Saturday, October 27, 2007

Karate Saturday

Hope you are having a great Saturday. I got up early and hit a few yard sales before running home to get ready for my DS's Karate test. I thought I'd share a couple pictures while I'm waiting for a project to dry. If it turns out, I'll show it to you later.

This first picture is my DS doing one of his Kata moves. I blurred out the other children since I didn't think their parents would appreciate them being broadcast to my millions of readers.

Actually I was playing with some features of my Picasa and discovered I could do this.

Not sure about the eyes closed but I love the pictures where he's kicking. It's amazing to me how high he gets.

We won't find out until Monday whether he passed or not. It's hard to tell. He is really good with his Katas but he isn't as aggressive as I'd like on the sparing. I noticed when going through the pictures how closely Sempi was watching him so it's all up in the air. Depends on what the teacher was looking for.

Before I run I want to share something I picked up this morning in my Sale-ing...The colors didn't translate well as it is really very green....'s a Vera Bradley..found it at my local Thrift Store.
Not sure if I'll keep it or try & sell it on Ebay since I'm not a Vera fan...well at least not enough to pay the usual prices. Maybe for $2.50 I can change my mind.
Gonna run....the Red Sox are winning. It almost helps the sting of the BULLS loosing again today.
Til later..................................
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Dawn said...

love the new bag and karate pics! dont you just love good deals, my mom has been going to some dollar day at a thrift shop lately and finding great stuff for a dollar... take care and blessings, dawn g

Michele L from Tampa said...

why cant i find a darn vera at the thrift store? please do not tell me you found it at the tampa one - ugh! should not have shown it and gave it as a christmas present to me jenna or even mom - mom wants one

Denise said...

great deal on the bag, maybe I should go to my thrift stores more often.. hehe

I hope DS did well on his test.

Hugs, D

Jenn said...

I love the pics!!! What a steal on the Vera Bradley!