Wednesday, May 21, 2008

By popular demand

I will post! LOL. Hi Jenna. I was going to update yesterday but we had meetings all day and by the time I got home it was family time and I didn't go near the computer. So, sit back and let me fill you in on all you've missed.

The scrapbooking retreat was great. 12 women. 10 hours of total sleep between all of us. Trip to Russell Stovers. To much chocolate. Discovered a "new" thrift store. Some alcohol (well a little for me, much more for some). A seven hour "shopping" trip to Ocala. Another HORRIBLE dining experience. (that reminds me, I need to contact Ruby Tuesday's corporate office). Laughing until our sides hurt. Made three new friends. 4 layouts, one that won for Gross-est. 23 cards. Memories that will last until the next SY adventure.

Our new Nurse started Monday. We finally met her yesterday. Seems nice. Glad for the help as we are about to loose another gal and the remaining ladies are overworked. Receptionist slot at work is officially vacant and we are all filling in until they hire and train someone else. Yeh. Trying to keep a good attitude.

TV this week has been VERY good!! The season finales of BONES and HOUSE were outstanding. Bones was very sad as they "lost" one of their members. Not sure if he will be on the show next year due to the way they left it. Sorry to see him go as he was a favorite character. HOUSE was EXCELLANT but also sad. Didn't really care for the character on that show but it impacted people that we do like. The acting was stellar. LOVE the character of HOUSE. I want to be his friend.

American Idol ends another season tonight. Our original pick DA may win the whole thing but we have grown really fond of DC. He is clearly the better over all performer and will certainly have the bigger career (in our opinion). I'm still worried for Little David. He has a wonderful voice but almost all of his songs sound the same. He also always looks like he is about to pass out when they are talking to him. I'm really worried about the "industry sharks" and what they may do to him. I hope he gets good people that will protect him until he is mature enough to handle things. As for "Big" David...Can't wait for his album. LOVE to listen and watch him.

Didn't get to watch the Dancing results show last night (actually I'm about 3 weeks behind) but wasn't surprised to hear the winner this morning. The shows I saw, she was clearly the better dancer/performer. I didn't see the most recent shows so can't say if anyone one else stepped up. Anyone watch??

I almost forgot..........anyone watch ER last week or Desperate Housewives? OMGoodness!!!!!!!!!!!! Great scott, great shows. Opinions???

DH disagrees but I liked Moonlight and am kinda bummed it was canceled. I read a list of canceled shows yesterday and several of our favorites are gone. And yet, the Office, Earl & 30 Riock are still on the air. I just don't get it. Guess that is what makes us all so different. Something for everyone.

BIG NEWS>>>>>>>>>>DS passed his Karate test and is now officially a BLUE BELT. He may get his new belt tonight during class. I will have my camera at the ready. He was playing it kind of cool Monday night when we read the results but I know he is pleased.

Feeling better, thanks for asking. Just still really tired. Looking forward to a three day weekend with NO plans. I have a party scheduled for Saturday night but my Hostess has been ill so may postpone til July. I hope not but will understand. Anyone want her slot??

Unless I hear otherwise we should have our next SY baby tomorrow. Scheduled C-section and I know Mom is ready. HI D!!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet the little guy and finally find out his name. She has kept it a secret, her right, but we want to know! Just hoping everything goes smoothly and everyone is healthy.

That is all I can think of for now. What's been happening with you all? Tag, you're it. Go update. Speaking up updates...I need to run over and check on Tricia and her family. I'm so happy for them to have Gwen "home". The pictures are so precious. It's such a wonderful story of love and God's work on earth.

Til later.............


Michele L from Tampa said...

I love the Office, but then again I have odd tastes in shows. Yes watched DH and ER finals - man did they leave us hanging! Can not wait til next year,

Way to go Mikey! Great job.

Bet you gals had some fun. Oh no another bad experence dining. Wanna hear more on that,


deirdre said...

aww, i feel loved! thanks for thinking of me and i am SOOOOO ready for this little guy to arrive tomorrow.

as for my thoughts on tv shows: ER was really good, DH is going to be kinda weird with the 5 yr fast forward, House was really good, AI tonight i think will shock us and i look forward to Grey's finally for when i get home with the baby and settle in:)

glad to hear you are feeling good.

hugs to ya!

sarita said...

i love HOUSE - the two week season finale was the best HOUSE show i've seen -Hugh Laurie is the BEST - and he was actually acting in these shows - instead of just being obnoxious!!
also - NCIS season finale was great also!