Friday, September 28, 2007

Football Frenzy

I'm so excited I could POP! HUGE football game tonight and the whole place is buzzing. If you don't know what I'm talking about you don't live in Tampa or you live under a rock. Tonight will be the biggest (in my opinion) football game the USF Bulls have ever had and the eyes of the nation are on them. I'm going to be glued to the TV tonight.

Speaking of the campus, changes are coming statewide as a result of the tragedy of Rachels death. It's always a two edge sword when good comes out of someone dying. Her death may save lives by urging kids to get the shot but I'm sure Rachels folks would rather have their daughter back.

TV last night was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I was so glad to finally see CSI-Vegas. GREAT show!!!! ER was a wild ride as always. Believe it or not we didn't watch GREYS and realized at one point that the DVR light wasn't on as it should have been. We quickly reset the recorder and it looks like we may have only missed taping a few minutes. I hope so. PLEASE don't tell me what happened unless I find out we missed something important. We did watch CANE, CSI-NY & Private Practice last night while waiting for CSI-Vegas to come on. Loved Private Practice and always love any CSI (except for Miami) so was happy to see them. I really wasn't interested in CANE but we watched and it was OK. I'm not really sure I will put it on my MUST SEE schedule(Sorry Kip). We will be taping the Friday night shows since we will be watching the football game. Looking forward to GHOST W, Numb3rs and Friday Night Lights (finally on Friday night!).

Big party at work so I didn't get a chance to say hello yesterday. How ya been?? Any plans for the weekend? Lot's of people are going to be at the "MS Crop" but I'm gonna do family stuff & stay close to home. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Til later..................


Jenn said...


I was SO happy to have ER back on! I have been waiting SO long to see what happened to Neela. What is up with everyone being in love with her? LOL

Well, I was invited to the lake at Lake Blackshear this weekend but I'm feeling REALLY yucky! I don't know if I'll move.

Kip said...

What, not like Cane??? Seriously?? Didn't like it? LOL!

Lisa D:) said...

I'm so sorry Cheryl, I've fallen behind in my blog reading so haven't commented.
Your dd has been in my thoughts...
I'm glad your ds's fever has gone. I remember that shot causing my ds a fever last year when he got it...
I haven't been able to catch ANY of the new shows...plan to go to to check out Grey's. I can't believe I missed it! Totally out of the habit of watching, so didn't!
I know NOTHING about football...but hopefully your team won!