Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is this thing on??

To quote my friend Nicole when she had been away from her blog for awhile. It really stinks that I can't post to my blog while at work. How Rude! Let me try & bring you up to speed...

My DD is feeling better and seems to have survived her wisdom teeth experience.

My DS got his progress report on Thursday and has a reprieve for awhile on his video game restriction. All A's & B's!!!! Speaking of the boy, he is getting so tall we needed to buy him a new pair of pants. Monday we went to dinner together and then to Bealls to exchange his sisters sneakers from Christmas and to get him some pants. I ended up getting a sweet deal on the shoe exchange and it all but paid for the DS's pants. I LOVE getting Nike t-shoes on sale and getting a $30 pair of pants for $3.

I was offered an opportunity almost a month ago that sounds really fun but I'm not sure I have the extra time it would require. Let me ask you, would you pay to go to a workshop to learn how to save money using coupons, etc? Most of the people I know already use coupons and shop the CVS deals.

Speaking of deals, do you know anyone that doesn't have a subscription to ALL YOU yet? I'm still taking orders to support Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri.

No coupons in tomorrows paper. Good & bad. Good that I can get caught up with the ones I have to file but Bad that there are no new deals. What great deals have you done lately? I got three bags of items at CVS last night for .33 cents. That was fun.

Did you go to Dennys and get your free breakfast two weeks ago? If not, you have another chance for free pancakes. Check out the post at my friend Kims blog STLmommy for details on this weeks freebie.

What did you do for Valentine's Day? Since we are celebrating our MONTH-O-ANNIVERSARY..and we think V-day is a Hallmark holiday, we didn't do anything crazy. I got up early and went to some yard sales and to the new Sally in the area. I found a bunch of stuff and have the delusion that I will sell them on ebay. I found a couple of wooden boxes to add to my DH's collection and the 1st two seasons of LOST so he can go back and try and catch up (yeh-right). I also found the second season of his fav-The 70's show on DVD. He got me a "Snuggy" (as seen on TV). That is actually a joke, I bought it myself but told him it was my V-day gift. LOL.

We also decided instead of trying to go out to eat "just because it's V-day" we'd eat at home. I bought some steaks and now we are making some cookies. Yummy! The cookies were part of a purchase I made to earn a Publix gift card. Double sweet!

Guess you are up to speed. Oh.....I almost forgot.....NASCAR is BACK baby!!!!!!!!

Til later................


Denise said...
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Denise said...

Removed previous to fix typo.. hehe

Glad to hear J is feeling better...

WTG DS!! Nik got hers also, all A's and a B. go them!

Enjoy your Snuggy! We keep having winters like this one, I am want one too.

Hope to see you and crop together soon.