Monday, March 26, 2007


and exhausted! 6 hours sleep over two nights, that's about right. I actually came home and went to sleep at 9:30 last night. I was falling asleep on the couch before that.

We had 12 women scrapping and laughing and was amazing. Considering we three "Tampa" gals didn't know the other 9 we all got along famously. They were already there when we arrived....note-DO NOT go to eat at the Perkins when you get off I4 at Haines City unless you have three hours to kill. If you do go though..say hello to "Granny" the waitress for us.

We went to AC Moore on Saturday and were gone from the house for over three hours. LOVED the store but they were out of stock on alot of the scrapping products. They were getting ready to have a big sale (after we left of course) so I assume they were going to restock soon. No matter, we each still managed to spend an average of $50 on stuff that was ON SALE or clearance. I can't wait until they build the AC Moore near us.....HURRY UP!!!!

I did manage to complete a 20 page album for my new "Son" and another 10- pages for another wedding book. I also did a 12 x 12 page LO for my GATOR. What a hoot! I'll have to take pictures and post it here, really funny and I used one of my new Cricut cartridges so who says it wasn't worth buying "Animal Kingdom"?

Here is a picture of the gals:
My eyes aren't focused enough yet to give the names in order but..HI..wendy, April, Jill, Beth, Cami, Denise, Rebecca, ME, Mary...crap...I need my cheat sheet to finish the names...SORRY. I think there is another! No offense gals-I'm AWFUL with names even after I've had lots of sleep. In any event, you all were great fun.

Have a great Monday. GO is MM IDol day. Cami made another amazing challenge entry but she needs everyone to vote for her to move on. I hope she got home in time to take new pictures and get them loaded by the deadline. The voting should be up later this morning so keep checking back and VOTE.

Ok, I really need coffee and to get my butt moving. I will catch up on the other blogs later so GO UPDATE them so I have lots to read.

Til later...........


Lisa D:) said...

It sounds like you had a great time. You sound like me at a weekend retreat...6 hours sleep sounds pretty good! Can't wait to see the gator layout!

Cami said...

hi back! sure was a fun weekend! I am still exhausted...can't wait to do it again (only when I don't have a special project to do to stress me out!)

Catherine Feegel-Erhardt said...

Isn't that scrap house the best? I loved it! I cannot wait to go back. Let me know if you ever need "one more"...don't know about a full 12..yikes. Looks crowded. But, a very productive weekend for sure!
PS.. thanks for the link to my blog but what is CFH? funny.