Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Update

LOL. That reminded me of SNL. Man I'm getting old.

Friday..Crop at the clubhouse but I could only go for a few minutes as I needed to pack for WSD. I haven't heard anything so I assume the gals got out before the alarm sounded.

Saturday-WSD yard sale. Who in the HECK planned a OUTSIDE sale the last weekend of July? ARG, it was HOT. Thankfully my space was in the "alley", which I originally wasn't happy about but at least we had shade until 11:45. The crowds were fair, I sold some stuff, made more than if I'd spent the day at home but not as much as I'd hoped. I was a good girl and only spent $5. Considering the number of booths and stamps-etc, I think that was outstanding. Saw several people I know. Thankfully I was set up in front of the bank so when the rain came at noon all I had to do was pick up my table, put it under their entrance and pack without getting drenched. When the rain finally stopped I was able to pack in minutes and hardly got a drop on me or my stuff. I went inside the store for a few minutes and visited with a few people I know & then headed back home. I ended up taking a nap after I got home so it was a pretty good day all around.

Sunday--Watched most of CBS Sunday's a tradition. We always take about 2 hours to watch the whole show what with stopping to discuss things, going potty, etc..I ended up jumping up with about 20-30 minutes left of the actual show to run to CVS for MILK. They had it on sale. I refuse to pay $4-5 for milk. Well, I'll try not to so $2.79 was a deal. Came back after hitting the Walgreens for BOGO's on school supplies and spent a few hours cutting out and organizing coupons. Have I mentioned that I haven't been grocery shopping in a month? I finally went to Wallys world and spent the next 3 hours shopping & saving money with my wad of coupons. Don't laugh, I saved $60 in just coupons not to mention the stuff I got on clearance.

After the end of the NASCAR race DH cooked my "last meal". He grilled out brots and we had potato salad & then Ice Cream for dessert. Yum except about an hour later my body decided to start our "cleansing" a day early.

I won't get graphic but today I'm on a liquids only diet in preparation for tomorrows Colonoscopy. Fun, FUN!!! Thanks to my family history it's something I should do and now that I have insurance I decided it was time for my second test. The procedure is a piece of cake (darn, shouldn't have mentioned food!) but the prep work is a pain in the butt. LOL...sorry for the pun.

Not sure if I'll get near the computer tonight or tomorrow so will bid you a good week. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. BTW, did you all have a good weekend?

DS comes back home WED. YEAH. I've missed the little stinker. I'm glad school starts later this year so we have time to spend together before getting back into that routine. Not to mention more time to get back on an early to bed and early to rise schedule. ARG...6 AM comes early!!!

Til later.................


Kip said...

Good luck with your colonoscopy!

Michele L from Tampa said...

Let me know how it goes, yeah I was thinking I should have one done too. UGH

Cami said...

good for you for being proactive with your health. Hope today went well.

sorry I missed WSD...I wanted to go SO bad. But then - there's the retreat in 10 days. woohoo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Cheryl for "going for the proceedure". lol I went last year and it was a piece of cake indeed! But I hated the prep. Ew, it makes me sick just thinking about it!
Glad your ds is home soon. Mine came home today and it sure is nice.

Jenn said...

A blog of mine had a SNL reference not too long don't feel old, alright!

I'm glad you're being deligent with your health. ((I can't wait for insurance so I can do the same))