Friday, April 6, 2007

You just never know

what is going on with someone. Even someone you think you know.

I've been debating about whether or not to comment on the sad news regarding Channel 8 weatherman, John Winter. I didn't know the man personally but had watched him over the years. I don't get to see the news much anymore. My DH watches the FOX team (Good day Tampa bay) because he enjoys local news teams and is convinced Leslie Spencer is stoned or drunk. If anyone knows her personally, do not be offended. She does appear to be "out of it" alot of the time. He used to watch Bay News 9 until we moved and no longer have BrightHouse. Anyway, for most of the previous 10 years (before 2005) I was a channel 8 watcher and so I was familiar with Mr. Winter. I only learned of his passing by reading my usual BLOGS. I can always count on the local ladies to keep me up to date on things I need to know.

I finally decided to not concentrate on the man himself but on what his suicide can teach us. You never know what is going on in another persons head. You need to live your life trying to be nice to everyone and offering help when it is needed. We may never know if he reached out to his friends or family in the days leading up to yesterday. It appears he did since a friend called the police to have them go to his house and check on him. What I'd like to focus on is that we can only do what we can do for the people in our lives. If someone needs you, try and be there for them. If you think they need a friend, be the best one you can be.

I am fortunate that I have people in my life that care about me and worry even when they shouldn't. I have friends that know me well enough that when I'm "off my game" they call me on it. I may lie and tell them nothing is wrong but it means alot that they asked. You know who you are and I appreciate you. If I ever need anything, I promise I will let you know.

I do not know if Mr. Winter let anyone know he was hurting. I do not know if he felt like he couldn't be "weak" and ask for help. I wish he trusted someone enough to let them help before he did the "un-do-able". He can't unshoot that gun.

I will say a prayer for the family and friends he left behind. I can't imagine the guilt and sadness many of them will feel for a long time to come.

Do not spend to much time mourning the loss of a person you've never met. Go out and hug your own family. Tell your friends you appreciate them. Be the person they can come to in times of trouble. I hope I am that person to the people that know me. If I'm not, let me know. I'll try and do better.

Til later.................

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just-jessie said...

Good post. Yes, we all know you too well and I can tell immediately when you're out of sorts. We just love you!!!