Tuesday, March 20, 2007

VOTING & product reviews

It's not to late to go to MM Idol and vote for the best...IMHO---CAMI B. Considering how sick that poor girl was all last week, I'm amazed that she came up with anything but to make the BEAUTIFUL creation that she did....WOW. I really hope she gets thru to another week. YOUR VOTE could help!!! You do not have to be a scrapbooker to vote. Go to the website and register, it's free & easy and then VOTE!!!



Speaking of IDOL...AI tonight. I can't wait to see what the boys do tonight. I can't believe the campaign for Sanjia (sorry..spelling??) on "Vote for the Worst". Why people have to take something & twist it. What good are they doing for that poor boy? He looks like the kind of kid that could do harm to himself out of shame once he figures out he's not as good as he's been led to believe. Don't get me wrong, he can sing...in a quiet setting. He is NOT prepared to be in front of a stadium full of people. Anyway....looking forward to see what they do with tonights music style.

Prison Break & 24 last night...good television. Still missing my Studio 60 but at least with nothing on at 10pm now I was able to go to bed early. We taped the first show from the kid that won "Design Star"..David. I was just to tired to watch it. Tonight will probably be to busy too since I am supposed to go to the CDD meeting and then Idol and then...WAHHHHHH

Really looking forward to this weekend. I got a gift yesterday from my "Godmother" in Mass. It was a wedding album scrapbook and another mini 4 album gift set. It came in a little carrying case so it will be easy to take to the retreat. I have several others that I've gathered to put the wedding pictures in so I should have enough to make for us and the relatives. Now if I could just find the RED cardstock/Bazzill I need and not have to pay a forture for it..I'd be set.

OH yeah...I got picked on another blog to receive Scalloped Squares punched from different colors. They were giving away a PUNCH. I missed out on that but was one of 3 out of 375 that were picked for the 2nd prize. The lady GINA K is really sweet (I haven't met her of course but she seems nice on her blog and in her emails to me) She has a store and a line of stamps. Check out her link to the left.

Speaking of new designers & Stamps..you must check out PAPERTREY Ink. http://www.papertreyink.com/ They just started selling their own designed acylic stamps. They are releasing a set a month with occassional special releases. They just "Opened" February 15th. I waited to see what the second set would look like before I ordered ( I was trying to save on postage fees). The March set was Butterflies and while I may order it later..I'm not a Butterfly kinda gal. I ended up ordering the 1st set and a bottle of stamp cleaner refill. It is recommended on a lot of the Card makers blogs as the BEST for cleaning even Stayzon --off you stamps. I'll let you know when I try it. I have to tell you the customer service for this new company is amazing & QUICK. I paid and had my stamps within a couple days. Their packaging is very professional looking and the stamps crisp and stick easily to the CD holder they provide to store them in. I didn't use them yet but plan to as soon as I have time (maybe this weekend). I've added the link to my Creative Favorites list. If you order anything, tell um "Cheryl Hinton" sent you.

Guess that is enough product advertisment for one morning. Enjoy your day & if you have a blog....go update it. Your readers will thank you.

OH!!!!! I almost forgot. DS made the list of kids to "try out" to make the next level belt in Karate. (sorry , my mind went blank and I can't think of the right term) Anyway, he's only been training since January so this is early. The day is April 14th so mark your calendars. It's exactly one week after his birthday so that would be a great present for him.

Till later..............

EDITED: DUH!!!! It's called TEST. Of course! Must go get some coffee.

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Cami said...

oooh, those butterfly stamps are gorgeous! thanks for the link! can't wait for this weekend! woohoo!!!