Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Various thoughts

I couldn't decide what the main theme of today would be so thus it's title.


Second...Sanjay...Stop the madness. It was painful to watch him last night. In his defense, you could hear him....not that -that was a good thing. And the crying child "ASHLEY"..OMG..someone take that child to therapy NOW!! Please teach her that these are PEOPLE, not Gods. On a brighter note, LOVING Blake!! He continues to delight us. His take on the song last night was "Spot ON". Melinda-wonderful as always. Lakesha-loved the hair. Agreed that I didn't love the song as much as in nights past but still a wonderful singer. LOVED the hair!! Oh, I said that already. Jordan-WOW...So good!!! Haley-scary much tape did you have holding that thing on??

Tonight's prediction--please let it be Sanjay and stop the pain NOW!! I'm sure all the teenage boys dialed their "free hand off" for Haley so she's probably safe. I'll say that Baldy the Sailor boy may sail off into the sunset. (sorry-I haven't had my coffee yet and just spent 20 minutes swapping wits with a almost 12 yr old at the bus stop)

Third-Speaking of the almost 12 year old...TODAY IS REPORT card day. We already know what he is getting thanks to the grading site good ole Pasco county has available for parents. He did pretty good considering the 3 C's - 2 D's and a F he had at Midterm. We've decided to ramp him back off restriction. He'll get the details when he gets home tonight. We made him think last night that he wasn't going to get off at all so anything should be a gift at this point. I'm sure he'll get full privileges at his Dads since he has been letting him watch TV there most of the time..oh TV but "Not the stuff DS wanted to watch". He had to "watch what his Dad was watching". WHOA...rough!

Fourth-MM IDOL....I am so excited to announce that my friend CAMI made it to the next level! I see that the other gal from Tampa is still in it too so it should be interesting as we get to the finals. I can't wait to see what she comes up with this time. We will be on our retreat so I may get a sneak peak. I don't think I'll have Internet access so I can't give you a hint. Just make sure to follow the link on my previous post and VOTE. I know I've been pushing Cami and I still believe she is the best's a free country and you should make your decision. Please don't vote Against her because I want you to vote for her. Judge her work fairly. That's what she would ask you to do.

Fifth-My friend & photographer, Cari, finally fell under the Yuk that her family has had. I hope she is feeling better. She has company coming and needs to be up & about. I wish she was coming with us this weekend as originally planned but Family comes first.

Ok, I'm starting to really need my Spell check so it must be time to go drink that coffee I spoke about. If you missed any of the MANY posts from the last few days..scroll's riveting stuff and you wouldn't want to miss anything.

Till Later............


Jenn said...

Sanjah is dreadful! I literally turned the channel when he started yelling, "GIRL YOU REALLY GOT ME" into the mic. I agree, it was PAINFUL! I think he will stick around simply for 2 reasons: 1) 12 year old little girls that are seeing nothing but a cute face & 2) is pulling for folks to vote for him. Ridiculous.

I have to say, I like Jordin. She has an amazing voice.

Cami said...

ack! Sanjay is STILL there!!! what is going on? Even the other contestants are looking around like..."huh???!!!"

thank you for believing in me are the BEST! I swear - I have no clue how I'm going to pack for this retreat...I need my whole scrap room to get through this round! Looking forward to a great weekend though :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl, I finally made time to respond to the tagging! Thanks! Check it out! (do you have my blog addy?)