Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cranky Pants

I woke up this morning an hour later than normal since the DS was at his Dads. There is no school today & tomorrow so No alarm for a few days. I got to work only 30 minutes later than normal since I am the fastest getter readier on the planet...really....ask my husband. Could be because I don't dry my hair or put on make up but what ever..I still get the award.

Anyway.........I got off the elevator (yes, I should be taking the stairs..shut up) and the "receptionist" wasn't at the reception desk. That put a bug up my butt that continued to grow until it caused me to lash out and now people are asking if I'm PMSing.

No, I'm not. I'm just irritated at people that are supposed to do their job and they wander around the office because they have a "wireless headset". Um..what about when people come to the reception desk and you aren't there? Who is supposed to help them? Who is supposed to keep our floor secure from unauthorized people and protect our clients HIPPA rights and all that?

If it didn't happen ALL THE TIME it may not bug me so much. Why in my day, when I was a receptionist, we NEVER left our seats..not even to pee or eat lunch. It was our job to be at our desk..answering the PHONE and greeting people that came in the door. ARG!!!!!

Then I got on a soap box about people that wear "scrubs" when they are clerical staff and do not ever even see a patient. We work in an office. We DO NOT work in a clinic or doctors office and besides they ARE NOT NURSES. It bugs the heck out of me but apparently the few actual nurses I've asked about it..don't really care.

So why do I?

Til later..................................

BTW....GO BULLS!!!!! Tonight----ESPN---HUGE GAME!!!!!


Lisa D:) said...

I slept an hour later today too, except my ds did have to get to school and we rushed to get ready and out the door in TEN minutes!!! We did it, too!
I've always wanted a "scrubs" job, totally for the COMFORT FACTOR...heck, I'd wear scrubs at home doing my medical transcription if I had them! lol

Trudie said...

This makes me smile - I have similar rants about workers who are always wandering around and not doing their job! Oh, and I would say that the clerical staff wears scrubs cause they are LAZY!