Saturday, September 22, 2007

Where's Cheryl?

Thanks for asking. When last we spoke it was my Nephews birthday and now it's Saturday. WOW.

Let's recap:

Work was busy all week.

Tuesday was progress report day and I'm pleased to say that DS is NOT on restriction. LOL. He did quite well with only one grade that could stand some improvements.

I went to a CDD meeting in my subdivision Tuesday night and that pi&&ed me off for several days...don't get me started!! It's amazing though what a little anger and a slow day at work can get you. I filed two HUGE stacks of charts that needed to be put away. I'd been avoiding it for at least two months and I finally did it all. We had big wigs come to the office the next day and I was so happy they couldn't ding me for a huge HIPPA violation and then they never even came around to meet the "peons". Oh well, at least my cubbie is clean and it was so much easier to find something with it filed like it should be.

My FIL had his little procedure on Thursday and other than being a pain in the butt...he seems to have come through it well.

Yesterday I wasn't at work because I was having another scope done. At least this time it was down the throat and so no nasty prep work. They discovered a bit of irritation and took a few biopsies and gave me a prescription. We're not sure that what they saw is the answer for my "pain" but the GI doctor seemed to think it could be. I spent the better part of the afternoon sleeping until my cell phone woke me up & then I remembered Lisa B was on QVC. I only got to watch the final hour and I was a very good purchases.

Today my DS and I are heading to MOSI to see the Transformer movie on the big IMAX screen. I'm sure I will spend half the time with my eyes closed (remember the Spiderman post?) but he should enjoy it. We are hoping to go on another outing tomorrow but it will depend on how DH feels as we want him to go with us.

Hope you all had a super week. I'm planning on playing with some of my new toys in between the "outings" so we'll see what I might have to share with you soon.

Several events/dr appointments are taking place on Monday so I'm requesting you keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!!

Til later...............


Jenn said...

Good to see you posting!! You've had a busy, busy week I see. I'm glad Michael did well on his progress report. I love ya

Denise said...

Hey hun... Good news on Michael's Progress report! Hope you guys had a great weekend. It's the same ole around here... love ya!