Friday, September 28, 2007

Football Frenzy

I'm so excited I could POP! HUGE football game tonight and the whole place is buzzing. If you don't know what I'm talking about you don't live in Tampa or you live under a rock. Tonight will be the biggest (in my opinion) football game the USF Bulls have ever had and the eyes of the nation are on them. I'm going to be glued to the TV tonight.

Speaking of the campus, changes are coming statewide as a result of the tragedy of Rachels death. It's always a two edge sword when good comes out of someone dying. Her death may save lives by urging kids to get the shot but I'm sure Rachels folks would rather have their daughter back.

TV last night was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I was so glad to finally see CSI-Vegas. GREAT show!!!! ER was a wild ride as always. Believe it or not we didn't watch GREYS and realized at one point that the DVR light wasn't on as it should have been. We quickly reset the recorder and it looks like we may have only missed taping a few minutes. I hope so. PLEASE don't tell me what happened unless I find out we missed something important. We did watch CANE, CSI-NY & Private Practice last night while waiting for CSI-Vegas to come on. Loved Private Practice and always love any CSI (except for Miami) so was happy to see them. I really wasn't interested in CANE but we watched and it was OK. I'm not really sure I will put it on my MUST SEE schedule(Sorry Kip). We will be taping the Friday night shows since we will be watching the football game. Looking forward to GHOST W, Numb3rs and Friday Night Lights (finally on Friday night!).

Big party at work so I didn't get a chance to say hello yesterday. How ya been?? Any plans for the weekend? Lot's of people are going to be at the "MS Crop" but I'm gonna do family stuff & stay close to home. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Til later..................

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Need a laugh-post#2

I figured we could all use a laugh so I'm sharing a joke a friend of mine just forwarded me (thanks Alicia).........enjoy!


Young blond woman was driving through the Florida Everglades while on vacation. She wanted to take home a pair of genuine alligator shoes in the worst way, but was very reluctant to pay the high prices the local vendors were asking.

After becoming very frustrated with the attitude of one of the shopkeepers, the young blond declared, "Well then, maybe I'll just go out and catch my own alligator and get a pair of shoes for free!"

The shopkeeper said with a sly smile, "Well little lady, why don't you go on and give it a try?"

The blond headed off to the swamp, determined to catch an alligator.

Later in the day, as the shopkeeper is driving home, he spots the same young woman standing waist deep in the murky water, shotgun in hand. As he grinds his car to a stop, he sees a huge 9-foot gator swimming rapidly toward her. With lightning reflexes, the blond takes aim, shoots the creature and hauls it up onto the slippery bank. Nearby were 7 more dead gators, all lying belly up.

The shopkeeper stood on the bank, watching in silent amazement. The blond struggles mightily and manages to flip the gator onto its back.

Rolling her eyes heavenward, she screams in frustration:

wait for it.....


Til later....................

Half way there-post#1 **EDITED

I'm torn between wanting time to stand still and wanting it to hurry and be the weekend. Can you believe it was down to 3 months until Christmas yesterday? WOW. Where has the year gone?

UPDATE: My DS started running a fever last night. They warned us it could happen. He is still a little bit hot this morning so we are keeping him home as a precaution. My DH is home so he can keep an eye on him. DS complained about his arm being sore & stiff yesterday but he is a drama queen about shots so we can't really know for sure. The sight looked ok so we'll just continue to monitor him. Haven't heard from DD about yesterday so not sure still if she went. My DS is supposed to have dinner with her tonight. Hope he is feeling up to it.

Lets talk about something pleasant for a moment....the new TV SEASON. With all the stuff going on we haven't mentioned the new shows starting. My DVR is running over time again & we have a list full already.

I was SO excited to have Prison Break back. OMG. If I found myself in that place I think I would have to go to my happy place & stay there. I can't imagine living in those conditions. Poor Michael having to wear long sleeves in that heat so no one sees his Tats. ARG!!

HEROS...........good stuff. New Stuff. Not loving Nathans beard but glad to see Peter has cut his hair. LOL.

Bones was back last night. Love them! Was shocked to see Hodgins with short hair. Looks a 10000 % better. I was glad to see Zack back but was sad that he was so upset he couldn't stay in Iraq. ZACK..Bones needs you more!!

HOUSE.............................WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Can you tell we love that show? I was so glad to have his witt/humor back in my life. Can't wait till next week to see how the Survivor meets Apprentice part of the show works. Looks like he'll have LOTS of people to hassle. It was very sad though when he figured out that the patient wasn't who they thought she was. That was straight out of the headlines from last year and just as heartbreaking. LOVE HOUSE!!!!!!!

More new stuff tonight. LOVE IT.

What was your favorite new show..what are you looking forward to? Me...can't wait for CSI-Vegas & Greys tomorrow.

Til later..................

**3 :30 DS's fever broke about mid day and seems to be feeling fine now. Spoke with my DD and she DID go to Jax yesterday. She said she was very glad she did as she feels a bit better now but still not ready to talk about things. I heard the bus got pulled over on the way back from Jax last night but didn't think I'd better ask about that today..maybe one day.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Still in shock

I wrote a very good post to update everyone but apparently it did not get saved and my computer farted. I do not have the energy to redo it. Sorry. Here is the short version .

My DD is fine. She is still upset and has asked us to leave her alone & quit talking about it. I will back off but I will not stop worrying. I'm her mom. I will worry with my last breath. So Sue me!

I've been told the funeral for Rachel is today in Jax. It looks like my DD is going but I haven't heard for certain. There is a bus taking a group of the kids so at least she won't be driving. Some of you have asked for the family name so you can add them to your prayer list. Since they have released the information to the media it w/n be speaking out of turn to tell. Her name was Rachel Futterman. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

I took my DS to get the meningitis shot today. They recommend 11-12 year olds get it. I figured with his chance of contact to college kids through his sister it would be a good idea to get it. My DD will get it as well since the meds she received Saturday were just for the immediate danger/exposure. The doctor said it is amazing how many people have called since the news broke. He said last year at this time he couldn't give them away. I know it wouldn't have helped in this situation but I have to do everything in my power to keep my kids safe. I'ts my job. They can complain all they want.

Til later...................

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Have I had a Meningitis Shot? **EDITED

Those were the words my DD asked me last night when she called ..4 days after I'd last heard from her. WHAT?? She said she was on her way to the hospital since she had shared a water bottle with a girl that was now in the ICU with Bacterial Meningitis. OMG!!

Lets just say that the next few hours were a blur as I waited to hear back from her. I questioned myself a thousand times whether I should make the trip to the hospital but she assured me she had a room full of friends with her and so I waited by the phone.

As far as we know she is OK. They gave her an antibiotic and told her to come back if she had any symptoms. A boy that had also been with the girl had to have a spinal tap and we don't know the results yet. There was a small article in the paper this morning but unless you were looking for it you might have missed it.

The thing that amazes me is that they asked everyone that had been in contact with the girl to come forward and be tested or get a preventative treatment...but they didn't give the girls name. I'm sure that the information has spread to the entire student body by now but you would think they would give the name if they expected people to know who they should be concerned about being around. I understand HIPPA , I work for the State of Florida & the Department of Health for goodness sake, but you would think they would worry about the health of the students before worrying so much about the privacy of the girl. Maybe I'm wrong and would feel differently if I was THE girls parents, but I'd also be very upset if something happened to my child because they remained silent and we didn't know she was possibly in danger. was your Saturday night?

WAY TO GO BULLS......they just showed them ranked at number 18 so we broke the Top 20!!!! Plus the Bucs won again..!!!!! Speaking of which..I'm missing the NASCAR race so will say bye for now.

Don't forget to keep my family (& the families of all the kids involved in the meningitis scare) in your thoughts and prayers over the next few days. It couldn't hurt.

Til later.................

*****We learned alittle after 6pm that the girl has died. Please keep her family in your prayers. I can't imagine what they are going through. As you can imagine my DD is very upset. Three days ago they were laughing and sharing a bottle of water. Tonight one of them is gone and the other one has faced a reality that no one should have to face so young.***9/24/07 the news was still reporting her as alive until 10am this morning when they finally confirmed it. According to my DD she was on life support while they tested her organs to see if she could be a donor. I'm not sure if they found she could be but she did pass away yesterday afternoon as my DD had told us. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts so far. ****

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Where's Cheryl?

Thanks for asking. When last we spoke it was my Nephews birthday and now it's Saturday. WOW.

Let's recap:

Work was busy all week.

Tuesday was progress report day and I'm pleased to say that DS is NOT on restriction. LOL. He did quite well with only one grade that could stand some improvements.

I went to a CDD meeting in my subdivision Tuesday night and that pi&&ed me off for several days...don't get me started!! It's amazing though what a little anger and a slow day at work can get you. I filed two HUGE stacks of charts that needed to be put away. I'd been avoiding it for at least two months and I finally did it all. We had big wigs come to the office the next day and I was so happy they couldn't ding me for a huge HIPPA violation and then they never even came around to meet the "peons". Oh well, at least my cubbie is clean and it was so much easier to find something with it filed like it should be.

My FIL had his little procedure on Thursday and other than being a pain in the butt...he seems to have come through it well.

Yesterday I wasn't at work because I was having another scope done. At least this time it was down the throat and so no nasty prep work. They discovered a bit of irritation and took a few biopsies and gave me a prescription. We're not sure that what they saw is the answer for my "pain" but the GI doctor seemed to think it could be. I spent the better part of the afternoon sleeping until my cell phone woke me up & then I remembered Lisa B was on QVC. I only got to watch the final hour and I was a very good purchases.

Today my DS and I are heading to MOSI to see the Transformer movie on the big IMAX screen. I'm sure I will spend half the time with my eyes closed (remember the Spiderman post?) but he should enjoy it. We are hoping to go on another outing tomorrow but it will depend on how DH feels as we want him to go with us.

Hope you all had a super week. I'm planning on playing with some of my new toys in between the "outings" so we'll see what I might have to share with you soon.

Several events/dr appointments are taking place on Monday so I'm requesting you keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!!

Til later...............

Monday, September 17, 2007

The new face of 20

I'm "borrowing" this picture from my sisters blog. This is my nephew & his proud mom on his high school graduation day. Yes, she really is that short! My DS is taller than her now. Happy B-day Cody!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Super weekend & a special greeting

The crop yesterday was a great as I expected. A house full of women, a kitchen full of food and a GREAT host. What more could you ask for? Oh, there was more; laughter, the infamous coffee & creamer (it wasn't quite the same without Cami so we didn't get to crazy), helpful ideas turned into beautiful creations, a special scrapbook that had all of us filled with hope for a perfect "beginning" to a love story, a bag of free stuff from one of our fellow scrappers, ....did I mention food?

Ok, so you get the idea. I had fun. What did I get done? Well, it was an interesting day for me. I tried something that in planning sounded like a good idea but in application turned out to be a huge mess. Again, it's Cami's fault for not being there. I tried to create something using GESSO as my base. Cami swears by it but I guess I never paid enough attention to what she was doing with it. I won't go into the gorry details but my table mates were amazed that I stuck it out and finished my project..despite the mess I made in the process. I'll let you know if the finished project turns out better or worse for the GESSO application.

Cami...I need a GESSO lesson ASAP.

I also covered 20 mini composition books but I can't show you as they are gifts and you never know who might be reading this. They made me feel better about the GESSO though as it didn't touch that project.

Changing the subject, How about those BUCS!!!!!! Wahoo!!!! 1-1. Yeah!!

Tomorrow is my nephew's birthday. He is approximately 6 months older than my DD. I can't believe these kids are in their 2nd year of college. He just got a laptop so I'm not sure what else he could possibly want but I'll think of something. He's a great kid and I wanted to send him my wishes for a super day. I'm pretty sure he has classes but maybe he'll get a chance to do something special. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CODE-MAN!!!

Hectic week coming, meetings, my FIL is having another minor surgery & I have another Scope test on Friday. We're still trying to figure out the pain I'm having and so now we are gonna scope from the top down. At least I don't have to "cleanse" with this one.

My friend should be returning to work tomorrow and I hope she appreciates my little "visual" joke I have planned. She knows I'm a flake and I always try and use humor to release the tension. Hope she gets the joke cause it's so much funnier when you don't have to explain it.

Sorry I didn't get any photos loaded today. I spent the whole day in my jammies, sitting on the couch, reading the paper, watching the game and then the race..but mostly just enjoying spending time with my DH. Pretty good life if I say so myself.

Til later.....................

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Crop Day

I'm so giddy I can't stand it!! I've ordered my Holiday sets from Papertreyink latest release ..(I only bought 3 of the 4)..I've read my mail..glanced at some blogs and gotten a phone call from one of my scrappin buddies so now it's time to get in the shower (sorry for the visual) and get my rear in gear!

Hope you have a super day. I'll be back tomorrow with tales from the crop.

Now, to pack..what the heck am I gonna take??

Til later...............

Friday, September 14, 2007

What happened to the week?

Wow, I blinked and it's Friday. Wahoo!!! My DS will be at his Dads this weekend and that means running amuck! Well actually, it doesn't but I thought I'd try & fool ya. Seriously, here's the week wrap up and weekend plans so far......

This afternoon I will be going straight from work to my hairdressers. She is a sweetheart and always fits me in and stays late to work her magic. She was supposed to be getting married in October and when I called to make the appointment I asked if she was "Freaking out" being 30 days out. She said no, that things had actually changed and she wasn't getting married. I can't wait to get in the chair and get the scoop. She said she was OK about it. Better to figure it out BEFORE than spend years dealing with your mistake.

NOT that I'd know anything about that.

Tomorrow I hope to sleep in a little and then about midday I'm heading over to my buddy Cari's house for a Scrapyard gals get together to crop/eat/laugh...etc. Should be a blast. I'm not sure how long I'll stay or what I'm gonna work on but I know it will be fun cause those gals are CRAZY!

Sunday the "Race for the Chase" begins so we'll have NASCAR on and I will probably be at my craft table working & watching. I got some more toys in the mail yesterday and now I need to learn how to use them. I also got a FREE stamp set and acylic block from a new stamp company. It was unexpected and a great surprise in the mail yesterday. New rubber...yeah!

The baby shower was yesterday and turned out really great. I ended up making 22 "party favors" instead of a card. I think they turned out cute. Everyone was impressed and thinks I should have my own craft business. LOL. That's only because they don't read the blogs I do or have the friends I do. I'm a ROOKIE compared to most of the people I know. I'll get a picture and share it with you this weekend. My camera didn't want to cooporate last night so you'll just have to wait.

Speaking of shopping..weren't we??.....anyway, Tonight is the release of 4 (FOUR) new stamp sets from Papertreyink. Oh my aching wallet. Seriously, check out the link to my left and get ready to stay up till midnight tonight to jump on these babies.

Hope you have all had a great week. Continue to keep our brave men & women in uniform in your prayers and do something nice for someone. What have you done lately to make you feel proud?

Oh, I almost forgot to share with you my favorite new saying that I read on a blog yesterday...."I'm blonder than I pay for" LMAO!!

Til later.....................

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where were you?

****EDITED---Please understand that the following post was written with out realizing it might be to painful for some people to read. I came on here to remove it or change it in some way to soften the message. I've decided to leave it as is. I added this disclaimer to ask you to not read the following if the events of 9/11/2007 are still to painful or if you have loved ones in the military. I do not ever want to bring pain to the ones I love but I also need to express myself today. I hope you will understand. I promise to return to my usual goofy self & posts soon. The past few weeks have been extremely sad and I hope you can bear with me as I verbalize what I've been feeling & experiencing.
Thanks & Cyber HUGS to you all************

I've been in a meeting all morning and haven't had a chance to post until now. Today is a tough day. It's hard to think back on that morning 6 years ago. I know you remember where you were. How could you not?

My life was VERY different back then and that day was a horrific one on a MEGA smaller scale then the people directly involved. I almost had a former family member-in-law in the middle of the towers but he had slept in that morning because he'd worked late the night before. I'd just been through a nightmare of a 3 month long legal battle with a landlord (long story for another book), my 5 year old former step son had just been hospitalized due to his Bi-polar disorder, I'd been diog. with high blood pressure and that morning brought everything to a head. Don't get me wrong, I in NO WAY am saying it was comparable to what the families of the victims went through. It is just one of those moments that is seared into your brain for ever.

My beloved niece's "cousin-in-law" is leaving for Iraq soon and she had to say goodbye to him this past weekend. I can't imagine what his family is going through. It's impossible to understand why we are still sending our children to fight with no end in sight to this nightmare. I support the men & women who defend our country. I do not know that I agree we should still be there. I know I will do everything in my power to keep my son from having to go if, God forbid, we are still there in another 6 years. I'm sure mothers felt that way right after the original 9/11 and now here we are, still fighting as my son turns from a innocent six year old to a pre-teen 12 year old. I pray that the madness will end. I pray that Daryle comes back soon and safely. I pray that his 8 year old "cousin" never has to make the same decision when he turns 18. I pray that we never forget.

Til later.................

Monday, September 10, 2007

New week

My DS kept asking why the weekend goes by so fast. I felt the same way.

Did you see the USF game Saturday night? WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I thought I would have a heart attack. Way to go Bulls. I didn't see my DD on TV but I heard from her on Sunday and said they had a blast.

Then there was the BUCS game. "Regis" picked them as his come back team of the year but admitted they would probably loose to Seattle. Hope he's right.

I didn't do anything crafty this weekend except buy those children's board books. I have a baby shower this Thursday and I do need to make a card for it.

School Open House tonight. Should be fun.

Crop this Saturday. Maybe I'll do some actual scrapbook pages. It's been forever. I'm looking forward to seeing the Scrapyard gals. It's always a blast when that group gets together.

Sorry so short but not alot to say. How was YOUR weekend?

Til later.................

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Half a year

6 months, 180 days (give or take) since we said I DO. Is it to "Jr. High" of me to count the months like some silly newlywed? Screw you. I'm celebrating and you can't stop me.

Why is it that short work weeks feel twice as long as a regular one? We actually didn't do alot of work but it felt like the week took forever to get to Friday. We had a great lunch on Wed to celebrate the birthdays in our group. Had a meeting to plan a party the end of the month. Went to a wonderful service and reception for my friends husband on Thursday. It was standing room only. It was a nice turn out of his friends/family and her friends/co workers that wanted to show their support. We got a chance to talk to her at the reception and I was my usual goofy self and made her laugh. I've got something planned for Monday to brighten her day when she returns to work. Hope it will help her transition back into the new "routine".

DS & I had a fun day together. Went to the Tag office to get my renewal sticker & then went Bowling. It would have been a lot more fun but my right foot decided this morning to feel like it was in a vice grip and has been shooting pain through it all day. Really difficult to bowl when you can't take a step. I had to limp to the the beginning of the "lane" and bowl from there. Doesn't give you much "style & form points" but forces you to put the ball down right away and a little straighter than normal.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching college football & catching up on my weeks worth of "Regis & Kelly" 20th anniversary shows. How said that I remember almost all of the "memories" they have been highlighting. I had a great job once, working as a secretary for a friend of mine. They let me set up a porta-crib in the bedroom office for my DD and I watched Regis & Kathy Lee every morning. Man I'm old.

Getting ready to watch the USF game on TV. Ironically my DD & DH's DS are both at the game but don't know each other is there. S-DS is rooting for Alburn & DD is there as a USF student so they'll be on opposite sides of the field. Probably best they don't know each other is around. Due to the game we are taping the NASCAR race to watch tomorrow. Should be a good race as they are down to the wire.

I may get some more cards made tomorrow if my foot feels better. I bought some "children's Board books" at a yard sale this morning. I'm thinking of altering them using the Gesso/paint etc like I've seen in alot of the magazines. For .10 each, I can't loose.

Hope you are having a great weekend. Sounds like it's a good thing I didn't spend the money for Creative Escape. The group that I know that went are sending back less than glowing reviews. They love the location but the classes haven't impressed them. They haven't posted about the most recent classes so maybe it improved. They are all, already so talented it would be hard to "teach" them anything. Hopefully they will get enough product to make up for the almost $1000 it cost them to go. I know they will have lots of stories about the "after class antics". Can't wait to hear those.

Gonna run & get ready to root for the BULLS. Til later.........................

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


40 years ago today I got the best birthday present ever, my sister Michele. Yes, I know my birthday was 2 weeks ago (and I'm still accepting gifts if you were late!) but growing up I usually had to wait until the first of September to get my birthday gifts because of the way my dad was paid. Because of that, I've always considered Michele my birthday gift when I turned 9.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sis!!! I still say life begins at 40, takes a turn when you are 46 1/2 and then WAHOO!!!!! Hope you have a super day and get spoiled rotten. From what I hear, you are already (getting spoiled..not that you are rotten..LOL). Love you forever & a day.

Til later.............

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rough week

I borrowed the attached picture from my sisters blog. This is my mom & dad on their wedding day.

Thirteen years ago today my dad passed away after a short battle with Colon Cancer. It's not a secret that my dad and I didn't get along. That makes me sad. I wish we could have had the kind of relationship that alot of girls (my DD for one) have with their fathers. It really wasn't his fault. He didn't have a good role model as his father was a horrible man and I don't think he showed his son much love. That probably wasn't his fault as he'd lost his wife and had to raise two children alone. I always wished me & my dad had been closer. I'm sad that his grandchildren didn't get a chance to know him. He actually died a few weeks after I found out I was expecting my DS. Since he wasn't really aware of things at the end I didn't get a chance to tell him until after he died. I went into his bedroom the morning he died and told him about the upcoming event. I believe he was able to hear me since he was no longer bound to the painful earth he'd just left. His death also happened the week my youngest sister had a horrible car accident and broke both her wrists. Her son is still carrying emotional scars from that event. It also marks the last time I actively spoke to my other sister. She is still alive & living in Georgia. It's just that things that came out during that horrible week ended our turbulent relationship once and for all. She was alot like my father and that always rubbed me the wrong way. Through his death she showed her true colors and I cut her out of my life at that time. Another thing that makes me sad. I'm sad that she doesn't know her niece & nephew. I'm sad that she is still living a life that keeps people from getting close to her. I'm sad that she effects my beloved niece and her family because of her actions. I'm sad that no matter how many times I try to forgive her, I can't.

A friend of mine from work lost her husband to cancer on Sunday. 52 years young. He has left her much to soon and we can only offer our support as she tries to adjust to her new life. I hugged my DH extra tightly this weekend. All the sadness and "what if's" were just to much. I didn't tell him why but I'm sure he would have understood.

I know this isn't my usual blog entry and I'm sorry to be such a downer today. Maybe what I need to say is to love those in your life as much as you can, as often as you can.

Til later............

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Now that the secret is out of the bag I can reveal what I was doing yesterday. My sister, Hi MICHELE, will turn the BIG 40 (OMG..she's 9 years younger than me & I'm only 17 so I can't figure out how she can be 40..LOL) on September 5th. A friend planned a surprise crop at her house and invited Michele and some of her friends & family. Michele thought it was just a crop/get together so we had to be careful not to let the cat out of the bag. I ended up driving around for over an hour so that I didn't arrive before Michele. She was surprised and we had a nice day of scrappin, EATING, and laughing. I pulled out my CKU-A from July 2006 and got it half way done. I need to do the journaling and then put some last minute embellishments and it will finally be finished. It was funny to see what I considered important in the summer of 2006. A few things have changed but it will forever be a snapshot of my life at that time.

Speaking of my sister and her is the card I made her

The Happy Birthday side was embossed using my Cuttlebug embossing folder & my Sizzix. I used pink CatsEye ink to highlight some of the words. The flowered side is from the Glitter DCWV slab. American Crafts ribbon. The Cupcake stamp is from one of my latest purchases from the "Lockhart Stamp Co." I used my Pink puffy ink pen (can't think of the correct name right now & I'm to lazy to go look..sorry). I didn't have a large enough scallop punch so I punched several square ones & pieced them together behind the stamped image. The Happy Birthday image is from a new $1 acylic sets from Michaels Crafts. I used my corner rounder to scallop the edge of the back of the card and it looks cool peeking out under the front side. Inked up all the edges, made the envelope using my Anna Griffin envelope template and we were all set. My sis is not usually a pink kind of gal but I liked the card and ironically, she was wearing Pink & Black yesterday so it worked out.

Thanks to Linda, Kip, & Elle for planning and making a special day for my sis. It was great to get together and glad our mom could come and "play" for a few hours. I'm sure my sis appreciated it.

I need to go make a Thank you card & a Birthday card so will leave you with a couple pictures.

This is our little friend that was a daily visitor for a week but has now disappeared. We are hoping he found his family and they have gone somewhere together.

This is a sample of the Halloween cards I've made lately.

Hope you are all enjoying spending time with your families and friends. I'm so glad to have one more day off to spend time with my DH and to play with my scrapin/card making stash.

Till later................