Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Near miss

I'm still shaking alittle from the near miss we just had..1/4 inch away from an accident. My DH and I treated ourselves to dinner since we haven't been out since we got married & the boy comes home tomorrow night. When we left the resturant there was no Left turn so we had to go right and down the street to find a place to turn around. My DH started to make a kind of U-turn at the entrance to a couple businesses. Apparently he swung to far to the right before coming back left and the van behind him thought he was turning INTO the business. He sped up to pass us on the LEFT/drivers side just as we swung back that direction to make the turn. Thankfully my DH has very good reflexes and was able to straighten our car back out and we literally were side by side and still heading left. Thankfully too, there were no cars coming the opposite direction so we were able to make it to the other side without incident. We both stopped on the entrance of the other business and rolled our windows down. The man in the van was pretty calm considering what had just happened. He just confirmed that we had not touched and then told us...he'd JUST purchased the van. I then noticed the tape still under the door handles. MAN!!!!! It is a good thing that I wasn't driving because I'm sure I wouldn't have handled it as well as DH did. I saw the van in my mirror and was saying BABY-Baby just as DH was starting to react. Thankfully I wasn't stupid enough to grab the steering wheel like some people would do. We proceeded home without incident and as soon as my head stops hurting, and my heart gets out of my throat I'm going to have some Ice Cream and watch Idol.....guess that won't help my head.

On a brighter note...I came straight in to get on the computer and check the results of MM Idol. I am so excited to say that my friend CAMI has made the Top 5! WOW. Thanks to everyone that voted. They said they are going to do the "secret" entries again next week. I know that makes it fair but it is very nerve racking. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! Check with me next Monday and I'll try to steer you to the "right" entry.

Til later............Be careful out there!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're okay Cheryl. I'm sure you're pretty shaken up though. Enjoy that ice cream--you deserve it!

Cami said...

I am so glad you are both alright! What an awful way to end the day...especially after a nice evening out with the DH! But it could've been sooooo much worse. Thank God it wasn't! Huge hugs for you!!!!

and ugh...American Idol...not sure what they all have against Haley -except that she has a fantastic body and looks great in everything she wears. But they were rude to her tonight...undeservingly rude IMO. Sanjaya...what can I say. Can't wait for the results show tomorrow night.

just-jessie said...

Glad you're okay. If not, I'd be so bored at work today :)

Loretta said...

Thank God (and my brother's reflexes) that you're okay!! I don't need these near-miss stories--I have your almost-17-year-old niece telling me these kinds of stories now, too. Ugh!

Stay safe.

Michele L from Tampa said...

wow what a scary thng, glad your safe

Kip said...

YIKES, glad for both of you!!!