Friday, March 30, 2007


Not very original I know but I wanted to post and I'm not feeling witty right now, sorry.

Ok, so why didn't you tell me that Greys was a rerun last night?? Actually it worked out fine as we had a Medium to watch and then CSI LV was new...creepy & dark & surprisingly I didn't have a nightmare from it. DH was all ready to protect me from myself and it wasn't needed. Must have been the 30 minute back rub I got before going to sleep that made the difference.

Oh, did I mention, I love my Husband?

I think I have come to grips with the fact I can't get ready for the yard sale and may or may not go out shopping in the morning instead. I usually let my body decide...wake up-go out...sleep in-stay home. Simple but it works.

My DS goes to his dads tonight for 5 days. Nice alone time but will miss the lad. He is amusing. I get grade alerts(thanks Pasco County) and saw he had a 60 average in one of his classes. I checked and it was because of ONE reported test..made a 60 is his grade. I questioned the lad and he said the test was harder than he thought. I suggested he try harder next time and he agreed. He was "Surprised" that getting a 60 could give him a D in his class. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe this math stuff isn't taking. ???

I've decided to work on Easter cards tonight, just in case you have been anxiously waiting for my scrapbooking plans for the "mini crop" tonight or "Scrapbooking by yourself in a big room" I like to call it. I may take the BUG and cut out some stuff. WOW...what excitement.

I hope you all have a super weekend. I'll probably check in with ya so you don't feel lonely. I really want to post my GATOR lo as I think it is great...yes, I love myself. Maybe I'll give you a sneak peak at the Easter cards I create. I did buy some cute stamps at AC Moores last weekend that are begging for ink.

Ok, now I'm just rambling and I do have THREE peoples worth of work waiting for me. Better get it in gear. Oh, before I forget....last 2 days of Ali's efforts on the 6 degrees badge. She is over $31,000. Amazing the power of the internet & one woman. $10 donation is all it takes. Check out the link at the bottom of my page.

Also, don't forget to set your clocks to go to MM Idol on Monday and see what Cami has come up with for the next level. We can't stop the madness that is Sanjaya but we CAN vote for an amazing woman and talent..CAMI B.

Til Later.............

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm BACK on line

I can't believe how behind I am due to the Internet being out at work almost the entire week. Don't these people realize I need to check in on my peeps during the day? I haven't been able to check my bank blog friends....any contests....Tons of stuff! I've had to WORK all week. Bummer. I've been so busy or sleepy at home that I haven't been able to log on there either. I have missed you guys!! I'm almost caught up on my sleep from the weekend and am looking forward to getting back in my routine.

Now to try & catch you all up on my thoughts...LOL

OK, AI is on my last nerve. I heard someone yesterday say that they had figured out that the person sitting NEXT to Sanjaya is the one who is kicked off. Last night that would have been Hailey. She ended up in the bottom two but then they booted Chris. He was sitting at the end of the row & S was the opposite end of the row. Trickers. I can't even talk about this season without getting a head ache so I'm going to move on now.

OMG....LOST last night....WOW. Great ending!!! Can't wait to see what Greys has to offer tonight. I figured out last week that the gal who's face got smashed in the Ferry accident is being played by the actress who was the main female on SAVED. It has been driving me crazy. I knew the voice but the makeup was to thick until this past week. Speaking of SAVED...where are all my TNT shows?? Closer....Rescue Me...Saved????

CONGRATS to my friend Cami for making it to the TOP 10 of MM Idol. THANKS to everyone that voted for her. Please check the MM site on Monday and see what she has come up with next. I haven't heard anything about her idea for this week so I'm excited to see what she comes up with.

Did I tell you that DS got semi off restriction last week when the report cards came out? He had pulled up his Midterm grades from 3 C's 2 D's & an F C, One D and three B's. Pretty good since the F class didn't have many grade-able assignments after mid term so he couldn't pull it up any higher. Well, we decided to "ramp Up" his privileges. The first week he got his phone and TV back but the TV was only a few hours a day and bedtime was still at 9:30. Within two days of having TV again, DH caught him----remote in hand, watching TV at 10:15pm. We had gone to bed early and told him to watch the time to get to bed when required. DH got up to get some water and saw the lights flickering under the bedroom door. BUSTED!!! So he lost the TV again but will get it back tonight. He goes to his dads this Friday for the weekend end and will stay there for the first few days of Spring break. I'm sure he is looking forward to the total vacation from punishment.

If anyone is on the area, we are having a mini crop at the clubhouse of my subdivision tomorrow night. Starts at 6:30-7pm and we can only stay till 11pm. I need to call the clubhouse dude to verify it's still on. We got the newsletter for April and once again...NO MENTION of the scrapbooking night-despite his assurance it is down for the 4th Friday of EVERY month. He has yet to get it printed in the newsletter so I'm not sure how anyone is supposed to know about it. He does have it on one of the entrance signs. I guess I'll go down there and work on my wedding pictures. If anyone is interested in joining me, email me direct for details.

Speaking of my neighborhood, they are having their community Yard Sale this Saturday. I have stuff I need to get rid of but haven't had a chance to go through the boxes to get it ready..not to mention I want to SHOP myself. ARG....what to do???

Work has been crazy as I'm filing in for a secretary that quit plus doing my own my co=worker has taken ANOTHER week the beginning of the month...when we have MOST of our work. This is the 2nd month in a row and the fourth time total. I wouldn't be so ticked about getting slammed with her work load too if she would at least THANK ME!!! She just schedules her vacation and assumes I will cover for her...since she knows I have NO choice....and then smiles and waves as she leaves on her last day. NO mention of the burden she is placing on me and no thanks when she gets back. ARG!!!!! Maybe if I got a vacation I wouldn't mind so much. Since I have no benefits, I get no paid time off. Bitter?? Little bit. Sorry.

I am so behind on my blog reading. I really can't believe how much I've missed. I see that Ali E is up to 28 grand with a couple more days to go. AWSOME!!!!

I hope everyone that has been sick or has had sick kids are doing better. I still have my sinus headache from the weekend but it's not as bad as it was. I love the weather this time of year but my head doesn't.

Guess that's all I can think of for now. For those of you who are worried about our Gator friend...he is apparently still around. He's been wondering between the two ponds. He was out of the water yesterday and clean but before DH could snap a picture he was dirty again. He confirmed he is as HUGE as we thought. As long as he stays off my front step, I'm ok with him/her being around. I always check before I walk outside. Guess if I'd clean out the garage so I could park my car in it..I wouldn't have to worry about walking outside. It's easier to check for Gators ...LOL

Till later....................

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I have only one thing to say

PLEASE shoot me now if Sanjaya makes it through another week. OMG!!!

Sorry I've been away for a couple days, work computer isn't letting us access the internet and I haven't had time to get on line at home. I'm actually supposed to be meeting my hubby in bed right now so...........luv ya bye.

Til later.....I promise.

Monday, March 26, 2007


and exhausted! 6 hours sleep over two nights, that's about right. I actually came home and went to sleep at 9:30 last night. I was falling asleep on the couch before that.

We had 12 women scrapping and laughing and was amazing. Considering we three "Tampa" gals didn't know the other 9 we all got along famously. They were already there when we arrived....note-DO NOT go to eat at the Perkins when you get off I4 at Haines City unless you have three hours to kill. If you do go though..say hello to "Granny" the waitress for us.

We went to AC Moore on Saturday and were gone from the house for over three hours. LOVED the store but they were out of stock on alot of the scrapping products. They were getting ready to have a big sale (after we left of course) so I assume they were going to restock soon. No matter, we each still managed to spend an average of $50 on stuff that was ON SALE or clearance. I can't wait until they build the AC Moore near us.....HURRY UP!!!!

I did manage to complete a 20 page album for my new "Son" and another 10- pages for another wedding book. I also did a 12 x 12 page LO for my GATOR. What a hoot! I'll have to take pictures and post it here, really funny and I used one of my new Cricut cartridges so who says it wasn't worth buying "Animal Kingdom"?

Here is a picture of the gals:
My eyes aren't focused enough yet to give the names in order but..HI..wendy, April, Jill, Beth, Cami, Denise, Rebecca, ME, Mary...crap...I need my cheat sheet to finish the names...SORRY. I think there is another! No offense gals-I'm AWFUL with names even after I've had lots of sleep. In any event, you all were great fun.

Have a great Monday. GO is MM IDol day. Cami made another amazing challenge entry but she needs everyone to vote for her to move on. I hope she got home in time to take new pictures and get them loaded by the deadline. The voting should be up later this morning so keep checking back and VOTE.

Ok, I really need coffee and to get my butt moving. I will catch up on the other blogs later so GO UPDATE them so I have lots to read.

Til later...........

Friday, March 23, 2007

Retreat here we come!

I think I'm ready. I packed last night while trying to listen to GA's. I may have missed some good stuff on Greys but I'm packed. I used lots of little totes (what scrapbooker doesn't have LOTS of totes they have collected?) instead of a HUGE one. I'm thinking it will be easier to stuff those under my feet or in my lap if needed. I have a small duffle bag of clothes and will have a bag-o-food. I'm not sure how much room we each have in the car so really hope my stuff will fit. I'm the last to be picked up. I know Cami is bring the kitchen sink so she has everything she needs to work on this weeks MM Idol challenge..LOL. Can't wait to watch her at work.

We are supposed to have a Lap top with us but I'm not sure how much posting I'll get done.

Have a super weekend, be kind to others and check back here Monday for a wrap up of the 3 Gals & their scrapbooking adventure.

If you missed the Gator posts..make sure you scroll down.

Also, ALI E. is at almost 1000 donations and is over the $21,000 mark. WOW. The 31st is the deadline to donate to have it count towards her being the TOP badge. The way she is going, she is sure to get the $10 Grand "Match" by KB's foundation. WTG ALI. HI- Simon!!!! Her link is at the bottom of this blog. Check it out & Thanks!

Til later............

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Darth Gator

Now that I have your attention see posts below for full story.
Til later..........

Greys quiz

In honor of GREYS THURSDAY......I found this on a stampers blog I enjoy; I can't do it on my work computer so will have to wait until I get between my packing and watching the actual show. The quiz is supposed to tell you which GREYS character you are most like.

Let me know who you "are".

*****Edited...the Gator pictures are posted below. My Greys Character is IZZIE...after last weeks show-I'm not to sure I like that!!*****

Til later.......

Gators & Idol

*****EDITED to add pictures***************

I've been thinking about what I would post regarding the Idol results last night. I'm so disgusted I can't even think of a way to describe how I felt watching that train wreck last night. The thing that makes me the maddest is what these "WORST" people are doing to peoples lives. I truly hope that Stephanie makes it BIG-despite..inspite..for spite of getting kicked off so early. I agree it wasn't her best performance but GOOD GRIEF least she can SING!!!!

Now, to change to the subject to Other reptiles.....We have a pond next to our house and we had seen a gator in it when we moved in. He/she was fair size, maybe 3-4 feet long. No big deal because we'd had a gator in the pond at the apartment. Granted this pond is MUCH closer to our house than the Apartment pond had been but we weren't concerned.

Sunday, after the reception, I brought several couples over to the house to show it off. I figured if they had driven so far to attend the reception, and hadn't ever been to the house, the least I could do is give then a short tour. When we got to the house I saw the "other" gator we had recently started seeing. He/she is MUCH BIGGER than the one we saw last October. We guesstimate at least 8 ft. Well, our friends found him frightening. LOL. They were freaking out and said we should call Animal control. My neighbors had joined us on the ponds edge and agreed "Something should be done". We finished out tour and went back to the reception to finish cleaning up.

I don't know if my neighbor called about "Darth Gator" but we had an interesting event happen yesterday. My DH stepped out the front door to check on the lawn care (just spraying stuff...not Actual Lawn care-we aren't rich remember) and on the front walk way about 3 feet from the front door was a baby alligator. He said it was just staring up at him as he stared down at it. DH picked up the "walking stick" that DS has near the door and kind of poked at it. He said it Hissed at him and snapped at the stick, breaking off the tip. DH poked at it again & it turned and started moving back down the side walk. DH went back inside to get the camera (I've trained him well) and by the time he got back it had gone under the big palm tree/bush at the front of the house. He took some shots of it hiding under the bush and then kinda poked at it again and it headed for the pond.

Here is another picture of the little guy as he ran for the pond.

We leave for the scrapbooking retreat tomorrow night and I haven't packed a thing. NOT GOOD. I must do that tonight. Guess I'll have to listen to Greys and the other shows while working on getting ready.

DS got the schedule for his new "restriction" yesterday. I'm sure he was hoping to get off completely but we really want him to learn from this experience. I don't hold out any hope that he will be on ANY kind of restriction at his dads house and frankly, I don't feel like fighting with him right now. I'm just hoping we are instilling enough "discipline" for all of us.

DS also had his first "fillings" today at the dentist. Thankfully they were such shallow cavities they decided to not even numb him. He said afterwards that he almost cried at one point but then he talked to himself and got calmed down. I told him I was really proud of him for that. I took him to school and I hope he feels OK. He really can't afford to miss any assignments.

Anything else exciting happening?? Can't think of any more right now so guess I'll go do some work. 95% of the people are in a meeting so it's very quiet right now. Hope they are out's boring when they are all gone.
Til later...............
***UPDATED***Apparently Big Daddy/Momma decided to come up on the near bank and sun it's self today while I was at work. My DH got the Big camera with the long lense so he could get these pictures with out getting to close...good thinking.

and this is a really close up. YIKES!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Various thoughts

I couldn't decide what the main theme of today would be so thus it's title.


Second...Sanjay...Stop the madness. It was painful to watch him last night. In his defense, you could hear him....not that -that was a good thing. And the crying child "ASHLEY"..OMG..someone take that child to therapy NOW!! Please teach her that these are PEOPLE, not Gods. On a brighter note, LOVING Blake!! He continues to delight us. His take on the song last night was "Spot ON". Melinda-wonderful as always. Lakesha-loved the hair. Agreed that I didn't love the song as much as in nights past but still a wonderful singer. LOVED the hair!! Oh, I said that already. Jordan-WOW...So good!!! Haley-scary much tape did you have holding that thing on??

Tonight's prediction--please let it be Sanjay and stop the pain NOW!! I'm sure all the teenage boys dialed their "free hand off" for Haley so she's probably safe. I'll say that Baldy the Sailor boy may sail off into the sunset. (sorry-I haven't had my coffee yet and just spent 20 minutes swapping wits with a almost 12 yr old at the bus stop)

Third-Speaking of the almost 12 year old...TODAY IS REPORT card day. We already know what he is getting thanks to the grading site good ole Pasco county has available for parents. He did pretty good considering the 3 C's - 2 D's and a F he had at Midterm. We've decided to ramp him back off restriction. He'll get the details when he gets home tonight. We made him think last night that he wasn't going to get off at all so anything should be a gift at this point. I'm sure he'll get full privileges at his Dads since he has been letting him watch TV there most of the time..oh TV but "Not the stuff DS wanted to watch". He had to "watch what his Dad was watching". WHOA...rough!

Fourth-MM IDOL....I am so excited to announce that my friend CAMI made it to the next level! I see that the other gal from Tampa is still in it too so it should be interesting as we get to the finals. I can't wait to see what she comes up with this time. We will be on our retreat so I may get a sneak peak. I don't think I'll have Internet access so I can't give you a hint. Just make sure to follow the link on my previous post and VOTE. I know I've been pushing Cami and I still believe she is the best's a free country and you should make your decision. Please don't vote Against her because I want you to vote for her. Judge her work fairly. That's what she would ask you to do.

Fifth-My friend & photographer, Cari, finally fell under the Yuk that her family has had. I hope she is feeling better. She has company coming and needs to be up & about. I wish she was coming with us this weekend as originally planned but Family comes first.

Ok, I'm starting to really need my Spell check so it must be time to go drink that coffee I spoke about. If you missed any of the MANY posts from the last few days..scroll's riveting stuff and you wouldn't want to miss anything.

Till Later............

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

6 degrees link added

I've told you about Ali Edwards efforts to raise money for Autism. Her link is currently number two on the list. The deadline to donate for the Kevin Bacon foundation to match funds is 3/31/07. I finally figured out how to put the link on my blog. If you feel compelled, please see link on the bottom-left.


Till later.........

3rd post in one day...scroll down for the others

Tagged by KIP

I love reading KIPS blog and am excited she has started reading she has tagged me. LOL If you wish you can skip this post unless you are interested in my scrapbooking details.

I have to tag someone next so scroll to the bottom to see if you got the lucky nod.

How long have you been scrapping? about 6 years under the NEW scrapbooking craze. I have childhood "scrapbooks" and even when I just put pictures in those "Cling" albums I always Journaled. Really helps now that I'm trying to transfer them to official scrapbooks.

What one word describes your scrapping style? Simple but I'm trying to branch out. My goal is to use chipboard..LOL.

How many times have you been published? None yet. Maybe if I'd submit something I'd have a chance.

Would you rather do layouts or make cards? Tough question. I LOVE to make LO's but I've really gotten into card making lately. I've bought MANY new stamps for card making & then my trusty Cricut is Great for doing both.

Do you paper craft? Some

Have you tried or converted to digital scrapping yet? NO..I have to much stuff to go digital!! Plus I like the FEEL of making LO's.

What’s your least favorite layout ever? The one I did after I had Lasik. Hate the picture.

What’s your most favorite layout ever? The ones I did of Hillsborough High School-revisit.

Do you consider yourself a poor, fair or great journaler? Great. I'm wordy in case you couldn't tell..LOL.

Do you follow the trends or scrap for yourself? Scrap for myself but experiment alittle with some trends.

What’s the worst scrapbook product you ever purchased? Silent setter or MM Tag maker. BOTH went back to the store.

What’s your favorite scrapbooking tool? My Crop-a-dile

Do you scrap better alone or with others? I get more done when I'm alone but I really enjoy scrapping with my friends. They are great inspiration.

Are you on any design teams? No..again with the "If I'd apply" thing.

If the “industry” came to a halt today, would you continue scrapping exactly as you do today? Oh yeah!

What’s on your scrapbook desk this very moment? Wedding stuff!!!

What’s your favorite thing about scrapping? The hands-on process and the products and the end result!

OK, now to tag someone.......I'm going to pick people that don't normally get tagged...Lisa D, Denise, Sue in PA, Lisa from TLC. If you don't have a blog...just send me an email so I can see your answers.

Til later............

VOTING & product reviews

It's not to late to go to MM Idol and vote for the best...IMHO---CAMI B. Considering how sick that poor girl was all last week, I'm amazed that she came up with anything but to make the BEAUTIFUL creation that she did....WOW. I really hope she gets thru to another week. YOUR VOTE could help!!! You do not have to be a scrapbooker to vote. Go to the website and register, it's free & easy and then VOTE!!!


Speaking of IDOL...AI tonight. I can't wait to see what the boys do tonight. I can't believe the campaign for Sanjia (sorry..spelling??) on "Vote for the Worst". Why people have to take something & twist it. What good are they doing for that poor boy? He looks like the kind of kid that could do harm to himself out of shame once he figures out he's not as good as he's been led to believe. Don't get me wrong, he can a quiet setting. He is NOT prepared to be in front of a stadium full of people. Anyway....looking forward to see what they do with tonights music style.

Prison Break & 24 last night...good television. Still missing my Studio 60 but at least with nothing on at 10pm now I was able to go to bed early. We taped the first show from the kid that won "Design Star"..David. I was just to tired to watch it. Tonight will probably be to busy too since I am supposed to go to the CDD meeting and then Idol and then...WAHHHHHH

Really looking forward to this weekend. I got a gift yesterday from my "Godmother" in Mass. It was a wedding album scrapbook and another mini 4 album gift set. It came in a little carrying case so it will be easy to take to the retreat. I have several others that I've gathered to put the wedding pictures in so I should have enough to make for us and the relatives. Now if I could just find the RED cardstock/Bazzill I need and not have to pay a forture for it..I'd be set.

OH yeah...I got picked on another blog to receive Scalloped Squares punched from different colors. They were giving away a PUNCH. I missed out on that but was one of 3 out of 375 that were picked for the 2nd prize. The lady GINA K is really sweet (I haven't met her of course but she seems nice on her blog and in her emails to me) She has a store and a line of stamps. Check out her link to the left.

Speaking of new designers & must check out PAPERTREY Ink. They just started selling their own designed acylic stamps. They are releasing a set a month with occassional special releases. They just "Opened" February 15th. I waited to see what the second set would look like before I ordered ( I was trying to save on postage fees). The March set was Butterflies and while I may order it later..I'm not a Butterfly kinda gal. I ended up ordering the 1st set and a bottle of stamp cleaner refill. It is recommended on a lot of the Card makers blogs as the BEST for cleaning even Stayzon --off you stamps. I'll let you know when I try it. I have to tell you the customer service for this new company is amazing & QUICK. I paid and had my stamps within a couple days. Their packaging is very professional looking and the stamps crisp and stick easily to the CD holder they provide to store them in. I didn't use them yet but plan to as soon as I have time (maybe this weekend). I've added the link to my Creative Favorites list. If you order anything, tell um "Cheryl Hinton" sent you.

Guess that is enough product advertisment for one morning. Enjoy your day & if you have a blog....go update it. Your readers will thank you.

OH!!!!! I almost forgot. DS made the list of kids to "try out" to make the next level belt in Karate. (sorry , my mind went blank and I can't think of the right term) Anyway, he's only been training since January so this is early. The day is April 14th so mark your calendars. It's exactly one week after his birthday so that would be a great present for him.

Till later..............

EDITED: DUH!!!! It's called TEST. Of course! Must go get some coffee.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I need a nap

I am so tired and I didn't really do anything yesterday. Well that's not entirely true but I shouldn't be so wiped out. I think it is all the stuff leading up to the last couple weeks have caught up with me. I promised my hubby I would spend a couple nights just sitting on the couch with him. Of course then I remembered Karate tonight and the CDD meeting tomorrow.....arg! I'm going to the scrapping retreat this weekend so I really need to get some rest soon & spend time time with my sweetheart.

How can I describe how wonderful CARI, Denise, Cami, DD & Rochelle were yesterday?? They went above and beyond helping to make the reception a wonderful, beautiful event. I had my doubts at 11:30 when I spoke to DD and she was JUST LEAVING the USF area and was supposed to be pulling into the subdivision!!!! My wonderful friends stepped up, came early and stayed late to set up...served..cleaned up and got us out of the clubhouse on time. WOW. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I felt so bad when I realized that Cari & Denise were not following us to the house like I thought and that meant I hadn't said goodbye or thank you! I'm glad I could reach them by cell phone but I still wish I could have given them a BIG HUG. I'm so glad CAMI took time to come and then pitched in to help.....especially when she has been so sick and had her MM IDOL challenge to finish. (GO NOW TO THE WEBSITE AND VOTE foir's monday!!!!)

I've thanked Nicole for the use of her house but it is worth another mention. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, I need to give you back your key.

I really appreciate everyone that came to the reception. MANY of you traveled very far and I was very touched that you shared our day. I was so frazzzeled that I may not have had a chance to visit but I really am glad you were there. I can't wait to see the pictures. I know I forgot to get pictures with everyone I wanted to. I'm sorry. I needed to be two or three people to get everything done that I wanted to.

THANKS for all the wonderful gifts, gift certificates..etc. I actually sat down and wrote all the thank you cards last night. Now if I could just find the book of stamps I just bought. It must be with my Debit card that I still can't find.

MICHELE & Mom....thank you so much for coming to the dinner and reception. I realized later we didn't get more pictures! Darn it. I'm sure Mom is glad since she doesn't like to be photographed but I should have insisted. MICHELE...I understand you worked your butt off helping while I was at the house. THANK YOU!!!! I really appreciate it. I'm really sorry that we couldn't visit longer at the house afterwards. Poor hubby had crashed and burned. Imagine trying to entertain with one of your Migrains times 10. He really enjoyed seeing you and feels bad that he couldn't spend more time together. PLEASE come back out soon. Maybe we can cook out. We'll just time the meds better next time.

OMG............very special additional THANK YOU to Cari for the beautiful album, all the pictures and the amazing DVD/CD of the pictures set to "Our Song". Your gift is priceless. I can't wait to get scrapping all the memories!!

****I got a chance to watch the "Departed" last night. ***kn weird and Bloody!!!! It was classic Jack and "Martin". The performances by Leo D. & Matt D. were amazing. I'm glad I saw it on PPV cause I had my eyes closed for half the time.***

I'm off to check out Cami's entry in this weeks MM IDOL. I'm sure it is great. I sure hope she moves on. We will be spending the weekend together and it will be fun to watch her create the next challenge.

THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till later.................

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Have I forgotten anything?

I've been running down the list of things for todays Reception/celebration.

Signs painted---Check
Food prepared--Check
Center pieces made--Check
Pictures printed & framed--check
People coming to help set up--check
Punch bowl & punch fixings-check
cake--going to pick up at 11am

What am I going to wear?? NO CLUE. It is alittle cool today but the weather man says it is supposed to get up in the 70's. ARG!!!! One of the most important things and I have no idea. I had thought about wearing the sweater DD gave me for Christmas. Maybe I will try it on and see how I feel.

OK......getting off the computer now. MUST start moving towards getting in the shower and on my way for picking up the cake. It's 9:45 am. I should be golden. Fingers crossed.

I hope to have pictures to share soon but I may take a few days off to spend quality time with my Husband. I am going away this coming weekend and have been busy with stuff since BEfore the wedding. I miss just sitting calmly on the couch and watching TV. He has The Departed" on DVR and was a little disappointed when I couldn't watch it last night. Maybe tomorrow...the stupid basketball tourney should have our shows on RErun for a while.

BTW....BLOGGERS on my Favorites list....Blog something Darn it!!!! What, you have more important things to do than give me something to read??? Haven't we had the "It's all about ME" discussion???? LOL.

Til later.............

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Should I stay or should I go??

No, I'm not thinking of leaving my husband all ready. LOL I'm still trying to decide if I should meet my friends at the big scrapbook sale. I really would love to but I still have so much to do. I did make 8 center pieces last night. I'm not sure if I will add the bows or not. That would sure save me time if I didn't have to make 8 bows. I have a Large center piece to spruce up, I bought it at a yard sale and just wanted to "embellish" it alittle. I have the stuff to add to the front of the tables and I'm thinking I won't make bows for that either since I found "Wedding Bells".

Hmmmm. If I go for a little while and then come home and make the food for tomorrow.....I SHOULD have everything done rather quickly.

Hmmmmm.....I DO need to find ribbon for a swap I'm in next weekend. Goodness knows I don't want to give any of MY ribbon away.

Changing subjects...I started printing off some of the wedding pictures. Cari did such a fabulous job. I can't wait to see the ones from dinner. I'm sure she will have more fabulous pictures after the reception tomorrow. Now if I could decide what to wear.

OK, still don't know what I will do about today. It's almost 10 am so I better decide soon. I'd ask Larry but I know he'd say to go, if I want to. ARG!!!!

BTW, Thanks to my friends that commented on the "crash". I'm really glad to be here too. So many of you that read my blog and are my friends today...I didn't even know 6 years ago. I would have hated missing knowing all of you. I believe I would be in a MUCH better place today but...if I get to live another day...I'm exactly where I want to be and have a wonderful life, largely because of the people around me. Thanks!!!!!

Till later............

Friday, March 16, 2007

Greys & stuff

I have one thing to say about GREYS last night.....................EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I really didn't like the Izzy & George thing. YUCK!!!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!
I haven't read any of the other blogs yet so I'm not sure about their feelings. I could be the only one that was screaming NO at the TV screen when they started drinking together. You could see the final scene coming (no pun intended) a mile away. Bad writers!!!

I bought all the food for the reception and dropped it off at my friends house (THANKS AGAIN NICOLE). I sure hope I bought enough. I spent twice what I intended to and still don't know if it will be enough. I still need to get the punch fixings and pick up the cake on Sunday. I'm going to go ahead and make the trays tomorrow night. I guess when I see the stuff on the platters I'll know if it looks skimpy or not.

Several friends are going shopping and to lunch tomorrow. They've asked me to join them. I'd love to if I can get my "chores" done in time. I'd hate to spend the day playing and then not have things done for Sunday. ARG!!!! Tough Choices!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Six years ago tomorrow I was in a Head On automobile crash. I broke several ribs (in several places) and was in the hospital for a few days. St. Patricks Day is not a pleasant holiday for me. I'm thankful to be alive. I'm glad I was able to live to see my HSS & I get back together and get married. Hopefully as the years continue to pass, the day won't be such a horrible memory for me. Having said that, please be careful this weekend. Even if you don't drink (and you should NOT drink if you are driving), remember there are other people that may be on the road that aren't as careful as you. My crash wasn't caused by a drunk driver. It was a car of teenagers on their way to the movies. They lost control on a road that was under construction and crossed the center line. You just never know.

Till later....................

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Windows & Cakes & AI & Anniversarys

Update on's ordered and will be ready Sunday morning. I ended up ordering a Sheet cake with a round cake stuck on the top. It should be fine for the purpose of pictures and then we can send it home with our friends if need be.

I was told by our neigbors and confirmed this morning that golfers ARE responsible for breaking your windows. I would have needed to get the mans insurance information, address, Drivers license info..cart number ..something to tie him to the crime and then contacted the Pro Shop right away. So now we know for the next time...hopefully there won't be a next time. I just hope I'm home so I can follow the person back to the pro shop if needed.

My wonderful neighbor & scrappin buddy, Nicole, has generously offered the use of her refridge to store reception foods so I will go shopping this afternoon. Now I can put the trays together ahead of time and not be going crazy on Saturday or Sunday morning. THANKS NICOLE!!!!!

My DD is due back from her Panama City spring break fun today. I can't wait to see her and hear all about her least what ever she will share with me! She hasn't seen the pictures from the wedding and she is BEAUTIFUL in all of them! I also need to nail her down about how many Sorority Sisters are going to help on Sunday. I really don't want to set up, serve and clean up after all by myself!

Not to much else to report except today is our ONE WEEK anniversary. WOW, time flies when you are happy.

I almost forgot...AI last night....???? what the ???? All we can say is that the "teenie boppers" are calling their little fingers off to keep Sanjya (spelling??) still in it. I'm not saying that Brandon shouldn't have gone home but COME ON!!!!! It's like Chicken Little-Kevin from last year. He was cute and we loved him but he stayed long past his ability thanks to the website that promoted his votes. We agree that "S" sounds like his Microphone isn't turned up correctly or the sound mix is off. I am glad that Haley got another chance. She still isn't Idol material but she should stay at least a while longer.

NEW Greys tonight and the rest of the shows are reruns. There is a new Jeff Goldblum show, might be OK but I'm sure it is on when another favorite usually airs. It will have to be really good to make the DVR rotation.

Til later................

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wedding Cakes & Idol news

I'm working on the small reception we are having this weekend and need a cake. We have pictures of everything you normally take pictures of except us with a cake.

((BTW, if I haven't already thanked my friend CARI for her beautiful pictures..THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!! They are as perfect as the day was...even with the photographicallly challenged subjects!..LOL)))

I went to the local supermarket (after a bakery laughed at me) to see about ordering one. They normally want two weeks notice. Hmmm, how about 4 days?? I just got off the phone with the bakery at the store and they are having someone call me back. All I need is a small cake to take a couple bites of and then feed our guests the rest. It can even be a sheet cake with a small round one stuck on top. No biggie!

American Idol really got started last night with the top 12. The girls are dominating again!! We were disappointed in our boy Chris. Didn't love the NO glasses look or the way he did "Endless Love". I'm still having a hard time with Phil's bald head. Is it me or does he look like a young "Daddy Warbucks"?? Having to close my eyes dude, and that's a shame with those big blue eyes. Some bald heads are nice...yours...not so much. Sorry, being shallow...don't tell me about my own rules.

MM IDOL friend Cami B is now in the top 25! The other lady from Tampa is still in it too but Cami is my GIRL!!!!! I can't wait to see what she comes up with this week. She's not feeling well so I hope she gets better and knocks it out before Sunday. She's supposed to be at my reception and as Jess G knows, it's really All About ME!!! (just kidding Cami-get better!!)

Not alot of chatter yesterday. I hope everyone is feeling ok. New grading period started for DS so he is hopeful his restriction is about least for awhile. I picked up a copy of the "Diary of Anne Frank" for him over the weekend. It's one of my favorite books and I thought he might enjoy it. Then the light bulb hit me and I realized it could be a lesson about what REAL restriction is like. If he reads it, he should never complain about being stuck in his room again. At least that's my hope. He is a 11 year old boy after all...and it's all about him!

Went to the Taste Of Temple Terrace yesterday. Ate my way through 150 vendors. It was nice to run into people I hadn't seen in about 10 years. Reconnected with some old friends. Got to show off the rings!!! LOL.

Have a great Hump day. IDOL results show tonight and something else interesting I'm sure.

OH, yeah..the cost for living on a golf course....priceless....broken window, $180. Wish we were as rich as people assume because of our location. Hey man, it was a builders close out.....we ain't flush if you know what I mean.

Till later..................

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy Birthday David

Today is my new BIL's birthday. He lives in Canada and i'm not sure he is reading my blog but I know his sister does so maybe she'll pass the word.

Hope you have a super day!!!

Till Later............

PS...if it is before 4pm MST you still have time to vote for MM Idol. See post below and then read all about the wedding if you haven't already. The pictures are fabulous!

Monday, March 12, 2007

MM Idol voting now open

Before you check out the Beautiful wedding photos below, go to

and vote. You KNOW I want you to vote for my best bud- Cami B..but I'll let you decide for yourself. Her entry ROCKS and is so creative. I had the pleasure of sitting next to her all day Saturday while she completed the challenge. It was a honor to watch her work. Her attention to detail is amazing!!!

So, go vote....tell your friends to vote and then come back and read all about the big day.

Til later...............

Sunday, March 11, 2007

As promised

I will give you a detailed reporting of our wedding day and other events. I took a lazy day. I apologize if you've been checking here and been disappointed that I didn't post yet.

Ok, first off-the weather was PERFECT. About 75 at wedding time, wispy white cloud on a blue sky. Slight breeze. Perfect. My DD arrived at the house about 3pm and we finished getting ready. We took a few pictures in front of the house before we left for the school.
We took separate cars, boys in one car..girls in the other. My DD needed to get gas so we stopped and my new step son got out and pumped it for her. We were very impressed. (I found out later that his dad, my HSS, had told him to to it so my HSS actually deserves the "AHHHHHHHH, how sweet"..LOL)

We arrived at the school just a little later than originally planned. My friend, Carol, who was "marrying us" was already there and met us at the front of the school. We noticed someone just inside one of the front doors so we headed over to see if he would let us in. He did and I explained what we were there to do. I asked if there was a way he could get us into the area that would take us upstairs to the balcony. He said he'd have to go get someone and a few minutes later came back with a Mr. D-guidance counselor. I explained to Mr. D our mission and he said he'd have to get an administrator as he didn't have the authority. We waited while he walked down the LONG hallway. The kids enjoyed looking at all the trophy cases of which, HHS has a lot of. Mr. D finally came back and told us that an administrator would be along in a few minutes.
About that time we found out that the Drama class was finishing up their rehearsals so we decided to go ahead and go into the auditorium while waiting for the OK. After a few more minutes of debate if was voted that we begin the ceremony as we'd probably be finished LONG before anyone got back to us.

We headed up the stairs and got into the balcony only to discover that the lights were off and it was a little to dark for photographs. Our friend and photographer suggested that we have the ceremony outside so the pictures would turn out. Not wanting to give up yet, I yelled down to one of the remaining Drama students and explained who we were and what we wanted to do and asked if he could get the lights turned back on for a few minutes. He went back stage and the next thing we knew the Drama teacher was on the stage looking up at us. I explained again what our goal was and that we were alumni and could we please have lights for a few minutes. He got a little testy and said that "NO one had told him anything about this". I explained that not really anyone knew what we were going to do and that if he could just give us a few minutes we'd be gone and he could leave. He walked away and the lights came on. The drama students were appreciative of our story and that made us feel better.

Carol had donned the graduation robe we'd brought and looked very official. She had pasted her "script" into a binder and looked very much the part of an official. She said her part and then it was our turn to give and receive rings. I had printed a little "speech" for us to say and we decided I would go first. I got about half way through the first line and choked up. I took a deep breath and tried again, still not doing a very good job. I took a deeper breath and was able to get the rest of the words out. I was terrified that I would drop the ring (or myself) off the balcony but I managed to avoid doing either.

My HSS was next and he said everything perfectly. My rings gave us a bit of trouble but we managed to finally get them on.

Carol then pronounced us Husband and Wife and we got to kiss. The kids applauded. We took a few pictures and then decided we should get out of the building and take the rest of the pictures in the Public-front yard.

Cari took about 350 pictures and I've only seen a few but what I've seen looks great. Here are a couple she emailed me tonight. The one at the beginning of this post is from today's email too.

I LOVE all of the ones she sent.
The one of my DD & DS to the right almost made me cry when I saw it.
Isn't my new Step Son HANDSOME?? !!!!! We are going to start calling him GQ boy!
After picture taking, we headed to the restaurant. On the way we called HSS's mom to tell her it was finally official. She was still feeling sick but was very happy to get the news. She has been our biggest fan and was happier for us than we were, if that is possible.

We arrived at the restaurant only 10 minutes later than planned and a table full of my friends were already there. They all clapped when we arrived. It was so great to finally introduce my HUSBAND to my friends.
Dinner was great, the restaurant owner had done a super job of decorating the tables in our school colors. The guitar player had learned "our song" and played it for us. Everyone started eating and a good time was had by all. I even got up and helped the staff sing Happy Birthday to a couple people.
My family came, including my Nephew that was supposed to be at a meeting. It was really fun seeing all the kids together. Poor JH isn't really used to having sibs (his half brother is older than him and it was only the two of them when he came over for visitation weekends) DD & DS were "fighting" as they do and he was alittle taken a funny way. I really wish he lived down here so they could get to know each other and become close.

After awhile the evening had to come to an end and everyone started filing out. We thanked the restaurant Owner and the staff for a great night.

(((BTW-if you are looking for a nice place to go to eat and live near BBD-check out "The Tampa Brickyard" and tell Tim I sent you)))

Friday I spent most of the day getting papers finalized and name changes done. Yesterday I went to the all day crop and had a blast with my Scrapyard friends. Today was a recoup day before the busy week starts. Tomorrow I will start getting things done for the reception next Sunday. ARG!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the recap and the photos. I'll share more as I get them.

OH yeah, guess who had their first busted window today from a GOLF ball going through it?? YEP. Scared us half to death as it sounded like a HUGE explosion.
Guy didn't even apologize let alone offer any financial assistance for the repair. He said that's what we get for living on a golf course and why we have Homeowners insurance.
Uh Dude...Understand..but an apology would have been nice! Sure glad no one was standing at the kitchen sink when the ball came crashing through.
Till later......

Friday, March 9, 2007

Another picture to share

Really quick post to share a photo I just got emailed from my Photographer & friend, Cari. It's so beautiful!!!!! I promise a full story on Sunday. Have a great weekend.

WE did it!!!

I'm please and thrilled to announce that after a 30 year delay, my HSS and I are FINALLY married. I wanted to share a quick photo with you. This was taken right after the ceremony with my digital camera. It's not so good but you will get the idea. My friend, Cari, took over 500 pictures by the time the afternoon was over. I'm sure I'll have better ones to share after I get the disc from her.

You can see in the picture how flushed I was. I always get that when I'm excited, nervous, hot...I HATE it but there is nothing I can do so there you are.

Yes, that is stained glass you see in the background and no we aren't in a church. We are in the balcony of our High School. That is a very long story and I'll share it with you in a few days.

We are happy that we got the wedding we wanted and we didn't get arrested or even have cops show up. We did piss off a Drama teacher but he decided that true love can't be denied.

I'm going to get the paperwork filed with the court and take care of alot of name changing today. My new step son is leaving this morning to head back to Georgia so I'm going to sign off now so I can wake him up to say goodbye to his new step brother. The three kids were so cute together yesterday. I wish he lived closer.

Til later................
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Thursday, March 8, 2007

FINALLY 03/08/07

Start taking bets on who cries first today. I have a feeling it will be me! HSS's mom sent us the sweetest note and almost got me going last night. She is feeling awfully sick right now. Today is her Birthday and I hope she feels better soon. We are going to call her later today to tell her all about the goings on. I so wish she could be here!

I am debating about going back to bed for a little while. I had to get up and do the mom thing. I'm not sure I could go back to sleep if I tried. I woke up about 50 times last night. My left eye is hurting (guess I should have listened to the people who tell you to REMOVE eye make up before going to bed). Maybe I'll put some drops in it & close my eyes for a minute.

I'll try to have at least one picture for you tomorrow. I'm taking the day off to get stuff "official" so maybe I'll have time.

Till later.................

PS...HSS liked my hair gal and she did a super job!!! Yeah. My nails look good..hope I can keep them that way until later tonight.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

WAHOO for ME!!!

Quick post. I snuck onto one of my scrapbook groups and they were all talking about our girl, Cami, for making the MM idol top 30 (see post below). Then they said "Congrats to Cheryl"..????? I thought maybe they were referring to the wedding but it was also about the MM Idol. When they had all the voting trouble last week they offered prizes to 5 people that posted on their blog.

I was one of the 5!!!

The funny thing is that my UPLINE for TLC was the 3rd name listed. What are the odds?? The really cool thing for Lisa is that she also just won 2nd place in a "Treasure Hunt" they had recently. She had to visit 14 different Scrapbook/rubber stamping stores. They drew one name for prizes at each store and she won 2nd place.....14 ..$25 Gift from each store. WOW.

The Scrapyard gals are kicking BUTT this week.

See link for official announcement.

Til later....

OMG, do you see what day it is??

OK, ok, ok....(Joe Pesci reference)...I'm calm. Really I am. I have my list, I'm checking it twice (OK, a Santa reference-give me a little slack will ya?)..I think I have everything under control.

I picked up the dry cleaning yesterday, got my hair trimmed (against advise of several other women-I LOVE my new gal..she is awesome), got my face areas waxed..hopefully my upper lip won't break out (I remembered it doing that the last time..right AFTER she put on the first drop of hot wax)..Cleaned up my craft stuff from the dining room, straightened up my scraproom...

Today, my HSS gets his hair cut by my gal..that will be the true test of her talents...I will pick up his RX, get Passport pictures made (not sure if we will actually go anywhere but I have it in my mind to have it at one ready)..this afternoon it's a Mani/pedi..(almost had a heart attack yesterday when the gal called to CANCEL my appt for today due to a family emergency. Luckily the gal recommended another place and they had an opening and it will be half the price).

So that my readers don't think that it is ALL ABOUT ME, I have other things to report.

I forgot to mention Prison Break this week....GOOD Grief..they can't buy a break!!

AI last night..I was cleaning but listened as I worked. Was it just me or did the guys suck again?? I almost cringed when Phil was singing. Not good Dog! I still like him and Chris and Beat box boy..the rest..not so much. Speaking of Beat Box boy..HSS says he thinks he's sand bagging. He thinks he's just doing what he needs to stay in till the top 12 then he is going to start kicking butt. He is definitely talented. We'll see about the ladies tonight and then the results tomorrow. Oh yeah, I'll probably miss the results show...I'll be a little busy!

Speaking of buddy, my home gal, my muse..CAMI made it to the top 30 in MM Idol. WOW!!!!! If you don't do scrapbooking you may not appreciate how awesome that is. PLEASE sign up to vote for her and vote next Monday. I promise her LO will rock. If you want to see some of her talent close up..check out her blog. The last few she has posted there will show you what I mean. VOTE!!!!!!!!

Special shout out for my gal pal, DENISE. She got ALL the stamps at Michaels yesterday and has a set for me!!! She had caused a fuss last week (reminded me of me) and the manager actually had set the shipment aside so she could get first dibs. From what I understand she bought all but one of the sets they got in. WAHOO, go girl!!! I can't wait til Saturday to get them at the crop we are all going to. THANKS DENISE!!!!!!!!

OK, I really need to get to work early. I left hours before I'd intended to yesterday cause my buddy, HI JESSIE, talked me into going to BJ's with her. Since she is my buddy and I didn't really have anything to do..we went. That means I have to get there early today since I'm leaving at 4 for my nail appointment. Once I leave there today...I won't be back till Monday.

OH yeah....since people kept asking me if "we were registered"..I went to Target yesterday and did it. I had fun using the little scan gun. I didn't put crazy stuff on there, it's all stuff we can use. No plasma TVs or anything. If you want to check it out..go to Speaking of Target, I'm in there scanning away and I hear someone whistle. I automatically turned to see what was going on and there was my friend CARI. She started laughing and asked what made me turn around because someone whistled? I said, because It's all about me!!!!!

OK, MUST go. I'm not sure I'll get back on before the wedding but I may sneak on so please comments so I know you love me. LOL

Til later.........

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Product review

Why, you may ask, am I posting a product review 2 days before the big event? Because I made a promise to a company and I uphold my promises. Plus if I didn't do it right now, I might forget and then I'd feel bad later.

Today I'm going to tell you my experience with UHU Glue Roller and Twist and Glue.
I used the twist and glue on a birthday card I made for my (soon to be) MIL. It is a wet glue that has three levels of application..thin line, thicker and then really wide. I'm not crazy about wet glues as a rule but this one went on nice and didn't "bubble up" the paper. It stayed smooth and stuck. (a great thing in a wet glue).

I used the Glue roller to make 32 Wedding reception "cards" (see post below). I used it to glue all elements of the cards together except the raised part of the card (those were actually cheap foam squares from the Target Dollar spot). I'm happy to report that I got all but two of the cards made before I ran out of glue. The glue rubs off easily when you make a mistake but so far I have not had any of them fall apart like happens with so many "roller" products. My only complaint is that it is not refillable though the cost is fairly reasonable. Since it had 39 ft. of product I guess I got alot of mileage out of it.

These glues are available at Michaels (that's the only place I've been to look for them) and are cost comparable with other products. They are in the GLUE section, not in the scrapbooking section so you will have to remember to look for them.

If you are interested in seeing product ideas, check out "Maria's blog" on my list of favorites. The blog isn't updated as regularly as I'd like but they have interesting ideas.

Let me know if you've tried any of these and what your experiences have been.

Till later.................

Monday, March 5, 2007

Three and a wake up

If you have ever been associated with the Military you understand what that means. I can't believe it is Wedding WEEK. As I type, my DS is sniffling. If he gets sick..or makes ME sick this week.........!!!!!!!

I made 32 of these this weekend.
Inside is a Vellum sheet with the invitation to the reception. I punched holes and tied a bow to decorate the sheet. I think they turned out nice. I used my cuttlebug embossing folder and my Sizzix machine for the red sheet. The ribbon was from Joanns. Rubber stamp is Rubber Stampede. Water colored the image. I used the Ticket punch on the edges of the stamped sheet to allow for the brads. Popped up the image to give it some appeal.
I started working on the flowers for the wedding. I got mine & DD's done and half of HSS's. I can't seem to tie a decent bow for his. ARG!! I still need to make two smaller ones for the boys. I was going to work on the center pieces for the reception but I have another week before those are needed.
Made a corporate decision about my dress. Went with the first one I bought. Since it maybe a little cool, it also may be the most practical. It also kept me from having to find a formal slip. Now if I can just find something to wear around my neck.
Found a small cake topper at the local consignment shoppe. Now I just need to confirm with my friend about the cake or get one ordered.
I picked up the rings on Saturday. I put my engagement ring in with my band so it stays nice & shiny. HSS's looks so nice. I broke down and showed him the engraving...darn Desperate Housewives! (anyone that watched the show last night will get the reference.)
Check list:
Take clothes to cleaners
Hem DD's pants
Finish flowers
Confirm with restaurant about Thursday night
Make hair appointment for HSS
Make & keep nail appointment for me
Keep breathing
OK...better run. Three days of work this week and my counter part is out of town. (AGAIN) They agreed to have someone help me as needed. Good thing. I don't need any stress. rude of me. How was your weekend?? I can't wait to read about "Janes" MCR concert. My sister and several friends had a class with a famous scrapbook artist. Think I'll go read the reviews before I jump into the shower.
Don't forget...the stamps start shipping to Michaels this week. I MUST have them all!!!!
Oh...and the MM Idol is supposed to try again today. Some glitch in the voting last week made them take it off air till today. Gives you a second chance to sign up and VOTE for CAMI!!!!!
Til later.................

Friday, March 2, 2007

Twofer Friday

Lots happening and a BUSY weekend coming so these two posts might be all you get to hold you over.

AI last night, another easy guess on who was going home. It's getting boring being able to tell by the way they are seated. We had already predicted before the show and as soon as we saw where "our" people were sitting, we were sure we were right. Looking forward to next week and then getting down to the nitty gritty. BTW, how sensitive is Sundance Head?? He cried more than the people getting booted. *****BTW2..even B4 Ryan S. made his comment last night, I asked HSS if it looked like Kelly Pickler had gotten herself a new set of "girls". I don't remember her having that much cleavage last year on the show. I fell off the couch laughing when Ryan asked her what she'd done with her Idol money and she said, "Bought new shoes". He asked her if that was all??? but she acted dumb and kept saying "shoes".******

Took the rings to the jewelry store yesterday. They are getting engraved and I can pick them up tomorrow. Hopefully they print the inscription correctly, I could barely read the sales clerks handwritting.

Bought HSS a Black dress shirt. Guess we'll play dress up this weekend to decide which shirt will be the "one".

I found another dress!!!!! It looks much more like a wedding outfit but it is one that needs a full slip from shoulder to feet. Those are usually hard to find or very expensive. I'm going to try both on and decide which one I like best. The other goes back. Luckily they both came from Bealls Outlet and even though I bought the first one in Lakeland, the sales clerk said I can return it to the Brandon store if I decide I don't like it.

Started working on the reception invites. The punch I got yesterday was harder to get perfect than I'd hoped but they turned out ok. I embossed a bunch of red cardstock while watching Idol last night. This weekend I will get them together or at least try & make a big dent. That's the one good thing about the wedding and reception being two weeks apart...more time to get stuff done!

I hope you have a great weekend. My DS is at his dads so I can concentrate on wedding stuff. One of my Yahoo groups is having a Cyber Crop & Bingo this weekend. Wish I could participate but I have my priorities.

Til later..............

Stamps at Michaels

OK....first post is an ENABLER. My sister emailed the following link about new Acyrlic stamps at Michaels.

I MUST have these. If anyone finds them in their local duplicates and we will sort them out later.


EDITED****I stopped at the Mikes on BBD, NO GO. They called the N. Dale Mabry store and they said NO too. I just read a post that Corporate claims they will be in the stores starting the end of next week. Since that is Wedding week/weekend I'm not sure how much shopping I will get to do. PLEASE pick them up for me if you find any. Any of them, all of them....PLEASE!!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

My friends are the best

I have an amazing group of friends. Most of them are younger than me with small children. Alot of them are fortunate enough to be stay at home moms. I on the other hand am old enough to be most of their mothers, my children are almost grown and I have to work. We probably would never have met if it wasn't for our shared love of scrapbooking.

Today several of these amazing women got up at the crack of dawn, to drive across town, to wait in line, to sign up for a scrapbooking event in May. Knowing that I wanted to go and couldn't go to the store for sign up, they offered to sign up for me. One of the gals isn't even going herself. She just offered to wait in line to sign two of us up. HUGE Thanks to Rebecca, Cami and Cari!!!

Next thank you goes to Dawn, for driving across town to deliver a punch I purchased to make my invitations. She has been sick and still isn't feeling 100%. She met me at work so I'd have the punch to use this weekend. THANKS!!!!!!

There are other women I've met through this hobby (obsession) and I'm grateful for their friendship, inspiration, support, encouragement..DEPENDS supplies (Hi Denise!!). I hope they know how much I enjoy knowing them. I hope they are glad to have me for a friend. I'd do anything for them.

Several of these gals are going out of their way to make sure my wedding/reception goes off with the minimum of hitches. They have rearranged their schedules, made sure children are picked up and dinners are served so that they can help make the day special. They are sharing their special talents so that we will have "proof" of the ceremony and memories for a lifetime.

If I haven't thanked you individually, please forgive me. ALL of you are special to me and I really do feel lucky.

I have friends through my job that mean to the world to me too. They have stood by me during the last two years while my HSS and I got back together, bought our house, waited for LONG over due paperwork , planned the wedding ....They have been my rock during times I thought things would never come together. They have never judged me for decisions made to get to this point. They are as happy for me as they can be. THANK YOU!!!!!!

I'm taking the wedding bands to the jewelers today for their 6 month check up/cleaning. When I pulled out the paperwork this morning I noticed the date we paid off the rings....



How ironic/funny is that??

BTW, the smaller size shoes fit the boy good enough. I told him we'll duct tape them to his foot if needed. Now I just have to find HSS a shirt, take his other shirts to the dry cleaners, confirm with his son what he's wearing, talk to my DD about her outfit, print off the ceremony for the notary to practice, loose 50 lbs.......7 days and counting.....ok, Breathe.

Till later....................