Wednesday, March 7, 2007

WAHOO for ME!!!

Quick post. I snuck onto one of my scrapbook groups and they were all talking about our girl, Cami, for making the MM idol top 30 (see post below). Then they said "Congrats to Cheryl"..????? I thought maybe they were referring to the wedding but it was also about the MM Idol. When they had all the voting trouble last week they offered prizes to 5 people that posted on their blog.

I was one of the 5!!!

The funny thing is that my UPLINE for TLC was the 3rd name listed. What are the odds?? The really cool thing for Lisa is that she also just won 2nd place in a "Treasure Hunt" they had recently. She had to visit 14 different Scrapbook/rubber stamping stores. They drew one name for prizes at each store and she won 2nd place.....14 ..$25 Gift from each store. WOW.

The Scrapyard gals are kicking BUTT this week.

See link for official announcement.

Til later....

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