Friday, April 20, 2007

Questions will be answered


Besides that..........Greys was pretty good. I felt bad for "smashed face girl". I understand the "mom" didn't believe she was her child but I felt she could have at least taken a DNA test or something.

I also feel bad for Callie. Who stands a chance against Izzie?

Speaking of Izzie...WOW. How hard that must have been.

Derick...come on McDreamy! Don't be a putz!

Rest of show had great moments too. I'm drawing a blank as I have alot on my mind right now.

ER..another good show. Do I smell a romance for SAM? Goodness knows she could use a good man. Besides, anyone that is still interested after she almost killed him..several times...he's a keeper or a freak.

Brunch party tomorrow at my friend Cari's house. Should be fun as most of the usual suspects will be there. Food, friends, shopping...good times.

DS went back to school today after two days out. Tonight he should get his Orange belt at Karate class. Hope my camera is charged!

I had the pleasure of witnessing an Adoption ceremony this morning. The wonderful gal, Carol, that officiated at our wedding was finalizing an adoption of a little girl she's had for the past 4 years. The little girl was so cute and the ceremony was very touching. There were four or five other families waiting to have their own ceremony. All the kids had on their new clothes and were all so adorable. I decided being an Adoption granting judge is about the best job you can have. Much better than a Divorce judge or the criminal court judges.

I hope you have a super weekend. I will try and get some more wedding/reception pictures posted. I should get the disc tomorrow at the party.

Til later.....................

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