Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No words

I've been trying to decide what to post this morning. I don't want to disrespect any of my readers with a political discussion. I decided to just say that no matter which side you were on yesterday, I hope we can all come together to make a better tomorrow. I was extremely excited to watch history in the making.

Now, by request,something about myself.

I'm tired! I stayed up until 2 and am very proud to be an American. Thank you for the freedom of speech and people that express themselves better than I ever could.

I'm in possession of the TWILIGHT sound track. I'm counting the days until the movie comes out.

I'm looking forward to the rescheduled Vendor event that will be held this Friday.

My DS got two teeth filled yesterday and did it without Novocaine or tears. So proud of him.

My DD and I got to spend time together yesterday, taking advantage of FREE FOOD. Yum!

I'm excited by the response to the ALL YOU deal. I'm really looking forward to donating a ton of money to CUT IT OUT. Thanks to everyone that has placed an order. Don't forget, at least one lucky person will be refunded for their subscription.

The weather stinks but at least it's not snowing. I can handle the grey. It will change again soon.

I am wildly in love with my DH.

I'm still waiting for heck to freeze over........................(private joke).

Speaking of.....I went for my 6 month follow up to my Dermotologist. Clean bill for now. Apparently the spot they removed on my arm needs to be watched closer than I originally understood. It was fine and we'll check again in 6 months (unless I see changes). She gave me some lotion for my face that I thought was for "Old women" but then I re-read the script and realized it was for Acne. 50 yr old Acne face! That's me. My DH said I should be happy because that means I'm still producing "oil" that will keep my skin "Young". Um...OK. Love me some pimples!

Your turn to update.

Til later..................

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Jenn(ifer) said...

ROTFLMAO!! Tell your DH thanks for making me feel better too because I have had a case of adult acne for the last year that has been driving me BONKERS! Pro-Activ doesn't help, contray to popular belief. LoL Anyways.. I'm glad things are good :) Nice to see an update Tell everyone "hi" for me.