Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Sorry this is so late. I had set it to post on it's own but apparently I didn't do it right.

Click here for a Holiday greeting from our house to yours.

Til later........

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tossing a crumb

I got a call yesterday from one of my Peeps asking when I was going to update. I honestly started to yesterday but got busy and had to give it up. I never got a chance to get back on. This may not be pretty or interesting but here goes......

First....CONGRATS to Big T!!!!!! Still think it's ironic but I'm happy for you and the family.

Had a supper busy weekend as I expected. Vendor event on Saturday...had promise and fear at the same time since I never did get my information packet in the mail and this was the place that claimed they had no more space available when I asked them to fax my details...I had ALREADY paid and they had cashed my check....anyway.....When I got there I discovered it was a CRAFT show/Vendor show. I had started to bring some of my cards and other little crafts to sell but didn't because of time running out and deciding it wasn't "appropriate" for the event.

So wrong.

Thankfully, I had brought "Cash & Carry" items and ended up selling more than I've ever sold at an event. Good thing because...

I had an event the next day and didn't sell anything. I did get some possible party leads but we'll see. I saw some people that I know from other shows and we had a good time visiting. It's all Marketing so it's "All good".

Super tired still from all that running around. Came home from work last night, took the boy to karate and then watched some TV.

(Speaking of TV..anyone watch the 24 movie on Sunday? I almost fell off the couch when they predominately featured a SPRINT phone as the one Jack was the Jungle! Seriously! I can't get cell service in my HOUSE or on the street I take to get back and forth to work but Jack can make and receive calls in the flippen Jungle)

Watched the Prison Break last night that they kept telling us "Don't miss the last 5 minutes".....Could someone give these guys a break? I'd still watch if they didn't have to keep running. It would be interesting to see them get back into "regular society" and lead normal lives.

Still not sure what we are doing for Thursday. The kids will be there for part of the day and then will be going to their Dad's via their Uncles house. My poor DH keeps asking what we are doing so he knows what he needs to do to the house. When he says, "The house" he really means my area in the dining room. I have craft crap spread all over it. I may throw a quilt over the largest mess and call it a day.

I mailed my 2 Thanksgiving cards LAST NIGHT. Yep...late again. They were made and ready but I couldn't get my act in gear to mail them. Sorry folks.

Getting ready to go pick up toys for our needy kids for work. Road trip!

There are a couple more days to order the ALL YOU magazine to be included in the drawing to be reimbursed. Contact me ASAP.

And last but not least...................TWILIGHT. Yes, during my busy weekend I managed to squeeze a little Edward/Bella into my Saturday night. I could have done without the giggling little Tweens but in their defense, the books were originally written for them. I was happy with the movie. Some parts were different than I had pictured in my head but then after I thought about it for a few minutes, they made perfect sense to be the way they were. I was bothered by some "Bad acting" in some places early in the movie but then yesterday I started reading the "bootleg" Midnight Sun..Twilight from Edwards prospective... and things were more understandable. For those that haven't seen the movie yet, I will just say two words.....Piano scene. OME!!!

Til later............

Friday, November 21, 2008

While you are waiting

for me to calm down enough to form about I share a sale with you?

I've been hinting since my birthday that I'd love to have any of the Monogram stamp sets from Justrite. Now they have posted a BOGO sale here.

At this point, I'd be glad to SHARE an order or two with someone. Let me know if you are interested.

Or feel free to purchase them and then surprise me for Christmas.

Who am I to deny anyone pleasure?

Til later.....................

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Freedom of Speech

what a crock!

Til later..........

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still kicking** EDITED

Super busy. Meetings and getting ready for several SLAH events. BIG...Shop til you drop in the Brandon area this weekend. Email me if you are interested in more details.

Got to see the Launch last week. The boy and I drove to a hill near his karate class and watched while talking to my DH on the phone. He was in charge of watching the NASA channel so we'd know if it was a go. The clouds cooperated enough to see fairly well. It looked like the shuttle was headed straight for the moon!

Had my follow up with the lasik folks. Looks like I'll be getting a tweaking for the holidays. Not really looking forward to it since it makes me nervous to have them cut on my eye again but I'll be glad to be able to read clearly again.

T minus a couple days until the Twilight movie comes out. My sister is speed reading the series. LOL. I'm supposed to go see the pic on Saturday night after my Vendor event. Wahoo!!!!

The Boy is working his way back from academic ruin. He has completed his Science project and should turn it in tomorrow. He got a 87 plus 10 bonus points on his latest Algebra test. He still needs to bring it up to a "B" by the end of the quarter. The rest of his grades aren't looking so good but am hopeful he gets back in the groove soon.

People keep telling me Thanksgiving is coming soon. ARG. May be a quiet Thanksgiving with the kids & DH. I'm really looking forward to the 4 days off. Not going shopping on Black Friday. Gonna be a quiet Christmas since the boy will not be getting electronics. DD says she wants her wisdom teeth out for her gift. LOL.

What's up with you? ONE MORE week to order the ALL YOU magazine and get included in the drawing for your $$ to be refunded. Email me or read the left side announcement for more details.

Til later................

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Love a Night time Launch

Heads up about a night time launch scheduled for tomorrow, the 14th. I thought it was tonight but apparently I was confused. Anyway.....go here for details & pray for clear weather and a safe flight.

Til later......

Thanks OPRAH

I DVR my Oprahs and try and catch up on the weekends. Thankfully there are other people that get to watch it Live! Thankfully they share when something good happens. Go here and read all about the FREE 8 x 10 Photobook from Snapfish thanks to the big O.

Speaking of Pics...Jenn...did you send me an email with attachments?

Til later.................

Monday, November 10, 2008

SheetLoad's Blog Candy Blow Out

In keeping with my attempt to win stuff while being a sharing kinda gal....I present a BLOG CANDY BLOW OUT. You must run to this site and follow the instructions to win. I trust that in the spirit of giving, if any of my peeps win they will share with me since I turned you on to the opportunity.

I'd share.


After all, who needs ALL THAT LOOT?


Til later.........

Friday, November 7, 2008

Vendor Friday & other stuff

Tonight is the rescheduled Fall Festival for a local elementary school. My car is loaded and I'll be leaving work about 4pm to go get set up. Hoping for a nice crowd as I saw an ad for it in the paper. There are approximately 20 vendors, kiddy festival stuff, food and tons of fun. The only down side is that it is outside and now that the time has changed, we will be in the dark for most of the event. I've packed candles and hope to light up my tent and not cause a fire at the same time.

DS goes to his dad's this weekend. He's probably relieved since he landed in some hot water yesterday. His mom (that would be me) checked his grades on line and discovered two that were less than acceptable. One of the teachers hasn't responded to my email yet but his Lang. Arts (english) teacher said it was because he wasn't turning in his work. She said she sees him doing it but it doesn't make it to her desk. HMMMMMMMM. That's an OLD problem that I thought we were over. So, he has been stripped of his Mack Daddy electronics for awhile. He took his "punishment" like a man. Since there had been a discussion after the progress report came out, he had no room to complain.

Parenting. Not for the faint of heart.

Gonna spend the rest of my weekend trying to get some Christmas cards made. Mybe even some projects for sale at a vendor event later this month.

Or, I may sleep until Monday morning.

Free flu shots this morning at work. My arm is starting to hurt but that may be all in my head. The shot it's self was quick and painless. Since I got it in my "bad arm" I'm not sure where the pain is actually coming from.

I still need to upload the pictures of my yard sale finds from a few weeks ago. Sorry, now that I use my laptop I always forget to load pictures since I have to move my big tail to the "computer room". I'll try. I promise.

Does everyone have Tuesday off? I seriously considered taking Monday off too but since I'm getting the last two full weeks of December off, I need to save my vacation time for that. Drat.

oooooo..I almost forgot! I scored bags of Halloween candy, on clearance at WAGS for .50 a bag. No matter what size or brand. I got 20 bags. Some of them were the HUGE bags of assorted candy. Those will be handy for my vendor events. I like to have a little something to offer but hate to spend money. At .50 a bag...I can afford to appear generous.

What you doing????

Til later.....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mack Daddy printer giveaway**edit

I'm really torn about this post. While I try to share money saving tips and other things that can help my peeps....the selfish side of me wants to keep this news all to myself. Problem with that is, if I don't share the info I can't get an extra chance to win.

What to do...what to do??

Seriously, go here & check out this incredible give away at Simple Mom.

If you win, remember who pointed you in the right direction. Maybe you can send me a Christmas Card you print off in fabulous living color.

I'd do the same for you.


Til later..........

11/14/2008 Well.....I didn't win. No one I know won so I can't even go to their house to play with this amazing machine.

Unless you want to chip in and send me to South America.

Yeh, that will happen!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No words

I've been trying to decide what to post this morning. I don't want to disrespect any of my readers with a political discussion. I decided to just say that no matter which side you were on yesterday, I hope we can all come together to make a better tomorrow. I was extremely excited to watch history in the making.

Now, by request,something about myself.

I'm tired! I stayed up until 2 and am very proud to be an American. Thank you for the freedom of speech and people that express themselves better than I ever could.

I'm in possession of the TWILIGHT sound track. I'm counting the days until the movie comes out.

I'm looking forward to the rescheduled Vendor event that will be held this Friday.

My DS got two teeth filled yesterday and did it without Novocaine or tears. So proud of him.

My DD and I got to spend time together yesterday, taking advantage of FREE FOOD. Yum!

I'm excited by the response to the ALL YOU deal. I'm really looking forward to donating a ton of money to CUT IT OUT. Thanks to everyone that has placed an order. Don't forget, at least one lucky person will be refunded for their subscription.

The weather stinks but at least it's not snowing. I can handle the grey. It will change again soon.

I am wildly in love with my DH.

I'm still waiting for heck to freeze over........................(private joke).

Speaking of.....I went for my 6 month follow up to my Dermotologist. Clean bill for now. Apparently the spot they removed on my arm needs to be watched closer than I originally understood. It was fine and we'll check again in 6 months (unless I see changes). She gave me some lotion for my face that I thought was for "Old women" but then I re-read the script and realized it was for Acne. 50 yr old Acne face! That's me. My DH said I should be happy because that means I'm still producing "oil" that will keep my skin "Young". Um...OK. Love me some pimples!

Your turn to update.

Til later..................

Monday, November 3, 2008

All YOU Monday

I am so excited! I read a fabulous blog that is full of saving tips and tons of other useful information. If you haven't ever checked out DEAL SEEKING MOM, you must run there now.

Remember my post here? Starting today, we have teamed up to bring her readers a super deal for a great cause. She helped raise a ton of money for Komen for the Cure fund in October and now we are trying to do the same for Cut it Out.

Even if you are a reader of my blog, you can get in on the deal and be the possible winner of a FREE Subscription.

I can accept checks, Money orders, Credit cards or Paypal. Email me for details.

THANKS Tara!!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lazy day

Got up at 6:15 yesterday to get to RR for their Yard Sale. While I was setting up my stuff a man came up to me and asked where the ALBUMS were. I looked at him, looked at the scrapbook albums on my table..waved my arm and said,"Here are some and I'm sure most of the people set up have some". He looked confused and then he explained, "The ad said there would be Albums". It was then that I realized he was looking for "Record ALBUMS".

Had a nice day. Saw several people I know. Got to spend time with my little man-Andy. Read most of the rest of "Breaking Dawn". (Don't worry Jess....I finished it after I got home last night. THANK GOODNESS, I couldn't stand the suspense. Now we wait for the movie!) Bought less than I sold. Stopped by some of my former favorite Pasco county trift stores (found a replacement lid for my large fry pan-.50). Got home and was in bed by 9:30. Watched snipetts of several shows and then finally turned off the TV after seeing my boy, David Cook, on SNL.

Spending a quiet day with my DH & DS. Just finished watching the Bucs win in overtime after playing like a bunch of 1st year pee-wee football players. A win is a win.

Had a SLAH order waiting for me when I got home yesterday so need to get it together and contact the people to set up deliveries. The company announced a TON of specials and new stuff coming in the next few months. Check out my website for a sneak peek.

How was your weekend?

Til later............