Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Wizzzzzed by

Wow, how can it be Monday already? Guess that's what happens when you are running all weekend. Let me bring you up to speed....

Friday night I worked until after midnight finishing the scrapbook for my DD's lil sis. I needed to have it with me so she could meet me Saturday to pick it up. It turned out pretty good, if I say so myself. I failed to take a picture of it so I'll see if I can steal it back and snap a few. She met me at the birthday party to get it and seemed pleased. She should be!! LOL. I stopped at a craft sale on Sunday and they were selling 8 x 8 albums with minimum embellishments and NO pictures for $50.

Speaking of the birthday party..DS & I went and had a grand time. It reminded me of why I wisely decided against becoming a teacher...........KIDS. Screaming...running around....having FUN!! Seriously, they were just having fun and really weren't badly behaved. It was just very loud! Luckily one of the parents is the teacher of many of the kids in attendance and she took over the "games" portion and whipped them into shape. There was tons of food, a weather and the Birthday girl had a great time. What more could you ask for?

I did go home and fell asleep on the couch at 9:30.

Sunday morning DS and I went and picked up my friend Carol (mother of Birthday girl) and drove over to St. Petersburg to visit the Holocaust Museum. It was a very good exhibit and the boy seemed to "get" what he was seeing. He was respectful and quiet and asked intelligent questions so I was pleased. Thankfully there weren't any really disturbing pictures from the camps. There were several videos and there were some images of the bodies stacked like cord wood but thankfully none of the medical experiments. My son was alittle upset by the images of the bodies but he is old enough to handle it. I would not recommend taking a younger child. They will be bored and the bodies will probably upset small children.

I'm sorry to say that the 2nd floor where the Anne Frank exhibit was housed wasn't what I expected. It was good but I was expecting "artifacts" and it was all photos taken by her father. My son, correctly so, noted that most of the photographs were of her sister rather than of Anne. Being a photographer myself, I appreciated the photos but I would have liked to see things that actually belonged to Anne and her family. It is still worth seeing but just not what I had in my mind we were going to see.

After the museum we took a side trip to JoAnn fabrics with 50% off coupons burning holes in our pockets. Have you noticed that on the occasions that they have 50% off coupons..EVERYTHING in the store is on sale so you can't use them? ARG!!!! We had 5-6 coupons and could only use ONE!

The weekend's sporting events were AWFUL except for the COME BACK KIDS...Boston Red Sox. Came from 3 games down to make it to the BIG SHOW. Way to go. Almost makes up for the USF...BUCS...Seminoles....Auburn loses. Our favorite quote of the weekend comes from our old "Friend" Steve Spurrier..when asked what he was going to do with his players he said, "Well, we can't TRADE them so I guess we'll keep coaching them".

Ok, your turn to share.

Til later..........................

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Jenn said...

I'm so glad he liked the Holocaust Museum. I want to go so badly.