Friday, May 30, 2008

Winding down & ramping up

Another LONG, short week at work. Looking forward to tonight and a gathering of friends for some scraping & chatting.

LOST season finale did not disappoint. It actually ANSWERED some questions or at least helped put some time lines together. Really good but the Kipster hasn't seen the end so I can't spill any beans. We fought to stay awake and made it...barely.

SL@H Party tomorrow night. Looking forward to that. The rest of the weekend is wide open. May bake some cookies from the fundraiser cookie dough I got suckered into buying.

My Sister & her DS are in Georgia visiting our favorite niece and her boys. BIG birthday celebration this weekend. Wish I could have gone. Really looking forward to pictures as the boys are always so adorable.

Had a visit from N and her sweet little boy. My DS actually asked to hold him and I wish I had taken a picture. So cute. Looking forward to meeting the newest SY baby one day soon. ya doing girl?? Hang in there.

Not alot to say. Need to run out and claim my DS's Karate gear from his Dads house. Need to go to the bank. Good times!

Til later...............

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Today is a big day. My adorable, youngest Step Son turns 21. His dad spoke with him over the weekend but I know he'd rather be spending today with him, in person. We are supposed to see him this summer so I guess we will have to wait til then to celebrate.


Here's a favorite picture of our Middle children..LOL. I can't believe DD will be 21 in about 7 months.

Til later...........

Monday, May 26, 2008

weekend is waining

I'm coming up from my three day coma. I've spent two and a half days doing nothing. I only left the house on Saturday to get some milk. I watched DVR'd shows, caught up on my magazines,read emails and slept late. Wonderful.

Today I went on a date with my DH. We saw the new Indiana Jones movie...LOVED IT. No matter what you read, if you are a Indiana Jones/Harrison Ford fan you should see this movie and in a movie theatre. It was classic Indie..cheezy, silly and over the top. If you are looking for an intellecual movie, this is not it. After the movie we went to dinner. Nothing fancy but a nice time together.

Going to spend the rest of the evening catching up on some more recorded shows and getting ready for the work week. At least it is only four days. Can't believe it will be the end of May come the next weekend. I'm looking forward to June becaue it means the SLAH convention is in a couple weeks. I'm really looking forward to that.

What did you do this weekend?

BTW, CONGRATS to my niece JM for graduating from High School on the 23rd. I can't believe you can be that old. My goodness, time is flying. BEST WISHES for your future. The world is your Oyster.

Til later...............

Friday, May 23, 2008

Doing the happy dance

I found and have watched SEVERAL times, the final moments of AI. I LOVED IT!! It's probably a good thing I didn't see it live last night cause I would have been crying like a little girl. It was great. I loved the way DC kept including DA (and the rest of the gang) in his big moment. LOVED his brother in the audience mouthing, "That's my Brother". I actually downloaded the "Time of my life" song from Itunes and was really bummed I couldn't down load any of the older songs.

I know Ryan kept telling us they would only be available until a certain date.

What is your point?

So Greys Fans?????? What did you think? I had already read about the "SHOCKING KISS" so wasn't really surprised. Not sure how that will play out. Call me stuffy but my favorite moment was when the Chief "Bowed up" and TOLD his wife he was coming home. I'm a sucker for "Old love". LOL.

Tried to watch the season finale of CSI-Vegas on the computer last night and it kept going back to the beginning after the first 5-8 minutes. I was clicking the FULL Episode so I don't understand why I couldn't get it to play. Can someone that watches "TV" on the computer explain it to me?

We have alot of stuff to catch up on this weekend with our TV watching. That is the big plan. I'd love to try and see a Movie but that will depend on several things.

Several of my friends are driving up to Ocala to take advantage of a sale. LOL. One of their husbands suggested the cost of gas made that a silly plan. What does he know? I'm not going as I didn't even buy much when we were at the store last weekend. 40% off would be great but I REALLY do not need anything.

But sleep.


WELCOME to the newest SY baby. Hey little J. Super cool name. Can't wait to meet you. Hi MOM. Get plenty of rest while you can.

Hope everyone has a great & safe weekend.

Til later................

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Two seconds away

from missing the BIG announcement.......


I can't fully convey what was going on at my house last night while we were watching the AI finale. We had the show recording.....we waited to watch until an hour into the show so we could fast forward through the's getting down to the wire when we realize WE MAY NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME SAVED on the recording.

My DH did not record the show right after AI in case it ran long. ( He doesn't watch award shows and didn't realize he should have extra time, just in case they ran over...He records 7 extra hours when he is recording his NASCAR races..I'm just saying.)

It's to late to go back and pick up the other show...he may cause the entire AI show to malfunction....We are recording something on a different station so it will not automatically allow us to go back when we become "Live". (We had a misfortunate ERASURE of the CSI-Vegas FINALE FROM LAST WEEK that we are still dealing wasn't me, that's all I'm saying)

Anyway.....they are 8 minutes from the end of our time...they go to commercial...they come back with about 3 minutes left..they go to the judges for comments..NO!!!!!!! Paula can ramble for 3 minutes....hurry Ryan....Paula is sort of brief and then Simon desides to become HUMAN and apologize to DC.

THANKS! Should have done that LAST NIGHT.

Ryan starts to announce the WINNER .....of....... the .......2008...... American....... Idol.................

DH starts to check to see how much time is left on the recording...I scream......NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He puts down the remote.....

Ryan says....IS........DAVID..........COOOOOOOK.

We Scream and the recording ENDS as the " K" leaves his mouth.

Our boy won!!!! BUT, we didn't get to see any of the celebration. The final Song. The family moment. NOTHING. But, we saw the winning moment by 2 SECONDS!

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Now I have to go find the rest of the show on the internet. I tried for 30 minutes last night and they didn't have it available. I must find! that I have that out of my are my favorite moments from last night, before my Blood Pressure got a work out:

David Cook singing and playing with ZZ TOP.

Jack Black as a PIP (you MUST find that video clip!)

David Cook in the Guitar HERO commercial doing the Risky Business take off. !!!!!

David A doing the same commercial and showing EXACTLY the difference between the Davids. LOL

The Guru trying to shave David C and David A catching the shaving cream as it fell then watching David C crack up laughing. Priceless!

There would probably be other moments from the END OF THE SHOW but since I haven't seen them....Sorry, I need a second.....

Til later...............

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

By popular demand

I will post! LOL. Hi Jenna. I was going to update yesterday but we had meetings all day and by the time I got home it was family time and I didn't go near the computer. So, sit back and let me fill you in on all you've missed.

The scrapbooking retreat was great. 12 women. 10 hours of total sleep between all of us. Trip to Russell Stovers. To much chocolate. Discovered a "new" thrift store. Some alcohol (well a little for me, much more for some). A seven hour "shopping" trip to Ocala. Another HORRIBLE dining experience. (that reminds me, I need to contact Ruby Tuesday's corporate office). Laughing until our sides hurt. Made three new friends. 4 layouts, one that won for Gross-est. 23 cards. Memories that will last until the next SY adventure.

Our new Nurse started Monday. We finally met her yesterday. Seems nice. Glad for the help as we are about to loose another gal and the remaining ladies are overworked. Receptionist slot at work is officially vacant and we are all filling in until they hire and train someone else. Yeh. Trying to keep a good attitude.

TV this week has been VERY good!! The season finales of BONES and HOUSE were outstanding. Bones was very sad as they "lost" one of their members. Not sure if he will be on the show next year due to the way they left it. Sorry to see him go as he was a favorite character. HOUSE was EXCELLANT but also sad. Didn't really care for the character on that show but it impacted people that we do like. The acting was stellar. LOVE the character of HOUSE. I want to be his friend.

American Idol ends another season tonight. Our original pick DA may win the whole thing but we have grown really fond of DC. He is clearly the better over all performer and will certainly have the bigger career (in our opinion). I'm still worried for Little David. He has a wonderful voice but almost all of his songs sound the same. He also always looks like he is about to pass out when they are talking to him. I'm really worried about the "industry sharks" and what they may do to him. I hope he gets good people that will protect him until he is mature enough to handle things. As for "Big" David...Can't wait for his album. LOVE to listen and watch him.

Didn't get to watch the Dancing results show last night (actually I'm about 3 weeks behind) but wasn't surprised to hear the winner this morning. The shows I saw, she was clearly the better dancer/performer. I didn't see the most recent shows so can't say if anyone one else stepped up. Anyone watch??

I almost forgot..........anyone watch ER last week or Desperate Housewives? OMGoodness!!!!!!!!!!!! Great scott, great shows. Opinions???

DH disagrees but I liked Moonlight and am kinda bummed it was canceled. I read a list of canceled shows yesterday and several of our favorites are gone. And yet, the Office, Earl & 30 Riock are still on the air. I just don't get it. Guess that is what makes us all so different. Something for everyone.

BIG NEWS>>>>>>>>>>DS passed his Karate test and is now officially a BLUE BELT. He may get his new belt tonight during class. I will have my camera at the ready. He was playing it kind of cool Monday night when we read the results but I know he is pleased.

Feeling better, thanks for asking. Just still really tired. Looking forward to a three day weekend with NO plans. I have a party scheduled for Saturday night but my Hostess has been ill so may postpone til July. I hope not but will understand. Anyone want her slot??

Unless I hear otherwise we should have our next SY baby tomorrow. Scheduled C-section and I know Mom is ready. HI D!!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet the little guy and finally find out his name. She has kept it a secret, her right, but we want to know! Just hoping everything goes smoothly and everyone is healthy.

That is all I can think of for now. What's been happening with you all? Tag, you're it. Go update. Speaking up updates...I need to run over and check on Tricia and her family. I'm so happy for them to have Gwen "home". The pictures are so precious. It's such a wonderful story of love and God's work on earth.

Til later.............

Monday, May 19, 2008

Back & Blaaaaaaa

I got back yesterday about 3pm but didn't feel like blogging. Truthfully, I still don't. Sorry. I'm tired. I have a head-ache. I'm trying to lay low. I'll try and update on our wild weekend tomorrow.

Til later.......

Friday, May 16, 2008

Time to pack


It is 9am and I want to leave by noon. Hmmm. Guess I should get my crap together. No fear. Once I start it takes me a short time. I got as far as pulling things out. I didn't get them put into anything but I have piles.

Not all my fault.

My friend and new neighbor, N, came down last night to bring us an official baby announcement. We discussed new motherhood, our neighbor who is apparently a victim of a down turn in circumstances, this weekends trip that she wants to go on but it's to late, and several other items of vital importance before dragging some boxes down to her garage. How could I pack during that? LOL. Actually, I was reading the newspaper when she arrived so it wasn't like she dragged me away from my appointed rounds.

Good grief, now it is almost 9:30.

Leave me alone.

I have things to do.

See ya Sunday.

Til later..........

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not much I can say

about the outcome from yesterday.

1. David Cook ROCKS!!

2. I wish I didn't know what I know about the top story from yesterday. I wish our system worked better. I can't say more as I am not supposed to know what I know. My thoughts and prayers of healing are with the victims family members and all of the law enforcement personnel (and their families) that are dealing with what they saw on Monday. No one should have to have that in their heads. Thank you for your service. I'm sorry for what you have to deal with. Please accept any therapy you are offered. Hug your family.

Leaving tomorrow. Still not packed. No idea what I'll work on. Hope you all have a great weekend. If you missed the news about Tricia & Gwen scroll down and read my post from yesterday or check the list to the left.

Til later..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Waiting on the weekend

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. 12 gals, a house full of scrapbooking supplies, some alcohol, a road trip to Hobby Lobby and a stop at the Russell Stover store ...what could be better?

Well, a weekend in my DH's arms but this is a family blog!

Have I started packing? Silly question. No.

I'm not leaving until mid-day Friday so I have plenty of time. Really.

Missed AI last night as I had a SL@H meeting. It's taped and we will watch it tonight before the results show. Don't tell me anything. We've been avoiding any reports or opinions. We will discuss in great detail if you wish..tomorrow.

Speaking of my meeting last night, we went to a Mexican restaurant in North Tampa called "Mariposa" (I'm not being paid to advertise, it's just part of my story). I had the Tiger Shrimp Salad. It was very good. Side note..I almost asked the server for Chop sticks because of the bowl it was served it. I got half the words out when I said, "Oh yeh, Mexican restaurant. Never mind!". It was really good and I ate the entire thing plus a rootbear and a half. Towards the end of the meeting I was beginning to feel like I should "loose half my dinner" as I was so uncomfortable. Just about then one of my Hostesses called to say she was going to meet me there to swap some products. Perfect. Since there is a Home Goods in the same plaza we agreed to meet there.

Lets just say that I ended up trapped in the HG's bathroom, with NO CELL SERVICE ( I want Jack Bowers phone service darn it) and my Hostess not knowing what had happened to me. My Upline was also there since we car pooled and she knew I'd gone into the bathroom but was shopping and didn't realize I was in distress. UGH. I finally managed to pull myself together enough to get out of the rest room and find my people.

Only me.

TMI, I know. I'm all about "Keeping it real, Dog".

My DS is testing for his next level belt on SATURDAY. Darn it! It will be the first test I've missed. He was picked by his teacher to test as not everyone in the class is testing for the grand poooooba that is coming from down NY. He is a scary dude. Looks like a short, sweet bald man but he can kick your butt in a heartbeat. My DH will take the boy to the test and his sister is going to go later to see the test and bring him home. They won't announce the results until next week so at least I won't miss that.

I have an opinion on what should happen to people that mutilate and kill children but I will stay off that soapbox for now. I will say that, if found guilty, they should be tortured over a long period of time. Straight out killing them would be to light of a sentence. As you read the news over the next week or so you will know what I'm talking about. Mental illness is a subject I am familiar with but I have a hard time allowing it to be an excuse in this particular case. I'm sure we will find out that the system failed, once again to get a sick person the treatment they needed so that this horrific event didn't take place. Our government needs to wake up.

Well, guess I got up on my box after all.

Til later................

PS. Once again, God showed me the other side of this crazy world. After writing the above entry, I went to read Tricia's blog as I do several times a day. Gwen may be released TOMORROW!!! Praise God the little miricle. Then I looked through the amazing phot shoot they had with Jessica Claire. You must check this out. If it doesn't touch your heart and give you hope...I don't know what to say.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Birthday Wishes and the rest of the weekend

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TC in Georgia. He is the oldest of my niece's boys and a wonderful kid. Hopefully he'll get my card & gift today. (Sorry-Jenna. I didn't make his card...oops. I figured he'd rather get it on time than wait for me to get my act together)

Saturday night several of the "famous" ScrapYard gals got together to give one of our own a Surprise 30th Birthday dinner at a local restaurant. I thought I'd be clever and park my car somewhere else so she wouldn't see it and drive over with another friend. (Hi D!!). What started as a great idea sort of turned into a typical bumbling as we tried to round up a couple more gals to join us at the "off site" location. We got word from one of the gals that she had gone by the restaurant and discovered just because you have reservations for 7:15, that doesn't mean you will get seated by then. We hauled it over to the restaurant and for the next 15 minutes implored the manager to get us seated before the Birthday Girl arrived or there would be hell to pay from the planner of the party (HI CK!!!) He finally had to put us back by the bathrooms until they could get our table ready and we were in our seats for less than 10 minutes before the Birthday girl arrived. HI CAMI!!!!!!!!! She was so surprised when they finally walked in and she saw a full table instead of the table for two she expected. We had a fabulous server, Tyler, and we ate and talked for several hours. When we finally left the restaurant we ended up standing in the parking lot talking for at least another hour. Finally we decided to go to the local Starbucks to continue talking.

D & I got there first and saw a sign out front that said, "Open 24 Hours". Sweet! We called the other gals and told them and waited for them to arrive. They finally did, about 30 minutes later. They ended up staying and talking to one of the gals that wasn't going to come to Starbucks. She is getting ready to move to Alabama because of several unfortunate sets of circumstances. We are really going to miss her! ( HI M!! Keep in touch).

Anyway, we sat and talked for awhile and finally decided to go outside to sit as it was a nice night and the chairs looked more comfortable. We'd been sitting there for alittle while when the "baristia" (is that right??) came to the front door and started LOCKING IT!. Locking a door that is right next to the BIG A** Green Neon sign that says, "OPEN 24 Hours".


She asked us if we needed anything before she locked up and we questioned the locking with the sign stating Open 24 hours. Before she could say anything, the smart butt in me quoted the old joke...."they are open 24 hours, just NOT IN A ROW.". She explained the drive thru was open but the lobby closed at midnight.

Hmmmmm. Perhaps the sign should say that???

We ended up sitting there for awhile longer and enjoyed watching all the people walk up and try to open the front door. It reminded us of AI when the contestants tried to leave the audition room and most of the time got fooled by the wrong door. We were nice enough to advise them that the Drive thru was still open.

We finally realized that we are old and there is not really anything to do at 12:30pm in North Tampa so we headed to our cars. Since mine was still at another site and had stuff in it for the Birthday girl, they followed us. We had a run in with a CRAZED parking lot sweeper man but managed to get in our cars and on our way without real incident. I got home about 1am. WOW. What a night.

One of our party gals is expecting her baby soon and really wanted to have him on Mother's Day. I haven't heard anything so I guess it didn't work. Sorry, D...did you try Taco Bell??

Big Phone duty day so I guess I'll get some stuff done before my first shift.

Til later.................................

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Mom's day. I know a friend of mine lost her mother yesterday. It was expected but I'm sure she is still sad to not have her around today in the usual sense. HUGS and love to my former "TLC" upline and now, SY friend, LC.

Did you call your mom yet? I spoke to my mom this morning and will be bringing her lunch tomorrow. DH talked to his mom too. Here is the card I sent to my MIL. I can't show you my moms card of course cause she hasn't seen it yet!

I heard from my young'uns. DS got home about 2pm and we put him right to work on my Mother's Day gift, Washing my car! My DH gave him a very detailed lesson on the proper way to wash a car. I sat in the shade under a HUGE umbrella and was amazed at how much I didn't know about washing cars. I swear. I am a swipe & run person. Not DH. He patiently explained where you should wash first & why, how to do it correctly, how to rinse properly, explained the way the car is designed to run off water and how you use that when washing & rinsing. WOW. The boy learned alot and did a great job. Here are a couple of my favorite pics.

The funniest thing was when my DH took a drink from the water hose and DS almost had a heart attack! He said, you aren't supposed to drink from that!! DH explained that it is the same water that goes into the house and this is DS's first attempt at "being a kid"

I was going to fill you in on the rest of my weekend fun but my DD just arrived and I want to spend time with her.

Til later.................

Friday, May 9, 2008

What a week, TGIF times ten

Some weeks are so long and boring and then there is this week....Good grief!

No test results yet.

Not surprised by the AI results. Gotta love Jason Castro's spirit. Gonna miss the John Travolta love child look alike. Hard to believe we are down to the final three. Gonna get good!!!

My co-worker was in an car accident yesterday morning. No one can convince me that it wasn't partly caused by how freaked out she is by the news from Tuesday. She is one of the remaining two nurses and is already so over worked she can't see straight. Thankfully, the only thing that may be badly damaged is her car. She refused to go to the hospital but went to a doctor who checked her out and said she seems ok. Her air bags did not deploy so I expect she is plenty sore today. I told her yesterday NOT to come back to work until at least next Tuesday. She is the kind of worker that would have driven straight from the doctors office to work and stayed late to make up the time she missed due to the accident. She never takes lunch and refuses to leave early when she has a right to. **speaking of, one of the two nurses that are leaving us accepted a position already and will be gone at the end of the month. I'm not happy with all the changes as we are a really great group and get along so well. It's going to be hard to bring in new people and especially if it turns out to be THREE new people. ARG!!!****

Great news on the Tricia blog. WOW. If you haven't been there in awhile, go check it out.

Didn't watch Greys last night as we wanted to see the "Special" episode of CSI-Vegas that was written by the writers of Two and a Half Men. DH thought it was lame and a waste of our show but I enjoyed it. I guess I went into it knowing it was going to be silly and it was. Watched LOST afterwards and it was another "WHAT the heck?" episode.

Talked to my neighbor last night that has been having mysterious symptoms for many months. It has caused him to slur so bad you can't understand him. He's lost weight because he can't swallow. They have been testing him for ALS and some other things. Recently they started a new treatment and he has been responding. They still do not know for sure what he has but his speech is clearer and he is able to eat again. Good things as his shorts were falling off, even with a belt. His wife is cautiously optimistic.

Still no idea what we will be doing on Sunday. Haven't heard from my DD. She apparently has been working some long shifts at her new job. Spoke to my Mom yesterday and she said they have no plans either. I suggested us moms take ourselves out to the movies or something. I finally told DH that I'd like a GC for Hobby Lobby. The closest one is in Ocala but its part of our annual Road Trip while we are at the SY retreat. Since that is next weekend, I figured that was a good thing to ask for.

Looks like my last BIG SLAH order will be delivered today and tomorrow. I split it in two so the Hostess wasn't overwhelmed. She is still getting three HUGE boxes. I need to get with her as I ordered some Customer specials for my co-workers off her party. Maybe I'll make a road trip to her house tomorrow.

Or maybe I'll sleep all day!

What ever you do, be safe, love your family.....

Til later.......................

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One year anniversary at work

Today marks one year since I was hired to be the administrative assistant for my team. There will be no fan-fair as we just celebrated AA day, most of our team is out of the office and we got some sobering news yesterday so no one feels like celebrating. We found out that thanks to our fabulous brain trusts that figure out budgets, we will probably loose two of our remaining four nurses by the end of June. They do not want to leave but their contracts were not renewed (actually I think they can stay if they agree to take the position with NO benefits). We are already short a nurse so it was a real shock not to mention how much we love the two ladies in question. Poop!

AI last night. Oh my. What a "interesting" evening. Can't wait to see what America has decided.

Follow up with my Cardiologist this morning. My BP was still alittle high yesterday but it was right before my Dermatologist appointment and I was a bit anxious. I've been on my water pills for over a week so am curious to see if it is helping. I should also get the results of my test from last Friday. Fun, FUN!!

How you doing??? What's happening?? Several of my Peeps are neglecting their Blogs. UPDATE!!! Have you thought about Sunday yet? If you have a mom to honor, what are you doing? I've been asked what I want and can't decide. Sleep for 24 hours?? Sounds good to me. My DD has a new job (in addition to the one she already has) and may have to work. My DS is at his Dad's and I was counting on her to bring him home on Sunday. Guess we'll see what happens. Mailed a box to my MIL yesterday so I'm at least half way ahead of the game of honoring my moms.

Til later....................

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New soap box and Family Circle

Over the weekend I got several magazines to add to the 4-5 I'm already behind on reading. One of them is Family Circle and the other is Woman's Day. I'm letting them expire as I never have time to read them so sometimes I just never get around to reading them. For some reason (well actually now I know why) I decided to read the Family Circle one. One of the articles caught my eye about skin cancer.

Usually I skim through those kind of articles because I have the "turtle mentality". Don't ask/don't tell and it can't be true. Immature I know but I'm a chicken at heart. I'm trying to be better so cut me some slack! Anyway, at the end of the article it had pictures and descriptions of the three most common kinds of skin cancer. The very first one really caught my eye because it looked like and perfectly described a spot on my face that I've treated like acne for quite awhile.

Since it perfectly described the spot, I got alittle freaked and called yesterday to make an appointment with a dermatologist. I didn't really feel comfortable getting naked in front of the Dermo that just treated my DS, so I found an all women practice close to my office. When I called they originally said they were booking the end of this month or early in June. I casually mentioned why I wanted to be seen and she found a cancellation for this morning.

Long story short, nice office, friendly staff and doctor. She did a full body scan and 99% agreed with my self diagnosis of "Basel Cell Carcinoma" for the spot on my face. According to the FC article that is the most common type and most easily treated. She took a sample scrape and if it is positive I'll be referred to a specialist for removal because it is on my face.

What really surprised and frankly scared me was her reaction to a spot on my left arm. It just looked like a series of small moles/spots but she didn't like the look of one of the spots. When she pointed it out, that one spot did have irregular features but was so small it didn't trigger anything with me. She took a sample of that too and we'll know both results in about a week.

So now I'm trying not to freak out as I know everything is in Gods hands. I am trying. Not easy for me as I am a worrier which I know is an insult to the one that holds us all in his hand. Trust me, I struggle with that all the time.

So my new soap box is to get screened. Use top notch sun screen or avoid the sun when ever possible. And, do not dismiss Family Circle magazine. It can quite possibly save your life.

On a brighter four tonight. Wonder if Paula has gotten her notes straight or if they have banned her from Dress Rehearsal all together.

Til later.....................

Sunday, May 4, 2008

It only took five months

but the garage is cleaned up. Would have been done sooner if my DD had helped me when she was supposed to..(Love ya J)....but it is done. We decided we wouldn't put the truck inside but you almost could if you wanted to. There are several large boxes of trash that are taking up room but they will be gone Wed. I also cleaned up the dining area and brought in the desk I bought about a month ago. I put it into the dining area as a desk and put two of my rolling storage units under it and filled them with scrap/card making stuff. Now I can use it as a desk for my business..craft table..and if needed a dining table.

I didn't get any scraping done. I have about 10 cards I need to make and get mailed. Maybe tomorrow.

Almost time for Desperate Housewife's so gonna run.

Til later....................

Friday, May 2, 2008

May is here and so is the weekend

I know May officially started yesterday. I didn't post. Sorry. I was busy. Doing busy work. Or recovering from the "scrapbook". Maybe I was just recovering from AI and all the other craziness of the week.

What ever.

I'm back!

May 1st brought a new month and with it new specials for my SLaH Hostesses & Customers. I've had a flyer showing the May Specials on my website for a month but then they went and shook things up. If you are on my SLaH newsletter mailing list, you will get the news in a couple of days. If you are like me and can't stand to wait, check out this. WOWSER!!!!! I wish I was a May Hostess! Maybe I will be, just to get the specials. I have some days available so contact me ASAP as these are to great to miss.

I have my MRI this afternoon and I'm in the process of fasting. UGH. I got busy and didn't eat much before my cut off time of 10am so now I'm starving. Well, I feel like I'm starving. I could live off my "rear" for a year so I'm sure I won't die before 3pm but it feels like I could. I'll let you know when I get my results. I've been taking my Water Pill for almost a week and it is definitely making my trips to the restroom much more frequent. If I'd drink more water we might get a little weight loss out of this. I've been feeling less stress too so maybe my BP is down. I haven't checked at all this week so I'm not sure what the reading might be. I figured they would take my pressure at the appointment so I'll wait and see.

Tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day. I am not officially taking part in any events but may clear a path and make a page or two. Or I may watch TV and movies with my DH.

The boy is going to be with his dad Saturday afternoon & night as they have family in town for a college graduation. Seems alittle strange not being able to see the family and take part in the festivities but I guess I'm technically NOT family anymore. I asked my DD to wish her cousin, congrats and tell her grandparents I said hello. Hopefully she will. I still have fond feelings for the family. They never did anything wrong and were very supportive after the Divorce. Right up until I apparently (in their minds) lost my mind and hooked back up with my HSS. They haven't really spoken to me since. Understandable. I just hope they can see how much happier my DS is and what a "cooler" kid he is after 3+ years with my DH in his life.

Anyway, what are your plans?

I have a Southern Living at Home party after work tonight. I emailed the new Hostess specials to her yesterday so I hope she is excited. I'd LOVE for her to earn all the FREE stuff they added to the months offerings. The customer specials are pretty super too so maybe that will help increase her sales.

Hope everyone has a great weekend & safe travels if you are going anywhere to celebrate NSD. I'll try and check back in but can't swear to it. If the weather holds, we are cleaning out the garage on Sunday after the boy returns from his Dad's. FUN!!!

Til later.............