Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Update

LOL. That reminded me of SNL. Man I'm getting old.

Friday..Crop at the clubhouse but I could only go for a few minutes as I needed to pack for WSD. I haven't heard anything so I assume the gals got out before the alarm sounded.

Saturday-WSD yard sale. Who in the HECK planned a OUTSIDE sale the last weekend of July? ARG, it was HOT. Thankfully my space was in the "alley", which I originally wasn't happy about but at least we had shade until 11:45. The crowds were fair, I sold some stuff, made more than if I'd spent the day at home but not as much as I'd hoped. I was a good girl and only spent $5. Considering the number of booths and stamps-etc, I think that was outstanding. Saw several people I know. Thankfully I was set up in front of the bank so when the rain came at noon all I had to do was pick up my table, put it under their entrance and pack without getting drenched. When the rain finally stopped I was able to pack in minutes and hardly got a drop on me or my stuff. I went inside the store for a few minutes and visited with a few people I know & then headed back home. I ended up taking a nap after I got home so it was a pretty good day all around.

Sunday--Watched most of CBS Sunday's a tradition. We always take about 2 hours to watch the whole show what with stopping to discuss things, going potty, etc..I ended up jumping up with about 20-30 minutes left of the actual show to run to CVS for MILK. They had it on sale. I refuse to pay $4-5 for milk. Well, I'll try not to so $2.79 was a deal. Came back after hitting the Walgreens for BOGO's on school supplies and spent a few hours cutting out and organizing coupons. Have I mentioned that I haven't been grocery shopping in a month? I finally went to Wallys world and spent the next 3 hours shopping & saving money with my wad of coupons. Don't laugh, I saved $60 in just coupons not to mention the stuff I got on clearance.

After the end of the NASCAR race DH cooked my "last meal". He grilled out brots and we had potato salad & then Ice Cream for dessert. Yum except about an hour later my body decided to start our "cleansing" a day early.

I won't get graphic but today I'm on a liquids only diet in preparation for tomorrows Colonoscopy. Fun, FUN!!! Thanks to my family history it's something I should do and now that I have insurance I decided it was time for my second test. The procedure is a piece of cake (darn, shouldn't have mentioned food!) but the prep work is a pain in the butt. LOL...sorry for the pun.

Not sure if I'll get near the computer tonight or tomorrow so will bid you a good week. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. BTW, did you all have a good weekend?

DS comes back home WED. YEAH. I've missed the little stinker. I'm glad school starts later this year so we have time to spend together before getting back into that routine. Not to mention more time to get back on an early to bed and early to rise schedule. ARG...6 AM comes early!!!

Til later.................

Thursday, July 26, 2007

All Clean

That is the OFFICIAL, straight from the surgeon, heard by my MIL, no doubt about it word regarding my FIL's surgery. WAHOOO!!!! We'd figured it must be OK but it was a relief to finally get the official, 100% factual results. Thanks so much for all your concerns, prayers and good thoughts during the past month. I'm so happy that it is over and that he is OK!!!!

I'm also so glad to have my DH back. I didn't tell to many people but he went to GA to be with his Mom & Dad while my FIL had the surgery. He stayed for 2 weeks after. TWO weeks without my sweetheart! It was rough but I (we) felt it was really important for him to be with his family during that time. His mom doesn't drive so she really needed him to help out until FIL was back on his feet. My sweetie got home Tuesday and I haven't stopped staring at him since I picked him up at the airport. I think he got more handsome while he was gone, if that is possible.

Now all that shopping makes sense doesn't it? LOL. Seriously stress related! My DH wouldn't have minded any of my purchases (he LOVES the Strawberry wagons and the new flower arrangement) but having him gone seemed to remove any filters I usually have. I guess I was spending to compensate for missing him so much. I should have exercised instead but ...

Speaking of shopping, Saturday- Whim so Doodle in St. Pete is having a big "Yard" sale and I'm going to to have a table. I'm hoping the weather holds and we all sell EVERYTHING!!! Now if I can sell and not BUY..that will be great. Stop by and say hello if you come to the sale.

Time to get to work. First I need coffee. Then I need to call my DH and tell him good morning. Then, I'll get to work.

Til later..................

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Where has the weekend gone?

It was Friday just a minute ago. Dang it! I really never accomplish what I set out to do in two short days. I've GOT to clean up the house and put away all the STUFF I've gotten in the last couple weeks. I also MUST stop buying stuff. Good grief...decide not to go to CKU and the next thing you know you are a spending fool.

Ran over to Lakeland yesterday to "spend" my Mike & Joanns coupons at Crafts & Stuff. Drove all the way over there because I needed to pick up the two stamps I'd special ordered from Violettes. Turns out C & S is CLOSING and was having a 70-90%off sale. CRAPOLA. Meant that they weren't taking coupons but they were having a 70-90% off sale. I ended up being there for several hours and SAVED $250. You do the math. Their last day is the 28th or 29th but there really isn't alot left. Paper & a few odds & ends. I bought the rest. Just kidding.

Since I stayed there so long, and had to be back in Z-hills for a hairdressing appointment, I RAN to Violette's and didn't have time to look around. Darn it. It was my first time in the store and would have loved to snoop.

I gambled on the quickest way back and decided I4. Unfortunately as soon as I reached the interstate the rains came and approximately 7 miles from my exit...dead stop. I crept past 4 or 5 accidents and ended up having to call and cancel my hair appointment. DARN it!! I really wanted to look good for my DH. He says he loves me no matter what but the hair needs some attention! Not to mention she usually does my eyebrows. Crapola!

Since I missed my appointment I HAD to turn off the interstate and go over to Brandon. Those Mike & Joann coupons were still calling my name. I made the mistake (see a trend here?) of going to the Super Wallys across from Joanns to pick up some plants. I'd found some really cool "Strawberry picking wagons" at a yard sale and they were crying out to become planters in my front yard. I picked out some plants and made the mistake of going over to the craft department instead of checking out right away. I didn't find anything to buy but by the time I checked out and got ready to leave the Sky opened like a hurricane was over top of us. I was stuck in the garden department for 40 minutes until it let up enough to dash to the car.

No, that didn't stop me from driving across the street and going to Joanns. I had three coupons to use and used them all. I got two more Embossing folders from Cuttlebug and a cute Scroll set of acylic stamps. I would have gotten out of the store fairly cheaply but then I got the bright idea to buy some fake flowers to redo the arrangement near my front door since I'd bought a new "urn" at the C & S 70% sale. It's a cycle I tell ya.

I finally got home and then this morning went back out and got a couple more plants and "inserts" for the planters. I've gotten them all put together and they look pretty cute. I need to mow the lawn and guess I better get to it before it rains again.

Hope you had a good weekend and were better disciplined than I was. Anyone read the HP book yet? My (***EDITED**) DD was at the store as always and I haven't heard from her since 11:40pm Friday night. I thought she might call when she got to the end but she is either to busy working or to busy crying. If you know the ending...don't spoil it for me. I won't be reading the book but want to hear it from her.

I'll take some pictures and show you the new planters soon. I still owe you the card pictures and I promise if I ever get them done, I will.

Til later..............

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fast forward to Friday

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already. Where did the week go? I'm glad it went fast as I'm looking forward to the weekend. What cha all got planned??

I'm sorry I've been missing from the blog posting world most of this week. All the stuff I ordered came within 3 days and I've been playing with all the great "rubba". I had the idea that I would show you examples of all the great things I created with the new stamps, pens, flock...etc. I didn't want to post anything until I had cards ready to share. Not happening. I stamped a ton of stuff and have been coloring but the last couple nights I got home late and didn't get my MoJo working enough to put the images together with their backgrounds. I will work on that this weekend and share soon.

BTW, I have nothing but good things to say about the companies I ordered from. They got my orders shipped right out and everything was spot on. I love the TK stamps and LOVE all the images I got from Papertreyink. I ordered three of the 5 shapes. I understand alot of the sets are now on backorder. They are so versatile that I'm not sure I'll ever figure out all the ways to use them. I'm looking forward to trying! I'm hoping to hear from Violettes in Lakeland soon. They ordered a couple stamps I've been looking all over for..skinny Ovals..Can't wait for them to come in. That will complete my new stamp buying..for awhile.

Going to go check out some card idea galleries and then head to bed. Just wanted to say hey & I'll be back soon!!

Til later.................

*****If you haven't read Ali Edwards latest post ..RUN to her link on the left. It is an amazing story. It may help you or someone you know.*****

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Scrapped out

after spending 12 hours card making & scraping with my Scrapyard gals. My sister & I went over early to take the card making class. We were super early so we stopped at Michael's for a quick look see. Well, we look see-ed so long we ended up almost being late for the class. We made 5 cards and though they were simple for most peoples standards they were cute and worth the $5 fee.

After the class the gals started arriving and we proceeded to scrap/crop till about 10:30 pm. We also did some shopping since the store is getting ready to have a "Christmas in July" sale and the manager was nice enough to let us get an early jump on the sale. I managed to get out for less than half what my original total was. I went through my PILE and put more than half the stuff back. Some people would call me crazy for putting back BG Christmas packs at 50% off but I still have the Christmas Kit I bought from RR last year....un-touched. I did get a cute stamp set with my 40% off coupon they let us use from JoAnns.

I ran home and jumped on the computer as Midnight was the official release of the 5 new stamp sets from Papertreyink. They all coordinate with the 5 scallop shapes that everyone is using these days. I was a good girl and only ordered three of the 5. The circle and the heart shape didn't call to me so I saved my self some money.

Saved my self some money.....LOL. Have you been keeping track of my spending the last couple days? I would say I have spent my NON-CKU money. I'm done!!!!

Good news, my FIL finally got to go home from the hospital today. They wouldn't let him leave until his blood pressure went down but he managed to get sprung and is now resting in his own own bed. I haven't heard the test results yet but so far everything looks good.

I'm fading fast and so I will bid you all good night, good is 12:56am. I'm going to take some aspirin and hit the sack myself. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Til later................

Friday, July 13, 2007

Motion Sickness

Note to self. Anyone with a tendency to motion sickness or vertigo when watching Spiderman movies on a regular movie screen should NEVER go see one on an IMAX screen.

Moving on..(bad pun...LOL)

Week ending update:

I did not sign up for CKU. I decided that anyone with CKU stuff still in bags in her scrap room from last year should NOT sign up for another one. If I've used the stuff by next year, maybe I can go then.

We had a fabulous party yesterday for a co-worker that is having a baby and another gal that is leaving us to work for an insurance agency. TONS of food and there is some left for today.

This morning I placed two orders with Ellen H. for her 131313-V2 sale. I ordered a bunch of pens/flock/BG tool set (Double D's--I will finally get my set) and three stamps. Then I went back and pre-ordered the nesting set of Rectangle scallops/plain die cuts and the Oval scallop/plain set. I realized that my Cricut has the Heart, Square & circle shapes and scallops so I didn't need those. They won't arrive until after CHA so I have awhile to second guess myself.

I'm impatiently waiting until midnight tomorrow to order ALL 5 sets of the new releases from Papertreyink. Nicole has driven us all crazy with her sneak peaks and they look brilliant.

Tomorrow a group of us are heading over to Scrapbooking in Paradise for a "private" crop. Before the crop, the store is having a card making workshop, 5 cards for $5. My sister and I are signed up for both and will be heading out about 8:30 for St. Pete. I've never been to that store and they take Mike & Joanns coupons. OH MY!!!!!

What are your plans for the weekend?

My FIL is still in the hospital as of this morning. He hasn't eaten any real solids yet so I imagine he may be there a few more days. No test results yet but hopefully today. Continued prayers appreciated.

Til later...........

I almost forgot...I headed over and ordered two of the Thomas Kinkade stamps from They are so beautiful. Have you checked them out yet???

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I'm debating whether I want to try and sign up for CKU Orlando tonight. I've still got all the stuff from CKU-A Atlanta from last July that have never gotten out of the bags. I still haven't even finished my album (I may do that at the crop on Saturday). There are several websites that I frequent that are having sales or debuts of new products this weekend so I'm trying to decide if I want to save my money to get all of the things I want.

I'm going to pass along some sites to let you see what I'm talking about. What would you do? I have to decide by 7:50pm tonight!!

***Hold on to your wallet.

Papertreyink is releasing 5 stamp sets on the 15th that coordinate with scallop punches.

ellen hutson is having a sale the 13th. She is also going to be selling an amazing set of nesting scallop dies that will "replace" all the hard to find punches. You can read all about it and get the discount coupon on her website

There is a new set of stamps by Thomas Kinkade that is being sold here
I want some of them.

Let me know if you fall victim to these sales & let them know I sent you if they ask.

Now, to decide what I'M going to do.

Til later............

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Surgery Day***UPdate

Today at 1pm my FIL will be operated on to remove the mass they found during a previous test. All of his scans and tests came back clean but we won't know for 100% until they remove and test the entire mass. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers today. We are firm believers in God's will and my DH says that to worry "Insults God" but I'm sure some extra prayers would be appreciated.

I'll let you know what we find out later tonight or tomorrow.

Til later..............

5pm-no word yet.

Heard from Ga a few minutes after 5:30 saying that the surgery went well and as far as they can tell it was clean. They will get the biopsy results in a few days.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Keep it up for a few more days if you can. Thanks!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Friends in high places

I officially know a "famous" scrapbooking person. My friend CAMI B. was named to the Rusty Pickle DT. I'm so proud of her. Her work is amazing and she is also the sweetest person you'd ever meet. Check out her blog link to the left.(btw-that picture was taken at my wedding reception. I'm honored that she uses it for her blog. If I was at home I'd have used the entire picture cause I'm in it too..LOL)

WAY TO GO CAMI!!! Hope to see you Saturday.

Til later........

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Slow Sunday

Awoke at 7:30 but went back to sleep until 8:55AM. I jumped out of bed as DH & I have a Sunday morning tradition (well maybe not so much a tradition but we do it every Sunday) of watching Sunday Morning on CBS. It usually takes us two hours, thank goodness for DVRs and then I read the papers (I get both the Trib & the Times).

The rest of the day has been spent being lazy and catching up on blogs. Looks like my sister had fun with her "Hilltop" friends. Shopping, drinking, sailing and talking. Sounds like a grand time to me.

Speaking of Shopping, I went to Macys yesterday and after about two hours managed to spend all but .65 of our GC from Aunt Mary. I won't list all the stuff I got but I did get a PINK spatula. Really cute!

Checking the usual blogs I read & some new ones, I found alot of inspiration that I hope to use in the coming weeks. I have a ton of projects I'd like to do. I may sell some stuff to finance a couple things I "Can't live without".

My FIL's surgery is Tuesday so please keep him and the rest of the family in your thoughts & prayers. The tests showed nothing bad but they really won't know until they operate. Prayers are appreciated.

Speaking of prayers, my niece survived (despite the lack of assistance from her "family") her trip to Tallahassee. They have to wait until August for the test results. Continued prayers that everything will be OK.

I think I'm going to go snuggle some more with my DH. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day. We have "Parmesean Chicken" for dinner that I picked up at SuperTarget. Last time I did that the package some how got put out on the counter over night and had to be thrown away. So far it's still in the fridge so I'm hopeful it will get cooked and enjoyed.

Til later...............

Friday, July 6, 2007

Fabulous Friday

Lunch with my Aunt yesterday was great. We went to Cracker Barrel and had "Breakfast". YUM!! We chatted and I showed her my Wedding scrapbook-in progress. She gave us a GC so I'm going shopping this weekend!!

I haven't officially heard anything but it sounds like my niece in Georgia needs your prayers again. She took her middle son to Tallahassee for more testing and her "Family" that was supposed to help out..bailed on her again. I won't go off on a tangent (see my sisters blog for that) but if someone can explain to me how people that are the best humans on the planet can get stuck with blood relatives that are the WORST humans on the planet. Since I just came from Yoga I won't allow my blood pressure to go up but I can tell you there are certain people in Georgia that need lessons in "family"

Jenna, I love you and wish I could take away your troubles and make things all better. CYBER HUGS to you and your boys.

My DD started working (finally) with me today. Yeah!! I should have brought my camera and taken a picture of her first day. LOL!! She would have killed me. She was gone by the time I got back from Yoga. Next week I'll try and get her to go to class with us.

Looking forward to the weekend. Lots of snuggling planned. Big Daytona race on TV. Maybe some shopping (got that GC to spend after all). Maybe some scrapping. Hope you have a great weekend too.

Til later.........

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Birthday America

I have spent a lazy day "celebrating" my countries Birthday. I stayed in bed half the day, catching up on alot of my taped TV shows. Gotta love it.

I wanted to share a couple cards I made for the 4th. The first one was sent to my mom.

The stamp reminds me of a collection I have, "Cherished Teddies" The image was stamped in black with Stayzon ink on white cardstock. I colored the image with my watercolor pencils. The image was mounted on blue cardstock after "distressing" the edges with the black ink. The patterned paper is from a DCWV mat stack. Ribbons are from the $1 spot at Target.

The next card was sent to my in-laws but they probably won't receive it until tomorrow (duh..should have mailed it Saturday-not Monday),

Rubber Stamp by Stampabilities-Flag of Peace. Image stamped on white cardstock, colored with watercolor pencils, inked edges and then mounted to a piece of red cardstock. Red cardstock inked and then mounted on piece of the DCWV used on other card. That piece was inked and then the whole thing mounted on blue piece of cardstock which was inked and mounted to white card base. Ribbons from $1 spot at Target.

Hope you are enjoying your midweek holiday. Later we are heading to town for a fireworks show. Tomorrow I'm meeting my aunt Mary for lunch. She surprised me with a call this morning saying she was down from NY.

Til later...............