Saturday, September 8, 2007

Half a year

6 months, 180 days (give or take) since we said I DO. Is it to "Jr. High" of me to count the months like some silly newlywed? Screw you. I'm celebrating and you can't stop me.

Why is it that short work weeks feel twice as long as a regular one? We actually didn't do alot of work but it felt like the week took forever to get to Friday. We had a great lunch on Wed to celebrate the birthdays in our group. Had a meeting to plan a party the end of the month. Went to a wonderful service and reception for my friends husband on Thursday. It was standing room only. It was a nice turn out of his friends/family and her friends/co workers that wanted to show their support. We got a chance to talk to her at the reception and I was my usual goofy self and made her laugh. I've got something planned for Monday to brighten her day when she returns to work. Hope it will help her transition back into the new "routine".

DS & I had a fun day together. Went to the Tag office to get my renewal sticker & then went Bowling. It would have been a lot more fun but my right foot decided this morning to feel like it was in a vice grip and has been shooting pain through it all day. Really difficult to bowl when you can't take a step. I had to limp to the the beginning of the "lane" and bowl from there. Doesn't give you much "style & form points" but forces you to put the ball down right away and a little straighter than normal.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching college football & catching up on my weeks worth of "Regis & Kelly" 20th anniversary shows. How said that I remember almost all of the "memories" they have been highlighting. I had a great job once, working as a secretary for a friend of mine. They let me set up a porta-crib in the bedroom office for my DD and I watched Regis & Kathy Lee every morning. Man I'm old.

Getting ready to watch the USF game on TV. Ironically my DD & DH's DS are both at the game but don't know each other is there. S-DS is rooting for Alburn & DD is there as a USF student so they'll be on opposite sides of the field. Probably best they don't know each other is around. Due to the game we are taping the NASCAR race to watch tomorrow. Should be a good race as they are down to the wire.

I may get some more cards made tomorrow if my foot feels better. I bought some "children's Board books" at a yard sale this morning. I'm thinking of altering them using the Gesso/paint etc like I've seen in alot of the magazines. For .10 each, I can't loose.

Hope you are having a great weekend. Sounds like it's a good thing I didn't spend the money for Creative Escape. The group that I know that went are sending back less than glowing reviews. They love the location but the classes haven't impressed them. They haven't posted about the most recent classes so maybe it improved. They are all, already so talented it would be hard to "teach" them anything. Hopefully they will get enough product to make up for the almost $1000 it cost them to go. I know they will have lots of stories about the "after class antics". Can't wait to hear those.

Gonna run & get ready to root for the BULLS. Til later.........................


Jenn said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. :) Does Larry watch GA ball? Tyler was excited about the UGA game this weekend. We were in ATL and missed it.

Gina K. said...

I think your post is sweet. Don't ever stop felling like a honeymooner!

Anonymous said...

I think it's GREAT you're counting the months married to your dh...don't even stop counting or appreciating those months/time together! Congratulations!