Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I quickly loaded the pictures from this weekend and wanted to share a couple. I'll add more in the next few days.

This is the cover of the board book I made for my friends daughter. In hind site I should have made the letters of her name the same height as the book but it was my first attempt and I wasn't using a pattern. I took pictures of the inside pages and will load those soon.

Today is Nia's actual birthday. I saw her this morning as she was going to a meeting with her mom & then to Busch Gardens. She is so excited about it being her special day. She is so cute!!

Happy Birthday NIA!!!

This is a picture of my DS playing with the bubbles from the Pinata. You never out grow the joy of blowing bubbles!
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Dawn said...

this is an adorable pic you are so right, how cool bubbles are they still make me enjoy and feel like a child when i blow or see them...

Jenn said...

I haven't been on in a few days - That is a great pic w/ the bubbles! :] I agree, bubbles are fun at any age,lol. The church keeps bubbles on hand for Mr. Gavin when he starts fussing. That always shuts him up.