, you have another chance for free pancakes. Check out the post at my friend Kims blog STLmommy for details on this weeks freebie.

What did you do for Valentine's Day? Since we are celebrating our MONTH-O-ANNIVERSARY..and we think V-day is a Hallmark holiday, we didn't do anything crazy. I got up early and went to some yard sales and to the new Sally in the area. I found a bunch of stuff and have the delusion that I will sell them on ebay. I found a couple of wooden boxes to add to my DH's collection and the 1st two seasons of LOST so he can go back and try and catch up (yeh-right). I also found the second season of his fav-The 70's show on DVD. He got me a "Snuggy" (as seen on TV). That is actually a joke, I bought it myself but told him it was my V-day gift. LOL.

We also decided instead of trying to go out to eat "just because it's V-day" we'd eat at home. I bought some steaks and now we are making some cookies. Yummy! The cookies were part of a purchase I made to earn a Publix gift card. Double sweet!

Guess you are up to speed. Oh.....I almost forgot.....NASCAR is BACK baby!!!!!!!!

Til later................

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Do you know anyone

that wants to make a little extra money? I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary being a consultant for Southern Living at Home. It is a great company and I've filled my home with MANY beautiful products.

A few days ago they announced a very exciting offer to anyone that has been thinking about becoming a consultant. In the month of February you can join for $99. You will receive several stunning products plus all the business forms-etc you normally get for $199.

I'd love to share this opportunity with any of my readers or anyone you refer to me. 2009 is promising to be a great year for SLAH and I'd love to help you make some extra money or decorate your home for very little cash out of your pocket.

Check out my website:

and contact me to get started. I'm going to Dallas in July for our convention. Want to come?

Til later.................

Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Biscuit day

As Kip would say. I was at my DD's house yesterday and didn't get to check my mail until this afternoon. I was excited to get:

$15 rebate from Cashbaq from the purchase of my 2009 Entertainment coupon book
$5 Chevron Gift card from winning in the Chevron Techron Trivia Game

Samples of Sunsilk products/2 different types & $4 worth of coupons
Sample of Pamprin plus $1 coupon

Book of coupons worth $27 from Home Simple for P & G products

What have you received lately?

Til later.....................

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Did you register?

On Super Bowl Sunday there was a post telling everyone to register to try and win a free ticket on the Universal Studios Website when you saw their commercial. Look what I just got in my email

Dear Cheryl _____,

Congratulations! You are one of the first one hundred thousand (100,000) individuals to successfully register for the Universal Heroes Promotion, administered by ePrize. For your registration, you will receive a Universal Orlando® 2-PARK Unlimited Admission Ticket valid for 7 consecutive days at both Universal Orlando theme parks.


I'm glad I opened the email because it looked like SPAM.

They said the ticket is good until the end of the year. Sounds me & the DD/DS need to take a road trip.

Til later............

Birthday pictures & Wisdom teeth

My DD had her wisdom teeth out this morning and I've been playing mom all day. She's doing pretty good. This was her idea of how to keep ice on her face:

Her roommate was going to get her a pair of pantyhose to use but J decided to use her friends bra. To funny!!

Here are the pictures from her birthday that she finally gave me..

That was dinner before our big night out....

Here is us with one of the Riverdance--dancers....

Til later.........................

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl and catch up day

Anyone miss me? Apparently my computer at work has a block on it and I can't update/post from there. My evenings have been so busy that I couldn't post then either. Yesterday, I had my SLAH/Velvetta get together. (THANKS P). Last night I spent most of the night getting my January SLAH order completed. Today is a quiet day, catching up on recorded TV shows and getting ready for the SB.

I did have a big night on Thursday..My sister took me to see:
She won the tickets for being the employee of her department. She was sweet enough to take me and I'm so glad she did. The funny thing was looking around and seeing most of the audience being OLD (my age) but then again, the band said that we were at the "Eagles=Assisted Living Tour". I didn't enjoy getting home at 1:30 am and having to get up for work at 6:30 but the concert was great. THANKS M.
Anything exciting going on in your neck of the woods?
Huge HUGS going out to my BIL. We have no words.
Til later......................