Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Waiting on the weekend

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. 12 gals, a house full of scrapbooking supplies, some alcohol, a road trip to Hobby Lobby and a stop at the Russell Stover store ...what could be better?

Well, a weekend in my DH's arms but this is a family blog!

Have I started packing? Silly question. No.

I'm not leaving until mid-day Friday so I have plenty of time. Really.

Missed AI last night as I had a SL@H meeting. It's taped and we will watch it tonight before the results show. Don't tell me anything. We've been avoiding any reports or opinions. We will discuss in great detail if you wish..tomorrow.

Speaking of my meeting last night, we went to a Mexican restaurant in North Tampa called "Mariposa" (I'm not being paid to advertise, it's just part of my story). I had the Tiger Shrimp Salad. It was very good. Side note..I almost asked the server for Chop sticks because of the bowl it was served it. I got half the words out when I said, "Oh yeh, Mexican restaurant. Never mind!". It was really good and I ate the entire thing plus a rootbear and a half. Towards the end of the meeting I was beginning to feel like I should "loose half my dinner" as I was so uncomfortable. Just about then one of my Hostesses called to say she was going to meet me there to swap some products. Perfect. Since there is a Home Goods in the same plaza we agreed to meet there.

Lets just say that I ended up trapped in the HG's bathroom, with NO CELL SERVICE ( I want Jack Bowers phone service darn it) and my Hostess not knowing what had happened to me. My Upline was also there since we car pooled and she knew I'd gone into the bathroom but was shopping and didn't realize I was in distress. UGH. I finally managed to pull myself together enough to get out of the rest room and find my people.

Only me.

TMI, I know. I'm all about "Keeping it real, Dog".

My DS is testing for his next level belt on SATURDAY. Darn it! It will be the first test I've missed. He was picked by his teacher to test as not everyone in the class is testing for the grand poooooba that is coming from down NY. He is a scary dude. Looks like a short, sweet bald man but he can kick your butt in a heartbeat. My DH will take the boy to the test and his sister is going to go later to see the test and bring him home. They won't announce the results until next week so at least I won't miss that.

I have an opinion on what should happen to people that mutilate and kill children but I will stay off that soapbox for now. I will say that, if found guilty, they should be tortured over a long period of time. Straight out killing them would be to light of a sentence. As you read the news over the next week or so you will know what I'm talking about. Mental illness is a subject I am familiar with but I have a hard time allowing it to be an excuse in this particular case. I'm sure we will find out that the system failed, once again to get a sick person the treatment they needed so that this horrific event didn't take place. Our government needs to wake up.

Well, guess I got up on my box after all.

Til later................

PS. Once again, God showed me the other side of this crazy world. After writing the above entry, I went to read Tricia's blog as I do several times a day. Gwen may be released TOMORROW!!! Praise God the little miricle. Then I looked through the amazing phot shoot they had with Jessica Claire. You must check this out. If it doesn't touch your heart and give you hope...I don't know what to say.

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Denise said...

I am packed and ready for this weekend... Can't wait to have a few days with my gals....

It is truly amazing how well Trish and Gwen are doing, praise the highest power.

Tell the boy good luck on Saturday, not that he needs it, but it doesn't hurt.

Hugs to you...