Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I dressed up for work but you'll have to wait to see pictures. I'll leave you with this image I borrowed from an email I got.

Til later...............................

Monday, October 29, 2007

Karate update and B-day gift pics

Guess that title says it all.
I wanted to share a couple pictures of my friend Jackie with the birthday gift I made her. I have her permission so you won't have to look at a blurry picture of her face. I used a paper mache flower pot-painted green, florist foam in the base, wooden dowels covered in floral tape for the
stems, stamped leaves, Flower heads from the vintage cards I got a few months ago, chipboard to attach the flowers to the stems & a stamped greeting. I used paper/crimped filler and stamped a flower pattern around the lip of the pot.
DS got the results of his test and he PASSED!!! He was so nervous he didn't want to go to class tonight. Now he is a Orange belt with a stripe (white stripe??). Anyway...thanks for all your support.

After staying up for Game 4, I'm tired. I made 10 Halloween treats for people at work and I'm done for the night.

Til later...................

World Champs Baby

After a horrible sports was great to see the RED SOX win the World Series. WAHOOO!!!!!!! I stayed up till the bitter end so I'm sleepy today. Doesn't make up for the BULLS & the BUCS (loosing by 1 point-arg!!) but it was a bright spot.

Worked on a gift for my friend at work..forgot to take a picture..and she seems to really like it. Maybe I can bring my camera and take a picture of her and the gift. Worked on the card I was stressing about. It was my first acylic card and turned out OK. I will take a picture but can't post it for awhile as it's for a B-day in late November. I didn't want to wait until the last minute in case I had to go to plan "B". Tonight I want to work on some Halloween treat boxes for people at work. Yes, last minute.

Speaking of DS has decided he is to OLD to dress up and go door to door. WAHHH. What am I suppose to do for Chocolate?? I know I can buy tons at the after Halloween sales but it is sad to think my little boy is getting to old for holidays. Maybe next year we can start having Halloween parties instead.

Phone duty today so better run before the girl has a hissy!!

NIP TUCK starts tomorrow!!!!!!!

Til later......................

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Karate Saturday

Hope you are having a great Saturday. I got up early and hit a few yard sales before running home to get ready for my DS's Karate test. I thought I'd share a couple pictures while I'm waiting for a project to dry. If it turns out, I'll show it to you later.

This first picture is my DS doing one of his Kata moves. I blurred out the other children since I didn't think their parents would appreciate them being broadcast to my millions of readers.

Actually I was playing with some features of my Picasa and discovered I could do this.

Not sure about the eyes closed but I love the pictures where he's kicking. It's amazing to me how high he gets.

We won't find out until Monday whether he passed or not. It's hard to tell. He is really good with his Katas but he isn't as aggressive as I'd like on the sparing. I noticed when going through the pictures how closely Sempi was watching him so it's all up in the air. Depends on what the teacher was looking for.

Before I run I want to share something I picked up this morning in my Sale-ing...The colors didn't translate well as it is really very green....'s a Vera Bradley..found it at my local Thrift Store.
Not sure if I'll keep it or try & sell it on Ebay since I'm not a Vera fan...well at least not enough to pay the usual prices. Maybe for $2.50 I can change my mind.
Gonna run....the Red Sox are winning. It almost helps the sting of the BULLS loosing again today.
Til later..................................
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Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm over myself

My mom said I needed to get over myself. She can tell you that I don't always listen to her but when my whining brings TN out of lurking.....I have to get back to posting!!!

Now I have pressure to come up with something interesting. ARG.

TV has been good this week. Damages ended and we were more confused than before the episode aired. The fact that the show kept "hiccuping" didn't help. It kept skipping ahead 20 seconds and we'd miss important pieces of information. I'm not sure if it will be back next season but if it is I recommend you jump on board. Glenn Close is "EVIL"!!!!

Didn't watch ER last night so don't spoil it for me. The previews looked heart wrenching so we will probably catch it tonight.

Watched GREYS last night since CSI Vegas was a rerun (guess they don't want to compete with the World Series). It was ok (the guy cutting his foot off....EWWWWW) but I still can't get on board the George/Izzy relationship. Sorry. I'm really more in love with the Private Practice show. I really like the characters and even if you didn't like Addison on'll like her on PP.

Friday night shows tonight. Ghost Whisperer looks scary. I may have to sleep with a light on.

DS has his Karate test tomorrow. Two nerve wracking hours for the parents. Quick story..last week the boy was sparing a grown man because the rest of the kids were so much younger than him. (DS not the man) Anyway..he got hurt but after a short up and sparred him again. I was so proud. Hopefully he'll take that memory and use it tomorrow. Stand your ground and don't let fear get a hold of you. (sorry if this is a repeat-I can't remember if I told you already and frankly I'm to lazy to go check the previous posts. )

Well, this isn't an exciting post but at least I'm not whining. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Going to try and make something for a friends birthday. She needs cheering up so hope it turns out good. I also want to start on a card that I have in my head. Can't wait to see if it translates to "real life".

RED SOX are up 2!! Go Bulls...Go Bucs....

Till later....................

Thursday, October 25, 2007

4 down 6 to go

OK, so I got a little love.

Should I continue to pout?

BTW, the one deleted post was from ME. I was checking to be sure the comment section was working.

It was.

You all have no excuse.


Til later...................

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'm sad. I post a adorable picture of my DS..I show you the "so-so" fabulous word book that I made for my friends DD and NO ONE COMMENTS! I'm gonna pout until I get 10 comments on this post. Come on, show me some love..says the poor pitiful child:-(

Til later......................

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I quickly loaded the pictures from this weekend and wanted to share a couple. I'll add more in the next few days.

This is the cover of the board book I made for my friends daughter. In hind site I should have made the letters of her name the same height as the book but it was my first attempt and I wasn't using a pattern. I took pictures of the inside pages and will load those soon.

Today is Nia's actual birthday. I saw her this morning as she was going to a meeting with her mom & then to Busch Gardens. She is so excited about it being her special day. She is so cute!!

Happy Birthday NIA!!!

This is a picture of my DS playing with the bubbles from the Pinata. You never out grow the joy of blowing bubbles!
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Wizzzzzed by

Wow, how can it be Monday already? Guess that's what happens when you are running all weekend. Let me bring you up to speed....

Friday night I worked until after midnight finishing the scrapbook for my DD's lil sis. I needed to have it with me so she could meet me Saturday to pick it up. It turned out pretty good, if I say so myself. I failed to take a picture of it so I'll see if I can steal it back and snap a few. She met me at the birthday party to get it and seemed pleased. She should be!! LOL. I stopped at a craft sale on Sunday and they were selling 8 x 8 albums with minimum embellishments and NO pictures for $50.

Speaking of the birthday party..DS & I went and had a grand time. It reminded me of why I wisely decided against becoming a teacher...........KIDS. Screaming...running around....having FUN!! Seriously, they were just having fun and really weren't badly behaved. It was just very loud! Luckily one of the parents is the teacher of many of the kids in attendance and she took over the "games" portion and whipped them into shape. There was tons of food, a weather and the Birthday girl had a great time. What more could you ask for?

I did go home and fell asleep on the couch at 9:30.

Sunday morning DS and I went and picked up my friend Carol (mother of Birthday girl) and drove over to St. Petersburg to visit the Holocaust Museum. It was a very good exhibit and the boy seemed to "get" what he was seeing. He was respectful and quiet and asked intelligent questions so I was pleased. Thankfully there weren't any really disturbing pictures from the camps. There were several videos and there were some images of the bodies stacked like cord wood but thankfully none of the medical experiments. My son was alittle upset by the images of the bodies but he is old enough to handle it. I would not recommend taking a younger child. They will be bored and the bodies will probably upset small children.

I'm sorry to say that the 2nd floor where the Anne Frank exhibit was housed wasn't what I expected. It was good but I was expecting "artifacts" and it was all photos taken by her father. My son, correctly so, noted that most of the photographs were of her sister rather than of Anne. Being a photographer myself, I appreciated the photos but I would have liked to see things that actually belonged to Anne and her family. It is still worth seeing but just not what I had in my mind we were going to see.

After the museum we took a side trip to JoAnn fabrics with 50% off coupons burning holes in our pockets. Have you noticed that on the occasions that they have 50% off coupons..EVERYTHING in the store is on sale so you can't use them? ARG!!!! We had 5-6 coupons and could only use ONE!

The weekend's sporting events were AWFUL except for the COME BACK KIDS...Boston Red Sox. Came from 3 games down to make it to the BIG SHOW. Way to go. Almost makes up for the USF...BUCS...Seminoles....Auburn loses. Our favorite quote of the weekend comes from our old "Friend" Steve Spurrier..when asked what he was going to do with his players he said, "Well, we can't TRADE them so I guess we'll keep coaching them".

Ok, your turn to share.

Til later..........................

Friday, October 19, 2007

Funky Friday

and I don't mean in a good way. By now even the non-fan knows that USF lost last night. A moment.....................

It's all my fault. I was working on a scrapbook for my DD instead of sitting glued to my couch. I could see the game from my craft table but my focus was divided. I'm so sorry. You can blame the sorority sisters of KD. The scrapbook is for my DD's "Little Sister". Yes, I know I'm a good mom for making it but it effected my ability to give the boys my full attention.

Got my flu shot this morning. The university gives free shots every October and since it is done in the building right across the parking lot from the office, how can I turn down free medical care? Apparently some of us can. There are a few chickens that refuse to go get the shot. When they get sick will it be rude to say, "Told ya so!!"..??

I don't want to get back on my rant from yesterday (thanks LisaD & Trudie for being my sista's in rant) but....

Why do people tell you what happened on a TV show even after you have told them you didn't see it yet cause you were watching the game? Why must they tell you details that they say won't matter, but it's an important fact, and I DON'T WANT TO KNOW BEFORE I WATCH FOR MYSELF!! It's bad enough that the Yahoo home page already spoiled the entire season for me by telling stuff...but did I tell the big mouth what I know?? NO, cause that would be RUDE!!!

Man, you sure you're not PMSing? Yep..positive unless it's coming After the fact now instead of before. Ok, that was TMI. Sorry faithful readers.

Big weekend. Birthday party for my friends daughter tomorrow. Dragging my DS to the Holocaust Museum on Sunday. Bucs football..NASCAR. Oh my. What you doing??? (say that in your best "Joey" voice and it's much funnier).

I almost forgot to make a request. Another person in our team at work is having medical issues. She is such a private person that she didn't tell anyone what is happening. I drive the woman to her car every afternoon and she didn't say a word to me. We don't have details but when the word Moffitt and prayer request are mentioned, it's scary. Please raise up "Jackie" in your prayers or send good vibes her way. She needs it and we need her.

Til later.....................................

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cranky Pants

I woke up this morning an hour later than normal since the DS was at his Dads. There is no school today & tomorrow so No alarm for a few days. I got to work only 30 minutes later than normal since I am the fastest getter readier on the planet...really....ask my husband. Could be because I don't dry my hair or put on make up but what ever..I still get the award.

Anyway.........I got off the elevator (yes, I should be taking the stairs..shut up) and the "receptionist" wasn't at the reception desk. That put a bug up my butt that continued to grow until it caused me to lash out and now people are asking if I'm PMSing.

No, I'm not. I'm just irritated at people that are supposed to do their job and they wander around the office because they have a "wireless headset". Um..what about when people come to the reception desk and you aren't there? Who is supposed to help them? Who is supposed to keep our floor secure from unauthorized people and protect our clients HIPPA rights and all that?

If it didn't happen ALL THE TIME it may not bug me so much. Why in my day, when I was a receptionist, we NEVER left our seats..not even to pee or eat lunch. It was our job to be at our desk..answering the PHONE and greeting people that came in the door. ARG!!!!!

Then I got on a soap box about people that wear "scrubs" when they are clerical staff and do not ever even see a patient. We work in an office. We DO NOT work in a clinic or doctors office and besides they ARE NOT NURSES. It bugs the heck out of me but apparently the few actual nurses I've asked about it..don't really care.

So why do I?

Til later..................................

BTW....GO BULLS!!!!! Tonight----ESPN---HUGE GAME!!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Parents Weekend

I wanted to share this picture of DD and her mom (me) taken at the KD brunch on Sunday. I'm trying to make the KD sign since I'm all cool and poop.

We are still celebrating DH's birthday and so I'm gonna run.

Til later................
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BIG day

My DH doesn't read my blog and he doesn't like to be the topic of conversation but I had to say...
I love you so much. I'm so glad we get to spend our "golden years" together.

Til later.................

Monday, October 15, 2007

What a weekend and the upcoming week

WOW. If you are a football fan and live in TAMPA BAY you had a great weekend. The BULLS are #2 in the NATION..not just in our hearts but the actual NATIONAL RANKINGS!! It is very exciting for the kids. My DS, his Dad and I were on campus Sunday for a KD event and it was so great to be around the kids and see their excitement. That was even before the rankings came out so I can't imagine what happened when that news broke.

I spent the rest of the weekend watching the BUCS and working on a Chipboard Word book I made for a friends little girl. She is having a 5th birthday party this Saturday and I got the bright idea to make her a book. I think it turned out good but I was second guessing myself about half way through. I'm going to show it off at work and see if I can get some orders. Now to figure out how much to charge. Considering the labor it's a hard thing to calculate. I know they were selling the blank books at the last EXPO I went to but considering I have to cut the chipboard by hand....what do you think?

I really wanted to take the day off but have Phone duty...oops..that reminds me I should be covering the girls break..gotta run.

Til later......................

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Picture perfect game

We've been back for a few hours and I'm just about recovered! We ended up getting to sit in seats that belong to a co-worker...2nd section up instead of the nose bleed tickets we had. The seats were padded, (our tickets weren't in a padded seat section)..slight breeze..right near the end zone..on the side instead of a corner. GREAT seats!!

What was the score??

64 to 12. BULLS!!!

How was your day?

Till later...............

Friday, October 12, 2007

Silly game

My sister tagged me. I'm supposed to respond on my blog and tag other people. I normally don't do this but since it will give me a post for today and I can't think of anything else to write about besides to discuss last nights TV shows....why is how this works.

The rules are as follows:1) Link to the "tagger" & post the rules.2) Share 7 facts about yourself- random / weird facts.3) Tag 7 people & link to them.4) Leave comments on their blogs, so they know they've been tagged

So with out further adue..ado..audo..whatever:

Seven Random/Weird facts about no particular order:

1. I've lived in 4 states and 2 countries.
2. I must have total darkness to be able to sleep. No lights what so ever or it bores a hole into my eyes.
3. I bought a stick shift car before I knew how to drive one & didn't realize it until after paying for it! (I was only 16-17 yrs old-cut me some slack)
4. I've had 5 (maybe more) car accidents including one Head-on & one while living in Germany.
5. I won a photography contest from the Tampa Tribune in 1978/1979.
6. I kept a "coffee grinder" my HHS gave me for the 30 years we were apart. It's now in our home.
7. I snore. (NOT a surprise to the people that have "slept" with me)

OK, now I'm supposed to tag 7 people. I'm going to get the ones that haven't posted on their blog for awhile. That will teach you!

Deirdre, LisaD, CARI, JessieG, Beryl, Cami (only cause I miss ya) & Jenna (if you got tagged by Michele too-disregard)


Til later...............

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Retirement Party Time

Yep, working hard again today. We are having a retirement party for a dear lady and we've pretty much blown off the day in her honor. Add in the fact that my boss is out sick and most of my team is missing and wahooooooooooooo. Seriously, I have things to do & they'll get done.

I haven't talked about this weeks TV viewing so let me catch you up. If you've missed any of your favorite shows you may want to tune out now.

Prison Break: GOOD GRIEF!! Head in a box! Oh my! Love to watch Michael out smart people but I can't believe they "killed" his love. Or did they? My DH suspects it's not her head. How awful that Linc has to lie to his brother to protect LJ.

HEROS: How sweet that Claire has a "boyfriend" that understands her. Flying her off like cool! Sylar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bones: People that pretend to be horses? Just when you think you've seen or heard everything!

HOUSE: How awful for that "contestant" to realized she caused the mans death and his dogs. You know she will be second guessing herself from now on. What is going to happen with ??? (crap-can't think of his name) being fired? Will he try to come back to House? What about HOUSE telling the dead guy that he was sorry to tell him that he was wrong..about anything being there after he dies. I disagree with HOUSE. Perhaps he didn't "see" anything because he doesn't believe.

DAMAGES: Two more episodes and we will have the whole story. If you have missed this, I suggest you get caught up. Really good!

Private Practice: SO Love this show. Last night was very interesting and we learned some interesting stuff about Pete. I won't ruin it for those that haven't watched but it sure explained alot. BTW, how much cake can those women eat before they get a break out? I would have looked like a FAT, SICK, teenager by day two!

Criminal Minds: Sorry Mandy, didn't miss ya. What would be your biggest fear? I would have given the guy tons of ways to kill me. Anything with a blade...drowning...heights....

I've probably left something out but you get the idea. Tonight we have all the great Thursday show..then FNL and the Friday stuff. BETTER not rain & screw up my shows again this week.

SIDE BAR....does anyone else have trouble with the FOX channel shows having voice "cut outs"? Every night about 9pm the shows on FOX start cutting out on the sound. It is REALLY pissing me off! I keep suggesting we put the "closed caption" on but DH doesn't like that so we miss half of what they are saying. Just wondering if it is only us???

BIG GAME this Saturday. Hoping for good weather..good game..good results.

What do you have planned? Anyone going to CKU? If so, stop my the Rusty Pickle booth and say hello to CAMI!!! HI GIRL! Miss ya!!

I'll try to check in before then so leave me a comment and don't forget to check out my cards in the previous post.

Til later..............

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Holiday cards

I have finally loaded & fiddled with all my pictures of the cards I've made lately. I hope this works. If not....lie to me!! Click HERE and prepare to be impressed. Well...maybe not the ones that are blurry. I had to take the pictures in total darkness because my camera wouldn't work other wise for some irritating reason and it made it hard to tell some were blurry. Since my DH has been waiting patiently for us to watch BONES & HOUSE ..I really don't have time to fix them. Squint and image how they should look.

BTW, I actually took them to work today and sold two of them. Wahoo..almost enough to retire.

Til later............

Monday, October 8, 2007

Quick Click

I haven't posted today and don't have alot of time so wanted to add this & run. Click here to help fund free Mammograms. I used to get daily email reminders to click this site and somehow got off their emailing list. I found this on a blog I was visiting (yes..when I should have been working. I've done all my work and I should have the day off but don't so what's your point?) and wanted to share. I've added a button to my side bar so....CLICK away!


Til later.....................

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Surfing instead of working

I came on here for a quick minute to research "Boy" themed birthday cards. I MUST, repeat MUST make those two cards today. I thought I'd look through some sites for ideas and I couldn't come on with out saying hello..could I?

The wedding yesterday was interesting. I grew up with these people but haven't seen most of them since getting married (the 1st time you goof balls) and moving out of the neighborhood. We come together for Funerals, Weddings, retirement parties ..etc. My mom still lives in the same house in the same neighborhood so she is still more connected to the old gang than I am. It was frightening to have people coming up to me during the "reception" and calling me by name. Especially since most of the time I had no clue who they were. It really is a pain to have such a bad memory of people & names.

Anywho...the wedding was in their family church and it was packed. She had 7 or 8 sets of attendants and as we were waiting for the ceremony to start we were trying to figure out which guy wandering around in a tux was the groom. Since the bride still looks really young and I have a hard time wrapping my head around the "gang" being ADULTS I kept guessing the "young" men we saw. It was very distressing when a GROWN MAN walked out with the preacher. I mean a GROWN UP..Looks like a Grown up..MAN. Good grief it was hard to realize we are actually old enough to be marrying people that look like our fathers. ARG!!! We got a bit of gossip from one of the relatives at the "reception" and discovered that the groom had four children from a previous marriage so not only did she marry an OLD MAN..she is now the step mother of 4 grown people. WOW. BTW, I keep putting "reception" in quotes because we discovered that apparently people of the Baptist faith have no dancing at their receptions and they have NO FOOD.

Before I go on, let me say that I have nothing against people of the Baptist faith. I in fact went to a Baptist run Kindergarten and a Baptist church for many years myself. I'm just making an observation. I didn't miss the dancing as I wouldn't have done any ..anyway but I really missed the food. I had not eaten anything before leaving the house and was very grateful I had grabbed a package of crackers to eat during the ride to South BFE. The only thing they served was wedding cake & punch. Nice but my tummy was hoping for FOOD!

Speaking of cake, the bride had the misfortune to break her RING finger on her left hand the night before the wedding making a cake. Not the best timing and it wasn't even the cake they served at the "reception".

Well, that's enough about that...aren't you glad you tuned in??

I haven't read or heard about yesterdays crop so not sure if they got anything done. I saw my sisters completed projects from the Tim Holtz classes. They were interesting but I was surprised that they didn't receive any free products. For what they paid for the classes they should have at least given them a free ink pad or something but that's just my opinion.

LisaD, I promise to get those cards posted but if I don't get the birthday cards done today I will disappoint a lady I work with and that would be bad. How about if I share another picture from the Zoo trip??

"kissing". What could be sweeter than that?

Til later.....................

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Need Rain?

Not us! Good grief did it rain last night. If you didn't get any it's because it was ALL at our house. It rained for over 5 hours, seriously! It was so heavy at times that it messed up the TV reception..always at the end of the show when they were about to reveal the "killer..ghost" also messed up the first 10 minutes of FNL. You know that ticked me off!!!! We still have puddles in our back yard this morning so you know it was alot of water coming down.

We did watch (or tried to) last weeks Ghost Whisperer then the current one. Did Annie Archer always play her mom?? I think another actress did but not sure. We tried to watch Numb3rs but the sleepy bug hit and we gave up. I was still smarting from the missing start of FNL so maybe my TV watching gene gave up early so I could reboot.

Why is it the morning I could sleep in I was awake at my usual time? Darn it!! My mind started racing with all the stuff I should be doing and I had to get up. Gave me a chance to load the Zoo pictures but my cards wernt on the same file...hmmmm? Maybe they are on the other camera?? is a pic my DS took.

He did a really good job on most of his shots. The ones of things in tanks full of water..not so much but with over 200+ pictures I will have plenty to scrap.

Time to start getting ready for the wedding of an old family friend. My DH asked if it was an outdoors one..NOPE..that would be tragic..not to mention uncomfortable for glad it will be an old fashion one...inSIDE a church. It's the first wedding since their family lost their mom so I'm sure it will be a bittersweet occasion.

Lots of my scrapin friends are at a crop or at a Tim Holtz class today. I'm not jealous...really I'm not. I've taken a class with TH already and tho I'd love to get together with the croppers I have TONS of stuff to do my DH wouldn't be at the crop and he's kinda cute!!!

Hope you all have a super weekend. LOTS of sports..lots of shows to catch up on..lots of crafts to get done...whew!

Til later....................

Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday has arrived

((Before I forget....the USF tickets are for the game NEXT weekend-the 13th- so it's not to late to jump on them.))

Now back to our regularly scheduled ramblings.......

Thursday TV:
Watched Life from the other night since we don't watch any of the 8pm shows (sorry for the Office & Earl fans). It's an interesting show, alittle qwarkie but then ..look at it's audience. Watched CSI-Vegas..Grissom is so cute when he lets his hair down. What was up with that "look" Sara had on her face at the end? More of the hint of things to come? Darn it!!! BTW, anyone that watches Myth Busters already knew that a tire blow out is forceful enough to decapitate a person unfortunate enough to be behind the vehicle when it blows.

Ain't educational TV the best?!!

ER was good. Side bar..I discovered that when you watch it with your head sideways it makes it look even more scary. Try it. LOL. Who likes Sam as a brunette? Hope her Cop works out.

Tonight is a huge night with FNL back..officially..I was confused about it starting last week. We haven't had a chance to watch the GHOST Whisperer from last week so I'm not sure if we need to wait to watch tonight's or if it can be seen out of order. Man my life is complicated!

Spent last night "reorganizing" my acylic stamps AGAIN. I had put them into those "document" boxes from Target but I found it was difficult to find what I wanted. I decided to transfer them to CD holders by categories and got through one package of 10 (CD holders not document boxes-confused??) before it was time to go to bed. I'm still working on finding a good system to hold the holders so that they all fit and it can be transported easily. Again, my life is so complicated!!

MUST make a wedding card and those two birthday cards this weekend. Glad I already made about 15 Halloween cards since the month is getting away from me already. I also have about 15+ Thanksgiving cards & as many or more Christmas cards done but I digress.

Til later............................

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Another night of great TV

WOW, I feel like Sally Fields. You really do like me! I think I used that line before but it applies so I used it again. I whined and some of you responded..LOL. Thanks gals!

OK, raise your hand if you LOVE the new Private Practice show. It was even better this week than the first week. I'm really liking COOPER. I'm getting used to him being a goofball and not seeing him as the killer FBI agent from Prison Break. Last nights show was so good but so heartbreaking. I won't spoil it if you have it TIVO'd.

Criminal Minds was good and I liked how it ended. Didn't like the case it's self and I'm sure my sister was not happy to see her boy "Eddie" in that role. I was so over the violence that I couldn't stand to watch CSI-NY afterwards. Had to spread out my disturbance level or I'd never have gotten to sleep.

Speaking of VEGAS tonight. Can't wait to see what happens now that the secret romance is out. I've read things about the season that tick me off so it should be interesting to see how it plays out. I really hate all the spoilers that are printed. Yahoo has them as headlines so you can't get away from it sometimes. I don't want to know what is going to happen. Why bother showing the episode if everyone already knows what's gonna happen?


We are having a rash of bad things happening to the people at work. We had another person who lost a family member this week. Several others have family that are really sick with cancer or other issues. Someone jokingly said we need an exorcist. Not funny but it feels like a huge dark cloud is hanging over the building.

on a brighter DH is having a birthday in a couple weeks. Still need an idea for a great gift. Still working on some ideas but could use some fresh heads.

BTW, I now have 4 tickets to the USF/UCF football game so will be selling two of them. They are in the nose bleed section but that's all that is left. If you are interested email me privately. They are $50 for the pair. Game's at noon so bring sun screen.

((((Lisa D...Thanks for saying I'm as good as PW. While I KNOW that isn't true I appreciate that you are amused by my posts. It's all about my fans.....LOL!!!!!! ))))

Now I'm gonna go see what the rest of the blogging world is up to.

Til later......................

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pink for October

I mentioned a great stamp set that is raising money for Breast Cancer awareness on my Mondays post. Please scroll down if you missed it. Today I found another site that is bring this great cause to our attention. Check out this website. I've added a banner and changed my blog title for the month of October to do my small part.

Have you scheduled your Mammogram for this year yet??

Til later................

Bandwagon Jumpers

I'm glad that USF is doing so well but that means that everyone and their brother wants to go to their games now. My DD had told us that her Sorority was "Hosting" the parents for the game on the 13th. I kept asking for details and she didn't know anything. Yesterday afternoon..LATE.. she called to confirm that the parents had to buy their own tickets on line. As you can imagine the only thing left is the nose bleed section. Great. The last thing my DH needs is 300+ stairs to climb to watch a football game. I bought two tickets just so we would have them but I'm not sure if we will end up going. Unless I can find someone nice/crazy enough to trade with me we may stay home & watch it on TV.

Halfway to the weekend and looking forward to some alone time with my DH. Still trying to figure out what to get him for his birthday that is coming up soon. He's so hard to buy for! I had an idea but not sure it can come together soon enough. Better come up with a plan "B".

Going to a wedding with my mom on Saturday. Family that we grew up with but don't see anymore except for weddings & funerals. Should be fun to see some of the old gang & I'm sure there will be good food so can't be a bad time.

REALLY need to get back to some scrapping & some card making. I have a ton of Halloween cards already made so at least that is done. I've been "commissioned" to make a couple of birthday cards for teenage boys. Better get cracking. Any ideas??

TV continues to be good. Prison Break..AWESOME.....HOUSE good...BONES good....Criminal Minds tonight should be a good one...still have tons on the list and will try and catch up this weekend. Have you seen "Journeyman" yet? Kinda interesting and ironic that one of the main characters in the "time travel" show used to be on "DayBreak"..the Day repeat" show with Taye Diggs. Anyway..interesting in a "Quantum Leap" kinda way except he always returns to his present day life. Check it out if you get a chance.

Still need to share our Zoo pics and I want to post my cards...some day. anyone out there?? NO comments on my last two posts. Do I need to give something away? I know I'm no "Pioneer Woman" but come on..give me some love.

Til later..............

Monday, October 1, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Quick reminder that October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Schedule your mammograms and check out this great new stamp set from My Favorite Things. They are donating part of the proceeds to the cause.

Til later............

#6 with a bullet

What a great weekend for Tampa Sports.....................

How about those BULLS!!!!!! What a great game. Stayed glued to the TV until the last minute of coverage. My DD was there and got to be in the craziness down on the field after the game. I would have been right there too if I was her age. To jump from #18 to #6 ............WOW!!!!!

How about those BUCS!!!!!! Unbelievable! Another great game. Really fun to watch when your team is winning! Hope they keep it up.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to see Florida loose! (Sorry any of you Gator fans but "we" do not "like" the Gators!) I'm not sure what would have been better..if Auburn had missed the field goal that was called back because of Florida's coach calling the last second time out...then kicked it again and made it or the way it happened...making it twice. WAHOOOOO. Loved the kicker running off the field giving the "Gator chomp" as he ran. LOVED IT!!!!!

How about those Devil Rays!!!! WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL. Wahoo. Gotta take your fame where you can get it. Maybe next game??

Didn't get on line at all this weekend so not sure whats been happening. We took the boy to Lowry Park yesterday and had a great time. We turned him loose with the camera so can't wait to see how those pictures turn out. He's usually a pretty good photographer so we'll see. Thank goodness for digital cameras as he must have taken a couple hundred shots.

October 1st....OMG! Holidays are right around the corner. Busy month shaping up all ready. Every weekend is filled except the last one so far. It will be New Years before you know it.

What did you do this weekend?? Hope you had fun.

I almost forgot to talk about TV......Desperate Housewives back on Sunday night. What did you think? New drama with the new "housewife" We also caught up on "Moonlight". It was OK..we'll give it a chance. Another great night of TV tonight with Prison Break. More new shows starting this week. My goodness! OH and we finally watched GREYS from the other night. Still not liking the relationship between Izzy & George. Really not feeling the love.

Til later.........................