Friday, April 6, 2007

Exciting news for a change of pace

Seems like this week has been nothing but "downer" posts. Before you scroll down and read any you may have missed...let me take a minute to say WAY TO GO to my "adopted daughter" ROCHELLE.

As you know my DD tried out for the Buccaneer cheerleading squad. She didn't make it..their loss. Her friend made the first cut and has been going through interviws and more tryouts/training. It finally paid off today at noon when the 2007-2008 squad was posted on


My DD just called to tell me and she is as excited for Ro as if she'd made it herself. DD took Ro to all her interviews and tryouts and was with her when she got the news.

Now I will have to worry about RO and her schedule. (See my post about my concern when my daughter tried out.) I know she has a mom but I am her adopted mom. I can worry a little can't I?? As soon as I get the pictures of the reception I'll post one of Ro & DD. They could be twins!

Till later..........

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Jenn said...

That's great news!!! Very exciting.