Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lazy day

Got up at 6:15 yesterday to get to RR for their Yard Sale. While I was setting up my stuff a man came up to me and asked where the ALBUMS were. I looked at him, looked at the scrapbook albums on my table..waved my arm and said,"Here are some and I'm sure most of the people set up have some". He looked confused and then he explained, "The ad said there would be Albums". It was then that I realized he was looking for "Record ALBUMS".

Had a nice day. Saw several people I know. Got to spend time with my little man-Andy. Read most of the rest of "Breaking Dawn". (Don't worry Jess....I finished it after I got home last night. THANK GOODNESS, I couldn't stand the suspense. Now we wait for the movie!) Bought less than I sold. Stopped by some of my former favorite Pasco county trift stores (found a replacement lid for my large fry pan-.50). Got home and was in bed by 9:30. Watched snipetts of several shows and then finally turned off the TV after seeing my boy, David Cook, on SNL.

Spending a quiet day with my DH & DS. Just finished watching the Bucs win in overtime after playing like a bunch of 1st year pee-wee football players. A win is a win.

Had a SLAH order waiting for me when I got home yesterday so need to get it together and contact the people to set up deliveries. The company announced a TON of specials and new stuff coming in the next few months. Check out my website for a sneak peek.

How was your weekend?

Til later............

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