Saturday, February 21, 2009

Savings update

How is your saving plan going?

You didn't make a savings plan?

Why not?

I'm trying to be better and have opened several savings accounts and have set up direct deposits to them. I'm using ING. Have you heard of it? I'd seen the commercials awhile back but didn't know to much about it. It's strictly on line but is supposed to be as secure as Brick and Mortar banks. My thinking was an on line account would be out of sight-out of mind and I won't touch the money. That's my plan.

I've gotten a few rebates lately.

$18.50 from CAREGIVER. Last years rebate was $73 but we didn't use as much stuff on their list this year.

$6 refund for buying a Cookie mix on clearance at CVS after Christmas. You were supposed to get a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens but you could request a $ refund instead. I requested the refund since I get most of my magazines FREE these days. Considering I only paid $2 for the cookie mix it was a great deal to get $6 back.

Free Bottle of Sauve coupon. Used that this week at CVS and doubled it with the Sale/ECB deal to make it even sweeter.

You can see my shopping trip savings in the post below. I wish I could do like another blogger I just found that takes all the money she "Saves" with coupons, refunds, rebates, store discount cards-etc and adds it to her savings. She's saved over $3000 with little effort but my savings just mean I can buy more stuff without going over draft in my checking account.

My yard sale money for today came mostly from the change that I've been dropping into the bottom of my purse every day. I took out $35 to use with the change and came home with almost half of it. Since I'll get $10 back from a friend I was shopping for and I bought a purse I hope to sell on Ebay, I feel my spending wasn't to bad. Now if I'd just SELL the stuff I have for ebay I'd be all set.

If you have any questions about some of the stuff I've mentioned, email me or leave a comment. I was "saving time".

Til later.....

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