Friday, October 31, 2008

Kmart, Early Voting, Halloween & Scrapin Yard Sale

Oh my!!!

I hit Kmart three times this week for the Double Coupon deals. The store closest to my house is a PITA. They do not understand or agree with the "rules" of Double Coupons. The cashier kept insisting they were ringing up correctly but they didn't. I also forgot my $5 off coupon (yes-I KNOW I was the one to post it for you all. What is your point?). I asked the manager if she could write on my receipt that I had forgotten it and let me bring it back the next day. She said she would have to Refund everything and re-ring it but they wouldn't credit the coupons unless I had duplicates for them to use. For $5? No thanks.

I went to the Kmart closer to my job yesterday at lunch and the store was well stocked and the cashier was friendly and rang things up correctly. Well, she seems to have missed one of my toothpaste coupons but the rest was good. I went back after work and did another trip. Again, friendly & went through smoothly. They missed another .75 double and the service desk refunded it to me.

Did you go? Use coupons? How did you do?

While I was shopping last night my DD sent me a text that she was on her way to Early Vote. Since it was her first time, the "geek mom" in me came out and I ended up meeting her at the polling place so I could witness the historic event. She stood in line for almost 2 hours and there were tons of folks behind her at 7pm. I had the poll workers clap for her when she came out and got her "I voted" sticker. I would have taken a picture if I had a camera. She wasn't happy with me but I don't care. I was proud of her and was happy I got to share the moment with her. One day she may understand. Until then, I'll continue to be the geek I am.

Isn't that the entire reason we vote? For my right to be an individual?

Having experienced the lines with her and from seeing the news reports, I expected to have a hard time when I went this morning. (I couldn't vote last night because we live in different Counties). I took my Twilight book and was ready to stand and read for awhile. I didn't even dress up for Halloween because I didn't want to be arrested or scare the elders in my area. Imagine my confusion when I drove up and there was NO ONE in line at 7:15am. I parked and walked up to the library door and was greeted by one lone poll worker. I asked him where everyone was since I was anticipating a crowd. He said "not in our county'. I went inside and was whisked through the sign in process and sent to my booth. It took me longer to read & reread the ballot than the entire "wait time". I processed my ballot, got my sticker and left. I was in the car by 7:25. I called my DH to tell him I was done and how disappointed I was that I didn't even get to read a single page of my book. He suggested I go somewhere and park for a couple hours and then go to work and show them my sticker and bemoan the "voting hassle". LOL. I didn't. I came straight to work.

Since I didn't dress up before leaving the house I had to come up with a costume on the fly. I ended up grabbing several hand fulls of Coupons and stuck them into my clothing. Instant "Coupon Queen-Bargain shopper" costume. I even walked around with one of my Kmart bags, offering Almay mascara for sale.

Don't laugh. I sold two of the 4 packages and now I don't have to return them like I'd planned.

Halloween tonight and my DS said he is going to stay home and help me pass out candy. I'm alittle sad that he won't be dressing up. He's going to wish he had when I have him help me pack my car for the Scrapbook yard sale tomorrow. Hope to get rid of the crap-o-stuff left over from the last sale I did.

Don't forget to turn back your clocks this weekend. Wish I could really get an extra hour sleep. Maybe I will be so tired from the sale that I can get some extra shut eye.

Til later...........

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