Monday, October 29, 2007

World Champs Baby

After a horrible sports was great to see the RED SOX win the World Series. WAHOOO!!!!!!! I stayed up till the bitter end so I'm sleepy today. Doesn't make up for the BULLS & the BUCS (loosing by 1 point-arg!!) but it was a bright spot.

Worked on a gift for my friend at work..forgot to take a picture..and she seems to really like it. Maybe I can bring my camera and take a picture of her and the gift. Worked on the card I was stressing about. It was my first acylic card and turned out OK. I will take a picture but can't post it for awhile as it's for a B-day in late November. I didn't want to wait until the last minute in case I had to go to plan "B". Tonight I want to work on some Halloween treat boxes for people at work. Yes, last minute.

Speaking of DS has decided he is to OLD to dress up and go door to door. WAHHH. What am I suppose to do for Chocolate?? I know I can buy tons at the after Halloween sales but it is sad to think my little boy is getting to old for holidays. Maybe next year we can start having Halloween parties instead.

Phone duty today so better run before the girl has a hissy!!

NIP TUCK starts tomorrow!!!!!!!

Til later......................


Jenn said...

Ah man! He's too old now huh, lol. When did this happen? Halloween parties are so much fun! That is what we did this weekend. I'm going to post pics & an update shortly. The boys had a ton of fun and gets me out of trick-or-treating.

Cami said...

I'm sad the Rockies got swept...booo! (Remember - I grew up in Colorado) BUT I am so happy that the Georgia Bulldogs beat the Gators...woohoo!!!!!

Hope your ds gets good news about passing his karate test!

Jenn said...

i posted a slideshow at the bottom of my post...can u see them?

Michele L from Tampa said...

too old? damn him! lol

Denise said...

Too old? whatever... DD is going to her first Halloween party this year.

Congrats to ds for passing his test. WTG.

Great birthday gift, you rock.