Friday, September 25, 2009

TGIF again

When you are unemployed Fridays don't mean the same. Everyday is Saturday. Not having Mondays makes Sundays more fun.

Today is my first TGIF since starting work again.


I can't believe that my first week is over. Went really fast. Had a lot of boring parts but that's to be expected. I've been observing and that can be boring. I'm sure I'll miss these days soon enough.

I still don't have a badge to get into the office or other parts of the building. Think I should be alarmed? I would be except none of the new kids have badges yet. Maybe next week.

Looking forward to my first "weekend" in three months. Spending it with my boys. Gonna have fun.

What you doing?

Til later...................

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting back in the groove

Did I mention I rearranged two rooms on Sunday? LOL. Seriously, what an interesting last two days I've had. Being out of work for three months definitely spoiled me. So far it's been all Orientation and getting to know the lay of the office. LOTS to learn. The office is very crowded but is much quieter than you would imagine with that many people. Let me share alittle.....

I didn't sleep well Sunday night. I felt like a little kid getting ready to go to a new school. 6:30 am came really early. I figured I needed at least an hour travel time to be safe so that gave me 45 minutes to get ready. I've got to tell you, it was much easier to jump out of bed, into the shower, get dressed and run out the door back in the days when I didn't care about my appearance. I'm trying to finally be a grown up so that means-new clothes (dressier), makeup, hair dried and jewelry to match the outfit. Takes much more time but I do look good! LOL.

I got to the office right when I wanted to and was surprised to see several other people waiting to start orientation too. By the time it started, there were 15 of us. We learned all about the company, got lots of information and then they fed us lunch. The afternoon was more information, a tour of the office and some other details. Got out at 5 and then ran some errands.

Today was spent learning about the phone system. It is all done through the computer/internet. Very little actual touching of the phone it's self. Pretty cool system from what I could see. This afternoon we were put out on the floor to sit with someone and see exactly what they do. My gal was fairly new herself but really quick on the systems. Unfortunately, quite a few of her calls were in Spanish so I didn't understand what was going on. Tomorrow I'm supposed to sit with someone else and get another prospective. The girl today said we will have several more training classes and alot more side-by-side listening. She said it took about a month before she was put on the floor alone.

The office does have a "community" computer that you can check your private email/banking-etc. With only 30 minutes for lunch and 200 people to share the computer time, I'm not sure how often I'll be able to check things and certainly can't blog or go to facebook. I'll do my best to keep in touch.

How you doing?

Til later......................

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The week in review

I know some of you think I have been in hiding all week because my beloved Patrick passed away. Not entirely true. I was, and still am, sadden by another life lost to the horrible cancer but I've actually had a very busy-exciting week. For those of you that do not follow me on facebook, I'll try and bring you up to speed.

Monday I had an interview with a staffing agency. I'd never heard of it before but was told they were the hiring agency for a company I wanted to apply to. I had a 10 am appointment and ended up being there until almost 1pm. I filled out tons of paperwork, took MANY on-line aptitude tests and then took their drug test. (they asked if I wanted to do it while there and I said that since I'd needed to pee for several hours-it was as good a time as any). After we were all done they scheduled an interview at the company I was interested in for the next morning.

I treated myself to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes near by (Greek month-had to go before to late though I wasn't really impressed with their idea of "Greek" Baklava? What the heck???). Ran some errands and then finally went to IKEA since I was near by and STILL hadn't been there since they opened. I sped through but it still took an hour. I know where I am heading when I have some spare money and a truck with me!

Tuesday morning I had the job interview. Seemed to go well even though it was with a different person than I had been expecting. He asked a bunch of those "Mental" questions about how you handled things in a past job. YIKES. He even said he was looking for specific answers. Well....why don't you tell me what you want to hear and save us both time and stress? LOL. At the end of the hour interview, I asked when I might hear something and he said by the end of the week or even later that day. I called the recruiter and told her what he'd said and she said she'd call me as soon as she heard anything.

I decided since I had an appointment on the same side of town as the interview later in the afternoon, I'd stay on that side of town and "play". I had an eye doctors appointment and then I went to several of my favorite thrifts in South Tampa. I found something at one of the stores and ended up going to the "fancy" mall to see if it could be real (it's not) I quickly remembered why I do not go to MALLS and especially the fancy one. $700 for sandals and $400 for a tank top.

Seriously? Why? Even if I could afford those prices, I'd rather shop like I do now and take nice trips, help out other people, save for retirement....

After I calmed down from the sticker shock I headed to my Tastefully Simple hostess appreciation dinner/taste new stuff party. It was fun and the stuff was yummy. I finally got home 12 hours after I'd left that morning.

Wed I kept waiting to hear from the recruiter and was getting nervous. I sent her an email and didn't hear from her. FINALLY at 2pm she called. At first she sounded like she was going to give me bad news but then I realized she was saying they offered me the job. I start MONDAY.

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm a bit nervous and trying to wrap my head around having a job again after three months of looking. The location is a bit further from home than my last job but that will be OK. It's near some of my former co-workers homes so I'll be able to meet them after work sometimes so we can keep in touch. The job is in a call center so that will take getting used to as I haven't done that kind of work in 8 years. I used to be really good at it so I'm sure it will be Ok.

Thursday I took the day and went looking for some new work clothes at my favorite thrift and then at Kmart. I was very pleased to find 4 blouses at the thrift for a total of $10. At Kmart, they were having clearance and 40% off the clearance price. Sweet. I got four more blouses, a swim suit for next year, and a night gown for $16. I was also able to get my DH three pairs of his favorite kind of shorts for FREE. They were on clearance w/ the additional 40% off and I had a $10 rebate credit card from his Swiffer deal last month. I ended up paying .17 which included a drink for the boy.

I almost forgot my "exciting" event on Thursday...I finally went to a Storage Unit Auction. I've seen them advertised but have never been since they are usually during the week at Midday. I saw one advertised at my local place and went. I didn't buy anything but it was interesting.

Friday, I decided to treat myself alittle and use a bit of savings to get ready for the new job. I went to my hairdresser and got my hair cut...looks cute. Need to get the roots done but didn't want to spend three hours in the chair that day. After the hair cut, I splurged and got a pedicure. Haven't had one in years so my DH was very excited to see the little toes all painted again.

Next I went and got the oil changed, hit a local estate sale where I spent 1.25 and then I headed back to my old work place to have lunch with some of my peeps. I got to see several other people and they were all happy to hear I'd finally gotten a job. There were a couple people that had been trying to find me a job back at USF but it wasn't to be. I thanked them for their efforts and promised to keep in touch. While we were having lunch my DD dropped by the restaurant to say hello. Always so great to see her, especially with her busy schedule these days.

After lunch I filled up my car with gas, picked up a RX for DH and then took the car to the shop to get a Squeal checked. It had been making really scary noises for a few days so was afraid of what it might do. Turns out it was a loose belt from when they replaced them all many months ago. A few minutes and the car is back to it's quiet self.

Ran home to see the boy before he left for the weekend. Next up....back to Kmart for more shorts for the DH and then to Beall's to check out the Clearance and 40% off clearance and $10 off a $50 purchase. SEVERAL hours later, I had a new pair of pants, 4 pairs of earrings to match neclaces I got FREE from Premier, three new bras and a new pair of shoes for $40---out the door.

Funny (though not at the time) story about checking out at Beall's. After several hours in the store, a problem with the $10 coupon because ONE article was NOT included in the coupon and going back in the store to get different pants and another pair of earrings to make the needed Debit card was declined.

Really? I've used it all day and I know there is still money in the account.....The manager suggested that it was declined because of the number of transactions in one day.

Could be. I know the bank probably said.."hey, this chick hasn't spent any money in three months and now she's had 5 transactions in one day, someone must have stolen it." Thankfully I had some money in my SLAH account and used that card.

Today I have been doing a little cleaning of the boys room and as soon as I finish this will head back to work on the rest and then the scraproom. Only one more day of free time. Sure wish I could have sat back and done projects the last three months instead of spending 12 hours a day, 7 days a week applying for work.

So, that is my week. What have you done? EMMYS tomorrow night. New shows have started. Football is in full swing and Nascar is down to the CHASE. Hope everyone is well. I'll try and post Monday night to tell you about my first day.

Til later.....................

BTW, just in case you remembered my new closet and the fancy hangers...yes, I know I've never shown you....patience.....anyway, my new rule is-when a new item of clothing comes in, an old article has to leave to make room (I only have so many special hangers and NO OTHERS can go in the closet). Thankfully I had items that should not be worn by a woman trying to impress her new boss and look like she is serious about her career. They were fine before when I really had no care about my appearance, but not now. I have $700 worth of FREE jewelry that I try and wear everyday (not all of it at the same time), I've been wearing makeup almost everyday (you can't go on an interview with my face and no makeup). I am trying to dress better. Really, you should see my new closet. Don't hate me because I have an entire new wardrobe for approximately $150 (including shoes).

See why I can't stand the thought of people spending $400 on a tank top. Foolishness I say!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Very sad

I usually don't make a big deal when a celeb dies. I'm old enough to remember when MANY famous people died or were killed before their time. I was saddened to hear about MJ but not surprised. I cried when Diana died. I was going through a divorce at the time so I may have been overly emotional, but it was very sad to see such a young woman die just when she seemed to finally be getting her life together after the "Prince" thing.

I am very saddened to earn that one of my all time favorite actors has passed after a brave fight against cancer. I'm not saying he was the best actor ever, but he starred in two of my ALL TIME favorite movies.

Patrick Swayze dies at 57.

I'll be in my room if you need me.

til later.........

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9-11

I'm way behind on my posts...sorry..and am rushing to take the boy to 9-11 ceremony but wanted to share a couple pictures I've owed you for awhile.

Me and The Girl on my birthday....

The boy on his first day of High School...............

Til later.............................

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Working the coupons & Sales

I'd forgotten what a rush it is to do deals!!!

I finally hit Kmart for Double coupon days. I called my coupon supplier (on my way to her house to pick up last weeks inserts) and she was at the local Kmart. She told me not to bother going there as it was cleaned out and what ever was left, she was taking....that made it more of a challenge!

"her" Kmart:

4 HUGE bottles of Pert- $2 off each
4 trial size Degree- .75 off each
4 Sauve Body Wash $1 off each
Fixident $1 off (the cashier couldn't get this coupon to scan. She studied the box then the coupon and told me it was the wrong item. She pointed at the coupon where it said for 1.1 oz and my box was 2 oz. I calmly showed her the NEXT line of the coupon that said, "Or LARGER". She still c/n get it to scan. She said, "I'm going to have to void this item and you will have to go to the service desk to get it to work." I sweetly told her, "No. I've already waited in this line. It's the right product for the coupon. You need to make it work or call your manager over here." She finally went to the service desk, got the manager who came and punched a button to make it go through. GOOD grief. The EASIEST item gave me the biggest trouble!)

$33.90 before Coupons
$8.20 after ($1.26 of tax)
PLUS got $5 off next visit

Next I went to Target. Gave them two, One dollar off, ALL coupons that I had forgotten earlier in the week. Got my $2 and went back to the laundry aisle Got more ALL. (my DH"S favorite)

1st transaction:
2 bottles of ALL $1 off each
5 personal size First Aid kits $1 off each (.97 at Target)

Total $22.83 before coupons
Used $10 GC from last shopping trip
$6.89 after GC & Coupons & tax // got $5 Target card

2nd transaction:
2 bottles of ALL $1 off each
4 personal size First Aid kits $1 off each (.97 at Target)

Total $21.86 before coupons
Used $5 GC from transaction#1
$11.89 after GC & Coupons & tax // got $5 Target card

3rd transaction:
2 bottles of ALL $1 off each
Total $18.89 before coupons
Used $5 GC from transaction#2
$11.89 after GC & Coupons & tax // got $5 Target card

so now my DH has 8 bottles...should last a few days)

Next..went by Winn Dixie and got $4 back for 2-$2 coupons forgot on last trip

During son's Karate ran to my local Kmart for an HOUR power shop.

4 HUGE bottles of Pert- $2 off each (on sale 4.49)
4 Pert for Men $1.50 off each
4 Visine $2 off each
4 trial size Degree- .75 off each
4 Sauve Body Wash $1 off each (sale 2 for $4)
1 Nivia Lip balm $1 off (on sale $1.99)
Captain Crunch (clearance)

$71 sub Total before coupons
used $5 coupon from earlier trip
$8.74 after (1.67 tax)got another $5 coupon
AND I picked my son up on time!!


til later..............

Happy Birthday Sis

Today is my little sister's Birthday. She is Nine years younger than me so if I tell you HER age, well......never mind.


Hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy the pool and the "boys".

Til later.........................

Thursday, September 3, 2009


WOW. How did it get to be September already? I've been unemployed for two months now. Seems like two days. Looking for work is a full time job. I can't believe that I've been out of work for two months and my home projects are no closer to being finished than when I was working.

My youngest sister doesn't like September. She feels it is a "bad luck month". She (we) have had several bad things happen in September but I try not to hate the entire month because of it. Our dad passed away 15 years ago... a few days after my sister had a serious car accident..a few days before her birthday. Yeah, that would make you not like the month but I've always tried to have a positive attitude, even when life was hitting me upside the head.

I've been reading a book called "The Energy Bus". It is about a guy that is forced to ride the bus to work when his car gets a flat tire. He ends up having to take the bus for awhile due to other issues. The bus driver is a POSITIVE person that teaches her riders that you control the energy around you. She teaches that if you put Positive energy out there, it will create positive energy that causes great things to happen. I agree that a positive outlook helps every aspect of your life. I also believe that there is a higher power in charge of my life. I can take all of life lessons and make them a positive or a negative. I've had things happen to me that could have made me a bitter-mean person but I decided to not let the butt heads get me down. Granted there are alot of people that have had horrific things happen to them that were a thousand times more awful than anything I've been through. Many of them used the experience to make the world a better place.

I'm not preaching so don't get all up in arms. This blog is my life and my opinions. If you disagree or feel that the world is an awful place, I can't change your mind. I suggest that you take the experiences you've had, learn from them, decide what the lesson was and try and move on. Try to be on the Energy Bus of positive thoughts and send the negative ones out of your mind. It doesn't always work but it sure can't hurt.

Changing the subject, have a great trip Kip. Happy Birthday. Don't worry about bringing me back a T-shirt.

Going to go get ready for my day. I got up early to see the boy off to school, I've read emails, checked FB, checked my bank account (ouch), now I'm eating my left over birthday pancakes that were in the freezer, will get dressed and ready to run some errands as soon as the pharmacy calls, have an eye dr appointment later........just another day.

Til later......................