Saturday, April 28, 2007

Open letter to Martha

Dear Martha,

Thank you for thinking we scrapbookers needed "saving". I'm sure the thousands of people that have been scrapping for years wonder how we have managed before you created your line of products. I don't know how I have gotten by without your 18 x 18 album and paper. I'm sorry I've been shopping at Joanns. I didn't know I was shopping at an inferior store. I'm so glad you are showing me the error of my ways. I promise I will shop ONLY at Michael's from now on.


OK enough. Let me stop this before I make myself sick. In case you haven't see the article that just about made me gag, look here.

I stopped by Michael's to see what all the hype was about. The stuff is OK but nothing that made me go WOW. The fact that DIVA M will not allow coupons be used on her products was enough to turn me off. I RARELY pay full price for my scrapping supplies.

The best thing about the arrival of Martha is the other new products Michael's has gotten in. I do not know if they were told they had to Upscale their scrapbook department but they did. They had ALL the Tim Holtz products that I usually have to go to Joanns/Crafts & Stuff for. They also had new K & Company, lots of new tools and other products. The department almost looked like a LSS instead of the craft reject it had become.

If we have Martha to thank for that, I'll give her Kudo's but I still won't be buying her stuff.

What do you think?

Changing the subject for a moment.. HELLO to Denise, Cami , Nicole & Lindsey who came out and cropped with me last night. I had fun. I planned to scrap today but haven't done a thing but get my stuff out of the car. I tried to print off some pictures to scrap but my printer has decided to only print in B & W. I tried replacing both cartridges, even spent over an hour on line with tech support. He suggested I replace the cartridges. UM, I DID before I called you and they are still printing in B & W. The computer says the cartridges are low/empty of ink. I just opened the package. How can that be? The tech had no answer for me. ARG!!!! Luckily I printed some stuff at CVS yesterday so maybe I'll get something accomplished tomorrow. I think I'll go catch up on the many TV shows I missed this week.

BTW, my grand nephew made it through his surgery with flying colors. My niece sent me the cutest pictures and I was going to make a cute page. Since I can't get it to print out in color..guess not.

Til later...............

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Cami said...

man...busy weekend, I am trying to catch up with my blogs today, although I am actually leaving to make a run to M's for some silk flowers. I'll have to check out Martha's stuff. I have a bad taste in my mouth from this whole Martha/Michaels thing, but you're right - if it got M's to actually join the rest of the world with sbing products, then that's great. :)