Saturday, October 6, 2007

Need Rain?

Not us! Good grief did it rain last night. If you didn't get any it's because it was ALL at our house. It rained for over 5 hours, seriously! It was so heavy at times that it messed up the TV reception..always at the end of the show when they were about to reveal the "killer..ghost" also messed up the first 10 minutes of FNL. You know that ticked me off!!!! We still have puddles in our back yard this morning so you know it was alot of water coming down.

We did watch (or tried to) last weeks Ghost Whisperer then the current one. Did Annie Archer always play her mom?? I think another actress did but not sure. We tried to watch Numb3rs but the sleepy bug hit and we gave up. I was still smarting from the missing start of FNL so maybe my TV watching gene gave up early so I could reboot.

Why is it the morning I could sleep in I was awake at my usual time? Darn it!! My mind started racing with all the stuff I should be doing and I had to get up. Gave me a chance to load the Zoo pictures but my cards wernt on the same file...hmmmm? Maybe they are on the other camera?? is a pic my DS took.

He did a really good job on most of his shots. The ones of things in tanks full of water..not so much but with over 200+ pictures I will have plenty to scrap.

Time to start getting ready for the wedding of an old family friend. My DH asked if it was an outdoors one..NOPE..that would be tragic..not to mention uncomfortable for glad it will be an old fashion one...inSIDE a church. It's the first wedding since their family lost their mom so I'm sure it will be a bittersweet occasion.

Lots of my scrapin friends are at a crop or at a Tim Holtz class today. I'm not jealous...really I'm not. I've taken a class with TH already and tho I'd love to get together with the croppers I have TONS of stuff to do my DH wouldn't be at the crop and he's kinda cute!!!

Hope you all have a super weekend. LOTS of sports..lots of shows to catch up on..lots of crafts to get done...whew!

Til later....................

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd rather be home with a cute hubby too! (I wish!) Oh, and about that rain...I think we've had about enough down here in south FLA as well. I'm SICK of it!