Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bandwagon Jumpers

I'm glad that USF is doing so well but that means that everyone and their brother wants to go to their games now. My DD had told us that her Sorority was "Hosting" the parents for the game on the 13th. I kept asking for details and she didn't know anything. Yesterday afternoon..LATE.. she called to confirm that the parents had to buy their own tickets on line. As you can imagine the only thing left is the nose bleed section. Great. The last thing my DH needs is 300+ stairs to climb to watch a football game. I bought two tickets just so we would have them but I'm not sure if we will end up going. Unless I can find someone nice/crazy enough to trade with me we may stay home & watch it on TV.

Halfway to the weekend and looking forward to some alone time with my DH. Still trying to figure out what to get him for his birthday that is coming up soon. He's so hard to buy for! I had an idea but not sure it can come together soon enough. Better come up with a plan "B".

Going to a wedding with my mom on Saturday. Family that we grew up with but don't see anymore except for weddings & funerals. Should be fun to see some of the old gang & I'm sure there will be good food so can't be a bad time.

REALLY need to get back to some scrapping & some card making. I have a ton of Halloween cards already made so at least that is done. I've been "commissioned" to make a couple of birthday cards for teenage boys. Better get cracking. Any ideas??

TV continues to be good. Prison Break..AWESOME.....HOUSE good...BONES good....Criminal Minds tonight should be a good one...still have tons on the list and will try and catch up this weekend. Have you seen "Journeyman" yet? Kinda interesting and ironic that one of the main characters in the "time travel" show used to be on "DayBreak"..the Day repeat" show with Taye Diggs. Anyway..interesting in a "Quantum Leap" kinda way except he always returns to his present day life. Check it out if you get a chance.

Still need to share our Zoo pics and I want to post my cards...some day. anyone out there?? NO comments on my last two posts. Do I need to give something away? I know I'm no "Pioneer Woman" but come on..give me some love.

Til later..............


deirdre said...

i love ya cheryl:) i am reading and keep up daily, just havent commented in a few days, have to set the trend here i see, LOL!

Lisa D:) said...

I love ya too Cheryl, just don't always post...only due to And, hey I love Pioneer Woman and you are every bit as fun so give yourself credit:)