Monday, April 30, 2007

New Stamp site

Sorry I've been posting later in the day. If you are like me and like to read your blog favs in the morning it is screwing you up. I know you don't want to miss a thing I have to say! Since I've been leaving for work straight from the bus stop, I don't have time to do it in the morning any more. Guess I could get up earlier so I could blog before 6:45 but I'm NOT a morning person. Getting up at 6:15 am is hard enough and leaves me just enough time to shower and get out of the house.

Now for the reason for the late post.....I found the coolest rubber stamp site today. They have retro designs. Maybe you youngsters won't appreciate them as much as I did but check it out here. I'm going to add the site on my favorites so you can always find the link. I'll have to take my time and really look through the site before making an order. Let me know what you think.

Speaking of new products, I just ordered this. It may become my Crop "Carry it all". The bright yellow color should help me stand out in a crowd. I'll let you know when it comes in or if it arrives in time, I may have it with me at the Scrapbook Shoppe crop on Sunday. I wanted to order it last Friday but couldn't find any dimensions so I sent an inquiry to the company. According to an email I got today: the dimensions of the yellow holder is 14 10/16" wide X 7 3/4" high X 4 1/2 deep. There are 10 containers measuring approximately 1 1/4" X 3 3/4" X 7". Five of the boxes have built in dividers and 5 have no dividers.

Can you tell I've been blog surfing? LOL.

HERO's tonight!!! I caught the cast on Larry King Live Friday night. LK has apparently never watched the show but they did reveal some interesting facts about the cast members. It had been driving me crazy trying to figure out who Claires adopted dad was. I knew, I knew the actor from somewhere. Did you already know?? He was Steven Carrington on Dynasty. DUH!!! They also revealed that the guy who plays the time traveling "Hero" has an IQ of 180 and was on the cover of Newsweek at 12 or 14. He was a CG wiz before deciding to try acting.

Finally watched ER last night and am looking forward to this week.

Several of my show favorites have already had their season finale so I'm looking forward to more free time. Yeh right. It's time for my FX shows to come back. Man, I need to stop watching tv. Maybe then I'd get my scrapping done. ROFLMAO......LOL!! Sorry, I cracked myself up.

More upcoming TV this week....

24 is tonight. This show makes me tired. When will poor Jack get a nap?
House-tomorrow night & I think a new Bones.
AI with Bon Jovi. Can Phil sing Rock? Can Melinda? Can Latisha? Then Wed-TWO down and four will remain. We are getting down to the wire.

Almost forgot..over the weekend we also watched the CSI-Vegas from Thursday. OMG-great show. From Grissom kinda telling Sarah he loves her to the poor boxer that had the longest autopsy in history. We thought it was great that the ME got so much play after reading the article about the actor.

National Scrapbooking Day this weekend. Hope you all have plans to take part in some way. There are lots of on-line events and Several crops around town. I sure hope my pictures arrive before Sunday so I can work on my wedding album. I had to break down and order some through DOT-photo since my printer is still stuck in B & W mode. They had 12 cent Sunday/Monday. I could have gotten them in a couple days from CVS for 15 cents but didn't feel like going to the store and standing at the machine for an hour.

If you haven't read my "OPEN Letter to Martha", check below. I emailed a copy of the post to Marth Stewart Inc. Think they will change their stand on coupons? Doubtful. I was inspired to email them after reading several Yahoo groups that were sending their thoughts to Michaels & MS Inc. So far the people NOT impressed are out numbering those that feel the stuff is worth the NO discount rule. I'm still waiting to hear from my friend Cami. She was going today to check it out. Cami??? What say you??

Well, guess I had more to say than I thought. Better return to my "day job" and we'll talk again soon.

Til later...............

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Open letter to Martha

Dear Martha,

Thank you for thinking we scrapbookers needed "saving". I'm sure the thousands of people that have been scrapping for years wonder how we have managed before you created your line of products. I don't know how I have gotten by without your 18 x 18 album and paper. I'm sorry I've been shopping at Joanns. I didn't know I was shopping at an inferior store. I'm so glad you are showing me the error of my ways. I promise I will shop ONLY at Michael's from now on.


OK enough. Let me stop this before I make myself sick. In case you haven't see the article that just about made me gag, look here.

I stopped by Michael's to see what all the hype was about. The stuff is OK but nothing that made me go WOW. The fact that DIVA M will not allow coupons be used on her products was enough to turn me off. I RARELY pay full price for my scrapping supplies.

The best thing about the arrival of Martha is the other new products Michael's has gotten in. I do not know if they were told they had to Upscale their scrapbook department but they did. They had ALL the Tim Holtz products that I usually have to go to Joanns/Crafts & Stuff for. They also had new K & Company, lots of new tools and other products. The department almost looked like a LSS instead of the craft reject it had become.

If we have Martha to thank for that, I'll give her Kudo's but I still won't be buying her stuff.

What do you think?

Changing the subject for a moment.. HELLO to Denise, Cami , Nicole & Lindsey who came out and cropped with me last night. I had fun. I planned to scrap today but haven't done a thing but get my stuff out of the car. I tried to print off some pictures to scrap but my printer has decided to only print in B & W. I tried replacing both cartridges, even spent over an hour on line with tech support. He suggested I replace the cartridges. UM, I DID before I called you and they are still printing in B & W. The computer says the cartridges are low/empty of ink. I just opened the package. How can that be? The tech had no answer for me. ARG!!!! Luckily I printed some stuff at CVS yesterday so maybe I'll get something accomplished tomorrow. I think I'll go catch up on the many TV shows I missed this week.

BTW, my grand nephew made it through his surgery with flying colors. My niece sent me the cutest pictures and I was going to make a cute page. Since I can't get it to print out in color..guess not.

Til later...............

Friday, April 27, 2007

Surgery-crops & Greys

Today my littlest grand nephew is having surgery in Georgia. He isn't quite 3 and I'm sure he isn't going to be a happy little boy when he finds out where he is going. His mom & dad will be with him but my heart is heavy thinking of his little eyes when he realizes somethings up. They didn't explain it ahead of time (unless they did it since the last time I heard anything) because he is the kind of kid that would have gone wild until the event. He's a "need to know basis" kind of kid. I'm not sure what time the surgery is but if you could all keep the "Jenna in Georgia" family in your thoughts today I'd appreciate it. JENNA..I love you!! Give little G a big hug from this part of his Tampa Bay family.

Speaking of family, my sister is supposed to hear about her job situation today. She posted a couple days ago that they offered her a chance to stay in the job she has but with some changes, including no extra perks. I'm not sure what she has decided so she's on my mind too. Michele-Love you too!!! She is getting to go to RR tonight & tomorrow to Crop & take classes with "Margie". Sound be fun. I look forward to the stories that will come from that get together!

Now, on a lighter note........let's talk TV.

Watched Greys last night. Raise your hand if you think the end was the beginning of introducing the "spin-off" for Addison? What was up with Alex? That boy drives me crazy. I think it's from his abusive childhood. He doesn't let himself open up to many/any people. McDreamy-starting to piss me off!!! I'd heard a rumor (maybe from you guys??) that George may be leaving the show (stupid move if you ask me). What do you think they will do about him taking the job at Mercy General? Poor Callie. I thought she handled herself really well with Izzie last night. When she got on the elevator we expected blood!

Started watching the season (already!!!) finale of October Road. I'm afraid my large glass of wine started hitting me and I ended up going to bed and so it is on our list of things to catch up on this weekend. Is anyone else watching it??

Really interesting article in the local paper yesterday about the guy that plays the ME on CSI-Vegas. Did anyone read it? He sounds like a dude you could have a blast hanging out with. Last nights episode is one of the many DVR'd shows we need to catch up on..... plus ER plus Medium plus a few others I can't think of right now. Refer to the post from a few days ago...I need to get a life. Or maybe I should just accept that we enjoy TV. So sue me.

Mini crop in my subdivision tonight. Not sure what I'll be working on. A group I belong to has a LO challenge due tomorrow so maybe I'll do something for that. Wonder if my Darth Gator LO would be eligible?? Maybe I'll work on my Make & Take idea for the crop next month. If someone would give me an would help!!

Friday at work...a ghost town. I may fall asleep. I wish!

OH.....I almost forgot to tell you...I FOUND the tax information!!!!! It was nothing short of an act of divine guidance but I found BOTH of the W2's that the HR department is requiring to complete my paperwork. I got to work super early to turn it in to my new supervisor and.........she's OFF today!! ARG!!! I've called her cell phone and am waiting to hear from her. A friend has said she will drive me to the HR building so I can turn them in but first I need to get the details of who, where. Patience..not my strong suit.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Til later................

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I've calmed down a bit since AI last night. I don't follow the different sites that "predict/know" the results before the show. I don't want to know before Ryan tell us. I always try and guess based on how they are seated or the order they line up in but I don't want to KNOW before hand. They really had me last night and it looked like Jordan/jordin (which is it??) didn't know they were kidding. My DH has asked or suggested that they know ahead of time but you could tell the family and "Sparks" didn't know what they were doing. I had suggested early in the show that they shock might be letting TWO people go and DH said that "JS" being booted would be the big shocker. Looks like we were both right in a way. JS was led to believe she was leaving and they are going to let two leave next week.

Lost...good grief they drive me crazy. Dead people coming back to life...all manner of bizarre things happen on that island. Now we don't know if we can trust Juliet or not..looks like not but "against her will". I don't read the message boards (see reason in AI post above) so I have a hard time keeping up with the twists and turns they throw at us every week. I still say the biggest mystery is why Hurley doesn't loose weight. I know they have food but come on...has no one ever watched Survivor??

Thursday means MUST watch TV..Greys, ER & CSI. We still have the Medium from last night so we won't be at a loss for viewing pleasure. Still reeling from the HOUSE episode. Great show and it was fun to see Hugh L on the AI last night. Always fun to see him as "Himself". Finally got to see the final Apprentence. My pick won. Strong woman rule!

Got a call from DS's school yesterday. Can someone explain to me why I can't get the child to talk to the "new kid" at his bus stop-one that is also in several of his classes- but he gets in trouble for talking & bugging people in ALL of his classes. ARG!!!!! The Science teacher says he thinks it is because he gets bored and then talks. He said they do not have advanced placement in 6th grade so we will have to hope he gets "harder" classes next year. If the kids and teachers don't strangle him first.

DH and I tried out a local restaurant last night since DS was with his dad. It was a little hole in the wall sea food place. We got a main course, salad, bread, 2 veggies & dessert for $6-7.99 each. The food was good, not fancy by any means..some was actually "lunch room style servings" but it wasn't bad. We were the youngest people by about 20 years (not counting the waiters) but it was a "cute" place. We are going to try and check out some other local places. There are some that we drive by and the parking lots are always full. Either they are really good or the "older population" doesn't eat at home..LOL.

Found out today that my new employer is requiring "proof" of my former employment. Since both are out of business or have moved out of state, that means I have to try & track down my W2's. I'm usually a person that keeps things/paperwork FOREVER. Unfortunately my DH isn't and I've been trying to let somethings go. I'm hoping those W2's aren't in that category. ARG!!!

Speaking of working..I agreed to cover the reception desk AGAIN today so I must go get to it.

OH....I was really spoiled yesterday by BOTH my teams for Administrative Assistants day. I got cards, flowers, candy, balloons & $$$$. WAHOO. It was very sweet. THANKS GALS!!!!

Til later...................

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol trickers

OMG. I can't believe that they tricked us like that. Who else was having a FIT thinking they were sending Jordan home? I know she'll be OK but to make us think she was going home tonight....ARG!!!!

OK, I need to go lower my blood pressure. Time for LOST and snuggling with my DH.

Have a great night & we'll talk tomorrow.

Til later................

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA & big news revealed

First, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my neice Jennifer in Georgia. I'm sorry to say that being the awful aunt I am, her gift is still sitting on my table. I also bought her oldest son a little something awhile ago but didn't want to upset the other boys so have been waiting until I could get a little something for them too. Arg..I need a secretary.

Speaking of Secretaries...and speaking of a great segway.....I can now reveal my BIG NEWS!!

Warning...VERY LONG POST>>>>

First a background story:

I work for the State of Florida as a support staff member to the Member Services team. We screen and enroll children with chronic or life threatening illness into the state insurance program and then assign nurses to help with their case management. It's hard to explain but we screen over 1000 kids a month and enroll several hundred. I really love my team mates and the job is ok. Unfortunately, I have been working this position for the last 2 years without benefits, no insurance, no sick days, no paid holidays, no paid vacations.

The day after my wedding, I took the day off to get my name changes done. I got a phone call that morning from a friend at work who told me the Administrative Assistant for the Medical Foster Team was leaving. I immediately called the supervisor of the team and let her know I was interested in applying for the job. I'd been trying for 2 years to get on their team.

I had to fill out an application and be interviewed as the position is actually with a division of USF physicians instead of the State. I was told there was a "Spanish speaking" request for the position. Since I do not speak Spanish I was upset to think I may loose the job because of that.

Long story shortened..They asked four of us to split the job duties until they hired someone. I decided to do ANYTHING they asked so I could show my ability to do the job. They interviewed several people and I kept waiting to hear something. They said the process could take 4-6 weeks.

Thursday I got the word that it was between me & one other person (that was qualified AND spoke Spanish). I knew the MF group wanted me because they had said so-- MANY times and had told their supervisor they wanted me for the job.

Friday afternoon I got called into the MF supervisors office and as soon as I walked in she stuck out her hand and said," Welcome to the Medical Foster Team". WAHOOOOOO!!!!!

Unfortunately, she wanted to wait to make the announcement until she could tell her team members and that wouldn't be until Tuesdays staff meeting. I had to LIE to several peoples faces when they asked if I knew anything yet.

Yesterday morning I was told to wait 15 minutes and then join them in their staff meeting. When I walked into the room, and she introduced me as their newest team member, the room irrupted in cheers. (no kidding..some people like me...really like me). There were several people that were late to the meeting and as they arrived and realized that I was sitting there and what it meant..they both screamed & clapped. My DH says girls are so would have said" Hey" emotion like us women. Personally, I'd rather be a woman.

The next thing I had to do was tell my current co-workers that I was leaving. A few knew I'd applied and were hoping I'd not get it because they didn't want me to leave. I called two of my closest friends into my cubie and then discovered I couldn't tell them. I swear it felt like I was telling my children about a divorce. Finally one of the ladies just started shaking her head and came over and hugged me.

We had a party scheduled yesterday for the entire office so I had to hurry and tell the rest of the group before word leaked out. They were all happy for me but sad. They realize that the new position has FULL BENEFITS and that I needed those badly. They also realize that the other team is right on the other side of our cubbies. I'll still be close and we can always go to lunch. I get a LUNCH hour now!!! I have been eating at my desk.

I do not officially start with the new team until the paperwork is completed and I go to orientation. It should be about two weeks. In the mean time I am still doing two jobs.

So...if you are still reading and still awake...that is the big news I've been holding. One of my team mates is my loyal BLOG reader so I couldn't say anything until it was announced. HI JESSIE..LOVE YA!!! You too Alicia if you are reading this..Love ya too!!!!!

I would give my review of AI & HOUSE but I'm sure you all need a nap by now. (HOUSE--EXCELLENT)

Til later.......................

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

To much TV

not enough hours in the day. Or..I need a life! We didn't watch the finale of "Apprentice" on Sunday so all day yesterday I had to avoid Yahoo. STILL didn't see it last night so I'm really afraid to read the paper or look at Yahoo. If you know..DON'T tell me.

Karate last night and then a full night of TV viewing. Watched "DRIVE"..anyone else watching? DH says it's like amazing race & Lost combined. Kinda weird but entertaining for now. "HERO's" was back and would you believe I started falling asleep right after it started. ARG. It wasn't boring, I was just tired. DH kept shaking my foot and I finally got awake enough to see it through to the end. WILD stuff! I'm afraid to say that I was so sleepy that we went straight to bed and didn't watch "24". Cami..don't tell me. We'll watch it tonight or DH will have watched and will tell me later. MAN, falling asleep on the couch at 9pm. What a wimp. Guess it's the 6 hours of sleep I get on average. It catches up with me and especially when my DH is rubbing my feel while we watch TV. Love the rubs but it puts me right to sleep!

Today we are having a party at work to honor the "Administrative Professionals". Since I am technically one..that means me!! Yesterday one of the members of my team came to my cubie to talk to me & a fellow co-worker. She leaned down and started whispering so the girl next to me wouldn't hear what she was saying. Funny thing is, the girl started talking about what they were going to buy the "Secretaries" and as soon as she said that she realized..HELLO..I'm one of the Sec's and the girl in the next cubie ISN'T! The look on her face when she realized what she had done was priceless. Oh, did I mention she is one of three gals we call "The Blondes"? Nuff said.

Tomorrow I am supposed to get a free parking pass for the front of our building. Normally we have to park over a mile away and take a shuttle bus to our building. Several of the supervisors have parking spaces at the building and they have offered those spaces on days they are out of town. Tomorrow is my day to use one of the spaces. WAHOO.

Speaking of tomorrow, my niece Jennifer is having a Birthday tomorrow. Friday her littlest one is having surgery to have his tonsils & adnoids out. (sorry about my spelling..even spell check doesn't know) Quite a week for that family. HUGS to my Georgia family.

I've signed up to be a vendor for one of the "Crops by Beryl" on May 26th. I'm really excited and just got a big box of TLC stuff I'll have for sale. I'm expecting a big box of the NEW products. Hopefully it will arrive before the event. I'm supposed to offer a "Make & Take" and am working on some ideas. If you have any ides of the kind of things you would enjoy doing, let me know. I would appreciate the imput. The crop should be a good one so click on the link to the left and check it out. Let her know how you found out about the crop.

I'm sure there is another night of MUST SEE TV tonight so we'll talk about it tomorrow..unless I fall asleep.

Til later...............

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Odds & ends

I'm going to try & post a few pictures I've been promising.
First is the great find I got at the Scrapbook/rubber stamping Yard Sale I went to last Saturday. I got this Junkitz bag signed by Tim Holtz, a pack of Gloss Cardstock, a
unopened pack of Distressing inks and 6 other bottles of ink, a handle and package of felt pads, a bottle of Ranger Sepia accents and two bottles of Alcohol Blending solution....
for $18. WOWZA!!!

I also picked up some Tech Tuesday acrylic stamps and some other wooden stamps for backgrounds. Since that was the day of DS's Karate test I didn't have alot of time to shop. Probably a good thing as I could have spent a fortune.

Speaking of DS, he got his Orange belt on Friday night. Check it out...

Here he is with his SemPi-Ken.

Yesterday I went to my friend Cari's house for a Pampered Chef/Two sisters party. It was a nice afternoon with the gals. On the way home I stopped at Target to get three more boxes of the outside lights to finish the walk way. (they went on sale TODAY and I've already gotten my price match refund) Anyway...........While there, I was looking around the $1 spot and was surprised and excited to see they had the DOCUMENT boxes back in stock. The document boxes were a huge deal last year as every scrapper/crafter all over the world (or so it seemed) were looking in their Target for them. They are great to store unmounted/acrylic stamps in. I had a hard time getting any last year but yesterday I bought 27 of them. I called my friend Cami to see if you wanted any because she was looking for them last time too. She said she'd take some so I bought a case plus what they had on the shelf. The stock guy said I could have more but I was afraid to buy many until I could see how many I'd need and ask they are colored this year instead of clear like last year. I got Green & Blue. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Besides the document boxes I ran across another great find...Yep, a little "paint can" full of Prima flowers with a container of chipboard shapes on the lid...for $2.46. I wish there had been more but they only had two in the clearance section.

It's dinner time and we've decided to try and find a Chinese place to pick up take out. Hopefully I can find a decent place since we live in the sticks.
"Extreme Home make over" looks like a tear jerker from start to finish tonight. "Apprentice" should be good as they are down to the final three and we find out the winner soon.
Tomorrow night is the return of HERO's...YA!
then Action Jack on "24"...
Tuesday is IDOL without Sanjaya!!!
Should be a good week for TV.
Stay tuned for other news soon.
Til later...................
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Questions will be answered


Besides that..........Greys was pretty good. I felt bad for "smashed face girl". I understand the "mom" didn't believe she was her child but I felt she could have at least taken a DNA test or something.

I also feel bad for Callie. Who stands a chance against Izzie?

Speaking of Izzie...WOW. How hard that must have been.

Derick...come on McDreamy! Don't be a putz!

Rest of show had great moments too. I'm drawing a blank as I have alot on my mind right now.

ER..another good show. Do I smell a romance for SAM? Goodness knows she could use a good man. Besides, anyone that is still interested after she almost killed him..several times...he's a keeper or a freak.

Brunch party tomorrow at my friend Cari's house. Should be fun as most of the usual suspects will be there. Food, friends, shopping...good times.

DS went back to school today after two days out. Tonight he should get his Orange belt at Karate class. Hope my camera is charged!

I had the pleasure of witnessing an Adoption ceremony this morning. The wonderful gal, Carol, that officiated at our wedding was finalizing an adoption of a little girl she's had for the past 4 years. The little girl was so cute and the ceremony was very touching. There were four or five other families waiting to have their own ceremony. All the kids had on their new clothes and were all so adorable. I decided being an Adoption granting judge is about the best job you can have. Much better than a Divorce judge or the criminal court judges.

I hope you have a super weekend. I will try and get some more wedding/reception pictures posted. I should get the disc tomorrow at the party.

Til later.....................

Thursday, April 19, 2007

You asked for it

I've added a link that is supposed to allow you to subscribe to my blog. Since I have so much to say, I'd hate for you to miss a single entry. Go ahead and sign up. If it turns out to be a dud I'll let you know and you can cancel your alerts.

Gotta go get ready for Greys & ER. Love new episodes!

Til later.............

Thank you America

now we have us a show!

I have only one thing to say about last nights result because if you have read ANY of my AI comments, you already know how I feel....

How sad that the young man actually looked upset. I think he truely believed his own hype. I hope it was an act. I'd hate to think he thought he had a chance based solely on his talent. He can sing. I've said that all along. He is just not good enough to be a "Performer" like Kelly Clarkson , Carrie Underwood or Chris Daughtry (yes-I know he didn't with me here)

He will be a Celeb because the world loves to give all kinds of people their 15 minutes. I just hope someone with a "head" on their shoulders is in charge of him. I'm worried for him if not.

NOW......let's get serious and see what happens with the rest of the contestants. It will be nice to actually watch a show without the Sanjaya factor hanging over it. It will be the AI we've all loved in the past.


Til later............

PS...Cami....What about LOST? That show is FREAKING me out man!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

TV reviews & stuff

It was pointed out to me that I missed commenting on "24" yesterday. To tell you the truth, I fell asleep. I didn't realize how much I missed until DH tried to let me see the end and we had to keep backing it up...and backing it up..and backing it up some more. We finally determined that I fell asleep with 20 minutes left in the show! My DH said he'd been talking to me about the show and didn't really think to much about my not responding. LOL. I guess for once I wasn't snoring to tip him off.

So, I will now review "24". Can someone cut Jack a break? Good grief. My DH says he's the kiss of death to any woman that he sleeps with but come on....Giving bomb making stuff to a country so they can attack another country? Find another woman or go solo Jack. Seriously, I thought it was interesting how the SECOND the suitcase nukes were found he gets the phone call about Audrey. I wondered what they were going to do with the rest of the "24" hours. Heaven forbid Jack get to sleep!

As for the VP...we should have known things would turn out badly when they hired Powers Booth and the woman that was the Alien on Surface. Nothing good could come of that casting!! I hope little "Ali McBeal- Numbers" guy stands tall (lol) and keeps holding the tape recording over the VP --now Pres- head. Ok, so he may need a know what I mean.

Now the review you have all been waiting for........AI.

Let me first say, I love Country Music.

I have sung in many a Karaoke bars.

I have sung Bonnie Ratt many times and LOVE "Something to talk about".

If she doesn't SUE Sanjaya and the producers of AI, she is missing a golden opportunity.


As soon as I heard what he was going to sing I started screaming at the TV. NO!!!!!!! Then he comes out with the bandanna head and I really started screaming. STOP THE MADNESS. I can't tell if he has decided he is unbeatable or he really is that clueless about what he is doing. The boy is giving William Hung a bad name. He insulted everyone that has ever sung that song in a Karaoke setting.

Please, everyone..forget Don Imus for a moment (don't get me started) Al Sharpton, call Larry King, Call Howard someone and BEG them to stop their support of Sanjaya. If he stays on the show after last night then the entire show will implode. I seriously think Simon will personally get on the stage and drag the kid off into the abyss.

On a brighter note...Phil S..thanks for taking the stupid cap off. Country did OK. I wonder if he could pull off a cowboy hat? Would he cock it to one side or wear it like he is supposed to?

I felt sorry for Chris. He was very clearly upset by the events in VT but he did an OK job on the Rascal Flatt's song. If Simon had ever listened to RF he'd have know that he sounded almost like the original. They aren't as nasal but close enough. I felt so bad when he almost started crying after Simon's critic of him.

Someone must have said something or Simon actual does have a heart because he tried to back pedal at the end of the show. It didn't come off well but at least he tried.

I'd never heard the song Melinda did but once again...WOW. I sure hope America does the right thing and keeps her in...not another Chris Daughtry incident.

Blake looked uncomfortable but sounded good. I didn't understand the wardrobe choice but he's adorable. She is so good. I don't know if she'll make it to the end but she is going to be Somebody!

Lakisha...hmmmm. I think she was a victim of the "to short a time to sing the song" problem. She needed more time to build her voice and didn't have it. My DH suggested they cut out all the guest talking and use the time to let the kids sing more of the songs.

I asked him if he really wanted to hear the entire 3+ minutes of "Something to talk about"? He started laughing and said.."OH, they may have something by NOT letting them sing the whole song."

Guess we'll see what happens tonight. Can't wait.

My DS has been "Throwing up" since about 5am and I've been waiting to see if he was going to recover enough to go to school. (sorry for the visual this early in the morning) He is still sitting on the floor in the bathroom and it is now 7:30. Should I wait and take him late or let him stay home? Normally I would say it is "Progress report" illness as they go home today but thanks to eSembler we already know his grades and they aren't bad.

He better feel better by tonight..he gets his Orange Belt.

Better go see what's happening. DH just got up and was surprised to see me still here. I've been getting to work by now so better call them and let them know what's happening too.

Hope you all have a super day. Don't forget to hug your kids/family and be a friend to someone. Life is to short.

Til later...............

**PS@ 10:30 am

How on earth could I forget to review HOUSE?? WOWZA. Quite a case. Just goes to prove again that a man & his "little buddy" can cause all kinds of trouble! BTW, the little kid that played the brother is right now the "main kid" on "October Road". He just got hit by a car on OR and then got sick on House. Poor kids gonna get type cast soon.

So who else thinks House likes his boss? Poor Wilson almost embarrassed himself thanks to Houses' joke. Cameron & Chase ..any hope for them? Another great show thanks to the wonderful character that is House. LOVE that show.

Bones is a rerun tonight. What's up with that?? It was a very good episode when originally aired so if you missed it before it's worth a look. Not sure about the rest of my Wed night shows. DH keeps up with them.

HERO's count down..................including today it's 5 days and a wake up!! Can't wait.

OK, before I start charging for my "expert" opinions....go do something.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Orange Belt

in da houze!!!

Yep, the Karate Kid PASSED HIS TEST.

He will receive his temporary Orange belt on Wed. night. Apparently the teacher has to order the official belts. As the teacher had promised, not everyone passed. As soon as we saw DS's name on the Promoted list, we both started looking for another kids name that we knew would be VERY upset if he didn't pass. Sure enough, NOT on the list. A few minutes later the kid and his mother came into the room, checked the list and immediately went off. The teacher had to take the boy & his mother outside to speak to them. They ended up taking 15 minutes of class time talking to the teacher while one of the brown belts took over and started the class. The teacher explained to the boy & his mom that he hadn't Failed, he was going to be re-tested on certain points he was weak on. The re-test will be May 19th. JOY...for the next month we get to listen to the mother complain about how some kids passed that she KNEW weren't as good as her boy. The sad thing is that the boy has some "emotional issues"..reminiscent of a former "Step son" and watching him is always painful as he struggles to stay on an even keel. I personally think his mother has some issues too but that isn't my business. Hopefully they will listen to the teacher and the boy will pass on May 19th and will have learned a valuable lesson. Life is hard. No one is going to hand things to you just because you are "different". You have to earn what you get and sometimes you fail. I appreciate that the teacher had the back bone to hold the kid back. He had to know it was going to cause a riff but he stood his ground. He told the kids on Saturday that some would not pass and it was because he loved them enough to not pass them when they weren't ready. He told them he loved them enough to hold them back and not move them on to get rid of them.

I wish our school system worked that way.

MM Idol is down to the last three and voting ends tonight at 4pm. I haven't decided which entry I'm voting for. It appears that they all were sent the same pictures again so you can't get a clue to the maker. The BIG winner is to be announced on Wed.

Speaking of IDOL....AI the COUNTRY version is tonight. We've been trying to figure out who will crash & burn on this type of music. Should be interesting. Then we get to find out tomorrow if Sanjaya is our next CM superstar.

I've added a new link to a blog called "Crops by beryl". She holds crops all over the state. A big group of us went to one she held to benefit "a pregnacy center" in clearwater a few months ago and it was pretty good. I don't think the regular ones will be as elaborate but they will probably be worth looking into. She is a nice lady. If you sign up for her 1st posted crop..tell her Cheryl from the Scrapyard sent ya.

BTW, thanks to everyone that supported Ali Edwards "6 degrees" badge. Check out her blog to read about her phone conversation with Kevin Bacon. Her site was the TOP contribution badge so an additional $10,000 will be added to her amazing total for Autism. WTG. You can still help by checking out the "Stamps for Autism" link on the left. Gina K has created some cool stamps and is donating a portion of the sales. People helping people!!

Meeting at 9am so better run. Hope you all have a great Tuesday. I still have TONS of pictures to share. Maybe one day soon I'll get some time.

You may note that until now I didn't mention the tragedy at V. Tech. I am beyond saddened for the families and friends of the people killed. No matter what his reason turns out to be, NOTHING will make it make sense. Go hug your friends and families. Life is fragile. Unfortunately there are people that make it even more fragile for the rest of us. I suggest you also pray for the gunmans family. I can't imagine the guilt and grief they will be going through.

Til later..................

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Karate Kid **edited to add a post script**

This morning my DS tested for his Orange belt in Karate. We won't know until Monday or Tuesday if he made it. I wanted to post a couple of the 400+ pictures I took during the test. He looks so determined in this photo.

After the "Kata's" they sparred.

It was very intense and one little boy had everyone screaming for him. He was a green belt testing for his brown. SemPi-Ken made him spar against every other brown belt-one right after the other. The poor kid was already almost crying from the several fights before the brown belts got a hold of him.. He kept going and as a final test the SemPi sparred against him.

The teacher didn't really "fight" him. Ken made him stand his ground and urged the boy to punch & kick him. When the boy finished the place irrupted and screamed for him. I was almost crying by the time he finished because he was trying so hard. After the test was completed the SemPi told the students that there will be some that did not pass but he was going to tell one student he had passed. He called the boys name and told him to take his place with the other brown belts. It was so cool!!

I'm getting ready to leave for my scrap-o-loosa with 12 of my scrapyard friends. I'll have to fill you in on all the great stuff I got at the scrapbook/rubberstamp yard sale this morning. I'll just tease you with the name "Tim Holtz" and his alcohol inks...Junkitz bag and TONS of accessories...$15.

Til later........

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*****ADDED 4/17/07

Sorry I haven't added any more pictures but things are still hectic. Soon. Promise.

I didn't realize until I was showing someone the pictures of DS sparing-above that the kid in the picture, the one that DS is THE KID. The one that made us scream. The one that sparred his heart out Saturday. That kid. My DS looks pretty good in the picture. Realizing that he got to be a little part of the "Rocky movie" on Saturday is alittle exciting.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Gorilla in a tree

My DS has his fathers sense of humor...none.

Well, that is not true entirely..he THANKFULLY has some of my dry humor but for the most part-doesn't get alot of the jokes we tell. Last night at dinner he was telling us a few jokes he'd heard at school and that started a "joke" telling festival. After dinner my hubby told him a joke and then had the boy come tell me. I'd heard the joke before but let him tell it all the way through to see if he remembered it. The best part of the joke was when he got to the punch line and started laughing but then you could SEE the light bulb come on as he REALLY got the punch line. He started laughing so hard we were both crying! For your is the joke...." has animals being harmed in the joke..."

A man was eating breakfast one morning and he looks out his window and sees a Gorilla in his back yard and watches as it climbs into a large tree. He goes to the Yellow Pages and calls a "Gorilla exterminator". The GE comes out and brings a ladder, a shotgun and a dog named Lamar. The man says, "I understand why you have the ladder but what are the other things for?". The GE explains that he is going to climb up into the tree and shake it to make the Gorilla fall out of the tree. When the Gorilla falls to the ground, the dog is going to bite him on the "private parts" to hold him until the GE can get down and finish the capture. The man says, "OK, I understand the dog now but what is the shotgun for?". The GE says, "Well, in the unlikely event that when I shake the tree...I fall are to shoot Lamar".

Wait for it........................

OK, in an equal opportunity joke telling effort.....

There was a blonde speeding down the highway when she was stopped by a Blonde cop. The cop asks for her License. The blonde driver asks what it looks like. The Blonde cop tells her it is square and has your picture on it. The Blonde searches her purse, finds a square mirror..looks at it and then hands it to the cop. The blonde cop looks in the mirror for a minute..hands it back to the driver and says.....

You can go..I didn't realize you were a Cop too.

That's right folks....I'm here all week.

So, what are you all doing this weekend? My DS is testing for his Orange belt in Karate tomorrow morning. I have my Jolees Karate embellishments sitting on the scrapbook table at the ready. Tomorrow night is the crop at Double D's....that's actually pretty funny if you have ever seen my friends chest....LOVE YA DEE!!!! Should be a hoot. We are going to celebrate..morn the end of Cami's run on MM Idol. Perhaps I should just leave the scrapbooking stuff at home and accept right now that we will NOT be getting anything done. Seriously, I just got some of the Dinner & Reception pictures from my buddy Cari so I do have things to scrap if I choose. We'll see. It will just be great to get together with the gals. They are always alot of fun.

Hope you all have a super weekend. I'll try and post some pictures of the karate kid and Wedding part 2 & 3 soon.

Sister Michele...hope your head is feeling better. Say hello to MOM. Tell her I haven't forgotten her-just super busy and kinda crabby. Didn't want to inflict that on anyone unnecessarily.

Til Later...............

Thursday, April 12, 2007

One more down--Sanjaya to go

Bye, bye Haley. You took the space of more talented people for weeks longer than you should have. Now if you would have taken the Myth that is Sanjaya with you....Oh well. While on the subject of people that need to go......can someone please convince Phil S that wearing a huge cap-cocked over one ear is NOT a good look. He is another contestant that I have to listen to with my eyes closed. He sounds good but the hat is just silly! I always hate to make a comment on "looks" since I've said several times that we shouldn't judge people on their looks.....he looks Ok (still not pulling off the bald thing as well as Chris Daughtry) but...the hat is beyond distracting.

Country Music next week....YEEHAW!! I like Country music and will be curious to see how the remaining contestants pull it off.

Not alot else going on. DS is testing for his Orange belt on Saturday. That will be exciting. He has done well since starting in January. I really like the fact that they work the kids out before starting their lessons and the SemPi (?? spelling) teaches them respect. Respect for others and for themselves. Now if the boy could learn to do a push up without sticking his butt way up in the air! LOL. He is only "pumping" his butt up & down..not using his arms at all. To funny!

Big crop at my friend Dees house this Saturday night. It's a duo birthday celebration for her and her (& my) friend Deirdre. Should be fun.

The weather has been crazy this week and last night we had a SUPER bad T-Storm. Really lit up the sky for awhile. Thankfully nothing seems to have been damaged.

I'm almost afraid to mention this...but a NEW gator has claimed the spot left by Darth's removal. DH says it's smaller and may be the one that we saw when we first moved in last fall. Guess he moved up to the "Top Dog" position and has come out of hiding. I haven't seem him yet. Guess I need to start watching my front walk again.

Till Later................

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Freedom of speech

I debated about removing the post regarding the alligator capture because it has upset a couple of people. I thought about it for about 5 minutes and then decided I will not remove the post or any of the pictures.

I am not an animal lover as many people know. I did not call the Alligator ranglers but I am also not upset that they came and got the big guy. I'm sorry that he will be destroyed instead of set free in the wild. It is not my decision and I have no control over what happened. I also am not loosing sleep over it.

As I have said many times, if you do not like something that I say or post, do not read it or do not come back here again. It is all about freedom of choice and freedom of speech.

I post to amuse myself and anyone that wants to read what I have to say. I post to let people know what is going on so that I do not have to write numerous emails or make numerous phone calls. One of my favorite blogs is written by a woman that probably irritates alot of people. She is very rough and says what she thinks, including the use of a four letter word that may or may not belong in a public forum. I do not agree with some things that she says and beliefs that she has. I read her because she has a way with words that I enjoy. If she says something that pisses me off, I don't write her and tell her off. It is her opinion and she has a right to say (write) it.

In case you don't remember-that is one of our rights that our men and women have died for..and continue to risk their lives to protect...the Freedom of Speech.

If I have offended you, I'm sorry. I can't control how you feel or what you think about me. I have a right to post/say what I want. I will continue to do so. You have the right to do the same on your own blogs or in your own lives. Let's just agree to disagree.

Til later...................

Idol news du

That is supposed to mean "Two" but I didn't know how to spell it. Sorry.

First, I'm very sad to report that my buddy, Cami, did not advance to the final round of MM Idol. I personally think she was robbed but I guess there isn't anything I can do about it. Two of the three people left had semi-OK entries. The third.....well , lets just say that I do not understand what some people "like". I personally think it was busy and UGLY. Again, my opinion. I guess I should root for the "other hometown gal" but I didn't root for the GATORS in football or basketball and I'm not going to vote for the other gal. She already has enough friends and support..however misguided. Different tastes ....right to your opinion and all that.

Ok, enough about that.

Now, the OTHER idol I didn't throw up last night listening to Sanjaya. That doesn't mean for a second that I'm changing my opinion that he should have been gone weeks ago. I've always said he can sing soft songs..he is just not cut out to be a performer on a large scale. It should be interesting to see the voting results tonight.

I think I'll go eat the big fat laden chocolate donut that is sitting on my desk. I tell myself every morning that I'm not going to eat anything bad and then it's someones birthday and they bring in cake, sweets etc..I cave.

Til later..............

Monday, April 9, 2007

Say goodbye to Darth Gator

As promised, our neighborhood GATOR was captured on Saturday. They put out a trap line and then came back to pick up their prize.
I'm still going through the 150+ pictures that DH took of the event (he's doing a great job taking over my photography duties when I'm not home) but I wanted to show you a few of the end of Darth Gator. This was taken after they got him out of the pond before dragging him to the truck.

Do these people look like Alligator ranglers to you? They look like your next door neighbors.

Here's DH sitting on his back (the gator..not his own back). Once he did it all the neighbors got in on the act..even the kids.

According to the Gator experts, our little guy was officially 9'9" long but was missing part of his tail. They measured his snout and said that showed he would have been 11 ft. if all of his tail had been there. They said he weighed approximately 350 lbs.
So now our big fella is gone and we will have to wait and see who will take over his spot in the pond. For everyone that has been freaking out, you can all relax now...until the next sighting.
Till later.............

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MM Idol is down to the wire

While you are waiting for the exciting report on my weekend..head over to the MM IDOL blog and VOTE.

They have really made it interesting this week. Not only are the entries without names but they ALL are using the same picture.

I can't tell you directly which one is my friend Cami's but you will be a STYLIN girl if you pick hers. She circled the competition with her Bright-embossed chipboard embellishment. My DH is taller than her entry number by 4 inches (he's the math!!)

Cami is our STAR.

Thanks for your support of our Hometown gal.

Til later....................

CAPTURED and birthday boy news

I have exciting news about Darth Gator but you'll have to wait. I have pictures to share and haven't had time to load them. We also had a birthday over the weekend and have pictures of the Paintball warrior. Again, you'll have to wait.

Hope you had a nice weekend.


Till later...................

Friday, April 6, 2007

Exciting news for a change of pace

Seems like this week has been nothing but "downer" posts. Before you scroll down and read any you may have missed...let me take a minute to say WAY TO GO to my "adopted daughter" ROCHELLE.

As you know my DD tried out for the Buccaneer cheerleading squad. She didn't make it..their loss. Her friend made the first cut and has been going through interviws and more tryouts/training. It finally paid off today at noon when the 2007-2008 squad was posted on


My DD just called to tell me and she is as excited for Ro as if she'd made it herself. DD took Ro to all her interviews and tryouts and was with her when she got the news.

Now I will have to worry about RO and her schedule. (See my post about my concern when my daughter tried out.) I know she has a mom but I am her adopted mom. I can worry a little can't I?? As soon as I get the pictures of the reception I'll post one of Ro & DD. They could be twins!

Till later..........

You just never know

what is going on with someone. Even someone you think you know.

I've been debating about whether or not to comment on the sad news regarding Channel 8 weatherman, John Winter. I didn't know the man personally but had watched him over the years. I don't get to see the news much anymore. My DH watches the FOX team (Good day Tampa bay) because he enjoys local news teams and is convinced Leslie Spencer is stoned or drunk. If anyone knows her personally, do not be offended. She does appear to be "out of it" alot of the time. He used to watch Bay News 9 until we moved and no longer have BrightHouse. Anyway, for most of the previous 10 years (before 2005) I was a channel 8 watcher and so I was familiar with Mr. Winter. I only learned of his passing by reading my usual BLOGS. I can always count on the local ladies to keep me up to date on things I need to know.

I finally decided to not concentrate on the man himself but on what his suicide can teach us. You never know what is going on in another persons head. You need to live your life trying to be nice to everyone and offering help when it is needed. We may never know if he reached out to his friends or family in the days leading up to yesterday. It appears he did since a friend called the police to have them go to his house and check on him. What I'd like to focus on is that we can only do what we can do for the people in our lives. If someone needs you, try and be there for them. If you think they need a friend, be the best one you can be.

I am fortunate that I have people in my life that care about me and worry even when they shouldn't. I have friends that know me well enough that when I'm "off my game" they call me on it. I may lie and tell them nothing is wrong but it means alot that they asked. You know who you are and I appreciate you. If I ever need anything, I promise I will let you know.

I do not know if Mr. Winter let anyone know he was hurting. I do not know if he felt like he couldn't be "weak" and ask for help. I wish he trusted someone enough to let them help before he did the "un-do-able". He can't unshoot that gun.

I will say a prayer for the family and friends he left behind. I can't imagine the guilt and sadness many of them will feel for a long time to come.

Do not spend to much time mourning the loss of a person you've never met. Go out and hug your own family. Tell your friends you appreciate them. Be the person they can come to in times of trouble. I hope I am that person to the people that know me. If I'm not, let me know. I'll try and do better.

Til later.................

Thursday, April 5, 2007

A good cause

Just a quick post to make you aware of another effort to raise money for Autism research. As you know, ALI E made a huge effort with her 6 degrees badge and now another designer has stepped up. Gina K has created a set of stamps and is donating a portion of the sales to Austim Speaks. Check out the link.

Thanks to GinaK and to everyone that purchases her stamps. She has examples on her blog that will show you how the stamps can be used-even WITHOUT an Autism themed card or LO. Fabulous.

PS: did you see that I finally figured out how to make the LINKS a part of my posts? Wish I could remember who finally explained it to me. If it was you, post so I can give you proper thanks.

Gina-we'll miss your spike

Ok, so Haley made the to speak and now we will have to wait to see Gina's album at Target. I tried the "seating" method of choosing who was headed home and then they came back from commercial and had them in the groups. Who didn't know which group was the bottom 3 as soon as they saw the choices?? I really thought Haley was a goner and it looked like she did too. Man, and then to make Gina sing her "loosing song"...Smile....OMG. We always think it is cruel to make the looser sing the song that got them kicked off...last night took the cake on "Ironic" songs. I must say, she made it through a heck of alot better than I would have. We are waiting for someone to say "**ck you..I'm not singing that stupid song again"..and storm off. Guess that wouldn't help their futures but it sure would make for some great TV.

IDOL thoughts two----as many of you know...I ADORE Josh Groban. We had a duel between him and Michael Bublae (sorry-I don't know how to spell it) during the recent scrapbook retreat. Therefore I thought it was funny when MB filled in for Tony Bennett last night on the IDOL. OK...someone tell me...was MB drunk or does he always sound like that? He looked and performed like he'd had a few cocktails. Maybe it was just me. Please tell me if I'm totally off base or if anyone else felt the same way.

Reclaimed DS from Karate last night. As it nearly never fails....he came home BALD. For some reason the child can not go to his dads for more than a couple days with out getting a hair cut and it is usually SHORT. I really think his dad is trying to make sure he doesn't have more hair than he does. I've tried to convince my DS that he doesn't have to get it cut or at least not that short but he caves every time. He said he thought it would grow back a little before he went back to school. Sad, silly boy...he needs a lesson in hair growth verses amount of time available....he's not a Chia Pet for goodness sakes. Oh well...guess he'll be cool..temp wise...not in front of the other kids. I've tried to point out to his dad that not many other kids have hair that short but he can't be swayed.

Speaking of the Bald kid, we talked about his birthday and have decided to try & go to Grand Prix. I think he is tall enough and old enough to drive the larger race cars. That should be fun and something all of us can do. I secretly picked up something for him while at Karate last night...shhhhhh..don't tell him. We'll probably take him to dinner and let him get a nice gooey dessert. That should be a great time.

I've lost track, is Greys new tonight? I'm pretty sure ER is still in reruns or DH keeps track of that stuff. We actually fell asleep during LOST last night so don't say anything. I saved it and we will add it to the list of stuff we need to watch.

Still doing three peoples jobs and have a new group of 40 kids I need to enroll. My co-worker comes back tomorrow so I've started leaving stuff on her desk that can wait until she gets back. If I stretch today out enough maybe she can do her own stuff that is scheduled for today. One day late wouldn't be to would work if I wasn't so darn efficient.

Hope you are having a great Thursday. On another blog I read, Thursday is always RAK day. She encourages everyone to do some Random act of kindness for someone, pay for their toll, buy their lunch...etc. If someone would like to come and do some of this work..that would count. Kidding!!! Seriously, it's a great idea and one that we should try to do as often as we can. Let me know if you do something. She always offers a gift to the person that she picks out of the ones leaving comments describing what they did. I can't do that...well, I COULD but I figure that kind of defeats the idea of doing the RAK. The knowledge that you did something for your fellow man should make you feel all warm & fuzzy with out getting a little $1 prize from me. OK, if you really want a $1 prize I'll give you one. I hope you will do something out of the kindness of your heart.

My RAK is to try and not "deck" my co-worker when she returns tomorrow and once again doesn't thank me for all the stuff I have done for her. Hmmmm...that didn't sound all warm & fuzzy did it? Sorry, this weather is effecting my head and I haven't been sleeping well. Making me very cranky and not fully able to hide it. I'm going to go now and try to find my seems to have fell out.

Til later...................

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thanks for your relief

that we didn't end up a tangled wreak of metal last night. I'm still having heart palpitations and apparently it contributed to some nightmares I had.

Speaking of nightmares....Idol. It's really painful and it's starting to royally piss me off. I can't believe how things are going this season. It's like watching our two cars heading towards each other last night and being helpless to do anything as other people, or forces, determine your outcome. Since I've yet to pick up the phone and vote I guess I have no room to talk but COME ON. Who will be slaughtered tonight in the name of Sanjaya? He didn't even "get" that Simon was being sarcastic. And how sad that his dad was in the audience looking like he delivered the prodigal son. Good grief. As for poor Haley..I agree they were a tad rude but I think they are under the impression that nothing they say is being taken seriously. She is a beautiful girl but I do not agree she should still be there. They have kicked off several girls that were more talented. BTW, being a bit *itchy for a second.....what makes a girl as young as Haley have boobs that droop? Mine may be small but they are perky. Sorry...if she is going to wear LOW cut outfits that show them off, I can't help but notice. The bad thing is when they distract from her singing. That can't be a good thing. Well, at least not for me.

House was Incredible. It's a good thing I wasn't pre-menstrual or I would have been blubbering. Intellectually, I know most of the stuff is outrageous but when you watch it at face value..the baby grabbing onto Houses!!! Next week looks really good.

So instead of doing three peoples work today I also had to fill in for the receptionist for an hour since she "layed out sick"...Again. I decided to take a couple minutes and update here since I didn't get a lunch break. I'm so close to calling it a day and going home but I have to much on my desk. Guess I better get back at it.

DS comes home tonight and I still have no idea what to do for his birthday. SUGGESTIONS....please.

Til later...............

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Near miss

I'm still shaking alittle from the near miss we just had..1/4 inch away from an accident. My DH and I treated ourselves to dinner since we haven't been out since we got married & the boy comes home tomorrow night. When we left the resturant there was no Left turn so we had to go right and down the street to find a place to turn around. My DH started to make a kind of U-turn at the entrance to a couple businesses. Apparently he swung to far to the right before coming back left and the van behind him thought he was turning INTO the business. He sped up to pass us on the LEFT/drivers side just as we swung back that direction to make the turn. Thankfully my DH has very good reflexes and was able to straighten our car back out and we literally were side by side and still heading left. Thankfully too, there were no cars coming the opposite direction so we were able to make it to the other side without incident. We both stopped on the entrance of the other business and rolled our windows down. The man in the van was pretty calm considering what had just happened. He just confirmed that we had not touched and then told us...he'd JUST purchased the van. I then noticed the tape still under the door handles. MAN!!!!! It is a good thing that I wasn't driving because I'm sure I wouldn't have handled it as well as DH did. I saw the van in my mirror and was saying BABY-Baby just as DH was starting to react. Thankfully I wasn't stupid enough to grab the steering wheel like some people would do. We proceeded home without incident and as soon as my head stops hurting, and my heart gets out of my throat I'm going to have some Ice Cream and watch Idol.....guess that won't help my head.

On a brighter note...I came straight in to get on the computer and check the results of MM Idol. I am so excited to say that my friend CAMI has made the Top 5! WOW. Thanks to everyone that voted. They said they are going to do the "secret" entries again next week. I know that makes it fair but it is very nerve racking. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! Check with me next Monday and I'll try to steer you to the "right" entry.

Til later............Be careful out there!

A test

I'm having a cranky morning. I'm not sure why. Finding a toliet full of pee, at work, AGAIN, didn't help my mood. Anyway, since I'm having a cranky morning and have a desk full of stuff to do, I will make this short and leave you with the following test. My friend Jessie had it on her blog and being her ONLY reader..I had to take it. She made 117 .....I got a 127....I found out she used a PENCIL...cheater...I did it all in my head..and since I'm in a foul mood-I think I did pretty good.

If you score higher than me you may want to wait until tomorrow to brag...I'm on the edge baby!!!

Seriously, I'm going to go have a cup of coffe and eat some breakfast. I'll be in a better mood soon. I left the house to early to talk to my DH this morning. Apparently I'm addicted to him and his voice...I'm no good until I've spoken to him and gotten an "I love you baby". I better go call him.

If you haven't voted for MM have a few more hours. If I was the LAST entry..I'd look UP one space and see what a winning entry looks like. LOL. No one can accuse me of giving anything away. I'm making you work for it.

On a brighter note....HOUSE tonight.....wahoo...sarcastic humor...that's exactly what I need.

Til later........

Monday, April 2, 2007

EDITED for MM IDOL update

The MM idol has taken a whole new twist this week. They have posted the entries WITHOUT names. They asked the contestants to not post their entries on their blogs.....they didn't say I couldn't.

All I'm saying is that if you like KIDS & will love Cami's entry. Her 2 beautiful daughters will Love her idea.

Wish I was 5-9 so I could see over the other contestants. LOL.

That's all I the hints I can give you.

Go vote. Remember to scroll ALMOST all the way to the bottom of the choices..

Monday, Monday

Now that I have that silly song in my head...good morning all.

Where to start??

MM IDOL....check the website and VOTE. You know I'm all for CAMI B. but I will give you the freedom to choose (Cami B) who ever (CAMI B) you think should be the winner (CAMI B). It's a free country (CAMI B) and I wouldn't want to influence (CAMI B) anyone to do something they don't (CAMI B) want to do.

Prison Break season finale tonight. ARG!!!!!

24- looks like another good one.

Idol I continue to watch the train wreak this season has become or tune out before my head explodes??

My DS is on Spring Break but at his dads until Wed. I miss the little booger. His birthday is Saturday. What in the heck am I going to do?? What am I going to buy him that won't promote his Video addition? Maybe something related to Karate.

Made 15 Easter cards yesterday. They turned out pretty cute. I need to take pictures before mailing or giving them out. I'll try & add a few here in the next few days.

My next door neighbor is the latest victim of the Golf Ball window smash. No One saw anything so he'll be paying OOP like we did. It's his bathroom window so it's small but frosted. Can't wait to hear how much that costs. We should replace all the windows now with Shatterproof glass and then I wouldn't live in constant fear of the sound of breaking glass. Oh well, some would say that's what we get for living the rich on a golf course. Wish my bank account supported that theory.

I hope everyone has a super week.

Til later............

Sunday, April 1, 2007

No fooling

it's April 1st! WOW. I can't believe my DS will be 12 in 7 days. Or that we will have been married for a month in 8 days. (me & DH not me & DS..sillys) Time sure flies!! No tricks for you today. I'll just catch you up on some stuff and then I'm off to play in my scrap room.

We had the mini crop at my clubhouse on Friday night. My buddies, Denise & Nicole joined me so I wasn't talking to myself all night..LOL. I stamped some cute Easter designs for my cards, Denise worked on a 8 x 8 album and Nicole learned how to use the Cricut and the XYRON "X" for mini letters. I'm not sure how she missed out on that great little tool but she is ALL over it now! She made a cute LO of her nephew.

Saturday morning I got up (by myself -with no alarm) at 7am and ran out of the house to check out the neighborhood yard sales. I didn't find a lot of stuff but I did score a Bird Cage Stand for DH and some craft stuff for me. The most exciting thing I found was a small plastic CLOWN whistle. It is a vintage piece that goes perfectly with my Vintage Hard Plastic collection and was only $1. WOW!!!! I haven't looked it up on Ebay but I'm sure it is worth much more and it is in perfect condition.

I came home and then spent several hours just being lazy on the couch with my DH. It was so nice to just relax and spend time together. Unfortunately my mind started racing and I had to got shopping. Those gift certificates from the wedding have been burning a hole in my purse for three weeks!

I headed over to the Super Target and spent the next 3 hours going up & down every aisle. I tried to keep track of what I was spending but I gave up. When I got to the register I separated the "Gifts" from some food I was getting & hoped for the best. I was VERY pleased that after the "gifts" were rung up and the GC's subtracted from the total I only owed.....$3.18.

WAHOO for me. Since I had included a $4 scrapbooking tool I thought that was very good. I came home and took pictures of everything so I can scrap the gifts PLUS the gift knew I'd kept them didn't you??

I got :

DH's Dust Buster...the only thing he requested, Storage cubes for our closet, outside "border" lights to replace the cheap ones I bought when we moved in, a set of Pyrex bake ware with lids, a really GOOD oven mitt (don't laugh-it's what we needed), a super long front door mat (double doors are hard to buy for),

A meat temperature fork to use on the grill (and it got used right away as I'd bought steaks for dinner), a shoe rack (my closet thanks you!) and a new phone.

Thanks again to everyone that contributed to the many GC's we received.

For those of you that are wondering, my DD did try out for the BUCS cheerleading squad but sadly (for her) didn't make it. I must confess, at the risk of ticking her off when she reads this, that I have mixed emotions about her not making the cut. I would have been happy for her as it is a dream of hers but also worried about her. She already has so much on her plate right now that I'm not sure how she would have fit another thing into her schedule. The Bucs have practice 4 times a week, plus games plus appearances plus goodness knows what else. Sorry DD...I'm sad but relieved...don't hate me. Her friend RO is still in as of this morning. She's my new "adopted daughter" so I have mixed feelings for her too. I don't know her schedule but if it is half as busy as DD's, I'll worry about her too. I know DD plans to try out for the USF squad next. I'll be rooting for her as that doesn't seem to be as hectic. I could be wrong but that's what I'm going to tell myself so I don't loose to much more sleep than I already do. I know she is almost an adult but I'm still her's my job to worry.

PAPERTREY Ink released a special addition stamp set at midnight. I checked it out and though it is cute, it's another one I'm going to pass on for now. Speaking of stamps, I spent a great deal of time last night transferring all my acrylics into CD holders. I got almost all of them into the set of 10 holders I bought. I need to go back and label each holder but they are put away for now.

MM IDOL tomorrow...don't forget to check it out. I haven't seen or heard anything about CAMI's entry for this week. I'm sure it is fabulous. I'm going to check her blog next and see if there are any hints.

Did you check out the total on Ali's badge?? WOW. I'm not sure if that was the total at deadline or if it continues to add but they knew where she was yesterday. $47+ thousand for Autism. Super Job. Speaking of Autism, Check out GINA K's blog and Splitcoaststampers. They have a stamp set that donates to the same cause.

Well, this scraproom is not going to clean its self and it is a MESS. I threw everything in it when I got home last Sunday and it hasn't been moved since. I hope you get a chance to create or play today. Enjoy.

Til later............

I almost is the Gator LO I've been promising. The colors aren't showing as green as they really are but you will get the idea. The gator & SNAP are from my Cricut cartridge, Heidi swap chipboard on the journaling, Inked edges to make the gator stand out & 7 gypsy-"Naked" Stamp in the lower right corner.