Saturday, April 14, 2007

Karate Kid **edited to add a post script**

This morning my DS tested for his Orange belt in Karate. We won't know until Monday or Tuesday if he made it. I wanted to post a couple of the 400+ pictures I took during the test. He looks so determined in this photo.

After the "Kata's" they sparred.

It was very intense and one little boy had everyone screaming for him. He was a green belt testing for his brown. SemPi-Ken made him spar against every other brown belt-one right after the other. The poor kid was already almost crying from the several fights before the brown belts got a hold of him.. He kept going and as a final test the SemPi sparred against him.

The teacher didn't really "fight" him. Ken made him stand his ground and urged the boy to punch & kick him. When the boy finished the place irrupted and screamed for him. I was almost crying by the time he finished because he was trying so hard. After the test was completed the SemPi told the students that there will be some that did not pass but he was going to tell one student he had passed. He called the boys name and told him to take his place with the other brown belts. It was so cool!!

I'm getting ready to leave for my scrap-o-loosa with 12 of my scrapyard friends. I'll have to fill you in on all the great stuff I got at the scrapbook/rubberstamp yard sale this morning. I'll just tease you with the name "Tim Holtz" and his alcohol inks...Junkitz bag and TONS of accessories...$15.

Til later........

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*****ADDED 4/17/07

Sorry I haven't added any more pictures but things are still hectic. Soon. Promise.

I didn't realize until I was showing someone the pictures of DS sparing-above that the kid in the picture, the one that DS is THE KID. The one that made us scream. The one that sparred his heart out Saturday. That kid. My DS looks pretty good in the picture. Realizing that he got to be a little part of the "Rocky movie" on Saturday is alittle exciting.

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Jenn said...

Those are great pics. I hope he got the next belt. That would be so fantastic.

Hope your crop is going well....